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Ballintober Parish Co Mayo Baptisms 1846-1849

February 15 2007 Ballintober Parish County Mayo Baptisms 1846 to 1849

I have tried to transcribe as error free as possible. If you spot and errors or note an incorrect spelling of town-lines, please feel free to let me know.


321 Baptisms


Ann of Anthony McGOUGH and Mary McLOUGHLIN January 6 Killawullaun

Ann of Owen BYRNE and Bridget CONWAY January 10 Killawullaun

Catherine of John VARILLY and Kitty HYNES January 10

Bridget of William STANTON and Bridget MALLY January 10 Killawullaun

John of Roger DARBY and Mary O'BRIEN January 11 Stonepark

Bridget of Michael MURPHY and Honor CLYMES January 12  Pollacappul

Michael of James MULDOON and Kitty VAHY January 12 Ballyglass

Walter of Richard BURKE and Mary McNALTY January 14 Newtown

Pat of HARRY KELLY and BRIDGET MORAN January 17 Cloonboorhy

Pat of John GAVEN and Bridget GERAGHTY January 23 Cloonkeen

Mary of Darby McGRATH and Ann O'BRIEN January 25 Stonepark

Anthony of Pat McDONNEL and Catherine DUFFY January 26 Maumeen

Thomas of Pat JENNINGS and Ann GAVIN January 26 Maumeen

Ann of Anthony HIGGINS and Ann MALLY January 26 Kinuary

James of Anthony FLYNN and Judy COLLINS January 26 Kinuary

Bridget of Pat BUTLER and Mary COSTELLO January 28 Killadeer

Thomas of Michael WALSH and Bridget FINERY January 28 Drumminroe

Ellen of Andrew ARMSTRONG and Ellen BYRNE January 28 Cloonboorhy

John of John and Mary MURPHY January 30 Creevagh

Pat of James and Sally COYNE February 1 Cloonkeen

James of Timothy and Ellen RYDER February 6 Derryoran

John of Owen KELLY and Mary MURPHY February 7 Devlish

Pat of James and Sally COYNE February 7 Cloonkeen

Mary of William O'MALLY and Bridget NOLAN February 8 Hazelrock

Mary of John WALSH and Bridget MALLY February 10 Bohaun

Bridget of James and Catherine McHUGH February 11 Attavally

Pat of Bartholomew and Catherine TOOLE February 12 Carrowkeel

Pat (illegitimate) of James KELLY and Bridget DOUDLE February 15 Creevagh

James of James TOLSTER and Sally MALLY February 18

Mary of Michael and Bridget COSTELLO February 20 Knockaraha

John of Michael and Mary LEARY February 21 Ballintubber Road

Pat of John GAVEN and Bridget GERAGHTY February 23 Cloonkeen

Margaret of Thomas MADDEN and Mary MALLY February 26 Gorthbawn

John of Pat McHUGH and Mary WALSH February 26 Ballyburke

James of John TAYLOR and Kitty WALSH March 1 Ballinacloigh

Thomas of John and Ellen HENEGHEN March 6 Castleburke

Pat of Pat GAVIN and Bridget DERRIG 3-8 Maumeen

Mary of Pat and Catherine POWER March 9 Knucknaragh

John of John GRADY and Catherine CARROL March 10 Killawullaun

John of Anthony WALSH and Judy FITZPATRICK March 12 Derrew

Pat of John JORDAN and Catherine O'BRIEN March 12 Ballyglass

James of James JOYCE and Bridget CONNELLY March 15 Attavally

Bridget of Ned and Bridget BROWNE March 15 Creevagh

Ellen of Martin WALSH and Mary McGOUGH March 22 Devlish

Honor of John BYRNE and Bridget GIBBONS March 22 Kiltharsechaune

Pat of James CONRY and Mary BROGAN March 25 Kelskiagh

Dominick of Pat FLYNN and Mary FAULKNER March 25 Rustique

Margaret of Thomas MADDEN and Margaret MALLY March 26 Gorthbawn

Catherine of Pat MALLY and Bridget WALSH March 26 Ballyburke

Mary of John BYRNE and Honor PENDERGRAST March 29 Ballyglass

Bridget of Luke HEVRON and Ellen McDONAGH March 29 Carranagreggane

Bridget of John WALSH and Kitty KILCOYNE March 30 Curlisduane

James (illegitimate) of James MALLY and Mary DURKAN March 30 Moore Hall

Ellen of John CARTER and Catherine FITZPATRICK April 2 Ballynew

Margaret of James LARKIN and Peggy HUGHES April 6 Newtown

Sally of Mathias HENEGHEN and Mary CAVANAGH April 7 Ballinacloigh

Ann of Edmond WALSH and Bridget FOY April 9 Dereenascobe

Pat of John BOYLE and Mary O'BRIEN April 9 Rustique

Ann of Thomas McNULTY and Mary LALLY April 12 Ballyburke

Bridget of Thomas WALSH and Sally DUFFY April 12 Killadeer

Anthony of Michael GALLAGHER and M HENEGHEN April 12 Moore Hall

James of Pat and Bridget FITZMORRIS April 17 Banogues

Michael of Pat and Bridget ARTHURS April 17 Ballinacloigh

Bridget of Pat and Bridget MULLOY April 19 Dromore

Thomas of John HENAGHAN and Honor HYNES April 19 Rustique

Ann of John CARNEY and Bridget GIBBONS April 19 Kinuary

Mary of Pat MULDOON and Mary FINERTY April 19 Ballyglass

Ann of John and Mary CASEY April 20 Creevagh

William of William and Winny SCOTT April 23 Killawalla

Pat of Pat and Bridget HUGHES April 25 Glasgort

Ann of Thomas MUGGAN and Ellen WOODS April 26 Bohaun

James of John and Bridget BROWNE April 26 Attavally

Ann of Mark and Mary HUGHES April 28 Castleburke

John of John FAHEY and Bridget HORAN April 29 Newtown

Pat of Pat BYRNE and Winny STATON May 3 Ruchane

Martin of Martin WALSH and Honor FARAGHER May 3 Curlisduane

Owen of John VARRILY and Mary CONNELLY May 3 Ballinacloigh beg

Pat of John and Mary McEVADY May 10 Gorteen

Anthony of Anthony HIGGINS and Cecily MADDEN May 12 Derrew

Peter of Simon and Catherine MURRAY May 14 Miller Hill

Pat of Michael and Bridget IGO May 14 Rustique

Margaret of John and Mary KEAVNEY May 16 Attavally

James of John and Mary JOYCE May 16 Cranmore

Peter of Martin and Honoria McDONNELL May 23 Burren

Catherine of Dominick McNULTY and Bridget JOYCE May 23 Derryoran

Bridget of Thomas GIBBONS and Mary FAHY May 23 Currabane

Margaret of Pat BARRET and Alice DUNNE May 24 Rinaure

Eleanor of Pat BLOWICK and Elizabeth FINERTY June Cloonkeen

Foundling Mary left with Sandy WALSH June 1 Derrew

William of Michael GIBBONS and Mary BYRNE June 1 Maumeen

John of Michael and Sally JOYCE June 2 Baunoges

Fanny of James KILCOYNE and Mary MORAN June 3

Bridget of Richard KNIGHT and Bridget CONWAY June 3 Kiltharsechaune

Catherine of Pat WALSH and Mary HEVERON June 6 Bohaun

John of Michel WALSH and Kitty STANTON June 7 Moore Hall

John of John BERRY and Catherine MURPHY June 10 Killawullaun

Catherine of James RUANE and Bridget CLOHARM June 11 Rinaneel

James of Robert FARRELL and Elizabeth ARMSTRONG June 12 Creevagh

Ellen of Michael and Ellen McNULTY June 17 Drumneen

John of Peter COSGROVE and Peggy FITZGERALD June 17 Cloonboorhy

Betty of James ARMSTRONG and Mary CORLEY June 21 Creevagh

Mary of Pat CARTY and Mary KEANE June 21 Bohaun

Barbara of Pat CARRABINE and Ellen BOYLE June 23 Curlisduane

John of Martin McEVADY and Bridget GAVIN June 26 Creevagh

Mary of John KELLY and Honor BRENNAN June 26 Carrenagreggen

Mary of James BASKWELL and Honoria WALSH June 27 Attavally

John of Ulick STANTON and Ann SHONGNESSY July 2 Ballyglass

John of Pat BAYNES and Catherine BURKE July 3 Ballyburke

John of John McNULTY and Catherine GIBBONS July 5 Drumneen

Mary of James WALSH and Mary CONNOR July 5 Gorthbawn

Celia of John MaGRATH and Mary FAHEY July 8 Stonepark

Ellen and Bridget of Martin HENNELLY and Bridget DURKAN July 9 Ruchane

Mary (illegitimate) of Michael MANNION and Mary BURKE July 10 Mellon Hill

Helena Mary of Pat LYNCH and Marcella BELLEW July 10 Clogher House

Michael of Thomas and Mary McMALLY July 11 Cranmore

Pat of Pat BASKWELL and Catherine GILES July 12 Creevagh

Mary of Thomas MaGRATH and Mary BIGGINS July 12 Stonepark

Ellen of Thomas PHILBIN and Margaret McNICHOLAS July 12 Cloonkeen

Martin of Pat BURKE and Mary CAVANAGH July 13 Rinaneel

Pat of Daniel WHITE and Mary BURKE July 17 Drumminroe

John of Pat CANNON and Bridget BASQUIL July 17 Ballure

Ann of Pat CONWAY and Ann CORCORAN July 19 Bohaun

Mary of Thomas MURPHY and Peggy FLANIGAN July 19 Ballyglass

Catherine of Michael DOLAN and Mary GRADY July 22 Bohaun

James of Michael LENNON and Mary IGO July 22 Cloonboorhy

Peter of Pat NAUGHTON and Mary CONNOR July Ballyglass

Pat of Michael FLYNN and Bridget KEAVNEY July 25 Glasgort

Honoria of Pat and Honor BASKWELL August 2 Attavally

John of Pat and Mary KILCOYNE August 2 Creevagh

James of Thomas and Mary STANTON August 2 Newtown

Thomas of Pat and Mary GIBBONS August 3 Cranmore

Betty of Michael HESTON and Mary HOGAN August 6 Mount Pleasant

Pat of John and Mary KINZEY August 10 Cartoonbower

Catherine of Austin HERAGHTY and Bridget MALLY August 15 Tonecrick

Martin of Matthew WALSH and Mary KEANEY August 15 Curlisduane

Celia of John CONNOR and Mary HESTION August 16 Killadeer

John of John and Ann MANNION August 16 Newtown

James of Terence and Mary QUINN August 17 Cartronbower

Edward (illegitimate) of Ned CHAMBERS and Margaret FAHEY August

John of Martin CONNELLY and Catherine GLYNN August 21 Ballinacloigh

Peter of Pat GALLAGHER and Maryann WARD August 24 Castlecarra

Martin of John WALSH and Ann McDONAGH August 26 Derrew

John of Thomas GERAGHTY and Mary KILCOYNE August 30 Currabane

Mary of Richard and Margaret MULLINS August 31 Creevagh

Francis and Bridget of John and Bridget JORDAN August 31 Creevagh

William of John MALLY and Catherine CONNOR September 2 Ballyburke

John of Pat FEENEY and Margaret JOYCE September 2 Drumneen

Richard of Pat MaGRATH and Margaret QUINN September 6 Stonepark

Michael of Richard HENRY and Mary BYRNE September 8 Carnacon

Michael of John WALSH and Ellen CAVANGH September 13 Ruchane

Honoria of John and Margaret JENNINGS September 11 Knockaraha

Bridget of Thomas and Kitty CORLIS September 11 Carrowkeel

Mary of John and Bridget DONLEVEY September 12 From Canada

Bridget of Anthony and Jane HOBAN September 13 Ballyglass

Sally of Michel HALLIGAN and Margaret BLOWICK September 13 Rinaneel

Mary of Michael LYNDSEY and Bridget RUANE September 13 Rinaneel

Mary of John and Mary BRENNAN September 13 Ballyglass

Richard of Pat and Margaret RYDER September 15 from Canada

Edmund of Edward FAHEY and Mary COYNE September 19 Cloonkeen

James of James and Nelly MULLAN October 2 Castleburke

Bridget of John McHUGH and Bridget STANTON October 4 Derryoran

Thomas of Pat CONNOR and Mary FADDEN October 9 Killadeer

Edward of Michael WALSH and Ellen HIGGINS October 10 Ruchane

Thomas and Judith of Michael and Ellen MUNAGHAN October 10 Cranmore

Mary of John and Bridget CARTY October 11 Bohaun

Eugene of Owen HALLINAN and Mary CARTY October 13 Foxford

Mary of John GREGHAM and Mary HILAND October 16 Carragnergn

James of James and Mary DENIGEN October 20 Drumneen

Edmond of Ned and Bridget MALLY November 1 Rinaneel

John of John GIBBONS and Bridget CARROL November 1 Maumeen

Sarah of Martin and Mary KIRBY November 2 Cloonkeen

Ann of Anthony HALLINAN and Bridget KENNY November 3 Moore Hall

Thomas of Pat COSTELLO and ?? MaGUIRE November 10 Killadeer

Pat of Timothy and Bridget MORAN November 12 Rustique

Bridget of John and Winny HYNES November 15 Ballyglass

Mary of Pat O'BRIEN and Bridget TRACEY November 18 Dereenascobe

Honor of Pat READY and Catherine MALLY November 20 Derrew

Martin of Pat and Bridget FLANAGAN November 20 Attavally

Anthony of Roger and Judy GLYNN November 22 Rinaneel

William of Martin LALLY and Mary IGO November 25 Ruchane

Ann of James DUNNE and Mary BURKE December 4 Ballintubber

Ann of John STANTON and Mary FITZGERALD December 6 Stuckeen

Mary of James MAHON and Cecila WALSH December 10 Ballinacloigh

Ellen of Pat WALSH and Mary MOVIN December 10 Ballinacloigh

Alice of Martin CONNOR and Maryann DWYER December 10 Ballyglass

Pat of Ned O'BRIEN and Bridget CULKEEN December 10 Ballyglass

Bridget of Michael KELLY and Margaret DURKAN December 13 Moore Hall

Margaret of Stephen GERAGHTY and Mary FEENEY December 13 Ballinacloigh


Pat of John TRACEY and Ann FOY January 10 Dereenascoobe

Pat of Thomas and Catherine SCOTT January 16 Killawalla

Pat of Pat KNIGHT and Mary MaGUIRE January 21 Kiltharsechaune

James of James and Mary BASKWELL January 26 Miller Hill

John of John WALSH and Mary JOYCE February 1 Culliane

Thomas of Anthony HIGGINS and Mary STANTON February 2 Dereendafderg

Margaret of Pat JOYCE and Ann TUOHY February 10 Cloonboorhy

John of Pat KING and Mary STANTON February 14 Croaghrim

Ann of Michael HENEGHEN and Mary MALLY February 14 Derrew

Mary of John GERAGHTY and Mary FARAGHER February 14 Rinaneel

Pat of William MALLY and Catherine GIBBONS February 18 Killadeer

Pat of John KNIGHT and Mary CRAWFORD February 22 Killawalla

Pat of Pat ROACHE and Mary SHERIDAN February 23 Ruchane

Anthony of Anthony MALLY and Ann GAVIN February 28 Dereendafderg

Sally of Matthew STANTON and Mary LANDERS March 6 Ballyburke

Mary of David CRESHEM and Mary GRIMES March 25 Derrew

Thomas of Myles and Ann WALSH March 28 Killadeer

Pat of Anthony DOLAN and Mary HIGGINS April 2 Bohaun

Edward of Edward WALSH and Bridget NAUGHTON April 4 Curlisduane

Judy of Matthew WALSH and Mary STANTON April 7 Killawullaun

Honor of Pat KELLY and Ann QUINN April 7 Killawullaun

James of Martin DUFFY and Catherine MULROY April 10 Newtown

Anthony of Anthony THORTON and Ann GLYNN April 10 Rinaneel

John of Thomas HIGGINS and Bridget BURKE April 11 Ballyburke

Mary of Michael KNIGHT and Honor CONWAY April 11 Killawalla

Mary of Thomas McGOUGH and Bridget FITZPATRICK April 14 Drumneen

Ann and Catherine of Owen FINENGAN and Peggy HALE April 24 Ballyglass

Brian of Bernard MORAN and Mary GREAVY May 2 Maumeen

Cecilia and Margaret of Martin O'BRIEN and Bridget MALLY May 2 Moore Hall

Margaret of Austin BRIEN and Catherine BAYNES May 13 Killadeer

Bridget of Jno FITZPATRICK and Mary GIBBONS May 17 Ballure

Pat of Bryan DURKAN and Mary MEA June 1 Moore Hall

Jno and Patrick of Patrick and Ann JOYCE June 10 Moate

Mary of Michael CLARKE and Honor HUGHES June 13 Killadeer

Eleanor of Martin CANNON and Honor COSGROVE June 27 Killadeer

Anna of Michael COSTELLO and Anna MURPHY July 1 1847 SS Patrick MURPHY and Anne MURPHY

Mary of Peter NAUGHTON and Ann FLAHERTY September 1 Killadeer

Thomas of James MURPHY and Bridget MITCHELL September 30 Derrew

Jno of Jno LUDDEN and Mary WALSH September 31 Gorthbawn

Thomas of James CARTER and Ellen MacEVILLY

Mary of Pat SHERIDAN and Mary WALSH December 2 Dereenascobe

Bridget of Michael KIRBY and Catherine CASEY December 4 Gorthbawn


Ann of John TRACEY and Honor KANE February 27 Dereenascobe

Thomas of William BOURKE and Bridget WALSH March 16 Ballyburke

Michael of Anthony MURPHY and Margaret HENAGHAN April 14 Ballyburke

Sarah of Jno MURPHY and Honor COLEMAN April 22 Ballyburke
SS Michael and Margaret FENERTY

Honor of John BYRAN and Bridget GIBBONS April 26 Kiltharsharne

Ann of Pat DUFFY and Mary MALLEY April 27 Kinuary SS Pat and Bridget MALLEY

Jno of Anthony LUDDEN and Judy DUFFY April 28 Tonaknock SS Anthony LUDDEN and Marie HENEGHAN

Anthony of Michael and Rose SHERIDAN May 8 Killawullaun

John of Pat BAYNES and Mary HIGGINS May 19 Bohaun

Michael of John and Bridget CRADDICK May 21 Drummin

Ann of Pat BAYNES and Catherine BURKE May 26 Ballyburke

John of Thomas WALSH and Catherine KEASEY May 30 Killawalla

Bridget of Thomas WALSH and Sarah DUFFY June 3 Killadeer

Peggy of Pat KILROY and Peggy ROACHE June 9 Moore Hall

Redmond of John and Bridget HENEGHAN June 10 Derrerin

Bridget of Pat LARKIN and Ann MALONE June 13 Derrew

Bridget of John and Mary KELLY June 14 Drumminroe

Bridget of Owen and Ann O'NEIL June 23 Cartronbower

Catherine of James PHILBIN and Bridget McNICHOLAS June 26 Kelsaugh

Michael of Richard and Margaret MULLINS July 2 Croonknueil

Thomas of Pat O'BRIEN and Mary TRACEY July 9 Dereenascobe

Ann of Ulick JOYCE and Ann BRANNAN July 24 Moate

Thomas of Laurence CARROLL and Eleanor HORAN July 24 Devlish

Richard of John DURKEN and Mary HALIGAN July 17 Moore Hall

Mary of Michael FITZPATICK and Catherine DOLAN July 24 Ballure

Bridget of John MURRAY and Honor FLYNN July 30 Croaghrim

Catherine of James WALSH and Mary CONNOR August 9 Gorthbawn

Margaret of Michael O'BRIEN and Mary KNIGHT August 15 Killadeer

Mary of William GIBBONS and Mary WALSH August 22 Killadeer

Mary of Michael MacDONOUGH and Margaret CONNOR August 22 Killadeer

Mary of John GREEVY and Mary HORAN November 18 Derryoran

Mary of Pat TRACEY and Bridget MALLY November 27 Kiltharsechaune

? Matthew WALSH and Margaret FLYNN December 2 Gorthbawn

Arthur Joseph Charles of Joseph BLAKE and Fanny LYNCH December 12 Tower Hill

Bernard of John CONNOR and Mary MacDONOUGH December 16 Killadeer


Bridget of John CAVANAGH and Jane KEANEY January 5 Cloonkeen

Anthony of Anthony FLYNN and Judy COLLINS January 8 Kinuary

Bridget of Jno McNULTY and Mary GANNON January 14 Drumneen

Bridget of Anthony WALSH and Mary KELLY January 14 Kinuary

Margaret of John KILCOYNE and Mary KINNANE January 28 Cloonacppaogre ??

James of Pat WOODS and Bridget WALSH January 28 Cloonkeen

Pat of Martin LALLY and Mary IGO January 29 Rustique

Bridget of William GOLDING and Kitty CALLENAN February 5 Kilsallagh

Judy of Thomas GALLAGHER and Bridget KEEFEE February 21 Stonepark

Pat of Thomas GERAGHTY and Bridget BURKE March 4 Rinaneel

Pat of John ANDERSON and Mary MORAN March 8 Derryoran

Mary of Michael CONNOR and Mary COLLINS March 21 Ballyburke

Ann of John HENGHAN and Celia MALLY March 25 Derrew Old

Ellen of John DUNLEVY and Bridget RYDER April 1 Moore Hall

Mary of Peter HYNES and Bridget GLYNN April 3 Ballinachagh beg

Celia of Pat McGRATH and Mary QUINN April 8 Stonepark

Mary of Jno GANNON and John DONNELLY April 17 Devlish

Thomas of Pat TUFFY and Ann DOLAN April 20 Knockbrack

Margaret of Michael JOYCE and Catherine KANVEY April 24 Killawullaun

Thomas of Michael LUDDEN and Ann CARROLLE April 30 Bohaun

Ann of Jno HIGGINS and Sara BOURKE April 30 Ballyburke

Jno of John GIBBONS and Winny TOOLE May 6 Cappaharnaun

Thomas of Thomas HIGGINS and Peggy DUNNEGAN May 10 Rustique

Mary of David CASSEY and Mary KANE May 13 Knockbrack

Thomas of Thomas PHILBIN and Margaret McNICHOLAS May 16 Cloonkeen

Jno of Michael KAVANAGH and Jane FITZPATRICK May 23 Killawalla

John of Michael BRENNAN and Bridget BURKE June 1 Drumneen

Honor of James MALLY and Honor MALLY June 2 Derrew

Jno of Thomas JOYCE and Winny BOURKE June 13 Drumneen

Margaret of Pat CONNOR and Mary FAIDEN June 13 Killadeer

John of Michael HALLIGAN and Peggy BLOWICK June 17 Rinaneel

John of Thomas CONNELLY and Peggy O'BRIEN June 17 Ballinacloigh

Philip of Ned FAIDEN and Libby MacHALE June 29 Derrew

Thomas of Thomas McTIGUE and Mary WALSH July 8 Cloonkeen

Mary of Pat DOLAN and Mary HIGGINS July 11 Killawullaun

Agnes of John STANTON and Mary LUDDEN July 12 Dromore

John of Philip and Winny McDERMOTT July 12 Castleburke

Pat of Pat BAYNES and Catherine BURKE July 30 Ballyburke

Sally of Pat JOYCE and Ann TUOGHY July 31 Cloonboorhy

Margaret of John VARILY and Kitty HYNES August 31 Ballinacloigh

Mary of Philip and Catherine BRANAGAN September 1 Knockaraha

Mary of Martin DOLAN and Mary HIGGINS September 2 Ballyburke

Daniel of Daniel BRIENT and Margaret GERAGHTY September 9 Rinaneel

Michael of Thomas SWIFT and Mary LAMBERT September 15 Ballinacloigh

Mary (illegitimate) of Thomas HORAN and Judy HENEGHEN September 20 Ballintober Rd

Ellen of Robert and Eliza FARRELL September 25 Attavally

Michel of Pat O'BRIEN and Ellen QUINN September 27 Currabane

Catherine of John MULROY and Mary DERRIG October 6 Croaghrim

Alice of John FITZPATRICK and Mary GIBBONS October 6 Ballure

Mary of William BRENNAN and Mary HENEGHEN October 14 Drumneen

Michael (illegitimate) of William ARMSTRONG and Catherine JENNINGS October 28 Attavally

Matthew of Pat BURKE and Bridget LAVAN November 1 Ballinacloigh 

Martin of Dominick NOLAN and Catherine KIRBY November 22 Killadeer

Judy of William COSGROVE and Honor GANNON December 3 Cloonboorhy

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