1880 Castlebar. Castlebar North, Westport   123 births



John to Thomas HUGHS and Bridget FARREKK July 27 Drumacastle 

Ellen Mary to John STAUNTON and Jane STAUNTON August 14 Castle St Grocer and General Dealer 

Thomas to James HOPKINS and Catherine MANGAN August 17  

Pat to James FLYNN and Honor McTIGUE August 18 Snugboro  

John Thomas to Pat BARTLEY and Mary RICHARDSON August 24 Derrywash 

Kate to Patrick Joseph JOYCE and Kate GERAGHTY August 29 Castle St 

Thomas to Thomas WALSH and Mary THORTON August 31 

Edward to Martin McHUGH and Anne MULLOY September 1 Linenhall Shopkeeper 

Stephen to Stephen McDONNELL and Mary FLEMMING September 1 Cornveigh 

Margaret to James BRENNAN and Margaret SHEA September 4 Ballinaboll 

Pat to Thomas O’BRIEN and Catherine Kelly September 5 Dereenascoobe 

Thomas to Michael McHUGH and Catherine LUDDEN September 10 Knockagreenane 

Ellen to Thomas McHALE and Mary GIBBONS September 7 Liskeenvelish 

Bridget to Michael GANNON and Margaret FARRELL September 7 Snugboro 

Maria to John MUGAN and Mary RYAN September 8 Pheasant Hill 

Mark to Michael LANNON and Mary McHUGH September 14 Carrowkeil 

Pat to Pat DUFFY and Mary McSHEE September 15 Cloonahara 

Anne to Peter FARMER and Ellen CRESHAM September 18 Newtown 

Gertrude Mary to James HEVERN and Bride McDONNELL September 19 Market St Shopkeeper 

Pat to Edward REILLY and Catherine REILLY September 20 Derryhearne 

Bridget to Michael JOYCE and Mary TUOHY September 22 Killavally 

Leus to Michael FADDEN and Mary BASWELL September 22 Kiltharsean 

James to James McGREEVY and Ellen McLOUGHLIN September 29 Castlebar 

John to Michael WALSH and Margaret WALSH October 3 Killadeer 

Ellen to Pat FLANNERY and Sabina TOGHER October 5 New Antrim Baker 

Ellen to William KEANEY and Anne RAINES October 6 Killavally 

John Hamilton BERNARD to John Hamilton BERNARD and Anne Elizabeth PEYTON Dowzer Landed Proprietor October 6 

Thomas to Edward BAINES and Catherine HIGGINS October 6 Killavally 

Martin to Michael O’CONOR and Catherine STAUNTON October 9 Killavally 

Thomas to Thomas AELEN and Maria JOYCE October 9 Killavally 

Anne to John McDONNELL and Mary SCAHILL  October 10 Cornaveg 

Pat to Pat KING and Ellen VAHEY October 12 Derrynaskeagh 

Thomas to William NALLY and Anne STAUNTON October 12 Knockbain 

Margaret to Anthony MURPHY and Margaret CANNON October 16 Killadeer 

Mary to Anthony BAINES and Mary McNULTY October 17 Killavally 

Mary Ellen to John BROWNE and Mary TUFFY October 18 Belcarra 

Lizzie to John TWIGGS and Lizzie KILLEEN October 18 Thomas St Baker 

Honor to Thomas GREHAN and Honor WALSH October 19 Fairhill  

John Joseph to Michael Francis RYDER and Anne WALSH October 19 Newtown Tailor 

Margaret to Edward FLAHERTY and Maria MORAN October 20 Darrenculla 

Margaret to James MALLY and Mary LUDDEN October 20 Gorthbawn 

Bridget to Michael SCOTT and Ellen BURKE October 20 Ballinavilla 

James to Joseph ACTON and Mary DURKAN October 20 Mount Gordon Warden at the Asylum 

Charlotte Olive to Thomas William STRATFORD and Agnes PITCHFORD October 22 76th Regiment Band  

John to Michael LUDDEN and Margaret JOYCE October 24 Ballyburke 

Mary to Richard GIBBONS and Ellen KEAVNEY October 25 Skenagh 

Bridget to Thomas BRENNAN and Bridget CANNON October 28 Polnsaken 

Bridget to James KEANEY and Anne RONAYNE November 2 Ballor 

Elizabeth to John CASEY and Bridget MURPHY November 2 Killadeer 

William to William STAUNTON and Bridget MITCHELL November 7 Kilthsharne   

Catherine to Thomas PHILBAN and Honoria McANDREW November 7 Tucker St Shopkeeper

John to Michael McGREEVY and Maria HUGHES November 14 Cartonbower 

Kate to James Joseph CLARKE and Jane QUINN Lucan St 

Thomas to Michael McCORMACK and Anne DEVANNY November 18 Tawnanane 

Mary to Pat GIBBONS and Mary MALONE November 10 Kilthsharne   

Ellen to John WALSH and Sarah BOURKE  November 13 Ballykill 

John to Anthony TUNNY and Anne GALLAGHER November 15 Cloonkeen 

Emma to Samuel BAILEY and Kate COTTRELL November 16 Quarter Master 7th Regiment on Foot Infantry Barracks 

Thomas John to Thomas KIRBY and Catherine MALONE November 18 Ballyburke 

Bridget to Peter KEANEY and Bridget JOYCE November 21 Salagher 

Thomas to John CORCORAN and Bridget COMINSKY November 1 Kilthsharne   

Julia to Edward WALSH and Maria WALSH December 6 Knockbane 

Thomas to John KENNEDY and Bridget GAVIN December 9 Ballinaoigh 

John to Hugh COYNE and Bridget McGREAL December 11 Ballinbole 

Martin to Pat ARCHBOLE and Margaret SKIFFINGTON December 14 Cornaveigh 

Bridget to Francie CUNNINGHAM and Ellen SWEENY December 17 Shamble Square Tinsmith

Castlebar No 2


Anne to James O’HORA and Anne CALPIN July 29 Spink 

Margaret to Thomas DUNNE and Catherine McDOWD August 1 Graffymore 

Sara to Thomas CONWAY and Bridget FLYNN August 2 Dernadiva 

Catherint to James FLYNN and Mary GILLON August 4 Gort 

Mary to martin MALLOY and Ellen McHALE August 15 Dereens 

John to Michael CANAVAN and Honor LaValle August  25 Tonrick 

John Thomas to George BLAIN and Ellen PUGH September 1 Crimlin 

Kate to Thomas McNICHOLAS and Margaret McHALE September 1 Crimlin 

Pat to Thomas HOPKINS and Bridget ROCHE September 17 Sheenans 

Michael to Thomas LYONS and Bridget LOFTUS September 23 Derrymartin 

Martin to Thomas ROLAND and Bridget KEARNS September 25 Polamaite 

Michael to John HOOKS and Bridget CORCORAN September 29 

Pat to John MAYOCK and Margaret McDONNEL October 1 Rathkill 

Anne to Michael ROCHE and Mary BATTLE  October 1 Garryhill 

Pat to John MALLEY and Anne MALLEY October 3 Burrin 

Thomas to John McDONNEL and Bridget FORDE October 4 Burrin 

Honor to Pat CAWLEY and Barb CAWLEY October 3 Cloughbrack 

Margaret to Michael McANDREW and Mary GALLAGHER October 15 Cloughbrack 

William to Pat FAHY and Maggie DOGHERTY October 23 Bolyglass 

Margaret to Michael GERAGHTY and Mary CAIN October 23 Corton 

Thomas to John KING and Mary McNULTY November 3 Knockglass 

Francis to Pat MAYO and Maria FLEMING November 14 Ballymayock 

Sarah to Pat MAYO and Maria FLEMING November 14 Ballymayock 

Thomas to William CAINE and Mary HARTE December 13 Derryfadda 

Thomas to Martin REILY and Mary HARTE Derryfadda December 2 


 1880 Westport


Michael to Joseph GERRATY and Anne O’MALLEY August 20 Buckingaria  

Thomas Michael to Thomas LYMAN and Anne MANGAN September 11 Quay Constable 

Honor to Pat BURKE and Sarah NILAND September 11 Claggan 

Digley Forythe to Digley Forythe RAMSEY and Mara Emma O’HARA September 14 James St Forester 

Edward to Pat TUFFEY and Mary McGUIRE September 17 Roigh 

Bridget Elizabeth to Thomas FLANAGAN and Eliza LOWDEN September 18 Shop St Carpenter 

Margaret to David ROACH and Bridget WALSH September 22 Altmount St 

Pat to Michael Fitzgerald and Sarah WHITE September 23 Castlebar St 

Catherine to Michael McEVNALLY and Catherine RICE September 24 Castlebar Publican 

Edward Michael James to John TUFF and Mary GIBBONS September 25  Writing clerk  

Pat to Frank HEVAN and Bridget GRADY September 27 Altmount St Shoemaker 

Peter to Edward BARRETT and Bridget DERRY October 7 Drumard 

Sophia to David SUMMER and Sophia TOURLEY or GOURLEY October 9 Rosmoney Coastguard 

Martin to John BERRY and Bridget COMMONS October 16 Letterbrock 

William to John GIBBONS and Mary BARTLE October 16 Tubberhill 

Thomas to John CLARKE and Honoria DONNELLY October 18 James St Stonemason 

Dominick to John SALMON and Anne McGREAL October 20 Peter St Dealer 

Mary to Pat CAINE and Bridget HESTIN October 20 Derryherbert 

Charles to Thomas MOORE and Eliza MOORE October 20 Knappa 

John henry to James WENTMOUTH Eliza Harriet CRAIG October 22 Rosmoney Coastgaurd 

Mary to Hugh MULLEN and Mary CAROLIN November 1 Cross 

Pat to Thomas O’BRIEN and Catherine DUFFY November 4 Owenwee 

Bridget to John BIRMINGHAM and Winny McNALLY November 4 Castlebar St Cardriver 

Thomas to Thomas GAVAN and Catherine SCAHILL November 7 Murrisk 

Martin Peter to Myles BOURKE and Julia HEVERON November 8 Bouschafefneder 

Catherine to John RYDER and Catherine CONWAY November 16 Farnaught 

Mary Theresa to Martin JOYCE and Teresa BAINE November 18 Quay 

Patrick John to Anthony HENEGHEN and Martha GOLDER November 25 Bridge St Publican 

Michael to Thomas GANNON and Mary MALLEY December 18 Kilmeena 

Martin to Austin MALLEY and Mary RUDDY December 20 Culleen 

Pat to John GRADY and Mary BRENNAN December 21 Kilgeever 

Mary to John DEIGNAN and Mary GALLAGHER December 14 Fairgreen Carman





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