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Family of Maurya I and Candravarna

Husband: Maurya I (480- )
Wife: Candravarna (508- )
Children: Maurya II of TAXILA (440- )

Husband: Maurya I

Name: Maurya I
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 0480 B.C.
Occupation Satrap of Taxila
Title Satrap of Taxila

Wife: Candravarna

Name: Candravarna
Sex: Female
Father: Darius I + (550-486)
Mother: Atossa + (545- )
Birth 0508 B.C.
Occupation Princess of Persia
Title Princess of Persia

Child 1: Maurya II of TAXILA

Name: Maurya II of TAXILA
Sex: Male
Birth 0440 B.C.