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Family of Robert of BRUS and Isobel of HUNTINGDON

Husband: Robert of BRUS (1195-to1233)
Wife: Isobel of HUNTINGDON (1199-1251)
Children: Robert of BRUS (1210-1295)
Beatrice of BRUS (c. 1212- )

Husband: Robert of BRUS

Name: Robert of BRUS
Sex: Male
Father: William of BRUS (c. 1170-1212)
Mother: Christina of TEYDEN (c. 1175- )
Birth 1195
Occupation Lord of Annandale
Death frm 1226 to 1233 (age 30-38)
Burial Gisborough Priory, Guisborough, Yorkshire, England

Wife: Isobel of HUNTINGDON

Name: Isobel of HUNTINGDON
Sex: Female
Father: David + of SCOTLAND (1144-1219)
Mother: Matilda + of CHESTER (1163-1233)
Birth 1199
Death 1251 (age 51-52)

Child 1: Robert of BRUS

Name: Robert of BRUS
Sex: Male
Birth 1210
Occupation Lord of Annandale
Title frm 1226 to 1295 (age 15-85) Lord of Annandale
Death 31 Mar 1295 (age 84-85)

Child 2: Beatrice of BRUS

Name: Beatrice of BRUS
Sex: Female
Birth 1212 (est)

Note on Husband: Robert of BRUS

Robert IV de Brus, the Noble (ca. 1195 – 1226-1233[1]) was a 13th century 4th Lord of Annandale.


He was the son of William de Brus, 3rd Lord of Annandale and Christina[2] or Beatrice de Teyden.[3]


Robert IV married ca. 1219 Isabella, the second daughter of David of Scotland, 8th Earl of Huntingdon, by which marriage he acquired the manors of Writtle and Hatfield Broadoak, Essex in England.[4] They had his heir and successor, and a daughter:


Robert V de Brus.

Beatrice de Brus, married Hugh de Neville.

He died sometime between 1226 and 1233, and was buried in Gisborough Priory or in Saltre Abbey, near Stilton, Gloucestershire.[5]

Note on Wife: Isobel of HUNTINGDON

Isobel of Huntingdon (1199–1251) was the daughter of David of Scotland, 8th Earl of Huntingdon and Matilda of Chester. She married Robert Bruce, 4th Lord of Annandale and through her came the claims firstly of her son in 1290 and later in the beginning of 14th century of her great-grandson Robert Bruce, 7th Lord of Annandale, to the Scottish throne. Her abovementioned son Robert Bruce, 5th Lord of Annandale was regent and recognized heir presumptive of Scotland in the years just before her death.