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Family of Irial + FAIDH and Tea Ingen + LUGDACH

Husband: Irial + FAIDH (c. 1680-c. 1671)
Wife: Tea Ingen + LUGDACH (1675- )
Children: Eithrial + (c. 1670-c. 1651)

Husband: Irial + FAIDH

Name: Irial + FAIDH
Sex: Male
Father: Ereahmon + (c. 1699-c. 1684)
Mother: Tea + TEPHI (1705- )
Birth c. 1680 B.C.
Occupation High King of Ireland
Title High King of Ireland
Death c. 1671 B.C. (age 8-9) Magh Maugh

Wife: Tea Ingen + LUGDACH

Name: Tea Ingen + LUGDACH
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1675 B.C.

Child 1: Eithrial +

Name: Eithrial +
Sex: Male
Birth c. 1670 B.C.
Occupation High King of Ireland
Title High King of Ireland
Death c. 1651 B.C. (age 18-19)
Cause: killed at the Battle of Roeire by Conmhael, son of Eber Fionn

Note on Husband: Irial + FAIDH

was the 10th Monarch of Ireland; d. B.C. 1670. This was a very learned King; could foretell things to come; and caused much of the country to be cleared of the ancient forests. He likewise built seven royal palaces, viz., Rath Ciombaoith, Rath Coincheada, Rath Mothuig, Rath Buirioch, Rath Luachat, Path Croicne, and Rath Boachoill. He won four remarkable battles over his enernies: — Ard Inmath, at Teabtha, wbere Stirne, the son of Dubh, son of Fomhar, was slain; the second battle was at Teanmhuighe, agminst the Fomhoraice, where Eichtghe, their leader, was slain ; the third was the battle of Loch Muighe, where Lugrot, the son of Moghfeibhis, was slain ; and the fourth was the battle of Cuill Martho, where the four sons of Heber were defeated. Irial died in the second year after this battle, having reigned 10 years, and was buried at Magh Muagh


Part III, Chapter IV of Irish Pedigrees, by John O'Hart, published 1892, pages 351-9, 664-8 and 708-9.


It was in the time of the same Irial that the clearing of the plains, the erection of the forts, and the eruption of the rivers following, took place. These are the plains: Magh Sele, in Ui Neill; Magh nEle, in Leinster; Magh Reicheat; Magh Sanais, in Connaught; Magh Techt, in Ui







Mac Uais; Magh Faithne, in Airtheara; Magh Dairbhreach, in Fotharta Dairbhreach; Magh Lughna, in Cianachta; Magh Inis, in Uladh; Magh Cuile Feadha, in Fearnmhagh; Magh Comair; Magh Midhe; Magh Cobha; Magh Cuma, in Ui Neill; Magh Fearnmhaighe, in Oirghialla; and Magh Riada. These are the forts: Rath Croich, in Magh Inis; Rath Cuinceadha, in Seimhne; Rath Bacain, in Latharna; Rath Lochaid, at Glascharn; Rath Glaisicuilg, which is called Rath Ciombaoith, at Eamhain, Rath Mothaigh; Rath Buirg, in Sleachtmhagh. The rivers were the Siuir, Feil, Ercre, in Munster; the three Finns; and the three Coimdes.