<p> </p> <p><b><i><font size="4" face="Bookman Old Style">1867 Birth Register for Castlebar Balla Louisburgh Co Mayo Ireland</font></i></b><font size="4" face="Bookman Old Style"> </font> </p>  September 8, 2007


1868 Birth Register for Castlebar Louisburgh Westport Co Mayo Ireland  222 Births






Pat to Martin HENEGHAN and Bridget WALSH March 3 Deerpark 

John to William WESTON and Ellen Jackson March 15 Lavally 

Michael to Thomas ROGERS and Mary LOFTUS March 6 Lynsakia 

Pat to John NARY and Bridget KELLY March 10 Kinoff 

Joshua to Edward WHITTEL and Julia WHITTEL March 14 Lackane Robert POWELL  Land Agent 

James to Martin CULPINE and Mary WALSH March 16 Sheens 

Pat to Thomas RABBIT and Ellen TOLSTER March 16 Belcarra 

Patrick James to Michael McHALE and Bridget DURKAN March17 Chapel St 

Eliza to Mary HERGHTY and Catherine CORCORAN March17 Cloonkeen 

James to Dominick GOMEROY and Anne SHERIDAN March 20 Turlough 

John to Pat CANAVAN and Barbara GAUGHERN March 20 Tonwich 

James to John DUFFY and Mary McHUGH March 20 Ballyshane  

Pat to John BROWNE and Anne McVADDY March 20 Raduff 

Mary to Martin HARK and Catherine MULLEN March 21 Kilkenny 

Pat to Edward BRADLEY and Catherine McHALE March 21 Cloontubrid 

Myles to Myles Joseph JORDAN and Mary GRAHAM March 26 the Green 

Honor to Thomas HASTINGS and Honor MALONE March 27 Augnviagh 

Bridget to Richard BLAKE and Mary FRIFFIN March 31 Charles St 

Pat to Peter GALLAGHER and Ellen FAHEY April 6 Burrin 

John to Pat MURRAY and Ellen MULHERN April 1 Addergoole 

Bridget to Thomas GILLEN and Mary GRIMES April 5 Crimlin 

Catherine to Mark MALLY and Bridget McGLOON April 5 Sheens 

Ellen to John KELLY and Mary GARVEY April 6 Lavalley 

Martin to John McDERMOTT and Mary PHILBAN April 7 Linvangh 

Pat to Pat COMBER and Elizabeth WAUGH April 9 Moherfada Pensioner  

Anne to Michael ROCHE and Mary WALSH April 9 Lugaphuill 

Bridget to James McDERMOTT and Anne CORCORAN April 9 Burrin 

Joseph to James O’HORA and Catherine FLANERY April 10 Castle St 

Bridget to John GRIMES and Bridget GILLON April 10 Tawnykinoff 

Eliza to Peter FLYNN and Catherine O’BIRNE April 17 Spencer St Carpenter 

Fanny Anne to Peter FLYNN and Catherine O’BIRNE April 17 Spencer St Carpenter 

John to Thomas HOPKINS and Nancy JORDAN April 17 Derryauhane 

Pat to Michael McDONNEL and Mary TIMLIN April 21 Massbrook 

John to Pat O’HORA and Bridget KEARNEY April 23 Tawnyshane 

Catherine to Michael NAUGHTON and Mary MARLEY April 25 Beltra 

Michael to William WHITE and Mary LUDDEN April 25 Snugboro 

Denis to Denis HENLEY and Mary SWEENEY April 26 Turlough 

James Craig to William MORRISON and Margaret CRAIG April 28 Charles St

Pat to John MURRAY and Mary LANMORE April 28 Carrowkeel 

Louisa to John LaVALLE and Margaret KEARNY April 29 Bridge St 

John Joseph to John TWIGGS and Lizzie KILLEEN April 30 Thomas St 

William to Pat McNICHOLAS and Mary CARNEY April 30 Cloontubbrid 

Anne to Pat GILLON and Mary WALSH May 1 Crimlin 

Michael to Thomas TIMLIN and Bridget DEVANNY May 3 Tawnykinoff 

Bridget to John KILCOURSE and Anne McDONNELL May 4 New Antrim 

William to William AINSWORTH and Honor McHUGH May 9 Lisragher  

Bridget to Thomas BUTLER and Mary NAUGHTON May 9 Ballyhean 

Pat to Thomas RICE and Mary JOYCE May 10 Derrans  

Mary to Pat GIBBONS and Honor CARROLL May 12 Turlough 

Hans Hamil to Hugh NELSON and Janet HIGGINS May 13 Turlough Flax inspector 

Edward to Edward JORDAN and Winnie KIRRUNE May 15 Tubberuaine 

Anne to John BARRETT and Mary MAYOCK May 16 Tubberuaine 

Edward to Pat KENNY and Bridget KENNY May 16 Crimlin 

Ellen to Michael O’DONNELL and Bridget DOGHERY May 16 Tawnykinaff  

Bridget to Pat McGREEVY and Sibby QUINN May 16 Tubberuaine 

Michael to Manus COLLERY and Catherine FLYNN May 18 Turry Policeman 

Mary to Michael MALLY England and Mary WALSH May 22 Sheeans 

Mary to James O’HORA and Anne CALPIN May 24 Tawnyshane 

John to James O’HORA and Anne CALPIN May 24 Tawnyshane 

Pat to John GIBBONS and Honor KAVANAGH May 26 Killadeer 

Henry to Henry CURRAN and Honoria QUINN May 29 Glen Island 

Bridget to James GRIMES and Margaret MORRISON May 29 Tawnykinaff 

William to William LYNCH (United States) and Mary DUFFY June 1 Cloonaghugh Cottenprinter 

Mary to Thomas DUFFY and Bridget DEVANY June 2 Cloontubbrid 

Bridget to Alex GANNON and Maria HEVERAN June 2 Horsepark  

Brian to John BERRY and Anne McGREEVY June 3 Mount Daisy 

Pat to Thomas PKILBAN and Honor McANDREW June 6 Tucker St Provision Dealer 

Thomas to John BARREY and Mary WALSH June 10 Pheasant Hill 

Margaret to Thomas KENNY and Catherine MALONEY June 10 Derrywash 

Janet Duggan to William SWAIN the Green Miller to Mary CUNNINGHAM Swain  

Margaret to Peter GARVEY and Bridget McDONNELL June 13 Burrin 

Thomas to Thomas FEENY and Anna WHITE June 13 Graffymore 

Pat to Francis PHILBAN and Mary McNULTY June 15 Kilhale 

Maryanne to Thomas CARR and Bridget TRACEY June 17 Duke St Carpenter 

Bridget to John HUGHES and Margaret CAWLEY June 19 Belcarra 

Bridget to Thomas DARBY and Mary MURRAY June 20 Chapel St 

John Atkinson to Nicholas Henry HOPKINS and Sarah A McDONAGH June 20 Druggist Market St 

Pat to Walter GARRY and Mary McGOWN June 21 Kilhale  

Pat to Pat JOYCE and Mary MYLOTT June 21 Graffymore 

Michael to John O’DONNELL and Anne KING June 22 Ballyhean  

Michael to Michael HOGAN America to Margaret HUGHES June 22  

Bridget to Denis NAUGHTON and Honor MALONEY June 23 Massbrook 

Margaret to John WALSH and Ellen McHALE June 25 Derrynagooley   

Anne to Ulick CUSACK and Anne KING June 28 Killadeer Laborer 

Charlotte Mary to Anthony LaVELLE and Eliza LYNCH July 1 Doogary 

Maryanne to Thomas BURKE and Bridget BRENNAN July 3 Ballyburke 

Michael to Pat MORAN and Bridget HYLAND July 4 Glen Island 

William to William WHITE and Catherine McTIGUE July 4 Tullycommon 

Mary to Pat GAVAN and Anne McNALLY July 5 Ballyburke 

Bridget to James MORAN and Mary McHALE July 6 

Bridget to Michael CUSACK and Margaret MONAGHEN July 6 Derrylea 

Honor to Thomas STANTON and Honor MURPHY July 8 Snugboro 

Peter to Michael JOYCE and Margaret MALONE July 10 Curnacoole 

Michael to Michael MULHERN and Bridget HOLMES July 12 Turry 

Kathleen Maud to George WILLIAM and Catherine NYLAND July 12 Rockland 

Edward to Joseph PARDUE and Elizabeth FARMER July 13 Sgt 1st Dragoon Artillery Barracks 

Margaret to Martin LUDDEN and Bridget GAVAN July 14 Tawnygree 

John to Martin LUDDEN and Bridget GAVAN July 14 Tawnygree 

Susan to Pat MURPHY and Mary MALLY July 14 Knockrover 

Anne to Michael McGOUGH and Margaret KING July 16 Snugboro 

William to William LOFTUS and Kitty MALLY July 17 Rahins  

Thomas to Thomas LaVELLE and Bridget MALLY July 20 St Andrews Castlebar Shepherd  

Bedelia to Thomas WYNNE and Margaret FOX July 22 Castle St Shopkeeper and newsagent 

Mary to Pat GIBBONS late of Murrisk, deceased and Mary GIBBONS July 23 Mother Poor House Hill 

John to Pat McPHILBIN and Catherine DALY July 28 Conloon 

William to Martin REILLY and Bridget MADDEN July 29 Cloonfert Baker 

Mary to John McHUGH and Anne KENNY August 1 Tawnyshane 

John to John WALSH and Bridget TRACEY August 2 Sarnaght Herd 

Pat to David REILLY and Mary FLYNN August 2 Lugaphuill 

James to Michael MURRAY and Bridget HUGHES  

Michael to Michael DUNN and Mary McGOUGH August 7 Tawnyshawn Pensioner  

Ellen to Michael SHERIDAN and Mary DEVINE August 7 Ballyhean Bootmaker 

Michael to Michael QUINN and Mary MALLY August 10 Curnavagh 

Michael to Richard McDONAGH and Jane McGOUGH Thomas St August 11 

Michael to Pat CAWLEY and Anne CORCORAN August 12 Curnaghmore 

James to James MORRISON and Anne GARVEY August 14 Kilgarrif 

Fanny to Robert CARR and Sarah COLLINS August 14 Railroad Porter 

Mary to Pat McGOUGH and Mary McPHILBIN August 15 Tawnyshane 

Honoria to Pat MURRAY and Margaret DEACY August 15 Snugboro 

Margaret to Michael CORLEY and Winny O'DONNELL August 19 Cloontubbrid 

Bridget to John FLANERY and Mary FLANERY August 21 Sarnaght 

Alice to Michael BOURKE and Ellen CARNEY August 22 Shopkeeper 

John to John MURPHY and Catherine NARY August 24 Lognashery  

Ellen to Thomas WANEY and Anne CARNEY August 23 Cungaher North 

Mark to John McHUGH and Jane COSTELLO August 25 Knockinva 

Thomas to Pat JOYCE and Mary CALLAGHAN August 29 Ballinvilla

Margaret to Joshua CRESWELL Belfast and Margaret McGREAL August Sub Constable Mother Ballyneggin 

James to John HANNON and Mary RAFFERTY September 1 Milebush 

Mary Jane to John CONNOR and Honor LUDDEN September 1 Turlough 

Mary to Anthony MURPHY and Margaret CANNON September 2 Killadeer 

Mary to Philip PRICE and Catherine RICE September 2 Lisgovel 

Michael to Martin GILLON and Honor GRIMES September 5 Tawnykinaff 

Bridget to Dominick CORCORAN and Mary RUANE September 5 Ballyduffy 

Michael to Pat KEARNEY and Sarah KEANE September 5 Shranalee 

Catherine to William MORAN and Mary McDONAGH September 6 Spencer St Cardriver 

Bridget to John KEARNEY and Anne HOWLEY September 9 Sallaght 

Thomas to Hugh HOPKINS and Bridget CALPINE September 10 Sheeans 

Michael to John JENNINGS and Sarah DEVLIN September 22 Turlough





Robert Charles to James KEENANE and Jane FARREL March 1 Clare Island Lighthouse Keeper 

Anne to James MORTIMER and Anne MULLOY April 4 Boheah 

Anne to Pat SWEENY and Mary BURKE April 10 Louisburgh 

Honor to Pat SWEENY and Mary BURKE April 10 Louisburgh 

John to Pat HESTOR and Catherine GORDAN April 18 Falduff  

Michael to James RUSSEL and Mary McDONNELE April 20 Cross 

Mary to Michael GALLAGHER and Agnes BERRY April 23 Drummin 

Michael to James COLLINS and Mary  GALLAGHER April 28 Drummin 

John to Thomas GIBBONS and Anne McHALE April 24 Ballyhip 

Judith to Pat GREAL and Mary NAVIN April 25 Oughly 

Pat to Henry JENNINGS and Mary MALLEY April 26 Bellakip 

Honor to Thomas JENNINGS and Mary FERGUS April 30 Kilgeever 

Hugh to John O’DONNELL and Catherine FADIAN April 30 Aillemore 

William to James McEVILLY and Judith JOYCE May 3 Bunownen 

Winifred to Thadeus GAVIN and Mary McGREAL May 8 Lachta 

Michael to John DUFFY and Margaret JOYCE May 16 Kilsallagh 

John to Pat COGGIL and Mary MALLY May 18 Kill 

Mary to Pat KING and Margaret FERGUS May 21 Kellmore 

Mary to John HESTON and Mary HESTON May 30 Ballahip 

Mary to Anthony GRADY and Mary BEVINS June 3 Glen Clare Island 

Catherine to Thomas McNALLY and Bridget SALMON June 3 

Mary to James JOYCE and Margaret WALLACE June 11 Cregginore 

Pat to Austin RUDDY and Mary MORAN June 7 Burrinaham 





Martin to Martin WALSH and Mary RANEY March 13 Castlebar St 

David to Thomas MORAN and  Bridget DERRIG March 13 High St Tailor 

Ellen to John KILL and Bridget McKEON March 16 Kilmeena 

Pat to Anthony BARRITT and Anne GREEN March 18 Peter St car driver 

Maryanne to Robert DORRIS and Margaret MADDEN March 23 James Row 

Mary Augusta to Thomas HAMILTON and Mary Augusta O’KEARNY March 25 Castlebar Barracks 

Margaret to Matthew BECKITT and Margaret MALONE March 28 Fairgreen  

Margaret to James BURKE and Mary BUTLER April 6 Quay Boatsman 

Ellen to Pat BERRY and Mary GILDEA April 9 Aughagower 

Thomas to Thomas NOLAN and Catherine GERAGHTY April 22 Rosstoohy Kilmeena 

Catherine Maria to James SWIFT and Rose McMANES April 26 Peter St Shoemaker 

Honoria to John GIBBONS London and Anne GIBBONS April 26 Policeman   

James to Pat MULLEN and Winy QUIN April 29 Derryharus Kilmeena 

William to George MILLS Seaman on Board the HMS Lynse and Sarah MILLS Watchman Seaman May 1 

Catherine to Martin NARY and Mary KIRWIN May 7 Castle St Coachman 

John to Pat BRIDE and Honor GILL May 7 Quay Merchant 

Eliza to Michael GIBLIN and Bridget DEALE May 11 Streamstown 

Pat to Pat GIBBONS and Mary DOLAN May 14 Ballygolman Aughagower 

Anne to  Myles WALSH and Honor THORTON May 15 Gloshpatrick 

Edward to Anthony MORAN and Catherine MORAN May 14 Knappabeg 

James to Thomas BARRIT and Bridget BERRY May 20 Drumed Kilmeena 

Pat to Peter McMANUS and Anne GANNON May 21 Quay 

John to Michael DEVINS and Honor WALSH June 5 Altmount St 

Mary to Thomas THORTON and Anne MEACHIM May 24 Deerpark West 

Sarah to Thomas KILLEEN and Bridget McDONNELL June 6 Mill St Blacksmith





Andrew to John CONEY and Mary HOPKINS March 14 Derrygibleen 

James to William DUFFY and Bridget HERAGHTY March 30 Shraheens 

Pat to James MALLEY and Honor MALLEY March 31 Shraheens

Margaret to Pat MALLEY and Catherine McDONNELL March 31 Ayle 

Pat to Richard REILLY and Bridget MALLEY March 31 Cushion 

Peter to Peter CANNON and Betsy WALSH April 5 Rockfield 

Laurence to James GILDEA and Ellen O’BRIEN April 6 Carrabeg 

Mary to James WALSH and Catherine BUTLER April 9 Cushion 

Jane to unknown  Dignan and Bridget FITZPATRICK April 9 Tuberane 

Eliza to John CARNEY and Ellen HOLLAND April 19 Aughagower 

Anne to Robert KERR and Maria LALLY April 22 Ayle a Constable 

William to Pat CUSACK and Anne LENAHAN April 23 Derrigkeen 

John to Thomas HYLAND and Bridget BRADY April 24 Cummer 

Matthias to Pat READY and Anne O’DONEL April 25 Reshbroach 

Mary to Con. SLEVIN and Bridget CONWAY April 27 Gortneclasa 

Bridget to John KINGAN and Bridget FADIAN April 27 Sahertane 

Ellen to Philip GAVON and Bridget HENAHAN May 2 Shraheens 

Mary to Pat JOYCE and Mary GRAVEN May 5 Cortoon 

Anthony to John KIRBY and Mary STAUNTON May 5 Gorthbawn 

Walter to Michael KENNEDY and Mary NAGHTEN May 7 Mace North

Maria to Pat BARTLEY and Mary RICHARDSON May 11 Derrycoosh 

Julia to Anthony CAWLEY and Julia WALSH May 12 Derrygibbeen 

John to John MURRY and Mary MURRY May  Ballyglass 

Anne to Pat JENNINGS and Bridget GAVAN May 16 Letter 

John to John FADIAN and Mary SCAHIL May 16 Thevinsih 

James to Michael HIGGINGS and Ellen DOYLE May 21 Dereada 

Pa to Pat ROACH and Mary DURKEN May 21 Knockglass 

Mary to Pat SHERIDAN and Bridget MURRY May 22 Corton 

James to John SCOTT and Jane O’BRIEND May 26 Aughagower 

Bridget to Martin MALLEY and Margaret MALONE June 9 Ardvarney 

Ellen to Martin MALLEY and Bridget GERATY June 14 Comer 

Thomas to Thomas McLOUGHLIN and Ira MOFFAT June 16 Greenhills 

Ellen to Martin WALSH and Margaret FLYNN June 23 Gorthbawn 

Susannah to Andrew BREWSTER and Eliza KILPATRICK June 23 

Michael to Pat BROWNE and Catherine CAWLEY Knockmaria July 2



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