Griffiths Valuations for Parish of Aglish Co Mayo
Griffiths Valuations for Parish of Aglish Co Mayo Ireland.
Partial listing

Parish of Aglish

Rathbaun  incomplete

Tobias THOMAS           Ld. Caretaker's home and office

Hugh Quinn              Land and herd's house

Richard Flanery         Land and office

Earl of Lucan           Land and office

Michael McGOUGH         Land and office


John MURRAY             Land, house & office

Michael DEVANNY         Land, house & office

Thomas LAVALLE          Land, house & office

Michael HOBIN           Land, house & office

Michael McTIGUE         Land, house & office

Thomas McTIGUE          Land and house

James McTIGUE           Land and house

Patrick BURKE           Land and house

Darby HOROUGH           Land and house

Peter  HOROUGH          Land and house

Martin MURRAY           Land, house & office

Edward LAVALLE          Land, house & office

Edward BURKE            Land, house & office

Patrick ROCHE           Land and house

Honor WHITE (Tomr)      Land, house & office

John WHITE              Land and house

Thomas FLYNN            Land and house

James FLYNN             Land and house

Mary JOYCE              Land and house

John McGOUGH            Land and house

Anthony HOROUGH         Land and house

Honor WHITE (Wm)        Land and house

Pat Farrell & partners  Land


P MURRAY & partners     Land

Anthony FLYNN           Land


Myles JOYCE             Land and house

James  HOBIN            Land and house  

Martin WHITE            Land, house & office

John CONNOR             Land

Michael CONNOR          Land

Richard HISTON          Land, house & office 

Edward HISTON           Land and house  

John EGAN               Land and house 

Anne KILCOYNE           Land, house & offices

Patrick WALSH           Land, and house & offices

Patrick WALSH           Land

John Sheridan           Land

John Sheridan           Land


Henry BROWNE            Land

Pheasant Hill  incomplete

John SHERIDAN                   Land, herds ho & office

Jas M KERNAN (pensioner)        Land, house & office

Michael WALSH                   Land, house & office            

William CAMPBELL                Land    

William CAMPBELL                Land

William CAMPBELL                Land and house & offices

Garryduff incomplete

William KILCOURSE               House

Thomas GAVAN                    House

Anthony CAFFREY                 House

Thomas MATTHEWS                 Land

Thomas MATTHEWS                 Land, house & office            

Unoccupied                      House

James SWEENY                    House

Michael QUINN                   Land

Michael QUINN                   Land and office

John CARBINE                    Pound

John LYNCH                      Land

Thomas COOLEY                   Land

George R ACTON                  Land

Lyons KEARNEY                   Land

Town of Castlebar (part of)


Hugh KEANE                      House

Michael RUANE                   House

William MASTERSON               Ruins and garden

James FLANNERY                  House, yard & garden

Patrick RADICAN                 House and yard

James MORRISSON                 House and yard

James DAY                       House and yard

Patrick WALSH                   House and yard

Thomas BARRETT                  House and yard

Thomas FLANNERY                 House (in rere)

Mrs SWEENY                      Garden

James JOYCE                     House (in rere)

Mary MALLEY                     House (in rere)         

Judith LONDRY                   House (in rere) 

John RALPH                      Garden (in rere)

Joseph GRAY                     Office and garden

Henry DEAN                      Office, yard & sm garden

Adam CAMPBELL                   Office, yard & sm garden

Henry LYNCH                     House and yard

Robert DIVER                    House, office, yard & sm garden

Susan JENNINGS                  House, office, yard & sm garden

Unoccupied                      House,  yard & sm garden

Unoccupied                      House,  yard & sm garden

Michael COSTELLOE               House,  yard & garden

Owen MORAN                      House and yard

John CORBIN                     House, yard & garden

John CORHRANE                   House, yard & garden

Patrick QUINN                   House, yard & garden  

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