The Adelaide Observer February 16th? 1850

Monday February 11th

The barque Lord Stanley, 336 tons, McKay Master from Gravesend 15th October touching at St Jago on the

13th and sailing thence on the 18th November with 104 passengers.


Passengers for Adelaide


Mr A D Bottomley (cabin)




William Elijah Bonnett, wife & 4 children

James Evans and wife

James Ludom, wife, child

Charles Thawe Armitage

Henry Gibbons, wife, 8 children

Edward Turnbull

Maria Witty

Adolph Seidler

Henry Appleton

Joseph Balderson

Charles Cherry, wife, child

Jabez Hughes, wife, 5 children

George Watson and sister

Sarah Braby

Peter Thomson

Charles Spencer

Thomas Spice

Alfred Butler

William Mills and wife

George Beddowes

John Massey and 2 children

William Cann, wife, 4 children


Robert McMullen

William Tabor, wife, 2 children




Passengers for Sydney


George Collins Levey (cabin)

Dr Dalleston (cabin)



Alfred Burnham, wife, 4 children

Jas. Reading

Richard Cook

George and Charles Mason

Marion Cockerell

Eliza Lewis

Thomas Fryer

Robert Hamilton

Henry Beese

James Derrick, wife, 6 children

Charles Moore

Joseph Rose

Henry Woods

Thomas Meacher and wife



Passengers for Port Phillip -


Benjamin Taylor (cabin)

John Webster and wife (cabin)



George Hincken

William Turley wife and child

Richard Knight

Henry Miller

Thomas Cole

Richard and James Garten

Thomas Lilley

John Merrefield

Caroline Reeves





2 children names Reeves and Meacher were born and one infant named Tearsley died on the passage hither.


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