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of Giles, Washington Co., VA Floyd &Lawrence & Johnson Co. KY; Warren Co,  PA; Henry & Cook Co.,IL; Greene Co., IA; Redwood Co., MN

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My web site is about my family research information. My name is Annette DeCourcy Towler. This is a work in progress of over 47 years, and a lot research. If you take a copy please give credit where it is due.  Many, many, many ancestry.com trees [$$],  sites.rootsweb.com / World Connect [free] and gedcoms do not have the recognition of who did what.  Yes, I am on ancestry.com and have put a small tree on the site for DNA purposes, but Bill [William] DeCoursey of Minneapolis, MN has put my information on and it is NOT current. My current research is on this site.

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Please do not take pictures from this website and use at ancestry.com or any other site without my or my brother's  personal permission. See e mail below. If you do you will be subject to a lawsuit as it is illegal to take pictures and put them on another site without owners permissions.  My brother and I own these pictures not you.


New Information: As of Nov 11, 2011 and a Georgia researcher making a connection with our William DeCoursey or DeCourcy or DeCorsi of Rowan County, NC but as DeCause found the him listed as son of Leonard DeCause, [also other spellings]  Frederick County, MD. In a settlement of land ownership.

DNA Results

DNA tests in 2009 have been taken in the DeCourcy line and the Mains line. See Coursey/DeCoursey DNA for results under William DeCoursey b. 1756, Group X R1b. We are NOT related to the Dutch family from New York [Bill DeCoursey of Minneapolis, MN] or the Maryland Family of DeCourcy's.   The Mains/Maines line,  see DNA Mains  under the blue I2b section. 

The Our Ellis & Watts line has been published in "John Watts & Lucy Dalton"  by Lori Watts Linnell.

The paternal line of families of DeCourcy/sey, Ellis, Mains, Lewis, Spilman, Ball, Davis, Added a relationship chart for the Ball & Ellis family and information of the Downman on this page.

16 June 2007.Update 26 Feb 2009  DNA results are talked about on the DeCourcy/sey page.

The maternal line of families of Pack, Chandler, Wheeler, Fairchild, LeMasters, Jayne, Layne, Milliam/Miller

Both the DeCourcy and the Pack families came to Redwood County, Minnesota in 1914.  The DeCourcy's in Waterbury Township, just north of Lamberton, MN. The Pack's in North Hero Township  near Walnut Grove. (Laurel Ingalis Wilder books refer to Walnut Grove/Little House on the Prairie, TV series)

When the "Little House on the Praire" TV series came, I asked Mother if she remembered or knew Mrs. Olson.  She did. So I asked if she was really as bad as the story said. She said, "NO... She was worst."  That was the end of the conversation.

The Pack farm (North Hero Township) is still in the family, as of March 2014, is A  MINNESOTA century farm and is two miles straight east from the Ingalis farm)  My mother and her sisters used to play at Ingalis's farm when they were growing up. They would ride Jack [the horse] back and forth.

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Enjoy the pictures and the data.  If you are family, please e mail me, with a Hello.

As I get the data updated, I will add an index for each family listed above. For personal reasons and copyright issues, I am not putting any gedcoms on this web site.

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