Marriages Balla, Roshlea and Drum

  February 5, 2007



Marriages Balla, Roshlea and Drum



Ulick BURKE to Catherine GALLAGHER June14

James BROWNE to Mary McDONNEL July 3

Joseph VINSON to Mary McMANUS July 10

James LAWLESS of Roshlia to Bridget RYAN of Bake August 4

Thomas MacANDREW of Mayo to Margaret BROWNE August 10

Peter WALSH of Mayo to Eleanor GAVIN August 12

Thomas FOY to Bridget HUGHES August 23

Dominick MORAN to Mary LOFTUS August 27

James KELLY to Eleanor LONGREN September 15

James BURKE to Mary BURKE September 20

William CHRISTOPHER to Mary WALSH Roslia 11-7

Martin SWORDS to Bridget FLYNN November 8

Thomas DAY Gortaphuill to Mary COLGAN November 19




Pat WARD to Bridget McHUGH January 9 

James JENNINGS to Anne McEVILLY January 18

Jno CARTY to Bridget JORDAN January 18

Martin HENNIGAN to Cate GLYNN February 21

Ulick BURKE to Catherine GALLAGHER June 14

John KELLY to Anne COSTELLO June 14

Michael MURPHY to Mary KYLE June 15

Michael LANLAN to Anne BOYLE June 18

Jno LOFTUS Ballyhean to Mary MADDEN June 24

Dominick MORAN to Mary LOFTUS August 27

James KELLY to Elleanor LANGAN September 15



David WALSH to Bridget CONWAY August 12 



Thomas COSTELLO to Mary WALSH February 28 witness Jno COSTELLO and Anne WALSH


Redmond WALSH Ballintober to Bridget HOPKINS March 7



Pat MURPHY to Ellen RICE October 29

Thomas BRENNAN to Winny DALY




John COSGROVE to Mary FLYNN January 2

Martin MULLEE to Anne NAUGHTON January 10

Pat COSTELLO to Ellen DUFFY January 24

Thomas GREHAM to Honor WALSH February 2

John RYAN to Catherine CORLEY February 7

James LOFTUS to Anne SURDIVAL February 7  witness Anne SURDIVAL

Thomas GORMAN to Bridget WALSH February 9

Thomas IRWIN to Anne McGREAL February 10

Pat KENNEDY to Mary GILL February 13

Richard KEATING to Sarah REILLY February 10 SS Pat and Bridget FAHY

Pat McGRATH to Biddy BURKE February 10

Martin HART to Kitty MULLEE February 10

John WALSH to Judy MURPHY February 21

Arthur MADDEN to Sally MALLY February 21

William WALSH to Bridget FLANNAGAN February 23 dispensation

Pat DENNISON to Bridget McALPINE February 27 witness Michael KELLY and Peggy COSTELLO

Michael MORAN to Margaret WALSH February

Martin CONNELLY to Sally GLYNN March

Pat RYDER to Bridget WALSH March 2

Thomas GALLAGHER to Margaret DOLAN March 3


Pat GODWIN to Bridget REILLY March 14 dispensation SS Thomas GODWIN and Bridget DERRIG

Michael HALIAN to Bridget KELLY May 19

Martin MALLY to Judy MADDEN June 4

John TONRA to Bridget REILLY June 30 SS Thomas JOYCE and Bridget BOYLE

Luke MULLIN to Peggy COSTELLO November 4

James TIERNAN to Judy BODKIN December 4 witness Timothy and Bridget TIERNAN

John KELLY to Bridget MURPHY December 11





Owen COLGAN to Catherine NALLY January 8 

Charles MORAN to Mary MORAN February 1

Michael TUNNY to Biddy BYON February 2

Thomas ATKINSON to Biddy CLYNES February 5

Art MULDOON to Anne CASEY February 7

John HUGHES to Mary KEAVNEY February 8

John MUGAN to Mary RYDER February 9

Pat LANNON to Catherine McNICHOLAS February 12

Pat HEALY to Bridget TONRA February 16

Martin GORMAN to Bridget REILLY February 16

Pat WALSH to Peggy MANNION February 16

John McNAMARA to Mary FLANNAGAN February 16

James CONRY to Mary HUGHES February 16

Peter MORRIS to Mary CAHILL February 18

Michael WALSH to Anne DURKIN February 20

John BROWNE to Biddy FADDEN March 3

John LARKAN to Ellen DUFFY March 11

Martin FARAHA to Peggy MULLIN March 14

Peter JOYCE to Peggy CUNNANE March 15



Michael FEENAGHTY to Sally FAHY January 23

John IGO to Bridget MADDEN April 6

James KULKIN to Kitty BYRNE April 24

Pat WALSH to Kitty KERRIGAN April 26

James DAVEY to Margaret WALSH April 27

Michael JENNINGS to Bridget DURKAN May 26

Michael HOPKINS to Bridget PENDERGRAST June 11

Charles ROPER to Catherine MALLY October 6 Priest Michael Costello

Anthony WALSH to Margaret KIRBY November 3

Thomas WALSH to Bridget RUANE November 15 Priest Michael Costello

Laurence ROPER to Catherine DEVANY November 18 Priest Michael Costello

Michael WALSH to Anne REILLY November 20

Thomas STANTON to Catherine BURKE November 26

John MURPHY to Ellen LALLY November 26

Michael McGREAVY to Honor McDONNELL December 10


Anthony WALSH to Mary LAVAN January15

Hugh KELLY to Mary LOFTUS February 15

Pat MURPHY to MaryAnn KENNEDY March 2

Walter BARRET to Mary HIGGINS May 14



Certificate to James WALSH January 18 Deerpark

Certificate to John MAHON Prison January 18  

Thomas REILLY to Bridget KERRIGAN January 18

Patrick IGO to Ellen HENAGHEN January 29

Certificate to William DEVANEY January 29 Carrownahaun

Patrick MANNION to Anne COLGAN February 4 witness Thomas MANNION and Mary COLGAN

Certificate to Patt PENDERGRAST February 10 Cloonduane 

Pat BYRNE to Catherine CONNOR February 12

Thomas MULLEN to Catherine McNICHOLS February 12

James DEMPSY to Celia CONRY February 15

Thomas BURKE to Winny STANTON February 15

James CONNELLY to Catherine WALSH March 2

Michael ROACH to Catherine SHIEVNAUN March 9

James CAWLEY to Ellen CONNOLLOY April 12 widow MULCHRONE

John WARD to Winny CARNEY April 15 Witness Brian CUNNANE and Anne COSTELLO

Thomas GREALY to Mary BYRNE May 12

John REILLY to Margaret CARR July 2

Pat DURKAN to Patty KELLY July 27 

Charles MacDONNELL to Barbara McELLINN August 4

Michael COMMONS to Siby JENNINGS August 15

David MacHALE to Mary MADDEN August 30

Michael McDONOUGH to Bridget BRENNAN September 10

William BURKE to Margaret McHUGH October 29

John TUFFY to Mary BLOUK November 23

Anthony McGANN to Winny COSTELLO November 29

Patrick JENNINGS to Mary HYLAND November 30

John McDONOUGH to Ellen STAUNTON November 30

Patrick SALMON to Kate FADIAN December 12

Edward COLGAN to Bridget McHUGH December 26



Michael CUSACK to Mary CUNNIFFE January 4

Thomas ROACH to Sally BRADY February 1

James ARMSTRONG to Mary MALLY February 15

Joseph O'DONNELL and Anne CANNAVAN February 20

Michael MULLROY to Mary MacNULTY February 25 witness Hugh RAFFERTY and Margaret STANTON

John JOYCE to Bridget CONNOR February 28

John GARVEY to Bridget EAGAN February 28

James WALSH to Margaret DEVANEY dispensation 3-3

John GLYNN to Mary COLGAN April 3

John FLYNN to Susan ROWLAND April 17

John GERAGHTY to Mary MACKEN May 29

Pat DELONG to Catherine MULLOY July 10

Pat MULLANY to Bridget WALSH September 16

Michael ROPER to Mary STANTON October 6

Pat KELLY to Honoria CANAVAN October 24

Pat WALSH to Mary MADDEN December 15



John TOUHY to Mary KEARNS January 14

Luke MADDEN to Bridget GALLAGHER January 23

Thomas COONY to Honor LONDRA  February 1

Edmond COLEMAN to Bridget RAFFERTY February 9

Michael FLYNN to Ellen GANNON February 11

Thomas HIGGINS to Margaret MacMANUS February 11

Pat DALEY to Bridget SWANNECK February 20

Henry STANTON to Margaret STANTON February 20

Martin KING to Honor CORLEY February 20

Thomas RABBIT to Ellen TOULSTER February 23

John CARNEY to Mary HENEGHEN April 5

Stephen DUFFY to Julia GARVEY May 14

John ELLISON to Bridget ELLISON June 7

Pat FOSTER to Bridget ARMSTRONG June 18

John WALSH to Julia WALSH August 11

Dominick BURKE to Nancy FEENAGHTY September 3

Thady BRENNAN to Mary MORAN September 21

Pat HENAGHEN to Anne WALSH October 8

John McGOWAN to Anne HINNIGAN October 23 

Thomas BYRNE to Ellen MADDEN November 12

James HENAGHAN to Mary LOFTUS November 23




James GREELY to Anne MURPHY January 4

Thomas SLOYNE to Margaret FLANNIGAN January 13

Pat STANTON to Bridget BURKE January 21 dispensation 3-3

Pat HUGHES to Honor BENSON February 10

Pat CUNNIFFEE to Margaret STANTON February 11

John ANSBORO to Rose CUNNIANE February 12

Michael to John and Mary HUGHES February 12

Michael REILLY to Bridgid HUGHES February 19

Pat WALSH to Honor SWORDS March 3

Martin JENNINGS to Bridget TIERNEY March 3

William HOBAN to Mary WALSH March 14

Michael DUFFY to Mary COLGAN March 17

Peter COLLINS to Mary GANNON March 20

Michael MURRY to Bridget HUGHES March 31

Thomas JENNINGS to Ellen KEVILLE April 25

Edward LAVAN to Mary LAVAN April 26 dispensation 2-3

Edward NEELY to Catherine DEMPSY July 15

Thomas MONAGHAN to Maria WALSH August 4

Pat SWANNECK to Celia LOFTUS August 9

Pat CONNEELY to Catherine MORAN (alias STAUNTON) September 6

James CANAVAN to Sara DOWNS October 18

William GARVEY to Bridget HEALY December 8

Pat BURKE to Bridget JOYCE December 8

John McDONNELL to Maria JOYCE December 23




Martin HENAGHAN to Bridget WALSH January 19 

Thomas LAVAN to Rose CORLY January 21

Thomas WALSH to Anne COSTELLO February 7 dispensation

Pat DUFFY to Margaret WALSH February 8

Pat HUGHES to Mary SURDIVAL February 10

Pat FEENY to Biddy LOFTUS February 14

Pat FAHEY to Biddy McHUGH February 14

Thomas WALSH to Honor WALSH February 14 dispensation 3-4 

Michael COLGAN to Peggy HALINAN February 15 Michael KEANS and Bridget HOLIAN

James FADIAN to Ellen McMANUS February 16

Anthony LOFTUS to Judy TOUHY February 18

Pat DEVANNEY to Nelly BRENNAN February 21

William DONNELLAN to Bridget POWER February 22 Owen VAHEY and Bridget HOLIAN

Michel KEARNS to Peggy MANNION February 22

Michael SWORDS to Mary WALSH February 23

David SURDIVAL to Susan MARTIN February 24

John BURKE to Mary MOONEY February 24

Michael ROWLEY to Ellen PRENDERGRAST February 25

Peter DALY to Eliza EGGAN February 28

James SHANNON to Anne HYNES March 24

Michael KELLY to Mary KELLY April 25 dispensation 3 - 3

John REDDINGTON to Ellen FEENAGHTY April 28 dispensation 3-4


Charles TOGHER to Bridget ANSBRO July 7

James HOWLEY to Catherine DONNELLAN July 21

Thomas DIXON to Ellen STANTON July 28

Michael McDONOUGH to Bridget BAGLEY August 9 

Edward ROCHE to Bridget SWANNECK September 23




Michael GLYNN to Mary WALSH January 8

John CARNEY to Mary DURKAN February 26 witness William JEFFERS and Mary KELLY dispensation 3-3 

John CORLEY to Mary CONNOR October 23




John CONNAVAN to Honoria HYNES February 18 witness Pat KELLY and Anne KULKIN

Michael McNICHOLAS to Catherine MORAN February 19

Arthur COOCH to Margaret McNULTY March 21




John SKIEL to Bridget SKIEL January 13 dispensation 3-3 

Thomas TOUHY to Bridget WALSH January 13

Thomas BYRNE to Mary NAVIN January 25 witness Owen BAGLEY and Margaret HUGHES

Michael DONNELLON to Bessy ARMSTRON April 21

Peter WALSH to Bridget McELLINN April 25

Ned CANAVAN to Honoria BRENNAN June 25

John MONOGHAN to Bridget ACTON August 31 witness Henry CURRY and Mary ACTON

Edward CANNON to Jane FERRIS December 15

Charles COX to Ellen DONNEVAN December 16




Michael LAVDREN to Bridget BURKE February 9 witness Pat LAVDREN and Bridget FITZGERALD

Dominick SHERIDAN to Bridget MURPHY February 10

Pat ADAMS to Catherine CONRY February 10

Dominick STANTON to Bridget HOBAN February 20

Thomas RIELY to Mary NOWLAN February 20

James ADAMS to Bridget McDONNELL February 23

William FADIAN to Bridget DEA February 23

Thomas SHANNON to Sara CARTY February 24

Michael DEVANNEY to Bridget KENNEDY February 24

Thomas ARMSTRONG to Bridget REILLY February 27

James FLANNIGAN to Margaret KEVILLE March 20

Daniel FLANNERY to Bridget McELLINN May 24

Pat VAHEY to Bridget KILLALEA July 13

Pat GLYNN to Ellen DURKAN July 16 dispensation 4-4

Pat O'CONNELL to Catherine SCANLON December 3





Richard BURKE to Catherine KELLY January 18

James KILLEEN to Julia ROGERS January 27 

William BURKE to Bridget WALSH February 2 

Pat CLEARY to Margaret MALLY February 16

Edward FREANY to Bridget LAVAN February 16 dispensation

Martin ARMSTRONG to Catherine ARMSTRONG February 22 dispensation

Michael DEVINE to Mary TOGHER March 17

James GALLAGHER to Mary STANTON March 17

Thomas McHUGH to Margaret WHITE May 19

Thomas KILLEEN to Catherine CUNNIANE August 13

John GLYNN to Catherine CARNEY August 19

Peter GALLAGHER to Bridget HOLIAN November 7

Peter KELLY to Catherine GLYNN December 8





John McNICHOLAS to Mary McMMANUS January 10

Martin CAUFIELD to Mary RAFFERTY February 1

Pat LUKAN to Ellen TIERNEY March 18

Michael BRENNAN to Mary REILLY May 27

John SOLAN to Margaret KELLY June 23 witness Brian and Anne SOLAN

John SHERIDAN to Bridget MORAN August 22

Richard GILROE to Maria MAGOWAN September 6

Peter STANTON to Mary BRADY September 25 

Pat CLYNES to Mary ALLICOTTE October 10

Thomas KILLALEA to Mary HYLAND November 27





James WARD to Bridget WALSH February 3

Thomas McHUGH to Mary MITCHEL February 9

John McELLINN to Catherine McDONNELL February 13

Pat O'BRIEN to Bridget CARNEY February 13

William ALLICOTTE to Mary COGLIN February 24 

James GRECILLY to Bridget COSTELLO April 27

Michael O'HORO to Mary BRADY May 27

John WALSH to Honor BUCKLEY September 10




James CONNOR to Mary KENNEDY January 24

Martin SKEFFINGTON to Mary CUNNINGHAM February 8

James MORAN to Bridget TONRA February 8

James BRADY to Bridget CARNEY February 11



Henry DURKAN to Mary McHUGH March 11

Denis JOYCE to Margaret HYLAND March 23

John OATES to Catherine FLYNN October 14

Larry MADDOCK to Mary GOLDIN October




Michael MORRIN to Mary CLISHM January 27

James HESTIN to Margaret CONRY February 8

Peter O'GRADY to Honoria DOLAN February 9

John RYDER to Bridget MONAGHAN March 22

Michael CONRY to Bridget MULLOY April 19 witness Pat McDONNELL and Bridget RAFFERTY

Matthew WALKER to Margaret BRENNAN June 4

Anthony FAULKNER to Kate McELLIN November 10




Pat TOUHY to Margaret HOBIAN January 9

Pat CARNEY to Bridget MORAN January 22

James KILCOURSE to Mary MULLEN January 29

John STEVENS to Catherine NILAND October 23




James HOLIAN to Mary BENSON February 3

James CORCORAN to Anne NOWLAND February 7

Thomas NEVILLE to Mary WALSH February 24

John NAVIN to Bridget COLGAN February 24 dispensation 3-3

Pat REILLY to Anne COGHTER May 1

Thomas DURCAN to Anne KELLY October 1




Thomas KENNEDY to Celia RAFFERTY February 6

Pat REILY to Anne WALSH February 9

Michael WALSH to Bridget RAFFERTY February 20

James KILGALLON to Ellen WARD March 6

Thomas MYLOTT to Bridget McDONNEL March 16

Pat CUNNEANE to Bridget RUDDY March 27

James FOY to Margaret MANNION March 29

James REILLY to Bridget DURKAN June 29

John KEARNS to Maria REILLY July 17

Martin HUGHES to Kate MALLY August 25



James BYRNE to Kitty WALSH January 3

Thomas BUTLER to Teresa HEALY January 8

Michael GARVEY to Anne McMANUS January 25

Edward FREANY to Bridget REILLY January 29

Martin BROWNE to Anne WALSH March 30

Pat WARD to Mary TOOLE April 18

Edward MURPHY to Bridget HIGGINS December 3 dispensation

Pat FALLON to Margaret HIGGINS December 6




Matthew FAHEY to Mary MITCHEL January 16

Michael ROCHFORD to Catherine O'DONNELL February 10

Pat SWEENY to Ellen HIGGINS February 17

Martin J CONRY to Mary ARMSTRONG October 29

Edward REILLY to Ellen CHALK November 4

Thomas GOLDEN to Mary ANSBORO November 26

Michael DELANY to Mary DOLAN November 27 dispensation 2-3




John SLOYNE to Mary CANNON March 7

Pat O'NEIL to Bridget TONRA March 21 dispensation

Michael MITCHEL to Julia LALLY March 12

John McLOUGHLIN to Bridget BARRETT May 2

Pat WARD to Mary McKEON July 23

James McHUGH to Bridget BUTLER July 25

John GAVAN to Bridget HYLAND August 18




Pat BIGGINS to Ellen MORAN January 23

Thady CUNNINGHAM to Mary MALLY January 24

Richard McDONNELL to Catherine KERIGAN February 4

James CAVANAGH to Mary DEASY February 17

Peter KELLY to Bridget LOFTUS February 25

Pat ROONY to Sabina REILLY March 8

Michael COLGAN to Bridget HYLAND March 18

Pat BERRY to Mary BROWNE March 20

George NEWBERRY to Catherine WALSH November 3




Martin HUGHES to Bridget McHUGH May 28

Edward FITZGERALD to Kate BYRNE December 7




Martin CONNOR to Celia STANTON January 8

John BLOWICK to Honor MADDEN January 18

Martin ANSBORO to Celia BURKE January 26

Michael DONOHUE to Mary DENISON February

James KILGALLON to Bridget ANSBORO February

John GORMAN to Bridget COSGROVE February 2

Patrick JOYCE to Bridget HENAGHAN March 8 dispensation

John WALSH to Honor CREAM July 27

John DALY to Catherine COYNE September 6

Thomas MURPHY to Agnes NALLY December 26




Sarah MURPHY to Thomas FAHEY January 4

Pat SHERIDAN to Bridget HYLAND April 16

James GLYNN to Margaret KELLY November 19 dispensation





Pat REILLY to Honoria HIGGINS February 20

John McELLINN to Mary LaVALLE February 29



Pat GREALY to Mary LARKIN January 8

Pat MALLY to Bridget FADDIAN January 26

John FOX to Mary BRENNAN February 8

James FARREL to Bridget O'BRIEN February 20

Patrick Edward STENSON to Sara McDONNELL July 27

Pat McDONNIL to Mary ARMSTRONG August 19




Peter DEMPSY to Maria McDONNELL January 29

Thomas CLARKE to Mary LOFTUS January 29

Michael COLGAN to Mary COONY June 27




Pat McGREEVY to Ellen LOFTUS January 17

John SWANICK to Kate WALSH January 31

James HENEGHAN to Bridget ROACH August 1




Pat DUFFY to Agnes BYRNE April 19

Michael REILLY to Mary SKIVENTON May 5 witness John ROACHE and Honor SKIVENTON

Robert REYNOLDS and Ann REILLY May 22

Martin McDONOUGH to Maria KEARNS June 10



John MORAN to Anne DEVANY January 7

John KELLY to Ellen MORAN January 8




John WALSH to Annie MURPHY January 7

Michael GOLDIN to Bridget KENNEDY February 16

Michael MURPHY to Ellen McTIGUE February 27

Andrew CLOONEY to Mary HUGHES February 27

James ANSBORO to Mary KENNEDY November 30




John MADDEN to Mary HUGHES February 17

Edward LAVAN to Bridget LAVAN February 22

Michael RAFFERTY to Barb McELLIN February 25

Thomas LAVAN to Mary DOLAN March 22




John CONOR to Catherine SURIDVAL January 20

Michael MURPHY to Margaret MADDEN February 16

John ROACH to Margaret MURPHY February 28

John MALLY to Bridget ROCHE March 14

Walter HEVERAN to Mary REILLY March 19

Edward BYRNE to Catherine KELLY May 2

Martin WALSH to M. A. MURPHY May 12

Pat CONNOR to Anne CONNOR July 13






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