Marriages in Castlbar-Aglish Parish 1841 to 1855
  February 14, 2007

Marriages in the Castlebar/Aglish Parish 1840-1855

 551 marriages



Darby CONNOR to Bridget CANNON January 9 witness James ROWLAND and Sally McEVILLA

Oliver CANTON to Honor McNALLY February 2

Charles VAHY to Ellen CRADOCK February 2

John SKIFFINGTON to Mary McGOUGH February 27

Tom CHRISTY to Elisa HUGHES March 1



Michael MULDOON to Catherine WALSH January

Joseph CRISTIE to Margaret GARVEY to CARNEY January 11

John FLYNN to Mary LIMERICK January 24

Owen MULAGH to Winny SWEENY January 24

John PAYNE to Bridget BRAWLEY January 25

Matthew FLYNN to Lucy McGOWN January 30

James SKIFFERTON to Ellen Dea January 30

Anthony ROGERS to Ellen GILDEA January 30

Thomas O'MALLY to Catherine JOYCE February 2

Martin MULLOWNEY to Catherine MULLOWNEY February 2

John CASEY to Barbara HILL February 23

John FADDEN to Elizabeth KILCOYNE March 8

Martin RIELY to Bridget LaVELLE March 9

Charles FLANIGAN to Catherine CAVENRY March 9 witness Thomas ANSBORO and Jane ROLAN

John McDONAGH to Bridget FLANNERY March 9

Mark FITZMORRIS to Anne McHALE March 9

Michael McGOUGH to Honor DOLAN March 12

Pat LYONS to Bridget CONNOR March 12

Peter CARTY to Mary CAUFIELD unreadable 14

Andrew HENAGHAN to Honor WALSH March 18

Pat LUDDEN to May BROWNE April16

Michael GERAHTY to Bridget COMMONS May 18

Thomas MORAN to Honor FINAN June 12

Anthony DAVID to Mary McCUE June 12

Richard GIBBONS to Catherine CONNOR June 19

William BAKEN to Ann MUNNILY June 30

Charles COSTELLO to Mary GAFFIN June 30

John WALSH to Sara HEVIAN July 5

Michael McDERMOTT to Honor FLANNERY July 12

Peter FEEHAN Solider 5th Regiment Margaret CARSEN July 19

Thomas COOLAHAN to Anne FERGUS July 26

Martin EGAN to Catherine HEVERAN July 26

John FERGUS to Maria McGOUGH September 10



Thomas MORAN to Sarah McNAMARA February 3

Pat BURKE to Winifred MORAN February 4

Pat McHALE to Judith MURPHY February 7

Pat RYDER to Mary HEVERAN February 7

Anthony HIGGINS to Sarah MADDEN February 8

James GALLAGHER to Sibina BAYNES April 16

Walter TONRA to Eliza MULLIGAN December 18 




Pat CHESHAM to Harriet ROACH January 23

Robert WALLACE to Bridget JENNINGS March 11

John McHALE to Jane MULLOWNY May 5 witness Lacky HENIGAN and Catherine McHALE

Nick GLYNN to Ellisa MORAGHAN May 18

Pat BRENNAN to Mary MOORE May 21

John McHALE to Jane MULLOWNY May 25

James WALTER to Mary ARMSTRONG July 5

Peter BOURKE to Mary GAVIN August 13

Michael COMBER to Mary CUNANE August 17

Pat WALLACE to Anne ROGERS August 22 SS Daniel MULGREW and Sara MULGREW

Pat BRENNAN to Ellen FILBON September 4 witness Pat FILBIN and Mary MURRY

Terrance GRIMMES to Catherine Quinn September 4 Witness Pat GRIMMES and Sarah ABROONE

William MASSEY to Rachel WILLIAMSON September 9

Peter GAVAN to Bridget KEENEN September 25

Richard MALLY to Winny FEENY October 2

Edward FIELLIPS to Margaret WALTERS November 6

Pat GALLAGHER to Maria MORAN November 15 witness Mick and Judith MORAN

Thomas ROACH to Anne CONWAY November 16

Michael McGOUGH to Mary McTIGUE November 19

Richard STANTON to Maria BUTLER December 4 witness Martin and Sarah WALSH

Pat GANNON to Mary CARROLE December 10

George HILL to Mary ROACH December 16

John BERRY to Catherine MURRAY December 17

Michael McKOWN to Ellen JACKSON December 23




Pat MULLROY to Mary HIGGINS January 1

James HOPKINS (69th Regiment) to Sabina GILL January 2

Michael ROACH to Margaret KEANE February 3 

John GANNON to Biddy WALSH February 7

Pat McHALE to Judith MURPHY February 7

Pat KILCOYNE to Mary CORLEY February 10

Michael KILLEEN to Anne FLYNN February 11

Pat GILLON to Mary SHERIDAN February 12

Michael CORCORAN to Margaret STANTON February 14

James DECELIN to Bridget FILBEN February 14

Thomas CONRY to J LEECH February 16 Witness Pat McMILES and Jane LITTLE

Pat WALSH to Bridget FLYNN February 16

Henry BURNS to Bridget MORRIS February 17

Peter McNULTY to Sarah CONWAY February 18

Richard JOYCE to Bridget JEFFERS February 18

Thomas GANSON to Judith LACEY February

Thomas MORAN to Sarah McNAMARA February 23

John COLEMAN to Mary MULROONEY March 21

Anthony HIGGINS to Honor McEVILLA April 20

John JENNINGS to Cathy MAY 1

Peter COLEMAN to Catherine DUFFY June 13

Michael LANNIN to Mary LANNIN June 16

Garrett LOUGHLEANE to Margaret HYNES June 29

Pat CANNON to Mary HOPKINS July 3

Pat GANNON to Honor NOON August 15 Witness Edward GANNON and Edward NOON

William HATCHFIELD to Ellen BUTLER September 10 witness Ulick WALSH and Nappy DEVER

John COSTELLO to Ellen BURKE September 16

Matthew JOICE to Anne McGLOON September 19

Michael MacMANUS to Bridget McNALLY September 20

Myles McDONELL to Mary O'BRIEN September 23

William O'NEAL (69th Regiment) to Anne HEANY September 26

Francis KEER or Key to Honor HOBAN October 15 witness Michael JENNINGS and Sarah GAUGHEN

Pat GALLAGHER to Sarah McEVELIA October 18

Francis ROADS (69th Regiment) to Biddy MUNOLLY October 19

Morgan RING to Mary FLANNERY December 8

Peter WARD to Honor TONNY December 8

John WALSH to Mary Anne DIVINE December 13

John JENNINGS to Catherine FAHY December 20

John WARD (65th Regiment) to Bridget MITCHELL December 27

John FADDEN to Mary GAVAN December 28




Michael LOFTUS to Bridget McGLOON January 22

Pat GALLAGHER to Mary IGO January 24

Pat PHILBAIN to Mary GIBBONS February 2

Pat O'MALLY to Mary FAHY February 3

Martin CONNOR to Honor McDONNELE February 4

Martin MULROWNEY to Mary BARRET February 4

John BARRY (65th Regiment) to Mary MORGAN February 11

Thomas MULLINS to Anne McTIGUE February 23

Pat LaVALLE to Mary LALLY March 13

William COUGHLEN to Mary KILCOYNE March 28

Ben PADDEN to Rose MOORE March 28 Present Pat and Sarah CAMPBELE

John COMBER to Rose McMAMARA May 2

Richard MULLINS to Honor HENAHAN May 22

John McNULTY to Mary KILCOYNE June 1

Peter MALLY to Margaret MUGAN June 7

Peter COLEMAN to Catherine DUFFY June 13

Michael DUNLEAVY to Mary JOYCE June 15

William KEARY to Judith MURRY July 8

Thomas CHALKE to Mary McLOUGHLIN July 10

James IGO to Sarah McGUIRE July 13

John MULROONY to Mary GRADY August 13 witness Thomas ROACH and Anne MULROY

John FLANNERY to Honoria FLANNERY August 13 dispensation 3-3

Thomas McCARTY to Margaret STANTON August 15

Walter LARKIN to Anne McGLOON August 24

Peter MALLY to Bridget BAYNES September 9

Jno ACTION to Mary BURKE September 14

John MUGAN to Anne MURPHY September 15

William CARROLL (30th Regiment) to Mary GORDAN September 17

Richard WALSH to Bridget FLANAGAN September 20 witness Austin GIBBONS and Margaret MacEVANY

Daniel DONNELLEY to Bridget KILLAN October 15 witness Charles CARROL and Anne ROGERS

Martin JEFFERS to Catherine GAVAN October 20

Pat VAHY to Anne McGUIRE October 30

Thomas GAVEN to Ellen BYRNE November 23 witness Pat BURKE and Catherine KELLY

John CORCORAN to Bridget CUSACK December 29 witness Michael COSTELLO and Anne McHALE

Pat MULROY to Mary WALSH December 29

John JOYCE to Mary BURKE December 29





James REILLY to Bridget McGLOON January 19 witness Thomas KINE and Mary REILLY

John COONEY to Mary LOFTIS January 25

James LALLY to Margaret O'ROACHE January 26

Denis HEVRIN to Bridget MULLINS January 26 witness John COYNE to Honoria HEVRIN

James McDONNELLE to Mary CURRIGAN January 29

James TUNNY to Winny MORAN February

Pat MALLY to Belinda CONNOR February 3

John SCULLIAN to Mary McMAHON February 3

Richard FEENY to Margaret WALSH February 5

John GRIMES to Mary MALLY February 5

Michael GAVAN to Bridget ROACHE February 8

Francis MORAN to Honor WALSH February 8 

Pat MULLINS to Bridget BROWNE February 8 witness Thomas BROWNE and Mary McHALE

Pat FAHY to Mary MALLY February 12 witness Anthony and Mary FAHY

James TUNNY to Winny MORAN February 12

James McGOUGH to Mary GANNON February 19

Pat MORAN to Winny GIBBONS February 21

Ned FLYNN to Mary ROACH February 23

Pat CREAN to Bridget DIVANY February 23

Thomas MITCHILL (30th Regiment) to Mary DILLON February 23

Philip CONNOR to Sally ROGERS February 23 witness Pat CANY and Bridget REILLY

John WILLIAMS to Mary REILLY February 24

John MULLANY to Mary GAVAN February 24 witness William STANTON and Sarah McEVILY

Michael MULLIN to Margaret GERAGHTY February 24 witness John KILCOYNE and Judy GREAVY

Thomas GIBBONS to Margarit GORDON March 12

Pat McDONNELL and Bridget FLAHERTY March 25

Mark TONA to Mary WALSH May 16

John BURKE to Catherine McGOUGH May 17

Luke WALSH to Mary BANNION November 14

John KILCOYNE to Catherine BRODERICK November 17

John NALLY to Catherine CORCORAN November 18

Martin QUINN to Honor WALSH November 23




Michael WALSH to Bridget BOURKE May 27

Michael WALSH to Maria GIBBONS May 28

Pat LYONS to Sarah KELLY June 2

Dominick MANAHERS to Sabina WALSH June 3

Arthur MALLY to Alley NOCTIN June 6

James RENSEY (19th Regiment) to Sarah KEANE June 25 witness William LOUGHLIN and Betsy MORAN

Thomas GROGAN (Private 19th Regiment) to Bridget MADDEN July 20

Michael TOBIN (19th Regiment) to Ann CARR November 20

Pat JOYCE to Margaret GIBBONS November 25

Thomas MURPHY (Corporal 19th Regiment) to Bridget KENNY December18

John FLYNN to Bridget COLLINS witness Thomas and Catherine FAULKING December 31




Walter DURKIN to Bridget MURRY January 3

John McKANE to Catherine TIERNAN January 8

George WHITTON to Anna McHALE March 28

Anthony McGREEVY to Anne TUNNY July 27

Thomas GANNON to Mary KILCOYNE August 7

Pat NEIL (38th Regiment) to Judith LALLY August 14

Edward ANDERSON to Mary MORAN September 5 

Michael McMANANA to Bridget CHARLYS September 5

Pat McGREEVY to Judith GALLAGHER September 6 witness Bryan SHIEL and Mary GALLAGHER

David DONONELLE (2nd Dragon Scotland) to Mary DUNNE September 23

William CAMPBELL to Bridget QUINN October 23

Pat GILBOYNE to Maria WILSON November 7 witness Michael MONAHEN to Bridget HUGHES paupers

Austin JOYCE to Bridget JOYCE November 11 witness Richard KELLY to Bridget VAHY paupers

Pat REILLY to Bridget MURRY December 21

Pat HIGGINS to Bridget LALLY December 26





James CAUFIELD to Sally KILLEEN January 12

Pat CLEARY to Bridget MOROHAN January 28

Pat SCHAHIL to Ann CLEARY February 4

Martin MALLEY to Honor RYDER February 9 witness William CUSACK Bridget KENNY

Henry JOYCE (28th Regiment) to Anne DEMPSY February 9

James FERRIS to Maryanne EARLEY February 10 witness Dominick GIBBONS and Catherine EARLEY

Pat HANNA to Mary CONNOR February 11

Andrew DUFFY 38th Regiment to Mary McGREEVY February 11

Pat McGLOON to AnneMALLEY February 18

John MITCHELL to Margaret QUINN February 27

John FLANAGAN to Sarah MURPHY March 15

William BURKE to Mary SHERIDAN March 24

Pat MULLRONEY to Mary WALSH March 31

John BROWNE to Margaret VAHEY April 14

Thomas REILLY to Honor CRADDOCK April 27 witness John CRADDOCK and Honor TUNNY

Pat MacDONNELL to Mary HIGGINS May 4

Pat WALSH to Mary CONNELL May 5

Michael GERAGHTY to Maria QUINN May 5

John LaVALLE to Bridget McLAUGHLIN June 5

Pat McNAMARA to Anne CARTER July 9 witness Michael COSTELLO and Bridget WALSH

Thomas RABBET to Bridget GERAHTY September 18 witness John CONNOLLY and Margaret RAINEY

Pat MULLOWNEY to Hanna ROACH September 12

Pat WALLIS to Anne GIBBONS October witness Robert WALLIS and Mary WALSH

Edward NAVIN 17th Regiment to Catherine CONE October 7 witness Thomas KEMP and Barbara HOOK

Pat KELLY to Catherine McTIGUE October 10

Walter CANNON to Catherine KILROY October 11

Joseph JOHNSON to Mary Jane McCOURT November 14

Charles RUANE to Mary McANDREW December 5

Richard RICE 14th Regiment to Bridget MORRIS December 5 witness Mary Jane McCOURT




Michael FARRAHER to Ellen MALLY January 27 

Denis KEATING to Anne NOON February 15

John REDMOND (41st Regiment) to Catherine FALON February 23

Thomas MURPHY to Honor MURPHY March 4

John BURKE to Margaret O'HARA March 27

Peter CAVNEY to Catherine WALSH May 7

Michael McARDLE to Anne SULLIVAN June 15

Pat SULLIVAN to Catherine COLLINS June 15 

John COPPINE (41st Regiment) to Mary DUNNE September 15 witness James RUSSELL and Elizabeth RUSSELL

Richard McHALE to Catherine McHALE October 2

Andy MORAN to Mary KILLEEN October 11

Charles LEGHORN (41st Regiment) to Elizabeth WHITE October 12

Martin CARR to Catherine HOPKINS October 12

James NOLAN to Rebecca HALLICK October 28

Michael JENNINGS to Sarah CUNNINGHAM November 22 witness James CUNNINGHAM and Mary HENNELLY

Pat WALTERS to Celu KEANE December 1 witness Pat SWEENY and Bessy CAWLEY




Michael FARRAHER to Ellen MALLEY January 4

James BURNETT to Esabela BOYLE January 5

Anthony GERAHTY to Honor McGREEVY February 7

Denis KEATING to Anne NOONE February 13 paupers

Darby O'HARA to Sebina LaVELLE February 18 witness John and Bridget LaVELLE

Pat QUINN to Maria PHILBAN February 19

Pat REDMOND (41st Regiment) to Catherine FALLON February 23

Thomas DAVEY to Catherine McELINN June 13

John SUMTER to Anne KEARY July

Owen MORAN to Margaret McCORMICK July 16

John CLEARY to Anne WHITE August 3

Michael McDONNELL to Anne PREMAN August 3

Michael FLANNERY to Catherine GILMARTIN August 14

William GILL to Bridget McDONNELL August 18

Walter WALSH to Bridget CONWAY September 7 witness Pat RAINEY and Anne MULLINS

Myles JOYCE to Mary McGREEVY September 11

Pat KELLY (Revenue Policeman) to Mary BLAKE September 18

William HARROWSON to Mary GALLAGHER September 20 paupers

Robert COSGUINE (3rd Regiment) to Catherine McLAUGHLIN September 20

Anthony FLYNN to Anne REILLY September 25

James FLEMMING to Honor O'DONNELL September 25

Pat KING to Nancy GIBBONS September 25

John TIMBLETON to Sarah FURY September 25

Thomas EARLEY to Catherine McGOUGH September 25

John KELLY (Sgt. 3rd Regiment) to Catherine DOLAN October 6

Richard McDONAGH to Jane McGOUGH October 15

Anthony COOKE to Ellen BRENNAN October 20 paupers witness John and Catherine YOUNG no cash

Pat FLANNERY to Catherine GILLON November 4 paupers

Pat CONNOR to Catherine GILDEA November 22

Martin McHUGH (3rd Regiment) to Mary McDONNELL November 29

Thady HORAN to Anne MADDEN December 2

Thomas RABIT to Honor McGOUGH December 11

John WHITE to Margaret O'HARA December 12

Pat GANNON to Margaret FADDEN December 18

Pat LANMORE (3rd Regiment) to Mary McGOUGH December 31




Michael WALSH to Rose McDONOUGH January 16

Walter WALSH to Mary STANTON January 17

Daniel CANNON to Honor KILCOURSE January 19

Thomas PHILLIPS to Maryanne McDERMOTT January 25

Stephen McHALE to Mary HENNEELY January 27

John WALSH to Honor BOYLE January 30 

John GAVIN to Peggy LaVELLE February 2 

Bart McHUGH to Margaret TURNA February 5

Joseph McDONOUGH to Margaret FARRILL February 5

James ROOKA (3rd Regiment) Bridget HIGGINS February 6

Pat BROWNE to Mary LOFTUS February 7

Pat McMANUS to Nancy HENAGHEN February 7

Anthony O'NEAL to Mary GERAGHTY February 11

Thomas BOURKE to Anne JANUS February 12

Thomas McDONNELL to Mary GRIFFIN February 14

John McDONOUGH to Honor WALSH February 15

Fergus NUGENT (16th Regiment) to Catherine KENNY April 8

Anthony CONNER to Mary PENDERGRAST April 10

John McLOUGHLIN to Mary GRIFFAN April 16

Michael DONOVAN to Margaret WALLACE May 9

John BECKETT to Catherine O'BRIEN May 9

Walter GIBBONS to Anne MURPHY June 26

James GIBBONS to Mary CURRIN June 28

Thomas WALSH to Mary PHILBAN August 6

William ROCHAN to Bridget RIELLY August 16

Laurence SANDERS to Honor MONLEY August 23 Paupers

Thomas TIERNEY to Anne WHITE September 9

Pat RIELEY to Mary GORDEN September 11

Hugh McDONNELE to Lucy BOYLE September 14

John CARRIL (16th Regiment) to Mary SPELMAN September 19

George FINN to Margaret CANNON September 24

Michael GARVEY to Rose WALSH September 25

John QUINN to Bridget McDERMOTT October 5

William SWAIN (16 Regiment) to Ellin BOURKE October 6

Peter RYDER to Ally CANNON October 23

Joseph BAKER to Mary BOURKE November 2 paupers

John GRADY to Mary McENALLY November 12

Thomas RANSON (16th Regiment) to Anne MEECHER November 12

William MORAN to Mary McDONOUGH November 29

Robert MOORE (regiment) to Margaret McLOUGHLIN December 3

Daniel MULROY to Mary WALSH December 6 paupers

Thomas FALLONE to Hanna MONAGHAN December 27




Edward LYONS to Anne BERRY January 12 witness Pat LYONS and Mary BURKE

Neal GALLAGHER to Bridget CORLEY January 12

Anthony BRENNAN to Mary JOYCE January 14

Richard BOYLE to Ellen McDONAGH January 16 witness Thomas STANTON and Maria HUGHES

Pat McGLOON to Bridget CREANE January 18

James COMBER to Catherine BOURKE January 19

Michael McDERMOTT to Mary McGLOON January 26

Edward MULDOON to Mary McHALE January 29

Michael McDONOUGH to Mary Anne LYNCH February 4

John MULROONY to Anne BARTLEY February 6

Michael ROACH to Winny CUNNINGHAM February 8

John McDONOUGH to Anne McGLOON February 9

Michael CASEY to Sebina CASEY February 9

Richard McMALLY to Betty WARDE February 11

John CORCORAN to Margaret FLANNERY February 16

James GARVEY to Allice WALSH February 16

John MORROWSON to Catherine ROWLAND February 18

John COVER (16th Regiment) to Bridget KNIGHT February 18

James BROWNE to Bridget COUGHLIN February 18

Michael CONWAY to Catherine NARY February 18

Michael GANNON to Mary TONRA February 18

Richard GAVIN to Jane GAVIN February 18

Thomas JOYCE to Mary GILL February 18

Richard WALSH to Bridget McGLOON February 19

Pat RECKE to Catherine CALLAHEN February 20

John SCAHILL to Bridget RICHARDSON February 20

Francis MORAN to Mary WALSH February 20

Denis KILROY to Jane JOYCE February 23

John CONNELLY to Catherine WALSH February 24

Michael HOBAN to Mary CONWAY February 24

John FORDE to Bridget MALLY February 24

Martin McGLOON to Bridget WALSH February 24

Michael GIBBONS to Bridget McINTIGUE February 27

John WALSH to Mary KING February 27

John McEVILEY to Bridget GOLDIN March 6

Thomas CURLEY to Bridget McGOUGH March 11 dispensation 3-3 witness Pat RAINEY and Mary CURLEY

Pat FLYNN to Mary MURPHY March 13 

John McGREAVY to Mary McEVADY March 27

Mark MULROONY to Honor KELLY March 27

Pat GIBBONS to Mary GRIFFAN April 7

Michael MALLEY to Mary PHILBAN April 22

James HAMMITH to Mary FITZGERLAD April 29

Christopher DUNLEAVY to Catherine FLYNN May 7

Pat LUNNY to Mary HORAN May 19

Peter RAINEY to Mary KEANE May 19

John DEVLIN to Rose DEVLIN May 19

Richard DEVANNY to Bridget EARLY June 4

Martin FLYNN to Mary GORDEN June 4

William MANGAN to Rose McDONNELL June 24

Thomas HANNA to Mary McHALE July 4

William McDONAGH to Catherine O'ROURKE Julu8

Michael CARR to Mary HADICAN July 11

Michael FADEN to Mary ARCHBOLE July 19

William KELLY to Peggy CLESHAM July 31

Martin O'DONNELL to Bridget McGLOON August 5

John O'DONNELL to Anne KELLY August 26

Michael CASEY to Bridget MORRAHAN September 3

Pat FLANNERY to Mary MORROWSON September 23

Michael FLEMMING to Catherine BOURKE September 30

Pat LYONS to Mary BLAKE October 2

Anthony GAVIN to Bridget TIELEY October 8

Michael FAHEY to Mary Ann BROOKHOUSE October 18

Pat HOBAN to Mary GRIMES October 18

Michael MULLOWNEY to Judith QUINN October 19

John FADEN to Bridget FADEN October 31

Pat WALSH to Mary SHARP November 2

Michael FLYNN to Mary GLIME November 15

John KELLY to Mary FERGUS November 26

Walter WALSH to Maria WALSH November 29

John EGAN to Bridget WALSH December4

James WALSH to Bridget McHALE December 5




Michael McHUGH to Mary REILY January 15

John FADDEN to Ellen ARCHBOLE  January 20

Michael McTIGUE to Mary FLANNERY January 23

Pat MALLY to Mary MALLY January 27

James MURRY to Mary TIERNAN January 29

Thomas MURRY to Margaret WALSH January 31

Pat McGLOON to Mary MORAN February 1 witness Anthony HOPKINS and Ellen McGLOON

James HOPKINS to Mary HOPKINS February 1

Pat LAWLESS to Mary CANNON February 1

Michael KILROY to Catherine MONOUGHAM February 5

Pat RAINEY to Mary CARRA February 7

Michael McDONNELL to Rose BRENNAN February 8 witness William and Peggy KELLY

John HARDINAN to Bridget FLYNN February 8

Myles JENNINGS to Catherine McEVADY February 10

John SKIFFINGTON to Honor LOFTUS February 12

Michael FALLON to Bridget TUNNY February 12

Pat MULLIGAN to Bridget McEVADY February 12

Thomas BROWNE to Margaret HOPKINS February 12

John HESTON to Catherine CAMPBELL February 14 witness Martin HOBAN and MUGAN

Hugh McGREEVER to Mary HEVERAN February 17

John RIELY to Mary LEONARD February 17

Joseph McGOWN to Mary DUNNE February 17

Michael WALSH to Bridget FLANNERY February 17

James GARVEY to Bridget FAULKNEY February 19

Pat McGLOON to Mary MORAN February 20

Peter GALLAGHER to Ellen FAHEY February 20

Archbold MEA to Anne FLANNERY February 27

Hugh MULLIGAN to Mary GRIFFAN April 8

Richard MALONEY to Mary FINELY April 10 Pat RAINEY and Sabina FLYNN

William Raymond JESSOP to Catherine McCORMICK April 14

Michael FLYNN to Mary ROACH April 14 Paupers

Michael BRENNAN to Mary McGOUGH April 22 Paupers

James McGRAIL to Mary HENEGHAN April 28

Dennis BRYNE to Honor WALSH April 28


Michael LALLY to Mary SHERIDAN June 21

John JOYCE to Catherine MURRY July 12

James FORESTAL to Anne DEVLIN July 12

Timothy DARCY to Eliza ACTON July 15

Charles McDONNELE to Ellin MUGAN July 21

Thomas BOURKE to Mary O'MALLY July 28

Edward WALSH to Bridget CANNON August 6

Daniel WALSH to Bridget McCORMICK August 7

Pat WALSH to Mary GRADY August 24 Paupers

Bernard MALLY to Catherine FLEMMING September 4 Paupers

Pat DOWLAN to Catherine SHAUGHNSEY September 11 Paupers

John SHAW (Militia) to Margaret HEALEY September 16

Daniel GILL to Bridget MARTIN September 25

Patrick LYONS to Mary BLAKE October 2

John CARTER to Jane DOYNE October 4

Thomas KILCOYNE to Honor ROSE October 7 SS Pat RAINEY and Margaret RAINEY

Thomas KENNY to Catherine MULLOWNY October 10

Michael MOHAN to Honor GERAGHTY October 13

William WHEALIN to Mary WITNER October 14 Paupers

Michael FAHEY to Bridget BROOKHOUSE October 18

Owen McTIGUE to Bridget McEVELY October 18

Pat HOBAN to Mary GRINS October 18

Patrick WALSH to Mary SHARPE November 2

Anthony GUNN to Bridget REILLY November 8

Thomas CORMAN to Mary CARNEY November 10

Edward CARBERRY to Rose BURNS November 25

Michael BYRNE to Bridget McDONOUGH November 29

John MURRY to Bridget HIGGINS November 30 



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