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John Throckmorton [Knight; J P]

NSFX [Knight; J.P]
He was Justice of the Peace for county Warwick, 1434; Chamberlain of the Exchequer, for which he bore the title of Under Treasurer of England, 1439; Lord of Throckmorton and Black Nauton, in county
He was educated to the study of the law.
Sir John Throckmorton, Knight, was a very eminent personage in the reigns of Henry V and Henry VI, and in the latter bore the title of Under-Treasurer of England.
Sir John married Eleanor, daughter and co-heir of Sir Guy de Spineto, Lord of Coughton, county Warwick, and acquired that estate which has from that time been the principal seat of the family.
Will of John Throckmorton, made at London, 12 April 1445: To be buried in the church of St. John Fladbury, county Worcester. My Executors to place a stone of marble of such largeness as to cover my
father and mother and me and my wife. To Robert Russell, husband of my eldest daughter, 100 marks. [Eliz.] To Thomas Wynslow, husband of my second daughter, certain goods. [Agnes] To John Rous,
husband of my third daughter, 40 pounds. [Margaret] To Robert Gyfford, husband of my fourth daughter, 20 pounds. [Mary] To Thomas Grene, husband of my fifth daughter, certain silver. [Eleanor] To
my younger son John all the money he owes me. Executors, wife Alianore, and son Thomas, and Rawlyn Ingoldesby.
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