Police Report 

The following returns (compiled by particulars recorded by the police) of the persons who have

died, or been found dead in any public place in the colony, are published for general information

Arthur Blyth, Chief Secretary


Published 4th July 1867, South Australian Government Gazette

Return of all persons without relations, known or resident in South Australia who have died or been found dead in

any public place in the Colony, and concerning whose death the Police can furnish any information


note- Not all of the particulars in this report  are shown here



Christian names


date of death or when reported



This person was drowned 15 years ago while crossing the Gawler River on horseback; the body was found 6 weeks later and buried by Mr John Ellis JP of Port Gawler in whose employ deceased was. On the 5th Sept. it was reported to the police that the bones were laid bare by the water having washed the ground from them. The police brought them into Gawler Town and buried them in the cemetery.



William Henry

age abt. 20 yrs, 5’8” high, medium build, brown hair, no beard or whiskers. Found in a dying state on the North East Rd abt 1½ miles from Nth Adelaide. Was bought to the police station and died an hour afterwards. verdict-death by accidentally falling off his cart. Has a father living at Bone Madron near Penzance, Cornwall, England, arrived 3/12/1865 in the ship Lincoln




age about 60 yrs, 5’11” high, stout build, florid complexion, found dead in a deserted hut near Saddleworth, verdict-died from mortification of a sore on the back of his hand, accelerated by cold, want and exposure. deceased had been in the colony for 30 yrs and for many years led a wandering life. driving about a few head of cattle


cang (supposed to be)


found in the scrub abt 35 miles SE of Blanchetown, by a shepherd. Some papers and letters in Chinese language lying about. Was well known to the settlers about, left the river abt. 3 yrs ago intending to go to the diggings, he was forced back and told he could not go through, but he was determined and begged to be allowed to go. No more was heard of him till his remains were found

remains found 6 months ago 1866



age 37, 5’7” high, medium build, florid complexion, had been drinking hard for several days, which bought on imflammation of the lungs, was attended by Dr Brain. native of Belfast, Ireland, left home at 17 years. Had been a mariner until within the last 2 years




age 40 yrs, 5’9” high, sandy hair and whiskers, medium build, was drowned in the River Torrens whilst bathing. Verdict-accidentally drowned. A native of Nassau, West Indies. Was in the confederate cruiser Shenandoah. A compositor




age abt. 28 yrs, 5’7” high, sallow complexion, dark hair, slender, injuries received from falling off his horse on his way from robe to Mr Pearson’s station, Reedy Creek. Deceased was found lying on the road insensible. Was removed in a cart to Robe where he received medical aid. Verdict-accidental death




age abt. 52 yrs 5’7” or 8” high, medium build, dark hair. Deceased had been drinking freely at the Miners Arms Kooringa on the 8th December where he stayed for the night and was found dead next morning. Native of Prussia, had been employed as a Miner at the Burra Mines for abt. 12 yrs. No known relations in the colony

8/12/1866 reported to the police 9/12/1866


Jas. Stephenson

Age 33 yrs, 5’10” high, dark complexion and hair. German. Found dead alongside the Port Yankalilla Tramway. Died by natural causes, was subject to fits




Abt. 60 yrs, 5’6” or 7” high, stout build, knocked down by a car in Rosina St and taken to hospital. Supposed to have a wife in Victoria



William Charles

age 42 yrs, 5’10” high, long dark hair, died of fever at the Robin Hood Hotel, Strathalbyn. Had been living in the neighbourhood for 9 yrs as a farm laborer.

21st July 1866



21 yrs, abt. 5’7” or 8” high, fair hair and complexion, Accidentally drowned when bathing in a creek at Port Adelaide. Native of Prince Edward Island where family are residing, he was a seaman on board the ship Sea Star



Orloff alias Chas. Brown

20 yrs of age, abt. 5’7” or 8” high, fair complexion and hair. Accidentally killed by a bag of wheat falling on him when assisting to load the barque Union at Port Adelaide. Deceased a native of Silverberg in Sweden, he was a seaman




age 28 yrs, 5’8” high, red hair, whiskers, deceased was found dead near the beach, to the rear of the Caledonian Hotel at Robe. Was in the employment of Mr Bailey, road contractor abt. a fortnight prior to his death. Inquest-no marks of violence, open verdict of “Found Dead” by the jury. Seemed to be suffering from the effects of drink 2 days before he was found




45 yrs of age, abt 5’8” high, fair complexion, slight build. Died in the street at Port Adelaide on way to the Railway Station from the Penola steamer. Deceased came from Mount Gambier in the Penola and was going to the Adelaide hospital




age 30 years, height 5’9”, fair hair, florid complexion, thin make, committed suicide near Lake Hamilton, believed to be of unsound mind at the time. No inquest. was a shepherd in the employ of Mr P Maurice. An Irishman from County Clare, left his hut, took his swag and walked into the bush on 30th October

died abt. 5/11/1866



Age 45 yrs, 5’11” high, dark hair, found dead in bed at the house of Thos Daly, Hugh’s Flat. Deceased came from the destitute asylum on the 7th Nov, stated to his employer Thos. Hubbert that he had been in the colonies for 30 yrs but had no relations here.




abt 30 yrs, 5’6” high, stout build, fair complexion. Accidentally killed by breaking his neck in falling on the whaling board of the wharf, between the vessel and Levi’s Wharf, Port Adelaide. a native of Portland, England. Arrived in the colony on the ship Caranjah. An envelope found in his possession was addressed to William Simons, bricklayer, Toowoomba, Qld. A seaman belonging to the cutter Normanville




age 46 yrs, 5’10” high, fresh complexion, grey hair, found dead on the Gulleneer Plains in a decomposed state. Dr Davies acting Coroner attended, no inquest. Deceased was looking for work in the North, it is supposed he died from exposure to the extreme heat




age 28 yrs, 5’9” high, slight build, fair complexion, fell from a wagon, the wheel passed over his body and he died directly after. Came to Port Adelaide abt. 4 yrs ago, he was the second mate of a ship which he deserted, has been heard to say that his father is a minister in England


wishart (alias Edwards)


age abt. 45 yrs, 5’11” high, dark hair, beard, moustache, turning grey, Was discovered by Thomas Smith, drowned in a swamp near Penola. Verdict-found drowned. Was known by the name of Edwards, as a wool sorter and classifier and had acted in that capacity for Mr Alex Wilson of Vectis Station, Victoria during the shearing of 1865 & 1866




natural causes. In a hut on the Punduna run. Had been shepherding for Mr James Waller for some time previous to his death, where he suffered much from severe cold and diseased lungs



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