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1865 Births Balla Castlebar Islandneady Louisburgh Westport

November 28, 2009



1865 Births Balla Castlebar Islandeady Louisburgh Westport 378 births




Pat to John HOWLEY and Mary CORLEY February 2 Ballyart

Pat to John WALSH and Mary WALSH February 19 Chancery  Cottier

Pat to Anthony MULROY and Biddy KENNEDY March 3 Landholder

Sara to William McCAE and Winny MULROY March 10 Clooncurra Landholder

Thomas to Michael DARCY and Kitty HARDIMAN March 10 Ballinlecka Landholder

Peter to Peter TUOHY and Mary CARNEY March 22 Drumminroe Landholder

Mary to James McNAMARA and Biddy ANSBORO March 24 Tawnaghmore

Anthony to Pat HURST and Kitty COGGAR March 25 Atticahill Landholder

Thomas to Pat LaVALLE and Biddy GIBBONS March 27 Ballure Landholder

Michael to Michael HENAGHAN and Biddy KELLY March 29 Landholder

Pat to Pat DOWD and Anne BOURKE March 29 Roslahan Landholder

Michael to James CORIGAN and Biddy O'DONNELL March 29 Ara Landholder

Julia to John KERRIGAN and Bridget FOSTER April 1Corebawn Landholder

Kitty to John HYLAND and Biddy COLGAN April 6 Cortoor Landholder

Catherine to William RALPH and Sally ARMSTRONG April 10 Minualla Farmer

Thomas to Peter WALSH and Sally KISIL April 11 Brize  Herd

Honoria to Nicholas FERGUSON and Winifred HUGHES April 12 Staid Farmer

Anne to John GERAGHTY and Biddy PHILBAN April 13 Currane

Sally to Pat GLYNN and Selia McNICHOLAS April 13 Minulla

Ellen to Martin CONCANNON and Ellen FAHEY April 15 Corrabawn

James to James DURKAN and Kitty CASEY April 16 Curramore

Sally to Pat MURPHY and Maryann HENNELLY April 17 Burris

John to Pat COSTELLO and Ellen DUFFY April 17 Ballyclogher

James to Pat JENNINGS and Mary HYLAND April 17 Ballyboker

Bridget to Edward LaVALLE and Alica PENDERGRAST April 18 Killawalla teacher

Pat to Pat MORAN and Kitty PRENDERGRAST April 18

Mary to Pat McKEON and Biddy BURKE April 18 Ballinafad

John to Michael STANTON and Sally CANAVAN April 19 Caranehan

Mary to James GIBBONS and Biddy KELLY April 21 Develish West

Margaret to Pat GLYNN and Mary WOLLY April 25 Ballinafad Herd

Biddy to James BRENNAN and Biddy SHERIDAN May 2 Newtown Mary SHERIDAN present grandmother

Anne to Pat MORAN and Biddy REILLY May 3 Ardboly

John to John MORAN and Kitty CASEY May 4 Ballure

John to Pat WALSH and Biddy RONAN May 4 Killawalla

Luke to Pat HENRY and Biddy LOFTUS May 5 Rosslahan

Elleanor to John BRETT and Sicilia HALIAN Brownhall Farmer

John to Michael O'DONNELL and Mary LAVIN May 5 Bunbee

John to Pat McKEON and Anne ROCHE May 5 Corraun

Michael to Pat JOURDAN and Margaret LaVALLE May 6 Muckroe

Michael to John FLAHERTY and Kitty FLANIGAN May 6 Clogjamagard

Catherine Alice to John KEATING and Elizabeth GALLAGHER May 12 Balla

Pat to James MORRISON and Biddy CASSIDY May 15 Cashel Lower Laborer

Peter to John HUGHES and Margaret KARNEY May 15 Walshpool

Thomas to Pat MURPHY and Biddy KEARNS May 19 Townaghmore Laborer

John to Richard FEENEY and Catherine BOURKE May 20 Cartonbower May 20 Mary BOURKE grandmother present

John to John HIGGINS and Mary HENEGHAN MAY 25 Kinuary

Kitty to John IGOE and Biddy MADDEN May 25 Killeen

Honor to John ARMSTRONG and Honor MITCHELL May 26 Skiddernagh Shoemaker

William to Martin CORLEY and Maria McGOUGH May 26 Ballure East Stonecutter

Mary to Michael McHALE and Bridget KILCOYNE May 26 New Park

Michael to Pat CORLY and Mary WALSH June 1 Ballintober

Giles to Edward BARRETT and Kitty CLYNES June 1 Park

Honor to James FLYNN and Honor KELLY June 9 Chancery

John to Pat MORAN and Biddy JOYCE June 9 Old Curry

John to Pat GIBBONS and Honor CARNEY June 9 Kilthsharne Laborer

Owen to Michael MALLEY and Honor BORKIN June 17 Walshpool Weaver

John to Francis DEA and Sabina DEA June 19 Leaguan Herd

Margaret to Edmond COSTELLO and Biddy JOYCE June 24 Ballyclogher

Pat to James TOLSTER and Mary WALSH June 25 Lisrobert

Mary to Malacky TUOHY and Maria TRESTOUR June 27 Drumminroe Farmer

Anthony to Pat HENAGHAN and Biddy HENAGHAN June 28 Dereendafderg

Biddy to Martin MURPHY and Biddy STANTON July 7 Corrigan

Ellen to Myles STANTON and Sally CANNON July 12 Carrowbaun

Michael to William STANTON and Biddy MULLIGAN July 13 Kiltarsaghaun Landholder

Winny to Pat McDONNELL and Mary CARNEY July 15 Knockmore Weaver

Winny to John WALSH and Kitty DOLAN July 21 Dereendafderg

Anthony to James AUSTROW and Margaret REILLY July 23 Prison Landholder

John to Michael KENNEDY and Mary WARD August 1 Keeloges

Margaret to Thady DUFFY and Mary MALLEY August 2 Kiltarsaghaun

William to James FITZGERALD and Biddy MURRY August 8 Drumminroe

Mary to Peter JOYCE and Peggy CUNNANOE August 9 Walshpool Laborer

Thady to Denis KELLY and Biddy LAVINS August 9 Craggy

Castlebar Births

Bridget to Edward BARRETT and Bridget DUFFY January 2 Toberrooaun Farmer

Margaret to Martin HOPKINS and Ellen FLYNN January 4 Cloonkesh Farmer

Mary to Michael McGREEVY and Ann ARCHBOLE January 5 Westlands Farmer

Mary to Pat KING and Bridget LOFTUS January 5 Ballyhean Farmer

Thomas John to Pat McNALLY (gone to America) and Sarah BOURKE January 6 Farmer

Peter to Michael BOURKE and Mary HEAVERN January 8 Ballyburke Farmer

Anthony to Martin MULLARKY and Catherine NAUGHTON January 8 Woodville Farmer

Bridget to Thomas MURRAY and Margaret FILBIN January 10 Glenisland Farmer

Edward to John WALSH and Catherine WALSH January 10 Ballynamarroge Farmer

Ellen to Thomas FLEMMING and Honor GAVAN January 10 Derryfadda Farmer

Maryann to Thomas KELLY and Ann MULDON January 12 Ardogommon Farmer

Bridget to Martin WALSH and Honor BURKE January 14 Derrycoosh Farmer

Catherine to James SCOTT and Catherine GAUGHAN January 16 Aughagower Farmer

Bridget to James SCOTT and Catherine GAUGHAN January 16 Aughagower Farmer

Charles to Pat HIGGINS and Biddy HIGGINS January 22 Kinuary Farmer

Thomas to John QUINN and Bridget OBRIEN January 23 Lugaphuill Farmer

Pat to John CHAMBERS and Bridget FARRELL January 23 Cullintra Farmer

Ned to John CHAMBERS and Bridget FARRELL January 23 Cullintra Farmer

Eliza to Michael CUMMINS and Eliza GAUGHEN January 24 Tulio Farmer

John to Michael McHUGH and Kitty LUDDEN January 25 Ballure Farmer

Pat to Pat CONWAY and Winny HANNON January 26 Killawalla Farmer

Pat to Martin GANNON and Mary FLYNN January 26 Blackforth Farmer

Biddy to Thomas NEWALL and Kitty GIBBONS January 26 Derryoran Farmer

Michael to James REILLY and Bridget RYAN January 26 Errew Farmer

Mary to Anthony DOLAN and Sally FENAGHRTY January 29 Ballyburke Farmer

Mary to John MULHORENE and Mary GREADY January 29 Massbrook Farmer

Bridget to John CONNOLLY and Catherine WALSH February 4 Hollyhill Farmer

Lawrence to Larry KILROY and Mary McGREAL February 10 Belcarra Farmer

Pat to Pat BERRY and Mary PHILBIN February 12 Cashel Farmer

Pat to Walt HOPKINS and Mary ROLAND February 17 Dromore Farmer

William to Henry LEONARD and Mary LYONS February 22 Gorthbawn Farmer

Catherine to Pat O'DONNELL and Mary HOPKINS February 26 Burrin Farmer

Ellen to Thomas MURPHY and Mary SHERIDAN February 26 Ayle Farmer

Pat to John FLYNN and Susan ROLAND February 26 Killawalla Farmer

Catherine to Thomas GRAVEN and Catherine COSTELLO February 26 Killadeer More Farmer

Ellen to Anthony KENNEDY and Ellen STAUNTON February 28 Turlough Farmer

John to Thomas ? and Mary BURKE March 3 Derrymartin Farmer

Catherine to Thomas LAWLESS and Mary VAHEY March 7 Ballintober Farmer

John to James FERGUS and Maria McTIGUE March 7 Victuader Castle Lane

Mary to Pat MURPHY and Margaret MULLARNY March 7 Moneen Farmer

Margaret to Michael JOYCE and Margaret McHUGH March 10 Cloonfert Farmer

Margaret to William KIMLIN and Margaret BRADY March 15 Cloonkesh Cottier

Bridget to Pat CORCORAN and Mary CORCORAN March 16 Dunammia Landholder

Matthew Richard to William GIBBONS and Catherine GERAGHTY March 16

Anthony to Martin WALSH and Margaret FLYNN March 19 Gorthbawn Farmer

Margaret Annie to Henry KINNERY and Annie PORTER March 20 Turlough Gentleman

Honor to Thomas MURRAY and Sabina EARLY March 21 Massbrook Laborer

Edward to MALLY to Ellen JENNINGS workhouse (not married?) Castlebar Shopkeeper March 28

Pat to Thomas MADDEN and Judy McCORMACK April 1 Cloonfert Farmer

William to William BURKE and Honor JEFFERS April 7

John to Pat McDONNELL and Bridget MacMYLES April 8 Ardvarney Farmer

Mary to Philip ROACH and Mary GARVEY April 10 Ballyhean servant

Anne Mary to John GEDIN and Mary KELLY April 10 Breaffy Farmer

Mary to Richard McGREAL and Bridget HENLY April 13 Castlebar

Thomas to Michael REILLY and Mary COYNE April 16 Castlebar Baker

Ellen to Martin SKIFFINGTON and Ellen BLOWICK April 16 Elmhall

Mary to Thady KING and Catherine McEVELA April 18 Hollyhill Farmer

John to Thomas NARY and Anne CARNEY April 18 Cunnagha Farmer

Pat to John SANDERS and Ellen McDONNEL April 23 Ardvarney Laborer

James to John KELLY and Mary GARVEY April 24 Lavalley

Michael to Michael COMMONS and Julia KELLY May 1 Cornaveagh Laborer

Mary to Pat DUFFY and Ellen McENTIRE May 1 Breaffy

Mary to John TIMLIN and Mary MORGAN May 1 Townana

Archibald to Archibald BATHGATE and Lucy SHELBY May 2 Steward Lain House

Anne to Pat GAVAN and Hana McHALE May 2 Lucan St Blacksmith

Margaret to Robert McHALE and Mary MUNOY May 4 Terryduff

Bridget to James KILROY and Hana JORDAN May 4 Ballyduffy

Thomas to Thomas WALSH and Bridget MULKERN May 4 Carnacoil

Honor to Anthony McGOWN and Bridget MAYOCK May 7 Massbrook

Honor to Thomas CORCORAN and Honor CORCORAN May 9 Burrin

Matthew Robert to Matthew RINGY and Elizabeth WALACE May 9

William to William MORAN and Mary McDONAGH May 14 Castlebar Car driver

Catherine to John DEACEY and Catherine GANNON May 14 Cloonconra

John to Michael O'BRIEN and Ellen SCANLON May 16 Castle Lane Laborer

Pat to Michael CURRY and Honor DURKAN May 16 Deerpark

John to John GRAHAM and Mary CONGLAHEN May 23 Mass

Bridget to Pat BURKE and Catherine DOLAN May 25 Lower Hollyhill

John to Owen GORMAN and Ann FLANAGHAN May 29 Turlough Gatekeeper

Charles Robert to Pat CUMMINS and Ann McMACKEN June 2 The Barracks Castlebar Sgt. of Militia Staff

Martin to Pat JORDAN and Mary KEARNY June 6 Main St Shopkeeper

Michael to Martin MALLY (deceased) and Jane MADDEN June 12 Lisnakirka  

Mary to Andrew MALLEY and Honor NOGHTEN June 10 Course Park Farmer

Mary Hannah to William IRWIN and Mary DEDGEAN June 12 Castlebar Merchant

Winifred to Michael DEA and Ellen FEENY June 15 Kinturk herdsman

Ellen to Michael DEA and Ellen FEENY June 15 Kinturk herdsman

Honor to James ROCHE and Margaret FLYNN June 16 Knockroun Herd

Thomas to Frank PHILBIN and Mary LUDDEN June 16 Cullane Laborer

Anne to Pat DUFFY and Mary WALSH June Belcarra

Redmond to Michael WALSH and Mary WALSH June 17 Lisnakirka Farmer

Margaret to William ROBINSON and Honoria KING June 13 Charles St Carpenter

Edward to John WALSH and Honor GREAVY July 1 Gorthbawn Farmer

Catherine to Pat FORDE and Rose McEVEL July 2 Knocklantre Farmer

Mary to Pat ROWLAND and Mary HOLMES July 5 Cloghbrack Farmer

Ann Jane to Michael ROWLAND and Mary HEALY July 9 Curafire Farmer

Thomas to Thomas FEENEY and Elizabeth JOYCE July 10 Belcarra Farmer

Bridget to Pat LOFTUS and Ellen CLARKE July 11 Cloghbrack Farmer

Maria to Jeremiah McEVELY and Bridget WALSH July 13 Breaffy Farmer

John to John TWIGGS and Eliza KILLEEN July 14 Lucan St Baker

John to John McGOUGH and Bridget GANNON July 14 Derrynagooley Farmer

Austin to Edward GIBBONS and Mary Ann BREWLEY July 16 Newtown Castlebar Bookbinder

Mary to John HIGGINS and Mary FADEN July 16 Ballyhean Farmer

Thomas to Pat BUTLER and Ann RABBIT July 17 Mt Daisy Laborer

Richard to Michael FAHEY and Mary Ann BROOKHOUSE July 20 Sarnaght Blacksmith

Ellen to John BRADY and Margaret CORLEY July 21 Cloonturk July 21 Farmer

Thomas to Peter McNULTY and Sally CANEY July 22 Lenanana Farmer

Julia to Michael McDONNELL and Ann DONNELLY July 22 Cloonkeen Farmer

Ann to Michael McDONNELL and Ann DONNELLY July 22 Cloonkeen Farmer

Honor to John FAHEY and Mary McHUGH July 22 Turlough Farmer

Michael to Thomas CLESHAM and Catherine CUFF July 24 Chapel St Laborer

Michael to Michael McGOUGH and Mary McGOUGH July 25 Drummin Farmer

Mary Ellen to William McDONAGH and Belinda CHAMBERS July 29 Linenhall Mason

Augustus Christopher of Myles JORDAN and Mary Josephine GRAHAM  August Main St  

Catherine to Martin LUDDEN and Bridget GAVAN August 1 Tawnena Farmer

James of Peter MALLEY and Mary MUGAN August 1 Cloonaghmore

Cisily to Martin MURRY and Bridget COOLEY August 4 Tully Commons Farmer

Mary to Pat CONNOR and Honor McGOUGH August 6 Drummin Farmer

John to William WHITE and Catherine McTIGUE August 8 Cruckalecka Farmer

Catherine to Michael BURKE and Catherine McHUGH August 8 Breaffy Laborer

Anne of Edward LYONS and Anne BERRY August 8 Keelcuil

Honor of Martin LYONS and Mary CORLEY August 10 Kilmacrade

Mary to Pat FLANERY and Mary MORRISON August 12 Castlebar Laborer

William to Pat TRACEY and Bridget MALLEY August 18 Ballyburke Laborer

Mary to Charles McCORMACK and Catherine LAWLESS August 19 The Green Shopkeeper

Mary to John HUGHES and Ann PATTERN August 20 Tonacrock

Anne of Pat JENNINGS and Mary MULLIN August 24 Coolodge

Maria to Thomas DARBY and Mary MURRY August 25 Richard St. Laborer

Maria to Mary FENAGHTY and Maria FANOBER August 25 Ballyburke Landholder

Maria of Thomas DAVY and Mary MURRY August 25 Richard St

Mary of Michael McHALE and Bridget DURKIN August 26 Chapel St

Catherine of John MADICAN and Catherine MOROUGHAM August 27 Mount Daisy

Joseph to James WALSH and Honor LARDNER August 29 Castle St. Shopkeeper

Sarah to Pat O'HARA and Catherine FAIRENS September 1 Richmond Laborer

James to Peter MALLEY and Margaret MUGAN September 1 Killadeer Farmer

Sarah of Pat O'HARA and September 2 Catherine WALSH September 2 Richmond

Augustus Christopher to Myles and Margaret Josephine JORDAN September 3 Crown Solicitor

Teresa Jane to William HALFPENNY and Julia MALLEY September 5 Quarter Master Sgt. No Mayo Militia Barracks

Mary Anne of Edward MITCHEL and Mary CONNOR September 9 Milebush

Mary of John STEWARD and Anne LANDERS September 10 New Antrim St

Anne of Michael MURPHY and Bridget MELUGAN September 11 Ballynew

John to Martin DEVANY and Catherine SWEENEY September 14 Killadeer Farmer  

Ellin to James CAMPBELL (in England) and Mary MURPHY Celia CAMPBELL present Ballynew September 18

Catherine to Pat LaVALLE and Margaret RAINEY September 19 Linenhall Shopkeeper

Mary to John MULROONEY and Ann BARLEY September 23 Mount Daisy Farmer

Catherine of Michael and Mary McDONNELL  September 24 New Town

Michael of Pat CRADOCK and Bab CAWLEY September 27 Barrarium

Catherine of Pat LaVALLE and Mary CARNEY Sept Tucker St


Catherine to John RICE and Ellen HUNT January 12 Derryoran Landholder

James to John HANLEY and Bridget MORAN January 18 Cogaula Landholder

Mary to Pat TOOLE and Sarah KEANEE February 6 Cloonaune Landholder

John to John WALSH and Ellen O'BOYLE February 18 Derrycraff Landholder

Margaret to John WALSH and Ann MULHEIN February 25 Derrycoosh Landholder

Pat to Martin HORAN and Bridget REILLY March 17 Massbrook Landholder

James to Michael MORAN and Julia McGUIRE April Garrow

Mary to Pat MALLEY and Catherine McDONNELL April 2 Aille

John to Thomas CURNEY and Bridget WALSH April 15 Aille

Bridget to Richard WALSH and Mary BURKE April 18 Bunrawer

Thomas to Thomas HYNES and Ellen GERAGHTY April 24 Doolagno Farmer

Catherine to Pat CUSICK and Mary KILGARA April 26 Gurthien

Bridget to Michael SALMON and Mary DUFFY April 27 Derradadda

Bridget to Thomas LaVALLE and Winifred LaVALLE April 29 Curroy

Bridget to Denis MORAN and Jane DEIGNAN May 1 Ayle farmer

Catherine to Thomas MALLEY and Anne KING May 14 Ballingmorgue

Bridget to James HOLLAND and Catherine NILAND May 18 Aughagower farmer

Anthony to Pat KEANE and Mary LYDEN May 27 Shraheen

Geffrey Edward to Anthony LaVALLE and Elise LYNCH May 28

Martin to Pat MURRAY and Catherine HIGGINS June 11 Ballingmorgue

Pat to John GIBBONS and Bridget HANLIN June 21 Cashill

Mary to John WALSH and Ann KELLY July 8 Ballingmorgue Landholder

Catherine to William FLANNAGAN and Honor MULLIN Ballingmorgue Landholder

Ellen to Denis McDONNELL and Mary QUINN July 14 Teevinish Landholder

Michael to James WALSH and Honor MALLEY July 21 Bunowen Landholder

James to Michael CUSACK and Mary KIRBY September 17 Fairhill Landholder



Ann to Martin McGREAL and Mary MORAN June 13 Fallduff Landholder

Honor to John MORRISON and Mary CAIN June 25 Killadoon Landholder

Thomas to Henry JENNINGS and Mary MALLEY July 2 Ballakip Landholder

Ann to Pat HESTEN and Catherine GORDAN July 3 Fallduff Landholder

Pat to Michael and Mary HYNES Tonra Louisburgh July 5 Landholder

James to Michael TIERNAN and Mary SWEENY July 5 Bellakip Herdsmen

Pat to Michael HUNT and Nancy MALLEY July 8 Devlin North Landholder

Elizabeth Mary to Michael BURKE and Catherine WHITE July 10 Teacher

Austin to Thomas MORRISON and Catherine MALLEY July 18 Killadoon Landholder

Ann to Pat MALLEY and Catherine McGUIRE July 29 Fallduff Laborer

Honor to Myles LaVALLE and Celia WARD August 1 Cartoor Landholder

Catherine to William TOOLE and Bridget COX August 5 Inishdeashmore Fisherman

Austin to Henry RUDDY and Catherine MORRISON August 10 Runith Laborer

Mary to Pat RUDDY and Mary MULLOGHY August 13 Lecanvey Landholder

Pat to Pat GREALIS and Bridget GRADY August 14 Fallduff Landholder

James to Anthony DURKAN and Mary McGIRR August 15 Bunowen Landholder

Thomas to Pat McDONNELL and Ellen CANNON August 16 Louisburgh Shopkeeper

Austin to John McDONAGH and Mary FREHIL August 17 Old Head Laborer

Mary to John McNAMARA and Mary JENNINGS August 21 Feenune Landholder

Catherine to Martin GANNON and Ann MALLEY September 6 Cuileen Landholder

Bridget to John ODONNELL and Catherine FADEN September 9 Aillemore Landholder

Mary Ann to Samuel HARE and Caroline SMITH September 9 Louisburgh Sub-Constable of Police

Margaret to Peter McNAMARA and Mary FLYNN September 25 Kinaday Laborer



Bridget to Daniel HESTIN and Sally DUFFY January 3 Derryherbert Aughagower Farmer

Winfred to Pat McGREAL and Maryann O'DONNELL January 14 Bridget St Westport Farmer

Robert to John BROWN and Eliza DAVIDSON January 16 Knocksah Farmer

Bridget to Timothy KEARNS and Eliza KANE January 20 Liscarney Aughagower Farmer

Pat to Peter NEEDHAM and Bridget GRADY January 22 Murrisk Farmer

Pat to Pat WALSH and Bridget DUFFY January 29 Drumminroe Farmer

Mary to John HASTINGS Kilbride Scotland and Anne DUNNE  Carrowvegh Aughagower February 24 Laborer

Celia to John KEANE and Sarah KEARNS March 11 Liscarney Farmer

Sara to George SHAW and Anne McGRAIL March 16 Altmount St Laborer

Andrew to Joseph GILL and Maria STONE March 18 High Street Shopkeeper

Pat to Pat COMMONS and Eliza McDONNELL Cloonkeen Kilmeena March 21

Margaret Elizabeth to Richard ORMSBY and Mary CLARKE March 23 Schoolmaster and Parish Clerk Carrowcally, Kilmeena

Ellen to Thomas GILL and Bridget STANTON March 29 Kilmeena

Owen to Owen DEIGNAN and Anne DAWSON March 30 Altmount St Laborer

Richard to Martin MANSER and Anne HESSISON April 6 James St Constable

Margaret to James RUSH and Eliza FITZPATRICK April 12 John's Row Sergeant South Mayo Rifles

Edward to John BERRY and Mary KANEE April 13 Aughagower

Bridget to Michael SCOTT and Mary CLARKE April 13 James St Hawker

to Austin FADDEN and Margaret GILL Creenish Kilmeena  Carpenter

Louise Mary to John Edmund WHAITE and Isabeel DUBRADT  April 21 Mill St Captain South Mayo Rifles

Mary to Michael GIBLIN and Bridget DEAL  April 21 Streamstown Laborer

Peter to Neal MALONE and Alice SHERIDAN April 22 Lankill Aughagower Tailor

Mary to Martin COYNE and Anne LYONS April Cloonkeen Kilmeena April 25

David to Pat KELLY and Anne CRANSTON April 28 Knappa Schoolmaster

John to Pat HOPKINS and Mary McNAMARA May 1 Raphel Westport Publican

Bridget to Pat McDONNELL and Margaret GIBBONS May 3 Knappamore Aughagower Herd

John Nolan to William ROEBUCK and Margaret Mary MORAN May 4 Merchant Newport Rd

Ellen to Pat CONNELL and Susan BOYLE May 8 Brackloon

Mary Anne to James LANGAN and Mary COYLE May 9 Quay Rd Carman

Pat to Richard GIBBONS and Bridget LANGAN May 9 High St Clerk

John to James KENNEDY and Winny GALLAGHER May 9 North Mall Carpenter

Mark to Peter GIBBONS and Catherine MALLY May 11 Bohea

Thomas to Edward SCAHILL and Margaret HALLIGAN May 12 Bohea

Pat to Pat WALSH and Margaret THOMSON May 13 Bohea Westport

John to Edward BERRY and Mary GAVIN May 14 Bohea

Pat to Thomas McNAMARA and Anne MORAN May 15 Belclare

Thomas to John KERRIGAN and Ellen HYNES May 16 Lackane Aughagower

Susan to John GIBBONS and Anne GIBBONS May 16 Knockranny Schoolmaster

Harriett to Edward BIRMINGHAM and Elizabeth STEWART May 16 North Mall Saddler

James to James COSTELLO and Eliza BOLEE May 18 Knappa

Timothy to Pat BERRY and Mary KANE May 19 Kilmeena Inishturk

Eneas to Edward McDONALD and Ellen BARRETT May 20 Kilmeena Stonemason

Eliza to Pat FEENEY and Eliza HESTER May 25 John Row Clerk

Anne to Austin GANNON and Catherine KING May 25 Murrisk Farmer

Catherine to John JOYCE and Bridget McGING May 25 Owenwee

Mary to John CONNELLY and Anne BERRY Knappa May 26

John to Thomas GRADY and Bridget KITTERICK May 28 Altmount St Laborer

Honoria to Pat HENAGHAN and Bridger McEVELLY May 29 Cardriver Castlebar St

Thomas to Michael BARRETT and Mary DARCY June 1 Dealer and Militiaman Peter St

Julia to Andrew FREHILL and Julia NAVIN June 3 Letterbrock

John to Thomas GRADY and Mary REILLY June 12 Murrisk Farmer

Bridget to Michael KELLY and Jane MALLY June 12 Cross Kelmena

John to Thomas GRADY and Margaret REILLY June 12 Murrisk

Bridget to Owen GRADY and Bridget KING June 20 Churchfield Pensioner

Margaret Afflick to William Augustine TREACY and Agnes THOMSON June 20 County Surveyor of Maps

Honoria to Michael BERRY and Anne HARWOOD June 22 Mill St Color Sgt S Mayo Riffles

Anne to Pat DERRIG and Anne DERRIG June 22 Knappa Beg

Michael to Pat McGLOON and Ann MALLEY July 3 Burrin Farmer

Bridget to Thomas LOFTUS and Mary WALSH July 4 Cornveagh

James to Peter MULKIRN and Catherine MALLY Bridge St Postboy

Bridget to Pat MALLY and Anne JOYCE July 13 Ballygolman

Ellen to Pat GILL and Mary KENNEY July 14 Thornhill

Michael to Owen MALLEY (England) and Mary GRADY July 22 New Antrim Laborer

Michael to  Martin NOON and Catherine CALLAHAN July 25 High St Tin Smith

John to Matthew FLANERY and Bridget KILDAY August 5 Castlebar Butcher

Mary to Pat MULLOY and Maria McEVELA  August 5  Baskfield

Peter to Dominick McDONNELL and Barbara McDONNELL August 10 Addergoole Farmer

Pat to Pat TUNNEY and Mary McGREAVY August 12 Mount Daisy Laborer

Mary to Thomas BERRY and Bridget KANE August 12 Higgins St

John to Henry McHALE and Sabina McDONNELL August 13 Ross

Mary Ann to John BREEN and Bridget LYNN August 13 Cloonkesh

William to Michael CAMPBELL and Mary GIBBONS August 16 Murrisk Laborer

Michael to Matthew BECKETT and Margaret MALONE August 18 Fairgreen

Anne to Bartholomew GRADY and Mary BRAWLEY August 19 Murrisk  Shopkeeper

John to Michael CAWLEY and Mary McNAMARA August 20 Massbrook Farmer

William to John SHAW and Bridget MORAN Altmont St  August 21 Shoemaker

Martin to Pat DEVINE and Mary LOFFETS August 21 James St Shoemaker

William to Peter GIBBONS and Sara BOLLA August 22 Bushfield

Martin to John KIRBY and Mary STAUNTON Gorthbawn August 23 Margaret FLYNN Present

Ellen to Michael BOURKE and Ellen CARNEY August 24 Castle St. Shopkeeper

Mary to John GOLDING and Mary BARRET August 24 Breadly Farmer

Ann to Edward McTIGUE and Mary CONWAY August 25 Burrin Farmer

Sarah to Edward McTIGUE and Mary CONWAY August 25 Burrin Farmer

James to John McEVALLY and Bridget CUSICK  August 27 High St Laborer

Honoria to Christopher DUFFY and Bridget KELLY September 1 Peter St  Baker

Mary Elizabeth to Pat MORAN (NY America) and Bridget DURKAN September 2 High St Shopkeeper and farmer 

Thomas to James CAIN and Mary SCAHILL September 3 Cloonkill

Mary to Michael  McTIGUE and Honor HOBAN September 8 Derryneran

Sarah Jane to William ORMSBY and Jane KILPATRICK September 10 Carrowbaun

Thomas to Edward KING and Sarah MALLY September 11 Bridge St Butcher

Mary to John SCAHILL and Bridget BALL September 12 Inishaney Laborer

Thomas to John COLLINS and Bridget MARLEY September 14 James St Shoemaker

Angela to Peter HASTINGS and Eliza CARIGAN September 23 Shop St Shopkeeper


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