1866 Birth Register Castlebar, Louisburgh, Balla, Islandeady, Westport Parish Co Mayo

  November 29, 2004

 1866 Births Registered Births Castlebar, Islandeady, Westport Louisburgh, Balla
County Mayo Ireland  
443 births


Edward of Samuel ARMSTRONG and Mary BOURKE  May 20  Spencer St

Agnes of Michael O'BRIEN and ? SCANLON May 20  Castle St

Mary of George CHAMBERS and Honor FLANNERY May 24

William of Michael BOURKE and Mary GRIFFAN May 24 Spencer St

James of Pat GIBBONS and Sally HESTON  May 23 Colnogedin

Catherine of John HOPKINS and Catherine HOPKINS May 21 Burrin

Henry of Michael KELLY and Mary TOUHY May 29 Tucker St

Edward of Michael KELLY and Mary TOUHY May 29 Tucker St

Catherine of James MULROONY and Mary McHALE May 31 Rahins

James of Thomas COPPENGER and Eliza PLUNKET May Spencer St

Anne Maria of Pat and Elizabeth CONNOR June 2 Cloonagh

Anne of John McDERMOTT and Mary PHILBAN  June 2 Burrin

John of James KARY and Honor McGLOON June 7 Burrin

Anne of Pat FLANNERY and  Mary MURRY June 7 Burrin

Sarah of Michael KILCOURSE and Mary FEANY June 4 New Antrim St

Catherine of Michael CONWAY and Catherine KARY June 6 New Antrim St  

Julia to Pat MANNION and Ann CANNON 7-22 Spencer St Laborer

Pat to James GIBBONS and Catherine STAUNTON August 3 Castlebar Laborer

Matthew to Martin MORAN and Ellen BOYLE August 14 Ross West Farmer

Mary to Pat PENDERGRAST and Bridget GAVEN August 19 Ballyhean Farmer

Pat to Dennis DOGERTY and Mary CAWLY September 7 Curraghmore Farmer

Catherine to Thomas McDONNELL and Bridget MURRAY September 13 O'MALLY Farmer

Michael of John KILGALLON and Bridget ROCHE September 13 Derryhick Farmer

Ann to Thomas CONNOR and Bridget RIELLY September 14 Drumneen Farmer

George to William BRUCE and Margaret SHAW September 15 Cappavicar Farmer

Mary to Anthony O'HORA and Mary CULLAGHAN September 16 Tawnyshane Farmer

Pat to Pat SCAHILL and Bridget McGREEVY September 17 Pheasant Hill Farmer

Ann to Pat COMMONS and Mary PIERCE September 18 Ballyhean Farmer

Margaret to Timothy GANNON and Bridget DILLON September 19 Kilkenny Laborer

Mary to Thomas LAVALLE and Bridget WALSH September 20 Doonaroya Farmer

Ellen to Michael COYNE and Mary CAWLY September 21 Cloghbrack Farmer

Bridget to Michael MURRY and Mary COYNE September 24 Addergoole Farmer

Bridget to John SHERIDAN and Margaret McDONNELL September 24 Tawnagh Farmer

Honor to Philip PRICE and Catherine WALSH September 24 Lisgowel Laborer

Catherine to Dominick CORCORAN and Mary RUANE September 25 Ballyduffy September 25

Catherine to Pat WALSH and Bridget SCAHILL September 26 Castlebar Gardner

Bridget to Austin GAVAN and Mary O'NEIL September 26 Tawnylaheen Farmer

Margaret to James CORCORAN and Catherine KILGER September 27 Toberrooaun

John of Michael RUANE and Mary SHERIDAN September 28 Killawullaun Laborer

Bridget to Austin GAVAN and Mary O'NIEL September 28 Tawnyeeny Farmer

John to Michael RUANE and Mary SHERIDAN September 28 Killaghwaun Laborer

Luke to Luke LOFTUS and Bridget McGREAL September 28 Clooninchehaun Farmer

William and Mary to John SYRON and Jane CAWLY September 28 Toberrooaun Farmer

Catherine to Manus SYRON and Mary CORCORAN September 29 Doonaroya Farmer

Pat William to Pat HUGHES and Mary LaVALLE September 29 Castlebar

Michael to John FAHEY and Celia CARNEY September 29 Sarnaght Blacksmith

Mary to James WALSH and Mary KANE October 1 Breaffy Farmer

Bridget to Michael NAUGHTON and Mary MARLEY October 1 Beltra

Michael to James WALSH and Honoria LARDNER October 1 Castlebar Shopkeeper

Pat to Michael WALSH and Bridget FLANERY October 2 Burrin Farmer

Bridget to Luke LANDRA and Sarah GIBBONS October 4 Lugaphuill Farmer

Mary of Hugh HOPKINS and Bridget CALFIELD October 5 Sheeans Farmer

Pat to Michael BRENNAN and Bridget MORAN October 5 Duffort Farmer

Pat to Pat MALLEY and Mary MALLEY October 7 Burrin Farmer

Martin to Michael GILLON and Honoria CHAMBERS October 7 Crimlin

Thomas to Thomas CAWLY and Mary GARVEY October 8 Rathbaun Laborer

James to Thomas CALLEGHAN and Honor GILLON October 8 Tawnyshane Farmer

Catherine to Michael KENNY and Ellen HOPKINS October 8 Tawnyshane Laborer

Thomas to Thomas BROWN and Ellen HOPE October 8 Cummer Farmer

Pat to John BARRET and Mary MAYOCK October 10 Toberrooaun Farmer

Michael to Michael McDONAGH and Mary KEARNS October 10 Tawnyeeny Laborer

Owen to Joseph McDONAGH and Catherine FARREL October 11 Cloonfert Farmer

John to Bryan McLOUGHLIN and Bridget SALMON October 12 Graffa More Farmer

John to John KENNY and Bridget KEARNEY October 12 Sallagher Farmer

John to Thomas WALSH and Honor LOFTUS October 14 Breaffy

William to James OHARA and Catherine FLANNERY October 15 Castle Street Shoemaker

Thomas to Farrell McHUGH and Honor HOPKINS October 18 Farmer

John to Thomas McDONNELL and Mary PACE October 23 Doonaroya Farmer

Honor to Thomas SYRON and Sabina GALLAGHER October 23 Doonaroya Farmer

Thomas Walter to Michael KELLY and Winfred FLYNN October 23 Spencer St Coachman

Martin to Michael BARRETT and Mary McHALE October 24 Rofil Farmer

Ellen to James LALLY and Mary SAUNDERS October 25 Graffa More Farmer

Albany Jessop to Matthew DeRINGRY and Henrietta WALLACE October 26 Ballynew Gentleman

Martin to Lawrence MOLLOWNY and Ann MORAN October 29 Massbrook Farmer

Mary to Pat GORDEN and Bridget McHALE October 29 Breaffy Farmer

George to Michael McDONNELL and Ann LYNCH October 29 Newtown Teacher

Martin to Michael BARRETT and Mary McHALE October 24 Rockfield Farmer

Mary to Hugh HOPKINS and Mary CUNNINGHAM November 1 Derrylahan Farmer

Martin to David CONWAY and Ann McGRATH November 2 Snugboro Laborer

Margaret to Pat MOFFETT and Ann JORDAN November 4 Doonaroya Farmer

Francis to John BLAKE and Mary HUGHES November 5 Derrylea Teacher

John to Thomas WALLACE and Mary KEARNEY November 5 Sallagher Farmer

Thomas to James MORRISON and Ann GARVEY November 7 Kilgarriff Farmer

Bridget of Michael CASSIDY and Bridget COOGHLAN November 7 Parkboy Farmer

Bridget of William ROBINSON and Honoria KING November 7 Charles St Coach Builder

Michael of Pat JENNINGS and Ellen O'DONNEL November 9 Crimlin Farmer

John to John COFFEY and Honoria DOOLAN November 10 Rockfield Laborer

 Bridget of Thomas HENAGHAN and Margaret SPELMAN November 12 Burin Laborer

Michael of Pat COUGHLAN and Biddy MAYOCK November 12 Curnakella Farmer

 Randall of Pat McDONNEL and Bridget McMYLES November 13 Farmer

Maria of Thomas MALLEY and Margaret LANMORE November 13 Ballynew Laborer

John of Richard JOYCE and Mary BARTLEY Mt November 13 Daisy Farmer

Alice to Charles BLEAN and Susan PECKHAM November 14 Tawnylaheen Farmer

Ann of Thomas CORLEY and Bridget McGONGH November 15 Derrywash Farmer

Mary to Michael KILCOURSE and Margaret KELLY November 16 New Antrim St Laborer

Mary to Thomas NARY and Ellen McHUGH November 18 Shawnooly Farmer

Edward to Pat McCORMACK and Mary ROACHE November 19 Gort Farmer

Margaret to John FLANERY and Honoria O'DONNELL November 19 Castlebar Shopkeeper

Michael of Peter McNULTY and Mary RUANE November 21 Addergoole Laborer

James of Thomas CALLAGHAN and Maria McNULTY November 23 Ballinvoash Farmer

Edward of Ulick BOURKE and Bridget HESTON November 24 Derrylea Laborer

Margaret to Anthony KENEDY and Ellen STAUNTON November 24 Drumdaff Farmer

James of Michael GILBOY and Celia MALLEY November 26 Ballyduffy Farmer

Mary to Thomas GRAVIN and Catherine COSTELLO December 1 Killadeer Farmer

 Mary of Pat McGUIRE and Catherine MORAN December 2 Castlebar Shopkeeper

Margaret to Michael McCAWLEY and Margaret McEVELA December 2 Cloghbrack Farmer

Catherine to Mary BOURKE and Ellen CARNEY December 2 Castlebar Shopkeeper

Margaret to Pat WALSH and Mary MADDEN December 2 Lissaniska Farmer

Michael to John COMMONS and Margaret McMANNAN Beltra December Farmer

Thomas of Martin BARRETT and Ellen CHAMBERS December 4 Rockfield Farmer

John to Pat CALLAGHAN and Mary PENDERGRAST December 5 Westlands Farmer

Martin to John HART and Mary CAWLY December 6 Derryfadda Farmer

Margaret to Edward TOLAN and Jane MADDEN December 6 Lahardane Farmer

Thomas to Pat and Catherine BROWNE Terryduff Farmer

Thomas to Peter JORDAN and Ellen LOFTUS December 13 Rofenan

James to Patrick LaVALLE and Mary GALLAGHER December 15 Lisgowel Farmer

Mary to John CORCORAN and Margaret FLANERY December 15 Burrin Farmer

Honoria to James CUNINGHAM and Bridget CAWLY December 19 Meelick Farmer

Thomas to James RUANE and Sarah SHERIDAN December 21 Cum Farmer

Ann to Thomas O'BOYLE and Bridget MALONEY December 22 Cloonkeen Farmer

Thomas to Thomas HIGGINS and Maria SWEENY December 24 Cloonkeen Laborer

Margaret Rebecca to William CARSON and Jane SHAMMON December 25 Cappavicar Farmer

Sarah to Thomas LENCHAN and Mary Anne MALLEY Castlebar Tailor


Michael to Pat OBOYLE and Ann MULDOON June 11 Derrydorragh Landholder

Catherine to Peter QUINN and Bridget McDERMOT September 15 Kilfea Landholder

Maria to John O'DONEL and Ann O'BOYLE September 19 Knockaneden Landholder

Bridget to James ODONEL and Ellen ODONEL October 2 Derrycooraun Landholder

Bridget to Michael MAHON and Mary ODEA October 5 Ballinvoy Laborer

Michael to Thomas McDONAGH and Honor FLANNERY October 6 Cloondacon Herdsmen

Catherine to Anthony NOLON and Catherine FADEIN October 7 Carnaday Farmer

Catherine to John RICE and Ellen LaVALLE October 12 Derrahoona Landholder

Mary to Thomas LaVALLE and Winny LaVALLE October 13 Croy Landholder

Thomas to Pat WALSH and Mary McHUGH October 15 Derrycoosh Landholder

Margaret to Pat MALLEY and Mary MORAN October 21 Derrahoona Landholder

Eneas to James DEACY and Mary HENEGHAN November 1 Ballinvoy Farmer

Pat John to Pat McTIGUE and Celia WALSH November 4 Cum Landholder

Pat to Thomas MALLEY and Ann KING November 6 Ballynamarroge Landholder

Ann to Martin NOLAN and Ann GERAGHTY November 7 Carnaday Landholder

Male to Thomas IRWIN and Mary McDERMOTT November 8 Cashel Farmer

Martin to Pat CANNON and Julia RYAN November 8 Rushbrook Landholder

Catherine to Pat FAHEY and Mary CONROY November 9 Derryribbeen Laborer

Sarah to Pat MALLEY and Ellen CAIN November 9 Carnacloy Landholder

Bridget to Thomas O'BRIEN and Catherine TOOLE November 9 Mohera Landholder

Michael to Pat DUFFY and Peggy FREHIL November 10 Sraheen Landholder

Daniel to Pat MUGAN and Bridget MULDOON November 16 Cloggerguntaun Blacksmith

Bridget to Daniel NAUGHTON and Ann CANNON November 18 Curmiagusbaun Farmer

Mary to Michael GIBBONS and Winifred STAUNTON November 20 Mace South Landholder

Pat to Michael TOOLE and Mary MOORE November 24 Clogher Landholder

Pat to Pat TOOLE and Sarah CAIN November 25 Cloonane Landholder

Mary to Michael GANNON and Ann RIDER December 6 Kilmeena Gatekeeper

John to Michael O'BOYLE and Bridget CALLAHAN December 7 Durrinthtowna Laborer

Michael to Pat CAIN and Mary LUDDEN December 7 Sraheen Landholder

Michael to Pat KELLY and Bridget McANDREW Derribeen December 10 Landholder

Michael to John DURKAN and Mary GAVAN December 10 Letter Landholder

Margaret to John MULLOY and Mary KELLY December 11 Ballyglass Weaver

Ann to James NOLAN and Sarah GALLAGHER December 11 Sraheen Landholder

Mary to John HALLORAN and Bridget MORAN December 13 Dooncastle Laborer

Anne to Michael MALLEY and Mary MALLEY December 13 Sraheen Landholder

Bridget to Pat NYLAND and Maria MORAN December 18 Ballinthrara Farmer

James to Thomas WALSH and Mary WALSH December 14 Ballynamarroge Landholder

Siby to Ned MYLOTT and Mary McNEELA December 21 Derrycooraun Landholder

Peter to William McGOORAU and Maria MALLEY December 22 Mace North Landholder


Bridget to James MALLEY and Bridget SCOTT September 28 Kilsallagh Aughvale Farmer

Michael to Peter BERRY and Honor HALLINAN September 29 Leenavesta Farmer

Thomas to Philip FLANNAGAN and Bridget MALLEY October 1 Runith Laborer

Honor to John MALLEY and Honor MALLEY October 3 Lecanvey Farmer

Bridget to Martin COLLINS and Catherine SWEENEY October 5 Drummin Aughavale

Pat to Thomas GIBBONS and Ann McHALE October 5 Ballakip Kilgeever Laborer

Peter to John HASTINGS and Catherine HYNES October 7 Louisburgh Shoemaker Farmer

Thomas to John BURKE and Mary FERGUS October 28 Oughty Farmer

Mary to Pat GERAGHTY and Mary MORAN October 8 Fallduff Farmer

Anthony to Pat FLYNN and Bridget BURNS October 15 Askillaun Farmer

John to Austin McGREAL and Mary MALLEY October 20 Falduff Weaver

Pat to John KERRIGAN and Margaret GRADY October 20 Kilgeever Laborer

Thomas to John MORAN and Julia LALLY October 28 Kilsallagh Farmer

William to Charles MALLEY and Honor GILL October 28 Bellakip Farmer

Mary to James GALLAGHER and Ellen MALLEY October 21 Formoyle Farmer

Mary to Thaddeus CONWAY and Bridget SALMON November 4 Kilsallagh Farmer

Winifred to Pat KING and Margaret FERGUS November 3 Cuilmore Farmer

Michael to Thomas and Bridget FERGUS

Ellen to Michael MORAN and Bridget McEVILLY October 28 Durless Laborer

Thomas to Pat MALLEY and Bridget MALLEY November 14 Aghany West Farmer

Mary to John MALLEY and Bridget MALLEY Burramohaun Clare Island November 16

Bridget to John DONELLY and Margaret PENDERGRAST November 10 Carrowinsky

Martin to William MALLEY and Mary FRAZER November 17 Aillemore Farmer

Michael of William TOOLE and Bridget COX November 10 Innisdegil Fisherman

Anthony of Michael MALLEY and Mary MALLEY November 14 Aghany Farmer

John of John BROWN and Bridget MALLEY November 2 Derryheugh Farmer

Mary of Pat GILL and Mary FREHILL November 16 Kilsallagh Aughavale Laborer

Michael of Peter KETTERICK and Honor MALLEY November 4 Knockeen Farmer

James of Peter KERRIGAN and Ann RUDDY November 2 Srahatloe Herdsman

Margaret of Anthony GRADY and Mary HESTER November 20 Kilgeever Farmer

Pat of Philip MORTIMER and Catherine GANNON November 24 Lecanvey Farmer

Thaddeus to Pat KITTERICK Bridget NEE October 21 Woodfield Farmer

John of Pat DUFFY and Bridget McLAUGHLIN November 29 Drummin Farmer

Mary to Austin HERAGHTY and Julia McNEALY Clacklin Laborer

Michael of Michael TONRA and Catherine MULDOON November 25 Aillemore Laborer

Thomas of Pat JOYCE and Winny MALLEY November 17 Durless Farmer

Pat of James COLLINS and Mary GALLAGHER December 1 Drummin Farmer

Pat of Thomas KILCOYNE and Honor McDONNELE November 23 Creggerbawn Farmer

Bridget of Austin GIBBONS and Honor GIBBONS November 24 Furnace Farmer

Margaret of Pat MORAN and Catherine GIBBONS November 26 Lecarrow Farmer

Pat to William CARR and Mary MALLEY December 8 Carrowinsky Farmer

Mary to Michael GRADY and Bridget GIBBONS December 4 Aillemore Farmer

Thomas to John GRADY and Catherine O'DONNELLE December 3 Aillemore Farmer

Catherine to Austin GRADY and Winny MALLEY November 29 Glen, Clare Island Blacksmith

Mary to John ENGLISH and Mary GRADY December 9 Glen Clare Island Pensioner

Honor to Peter CANNON and Catherine MALLEY December 16 Fallduff Laborer

James to Peter DEVANNEY and Bridget FORRESTER November 16 Bandorragher Steward

Pat of John KERRIGAN and Catherine TOOLE December 19 Knockeen

Bridget of Pat SWEENY and Mary FLYNN December 14 Cross Laborer

Michael of Pat HESTER and Mary FILBIN December 21 Tallavbaun Farmer

Ann of Austin GIBBONS and Julia MALLEY November 25 Kilsallagh Laborer

William of John McNAMARA and Ellen McNAMARA Louisburgh Laborer

Michael of Thaddeus MALLEY and Bridget MALLEY December 18 Corrie Kilgeever Farmer


Thomas to James CAIN and Mary SCAHILL September 15 Cloonskill Aughagower

Mary to William CONNELL and Catherine KELLY September 18 Brackloon Farmer

Thomas to Thomas MALLY and Mary GRODEN September 19 Murrisk Farmer

Bridget to James WALSH and Bridget NAUGHTON September 20 Knappa beg Farmer

Lizzie Josephine to Bernard FLYNN and Lizzie Mary HART September 20 North Mall Hotel Keeper

Michael to Thomas NOLAN and Catherine GERATY September 23 Rosstough Kilmeena Farmer

David to Francis COSTELLO and Margaret HAMILTON September 26 Knappagh Farmer

Thomas to Michael DERRIG and Sarah BIRMINGHAM September 27 James St Dealer

Mary to Michael MALLEY and Margaret RYDER September 28 Peter St Laborer

Michael to Pat McHALE and Mary MALLEY September 29 Rosmindle Farmer

Bridget to Edward McENEELY and Bridget GIBBONS October 1 the Quay Farmer

John James to Pat MORAN and Bridget O'MALLEY October 2 the Quay Carpenter

James to Richard WALSH and Ellen MALLEY October 3 Bracklagh Farmer

Ann to William GARIVAN and Margaret WALSH October 8 Cross Kilmeena Farmer

Ann to Peter HESTIN and Mary KING October 8 Derryherbert Farmer

Elizabeth to James COLLINS and Jane WARMINGTON October 8 Mill St South Mayo Rifle Militia

Bridget to Austin NEEDHAM and Mary McNEELA October 8 Thornhill Farmer

Dominick to Michael McGREAL and Ann HERAGHTY October 14 Owenwee Farmer

Thomas to Michael McGREAL and Ann HERAGHTY October 14 Owenwee Farmer

Catherine to Michael MURPHY and Mary GIBBONS October 14 Claggan Laborer

Eliza to Edward MOAN and Ann McEVALLY October 15 Carrowbaun Farmer

John to Pat LaVALLE and Maria KELLY October 17 Drumminabo Farmer

Pat to Pat WALSH and Margaret HIGGINS October 18 Rossbeg Farmer

Thomas to Michael GIBLIN and Bridget DALE October 18 Streamstown Farmer

William to William MURRAY and Bridget MAHON October 18 Rossbeg Clerk

Peter to Pat KELLY and Bridget McLAUGHLIN October 19 High St Carman

Edward to Felix KELLY and Mary LINSKEY October 19 Peter St Organist

John to Pat McGREAL and Honor MONAGHAN October 19 Bridge St Butcher

Catherine to Martin MALLEY and Mary BROWNE October 19 Rosehill Kilmeena Farmer

Bridget to Edward McDONNELL and Ellen BARRETT October 20 Moyour Kilmeena Stone Mason

Catherine to Michael LAVALLE and Julia MADDEN October 21 Bridget St Grocer

Mary to Daniel CAMPBELL and Rose Ann KENNEDY October 24 Bridget St Boot-maker

Honor to Pat O'BOYLE and Bridget STAUNTON October 25 Drummaloo Kilmeena Farmer

Pat to John TULLY and Ellen NARRY October 26 Castlebar St Westport Laborer

Pat to Pat BURKE and Bridget SCHAHILL October 28 Murrisk

Mary to Pat McEVALLY and Mary MORAN October 29 Cloonkeen Farmer

Anne to William CEASEY and Mary GIBBONS November 2 Cullen Island Kilmeena Farmer

Martin to George RIELLY and Honor GIBBONS November 4 Castlebar St Car driver

Ann Marie to Michael HOBAN and Maria NESTOR November 4 Peter St Stonemason

Margaret to Philip REGAN and Mary Ann McDERMOTT November 11 Quay Painter

Mary to John RIELLY and Bridget HESTIN November 12 Lackaun Farmer

Mary Ann to Peter NEEDHAM and Mary Ann BURKE November 13 Inishgort Kilmeena Farmer

Bridget to Pat HOPKINS and Mary McNAMEE November 14 Rossbeg Publican

Pat to John MORAN and Ellen BROWNE November 14 Roscahill Kilmeena

Catherine Mary to John LAUGHTON (deceased) and Eliza McGREAL November 15 John Row Westport Solider

Mary to Michael CAMPBELL and Maria GIBBONS (Catherine GIBBONS present at birth) November 18 Murrisk Farmer

John to Michael GANNON and Bridget MONAGHAN November 19 Owenwee Farmer

Margaret to Daniel McGEE and Mary BURNS November 23 High St Shoemaker

Pat to Thomas FAHY and Honor FAHY November 25 Moyour Kilmeena Farmer

Thomas to John McGREAL and Mary LAFFRY Carrowkennedy Farmer

William Henry to Henry NASH and Margaret COPPINDGER November 26 Bridge St Tailor

Elizabeth to William KELLY and Mary MALLEY November 26 Castlebar St Servant

Michael to John KELLY and Ann O'BRIEN November 28 Mall Car driver

Thaddeus to John FADDEN and Ann STANTON December 2 Ballinlough Farmer

Christina to James BURKE and Bridget LAMBERT December 2 Peter Street Laborer

Martin to Pat MALONE and Mary MALONE December 2 Cloonskill Farmer

James to Pat COMMONS and Eliza McDONNELL December 4 Clooneen Kilmeena Farmer

Thomas to Thomas THORTON and Ann McGLOVIN December 6 Deerpark Herd

Mary to John NOLAN and Mary MORAN December 9 Ardkeen Kilmeena Farmer

Ellen to John GIBBONS and Bridget BURKE December 11 Claggan Farmer

Pat to Pat MORAN and Catherine RUDDY December 12 Clerhaun Farmer

Martin to Pat MORAN and Catherine RUDDY December 12 Clerhaun Farmer

Mary to John LAVALLE and Bridget McGREAL December 13 Shop St Shopkeeper

Peter Alfred to Peter McNAMEE and Louisa LEGGE December 14 Altmount St Sailor

Thomas to John BERRY and Mary CAIN December 15 Lanmore Farmer

Mary Ann to Michael DUNBAR and Bridget MURRAY December 22 High St Baker

Thomas to Charles RUDDY and Bridget SCAHILL December 22 Murrisk Laborer

Thomas Hamilton to Thomas Hamilton BURKE and Mary Augusta O'KEARNEY Barracks Surgeon


Ellen to Pat HENAGHAN and Eliza McCABE May 22 Drumneen Farmer

Michael to John FOY and Mary DUFFY September 6 Cloughnvolla Shoemaker

Michael to Pat HENEGHAN and Mary BRANAN September 6 Knockbee Landholder

Maria to James TUNNEY and Margaret HARKAN September 8 Straid Landholder

Walter Joseph to Pat McEVILLY and Mary DEANE September 12 Derryoran Farmer

Thomas to Thomas WATSON and Elizabeth SHERIDAN September 12 Milesman Railroad

Biddy to Pat SWANICK and Celia LOFTUS September 13 Roslahan Landholder

Michael to Michael CORRIGAN and Biddy SHERIDAN September 13 Ara Laborer

John to John COGGLE and Margaret MULKERINS September 15 Cloonaghmore Landholder

Francis to Pat BOURKE and Catherine DILLON September 15 Cullintra Laborer

Thomas to John McHALE and Julia MULROY September 21 Cloonaoilan Landholder

Winny to John McHALE and Julia MULROY September 21 Cloonaoilan Landholder

Ann to Thomas LAWLESS and Mary VAHY September 24 Ballintubber Landholder

Pat to Thomas LAWLESS and Mary VAHY September 24 Ballintubber Landholder

Biddy to James CORRIGAN and Mary MITCHELL September 27 Manulla

Biddy to Thomas GILL and Ann KEARNS September 28 Lismolan Landholder

Pat to Pat HENAGHAN and Mary HENEGHAN October 1 Miller Hill Farmer

Winny to Pat McELLIN and Peggy COSTELLO October 1 Manulla Farmer

Thomas to Michael BOURKE and Mary McGOFF October 3 Drumminroe Landholder

Michael to James CARNEY and Margaret CORLEY October 3 Drummganagh Landholder

Thomas to Richard GIBBONS and Biddy JOYCE October 5 Moat Landholder

Julia to Peter COUGHTER and Biddy REILLY October 6 Carrowkeel Shoemaker

Pat to Michael McHALE and Biddy RUANE October 6 Ballyvary Farmer

Pat to John McEVELLY and Biddy GOLDING October 8 Cloonaghmore Landholder

Pat to Edward BOURKE and Mary KILLEEN October 9 Drumneen Landholder

Thomas to Thomas MULLEN and Kitty McNICHOLAS October 11 Cloghannagargh Herd

Susan to Pat DURKAN and Mary GERAGHTY October 12 Drumcorrabaun Farmer

Dennis to Thomas LAVALLE and Margaret COSTELLO October 12 Ballure Landholder

Mary to John CARNEY and Mary CORLEY October 12 Drummganagh Farmer

Biddy to John RYAN and Catherine CORLEY October 12 Drummganagh Landholder

John to Thomas HYLAND and Mary CORRIGAN October 13 Ara Landholder

Eliza to John McGOWAN and Ann HENAGHAN October 14 Manulla October 14 Shoemaker

Michael to Mark MULROY and Biddy IGO October 20 Newtown Landholder

Biddy to John WALSH and Mary KILCOYNE October 21 Luffertaun Herd

Henry to Luke LENNARD and Kitty DUNN October 21 Knockaraha Landholder

William to James CANARAN and Sarah DOWNS October 23 Balla Horse Dealer

Winny to James HALLINAN and Mary DOLAN October 24 Kiltsharn Landholder

Honor to Michael REILLY and Kitty REILLY October 26 Prison Farmer

Mary to Edward WALSH and Biddy McNICHOLAS October 26 Ara Landholder

James to Bernard CORRIGAN and Catherine HYLAND October 26 Ara Landholder

Thomas to Edward ATHY and Honor ROCH October 29 Straid Farmer

Michael to Daniel McELIN and Margaret STAUNTON November 1 Manulla Landholder

Martin to James KING and Mary CLEARY November 3 Knocknamoghalaun Landholder

Biddy to Thomas LONG and Catherine TOULSTER November 3 Ardboley Landholder

Mary to Michael DEA and Mary HORAN November 3 Ballintubber Landholder

Biddy to Charles MORAN and Mary MORAN November 3 Carrowbaun Farmer

Alice to John KEATING and Elizabeth GALLAGHER November 7 Constable of Police Balla

Biddy to Peter KEANE and Mary McGINN November 8 Kinuary Blacksmith

Julia to Pat McGURRAN and Mary BOURK November 8 Tailor Gortaphuill

Anne to Edward REILLY and Biddy DEVANEY November 10 Killeen Blacksmith

Honor to James MANION and Mary MULLOY November 11 Aghalusky Landholder

Mary to Michael McHALE and Margaret GORDON November 13 Drimdoogh Landholder

Pat to James COSTELLO and Kitty MULLOY November 13 Aghalusky Farmer

Biddy to Pat HENEGHAN and Ann WALSH November 14 Pollavaddy Herd

Margaret to Thomas HANEOUGE and Margaret MALLEY November 14 Ballintubber Landholder

Mary to Michael BOURK and Mary REILLY November 16 Landholder

Anne to William LOW and Margaret McHALE November 16 Cranareen Landholder

Biddy to Michael KILROY and Kitty CUSACK November 20 Killeen Farmer

Mary to Michael RUANE and Catherine MURPHY November 21 Keeloges Old Laborer

Martin of Hugh RAFFERTY and Ann MULLOY November 22 Druminestoon Farmer

Biddy to Darby MALLEY and Honor REILLY November 22 Keeloges Old Landholder

Honor to John McGEE and Honor LYONS November 24 Balla Laborer

Ann to James ANSBORO and Biddy CORRIGAN November 25 Tawnagh Farmer

Mary to Michael BOURKE and Mary REILLY November 26 Cartronbower Farmer

Mary to John FERGUS and Peggy O'BRIEN November 26 Killawullaun Landholder

Margaret to Darby MULLEN and Biddy STAUNTON November 26 Farmer

Pladine to Pat CARROLL and Margaret McHUGH December 1 Maneen Farmer

Ellen to Thomas ROBINSON and Biddy CARABINE December 1 Coolodge Farmer

John to John MORAN and Kitty GLYNN December 4 Ballinhoe Farmer

Philip to Michael KEAN and Mary GIBBONS December 6 Kinuary Farmer

Margaret to Matthew MORAN and Mary O'BOYLE December 6 Keeloges Cottier

Biddy to Richard MURPHY and Margaret CARNEY December 8 Ballingan Farmer

Catherine to John McELLIN and Mary MURPHY December 8 Ballyclogher Herd

Mary to William NOON and Ann DONELAN December 8 Balla Carpenter

James to John ANSBORO and Rose CUNNANE December 9 Rushill Farmer

Mary to Tobias GIBBONS and Ann BOURKE December 15 Devlish East

Maria to Pat EARLY and Biddy MORRIS December 16 Knocksaxon Stone Mason


Catherine to Pat DALY and Ann PHILBAN July 12 Letterkeeghaun Laborer

Ellen to James McKEA and Bridget MALLEY September 2 Gurharvale Cottier

Margaret to Martin KILCOYNE and Bridget KELLY September 17 Rosturk Landholder

Michael to Michael CALVY and Catherine MORAN September 13 Roskeen

Mary to James McGOVERAN and Mary KERRIGAN September 21 Rosgalliv Farmer

Mark to Mark O'DONNELL and Ann GAVIN September 27 Devintagarih Farmer

Michael to Michael McLOUGHLIN and Honor McGREAL September 27 Weaver Row Shoemaker

Judith to Anthony GARVEY and Ann McHALE September 28 Rosgalliv Farmer

Pat to Thomas GINNELLY and Ann MALLEY September 28 Bunnahowna Landholder

Winny to Michael OHARO and Bridget CAIN September 29 Ballyteige Farmer

Bridget to Owen MARLEY and Bridget MORAN September 29 Rosgalliv Farmer

William to William WALSH and Mary CAIN September 29 Rosdawn Land Surveyor

Pat to John ARMSTRONG and Margaret GILBERT October 3 Muirrenrogh Farmer

Michael to Denis NOLAND and Mary FADIAN October 3 Kilbride Plough-man

Rose to William CHAMBERS and Ann GANGHAN October 4 Derrehullrin Cottier

Peter to Peter WALSH and Bridget CLEARY October 4 Sralogge Laborer

Winny to Pat DYRA and Mary McLAUGHLIN October 8 Glenlara Herd

Thomas to Bryan MULGREW and Honor GRELIS October 13 Murvagh Farmer

Celia to Martin BOGGAN and Sibby MULHEERAN October 17 Ballyteige Farmer

James to Richard CAIN and Mary FLANNELLY October 18 Cuilmore Farmer

James to Pat KELLY and Sarah KELLY October 18 Rosturk Landholder

John to Dominick MURRAY and Mary CAIN October 20 Shramore Farmer

John to Pat CONNOR and Mary McLOUGHLIN October 20 Murvagh Farmer

Catherine to Thomas BARRETT and Catherine McHALE October 21 Derehall

Rose to John CHAMBERS and Margaret NOLAN October 21 Derehuldrim Cottier

Honor to Dominick MALLEY and Mary MORAN October 21 Rosturk Landholder

Selia to Stephen COLLERAN and Ellen DONOGHUE October 25 Bracklough Farmer

Martin to John MULHEARN and Bridget MULHERN October 27 Ballyteige Landholder

Bridget to John GREHAM and Mary KILCOYNE October 29 Murvagh

John to John O'DONEL and Ellen MORAN October 13 Rosgalliv Landholder

Martin to John GERAGHTY and Catherine TOOLE November 1 Carrickkennedy Mason

Honor to John MALONE and Mary GIBBONS November 1 Cloggernaugh Farmer

Martin to Pat CANNON and Julia RYAN November 8 Rushbrook Farmer

Martin to John KILROY and Bridget OBOYLE November 11 Lettermaghera Laborer

Mary to James GRAVEN and Bridget MULLOWNY November 12 Sandyhill Farmer

Ellen to Peter McMANAMON and Ellen NOON November 12 Cloggernaugh Farmer

Bridget to Terince CORMACK and Mary GALLAGHER November 13 Roskeen Farmer

Martin to Michael BOGGAN and Mary McHALE  November 21 Cloggernaugh Farmer

James to Andrew CONNELLY and Maria MURPHY November 22 Ballyteige Farmer

Male to Pat Richard NELLY and ? GILL November 23 Main Street Tinker

Ann to Dominick LaVELL and Bridget MULLOWNY November 25 Lettermaghera landholder

Ellen to Anthony LENAHAN and Bridget BRICE December 2 Skerdagh Landholder

Thomas to Dominick McGOVERAN and Catherine ROBINSON December 3 Main St Carman

Thomas to Andrew MULLOWNY and Mary McMANAMIN December 4 Derclytogh Farmer

Thomas to John CAIN and Bridget SPELLMAN December 8 Cuilmore Farmer

Bridget to Manus ODONEL and Bridget JOYCE December 12 Rosclave Cottier

Mary to Pat DOGHERTY and Barbara LaVELLE December 15 Cuilmore Farmer

Mary to Thomas KILCOYNE and Mary ODONNEL December 19 Murvagh Farmer

John to Pat MALLEY and Bridget McFADIAN December 22 Letterlough

Lowpark Swinford

Ellen to Thomas  COSTELLO and Mary FARRLL September 29 Carcus

Catherine to Thomas  COSTELLO and Mary DARCY October 10 Lugmore Dooncastle Farmer

Thomas to James MULLARY and Bridget EGAN October 23 Cashel Farmer

John to John LAVIN and Mary DOOHAN October 25 Hagfield Farmer

Mary to Michael COSTELLO and Mary FEAIN November 1 Carue Farmer

Bridget to John KILLORAN and Bridget MEIGH November 5 Dooncastle Farmer

Martin to James RUSH and Mary HIGGINS November 9 Glengrady Farmer

Bridget to James MARREN and Mary DODDY November 12 Dooncastle Farmer

James to James TAYLOR and Mary GALLAGHER November 13 Killaturly Farmer

Michael to John MEIGH and Mary HARRINGTON November 14 Hagfield Farmer

James to Pat EGAN and Catherine GALLAGHER November 17 Glengrady Farmer

Michael to John LEE and Mary ALCOCK November 14 Carcus Landholder

John to Peter HARKAN and Catherine HIGGINS November 19 Cashel Farmer

Margaret to Pat McGUIRE and Bridget KENNEDY November 20 Dooncastle

Pat to James GALLAGHER and Ann GEORKE November 23 Killaturly Farmer

Catherine to Michael TETURN and Mary REGAN November 23 Cashelduff Farmer

Ann to Martin DUFFY and Mary BONES Corragooly Farmer

Catherine to John COLLINS and Mary KERINS November 25 Carcus Farmer

Ann to John GAVAHAN and Catherine HIGGINS November 25 Cashel Farmer

Mary to Pat HIGGINS and Mary McGLOGHLIN November 26 Charlestown Farmer

Bridget to Pat SHURLOCK and Winny HANSBORO November 28 Tooreen Farmer

Ann to Michael CARTY and Mary PHILLIPS December 5 Cloonnune Farmer

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