Castlebar Aglish Parish Marriages 1856-1882

  February 14, 2007


Marriages in the Castlebar/Aglish Parish 1856 to 1882

799 marriages  



Michael CORLEY to Mary CHAMBERS January 5

Martin CORLEY to Bridget McANDREW January 7

Michael WALSH to Mary COYNE January 10

Michael DEA to Ellin FEENY January 13

James FLYNN to Catherine JENNINGS January 26

Matthew FLANNERY to Bridget GILDEA January 27

Michael CONNOR to Julia KELLY January 27

Timothy FLANNERY to Sebina GIMMELLY January 28

Michael MURPHY to Anne MORAN January 30

Michael KENSEY to Mary MUGAN January 30

John McDERMOTT to Bridget MURPHY January 30

Thomas MUGAN to Bridget McDONNELL February 2

John KING to Bridget FADDEN February 2

Martin FLANNERY to Mary McDONNELE February 2

John TWIGGS to Teresa HAVANAGJ February 2

John CLESHAM to Mary WALSH February 3

James WALSH to Catherine WALSH February 4

Pat BARTLY to Mary RICHARDSON February 4

Richard KENNY to Anne KILROY February 5

John WALSH to Fanny FEENY February 18

William CARROLL to Mary CALLAHAN February 22

Thomas WALSH to Sally HOBAN February 24

Michael KEAFFEE to Bridget ROBINSON February 25

Edward GILLASPHY to Cecily McDONNELL February 25

Paul McGRAIL to Mary FLANNERY February 25

Diven McLOUGHLIN to Bridget COONEY February 29

John MALONEY to Nancy FLYNN March 2

Michael KELLY to Mary BRENNAN March 2

Thomas McDONOUGH to Margaret GAVIN March 6

Michael McGOUGH to Mary McGOUGH March 8

James HIGGINS to Mary HESTON March 9


Pat QUIGLEY to Bridget WALSH March 19

Pat CONNOR to Honor CARNEY March 30

Devin McNALLY to Julia MANGAN April 9

Pat McGOUGH to Bridget SCAHILL April 13

Pat MULROONY to Margaret KILLEN April 13

William STAUNTON to Sarah BRADY April 15

Charles MILLEN (Westport) to Mary McDONNELL April 15 paupers

Tom WALSH to Bridget KELLY May 3

Richard BOURKE to Mary BERRY May 3 paupers

Robert RICHARDSON to Bridget GANNON June

Andrew McTIGUE to Sara GOLDIN June 11

Martin RIELEY to Bridget MADDEN June 15

James McNEELY to Mary McNEELY June 15

John CORCORAN to Bridget PRICE July 12

Thomas GREENE to Margaret MULLOWNEY July 14

John ORMBSY to Bridget LYONS July 22

Thomas GIBBONS to Bridget HEVERAN July 23

Pat KILCOURSE to Bridget CONNOR July 26

Dominick BYRNE to Selia LaVALLE August 5

Pat FLANNERY to Maria FLANNERY August 14

Peter MANION to Ellen STANTON August 25

John McHUGH to Mary CHAMBERS October 6

Peter McCORMICK to Mary CAVANAGH October 11

Thomas CONNOR to Bridget MORAN October 12

Thomas COONEY to Catherine JENNINGS November 9

John CLARKE (16th Reg.) to Mary MULLOY November18

Pat MURPHY to Mary MALLY December 2

Richard KENNY to Anne KILROY December 2 paupers

Edward HUGHES to Mary DURKIN December 27

Diven McLOUGHLIN to Bridget COONEY December 29

Andrew CALLAHAN to Mary RYDER December 29 travelers




Cornelius CULKEEN to Mary McDONNELL January 3

Michael MULROWNY to Bridget CARTY January 3

Thomas WALSH to Bridget McGUIRE January 5

James WALSH to Mary KEANE January 8

James LALLEY to Bridget McNULTY January 12

John FALLON to Catherine McDONOUGH January 12

Pat BLAKE to Bridget KILCOYNE January 8

Martin McHALE to Bridget GIBBONS January 22

Pat ROGERS to Nancy BROGAN January 24

Pat BOURKE to Honor BARRETT February 2

Michael SWEENY to Ellen FERGUS February 4

Pat CRUDOCK to Mary JOYCE February 4

Thomas FLAHERTY to Mary JOYCE February 7

Pat KEANE to Maria MULROONY February 9

Michael McDONNELL and Mary NALLY February 11

Pat SURDIVAL to Catherine HIGGINS February 11

Thomas McNALLY to Catherine STANTON February 12

Martin CREHAN to Anne BROWNE February 12

Pat McDERMOTT to Isabella O'DOWD February 14

Pat SCAHIL to Bridget McGREEVY February 14

John HIGGINS to Honor GOLDIN February 16

Thomas BUTLER to Margaret MURPHY February 16

Andrew FEENY to Mary RIELEY February 19

Anthony MULROONY to Honor MULLIN February 19

Anthony MULROONY to Honor MULROONY February 19

William FOSTER to Catherine CARTY February 22

James DUFFY to Mary KEATING February 22 Paupers

John MacHALE to Mary QUINN February 23

Tom CAPON to Mary KILCOURSE February 24

John McDERMOTT to Bridget CARNEY February 28

Daniel KEANE to Mary SHERIDAN February 28

James MORLEY to Catherine KENNY March 8

Michael GIBBONS to Maryann CARNEY March 22 Witness Pat COSTELLO and Mary PENDERGAST

Thomas WALSH to Bridget KELLY May 3

John BARRET to Mary WALSH May 6

John FLYNN to Catherine RIELEY June 3

Pat WALLACE to Mary HEALY June 5

William Frederick MATHEW to Bridget BRENNAN June 7

James SWEENY to Mary SWEENY June 17

Tom COLLINS to Mary REYNOLDS July 12 witness John CULKICAN and Catherine BOURKE

Dan KEANE to Mary SHERIDAN July 28

Phillip PRESTON to Bridget HUGHES August 5 witness Michael KETSON and Catherine CANTON

Robert BOURKE to Mary BRENNAN September 5

Pat FEENY to Eliza NESTOR October 3

Pat QUINN to Bridget MORAN October 11

John MURRAY to Margaret KNIGHT October 24

Jacob LEPENZE to Bridget CASSADY October 25 witness James FORDE and Fanny HOUGH

Martin CUNNINGHAM to Mary WALSH November 4

Patrick O'DONNELL to Mary QUINN November 7

John BICKET to Catherine O'BRIEN November 13

Michael BOURKE to Catherine McHUGH November 16

Pat CLARKE to Bessy BELANNY November 20

Martin KENNY to Mary ADAMS November 22

Peter SCAHIL to Catherine McGOUGH December 3

Thomas MALLEY to Anne KING December 5

Mathias BUGION to Mary STANTON December 26

George BANKS to Mary MULCRONE December 26 paupers




Michael KESTON to Mary COSGRAVE January 5 witness Thomas KELLY and Winifred PHILBAN

Thomas WALSH to Bridget McGUIRE January 5 

Michael ADAMS to Bridget CANNON January 6

Pat CONNOR to Honor McGOUGH January 6

John BOURKE to Mary KENNEDY January 8

Michael CORLEY to Mary HESTON January 15

John REILLY to Anne KELLY January 18

James WALSH to Anne KELLY January 18

James O'HARA to Mary COMBER January 18

James LALLY to Bridget McNULTY January 21

Philip ROACHE to Mary GARVEY January 23

John CAWLEY to Mary LaVELLE January 24

Pat WALSH to Margaret MITCHEL January 27

Pat FLYNN to Mary WHITE January 29

William FADDEN to Bridget MUGAN January 30

Martin CALPIN to Mary WALSH February 3

Pat NAUGHTON to Bridget REARDON February 3

Martin LOFTUS to Anne FAHEY February 4

John O'HARA to Mary FEENY February 4

John CUSIACK to Bridget GAVIN February 4

Pat McEVILY to Bridget McHALE February 6

Thomas CUNNINGHAM to Maria FLEMMING February 6

Richard LANDRA to Ellen HOPKINS February 7

James McDONNELL to Mary JEFFERS February 13

Richard FEENY to Honor O'BRIEN February 13

Pat McGUIRE to Maria BOURKE February 14

Pat WOLF to Anne NAUGHTON February 15 (dispensation) witness Pat GRIMES and Anne WHITE

Thadius DERRIG to Mary THOMAS February 15

Michael FLANAGAN to Mary COUGHLIN February 16

Pat ROGERS to Mary RABITT February 21

John HEALY to Mary McGLOON February 21

Michael HOPKINS to Mary MALLEY February 26

William BOURKE to Mary McDONOUGH March 9 witness Peter MURRY and Honor McDONAGH

Henry MURPHY to Elin NARY March 11 witness John McHUGH and Mary NARY

Martin McGOUGH to Mary RIELY March 17 witness Thomas CONNOR and Bridget RIELY

Walter GIBBONS to Bridget McGOUGH March19 witness Myles GIBBONS and Bridget McGOUGH

Neal McFADDEN to Bridget JOHNSTON April 7 witness William ROSHAN and Sabina O'HORO

Hugh O'DONNELL to Honor LYONS April 10 witness William BOURKE and Bridget LYONS

William CHAMBERS to Mary PHILBAN April 18 witness Nancy DURKIN

John SHANNON to Anne JOYCE April 18 witness Thomas MacHALE and Mrs. Anne FRENCH

Pat BRENNAN to Honor McDONNELL May 1 witness Thomas RICE and Mary DUFFY

James BLAKE to Honor GERAGHTY May 1 witness Pat RAINEY and Honor McGREEVY

Thomas RIELEY to Mary BOURKE May 7 paupers witness Pat RAINEY and Mary RIELEY

John McEVELY to Anne COSGROVE June 6 witness Michael PHILBAN and Catherine McEVILY

Pat QUINN to Anne BRADY July 25 witness James FAUKNEY and Maria MADDEN

Pat MORAN to Honor CARNEY July 25 witness Chris MULREADY and Catherine CUFF

Pat HUGHES to Mary LaVALLE July 28 witness Michael DURKIN and Bridget SWEENY

Michael MORROWSON to Anne CUFF August 2 witness James and Mary FLANNERY

Michael QUIGLEY to Mary CARRY August 6

Alicke CANNON to Mary HEVERAN August 14 Witness John LAVALLE and Mary MALLEY

John BRENNAN to Bridget MADDEN August 16 witness Martin and Mary MADDEN

John HOPKINS to Anne LaVALLE witness James BYRNE and Mary KELLY August 29

Tom LOFTUS to Mary WALSH September 4 Pat GAVIN to Mary THORTON

Michael SCOTT to Mary RYAN September 12 paupers witness Pat MADICAN and Anne WALSH

James WALSH to Penelope THOMAS September 12 witness Daniel THOMAS and Anne THOMAS

Pat ELMORE to Catherine CURLEY September 18 witness John BUTLER and Mary ELMORE

James O'HARA to Mary COMBER September 18 witness Pat RAINEY and Anne COMBER

Richard MUGAN to Mary BYRNE September 18  

John BOURKE to Mary DUNNE September 26

John McSHEE to Bridget BLAKE September 30 witness Pat RAINEY and Mary REILLY

William WALSH to Catherine CRADOCK November 1

John CLARKE (16th Regiment) to Sarah MURRY November 20

Edward BRADLEY to Catherine MacHALE November 24

Michael CLARKE to Mary GALLAGHER December 1

John McNULTY to Anne QUIGLEY December 2

John BOURKE to Kelly GERAGHTY December 5

Pat MORAN to Margaret GRIFFIN December 6

William EINSWORTH to Honor McHUGH December 14

Pat GRIMES to Mary JOYCE December 30




Thomas CULKIEN to Mary STANTON January 5

John GARRETT to Catherine McGREAL January 13

John BOURKE to Winny WALSH January 16

Anthony McGREEVY to Ellen MULROONY January 16

John HUGHES to Mary ROACHE January 20

John MORROWSON to Maria NESTON January 22

Pat MORAN to Margaret GRIFFAN January 26

William ARMSTRONG to Catherine IRWIN January 26

Thomas LYNCH to Catherine QUINN January 27

Michael FLANNERY to Catherine WALSH February 3

Thomas McDERMOTT to Judith MURY February 7

Michael TONRA to Honor LOFTUS February 14

William WHITE to Catherine McTIGUE February 20

Martin DOLAN to Mary CARTY February 21

John BOURKE to Anne WARDE February 24

Owen CALLAHAN to Catherine GORDEN February 28

Pat DURKAN to Mary GERAGHTY February 28

Michael LUDDEN to Sarah CORCORAN March 2

John LARKIN to Mary McHALE March 3

John DAISEY to Catherine CANNON March 29 witness Anthony DAISEY and Catherine PHILBAN

James REILY to Bridget RYAN March 30

John RYDER to Ellen BOURKE April 4

Peter GIBBONS to Bridget CORLEY April 4

Anthony JENNINGS to Margaret GARVEY April 7

Thomas HIGGINS to Mary SWEENY April 7

Martin COGGEN to Eliza CONY April 8

Thomas BUTLER to Mary JOYCE April 10 witness Pat RAINEY and Catherine CHRISTY

William McHALE to Honor FAHEY April 14

William GIBBONS to Anne DEVANNY April 16

Michael McHALE to Mary McHALE April 17 witness Pat RAINEY and Mary FLYNN

Michael GIBBONS to Mary STANTON May 11 witness Peter HENRY and Mary STANTON

Laurence MAHONEY to Catherine QUIGLEY  May 20 Witness George KNOTT and Margaret MALONEY

John RYDER to Bridget MORAN June 2 witness Martin MORAN and Honor McTIGUE

Richard KELLY to Mary McHALE June 12

William WALSH to Mary McADAM June 24

Anthony HOLLERAN to Catherine HOBAN June 24

Connor GANNON to Bridget GULPIN June 31

Peter IRWIN to Bridget FLYNN July 4 witness Pat EDWARDS to Mary FLYNN

Pat LEE to Mary CLARKE August 5

Richard KNIGHT to Mary MORAN August 21 witness Pat RAINEY and Rose GRIFFAN

John DOLAN to Bridget MORAN August 31

Thomas THORTON to Anne McGLOON September 8

Martin WALSH to Mary McDONAGH October 1 

John BARRETT to Mary BASQUILL October 21

Martin MULROY to Ellen CORLEY December 3

Thomas KELLY to Maria BRADY December 9

Bartholomew MALLY to Nancy DOLAN December 31 witness John JOYCE and Bridget DOLAN




Pat CLEARY to Anne McGREAVY January 5 witness William CLEARY and Margaret JENNINGS

Michael ADAMS to Bridget CANNON January 6

William SHANNON to Ellen MORAN January 9

Richard GILLEPSY to Catherine CANEVAN January 9

William CHAMBERS to Bridget LYONS January 20

John IRWIN to Bridget DUFFY January 28 witness James McHUGH and Catherine CUNNIFF

John MALLERY to Bridget LYONS February 2

Thomas CAWLEY to Mary GARVEY February 3 witness Peter CAWLEY and Mary CAWLEY

William O'HARA to Maria BOURKE February 7 Witness Michael CAMPBELL Mary HEARNS 

John McDERMOT to Anne FAHEY February 9 witness Pat BURDISH and Mary WALSH

William NEWELL to Jane KILROY February 10

James FEENY to Maria JENNINGS February 12 witness Thomas DEA and Eliza JENNINGS

Edward McINTRYE to Bridget BOURKE February 15 witness John McTIGUE and Mary BOURKE

Lawrence BLAKE to Mary McGREEVY February 18 witness Martin McGREEVY and Ellen MEA

John HIGGINS to Bridget FADDEN February 18 witness Anthony FADDEN

Anthony McMANUS to Mary MOYLOTT February 18 witness Thomas GIBBONS

Austin GIBBONS to Mary BRENNAN February 19 witness Thomas BOURKE and Honor BRENNAN

James LALLY to Mary LANDERS February 19

Michael LYNCH to Mary STANTON February 20 witness Charles DURKIN and Lucy STANTON

John DARSEY to Julia EARLY February 21

John EGAN to Mary BELTON February 21

James HUGHES to Anne GOLDIN witness John GOLDIN and Maria HUGHES

Pat LIC to Mary BOYLE March 5

Richard McGRAIL to Bridget HANLY March 6


Pat KEANE to Ellen McGLOON March 15

William JOYCE to Mary KENNY May 2

Thomas HUGHES to Catherine COLLINS May 3 witness Laurence MULRONY and Bridget SCAHILL

Thomas MADDEN to Bridget CLARKE May 5 witness Pat McGREEVY and Bridget FLANIGAN

Peter FERGUS to Ellen McGOUGH May 10 witness Roger MURPHY and Mary McGOUGH

John BOURKE to Mary Ann INGRAM May 10 witness William McHALE and Ellen CONNOR

Charles GARVEY to Mary Ann GILDEA May 11 witness John FLANNERY and Debora KNIGHT

Michael MARTIN to Anne CLEARY June 2 witness John MORAN and Anne GARVEY

Thomas WESTON to Catherine McNULTY June 3 witness John McNULTY and Mary GERAGHTY

John CARNEY to Bridget WALSH June 5

Richard BARRETT to Bridget MULLOY June 12

Edward FAHEY to Catherine McGUIRE June 23

John WALSH to Bridget TRACY June 27

Myles JOYCE to Mary MANGAN June 27

John CAWLEY to Bridget McGOUGH July 16

Thomas Joseph WYNNE to Ellen SIMPLE August 4

Pat COMMONS to Mary PRICE August 25

John MORAN to Bridget KING August 27

James WALSH to Mary BOURKE August 29

Pat HOBAN to Sarah BOURKE October 25

John MURPHY to Mary BARRETT November 16 witness John BARRETT and Bridget DURKAN

Edmond Henry JORDAN to Kate KELLY November 22

James WALSH to Mary BOURKE November 29




Pat MILLET to Mary Anne MEADE January 7 witness John DURKAN and Margaret MEADE

James WALSH to Mary McGOUGH January 8  

Peter WALSH to Maria JOHNSTON January 8

Pat HIGGINS to Mary SALMON January 19 witness Pat SALMON and Maria SWEENY

Thomas DARLEY to Honor CORCORAN January 22 witness James KEANE

John McTIGUE to Catherine GAVIN January 22

Thomas DAILEY to Honor CORCORAN January 22

Pat FARRILL to Winifred FARILL January 22 witness Daniel and Bridget FARRILL

Pat LaVALLE to Mary RAINEY January 26 witness Peter PHILBAN and Mary BOURKE

Mike RICE to Bridget MacHALE January 30 witness Pat FADDEN

Martin CAWLEY to Mary MANGAN February 3 Thomas LaVALLE and Mary PHILBAN

John MURRY to Mary HOPKINS February 7 witness James QUIGLEY and Mary MURRY

Pat MEA to Bridget LYONS February 9 witness Pat GANNON and Mary HIGGINS

Pat CARNEY to Mary McDONOUGH February 9

John MURPHY to Margaret MULROONY February 9 witness John MURPHY and Bridget MULDOON

Bart MURRY to Maria JOYCE February 13

Thomas BOURKE to Bridget IVERS February 14 witness Pat LEE and Mary DAISEY

Martin SCAHILL to Maria HANLEY February 14

Anthony GILMARTIN to Julia GORDEN February 18 witness Roger MURPHY and Celia WALSH

Pat QUINN to Mary MORAN February 15

Pat DOLAN to Bridget BARRETT February 25

Anthony GOLDIN to Mary QUINN February 28

Pat DEVERS to Anne KENNY March 6 witness Michael KENNY and Mary HUGHES

Myles SWEENY to Anne RYAN March 12 witness Martin SWEENY and Anne RYAN

Michael HORAN to Mary CUSICK May 1

Thomas KILCOYNE to Anne FERRIS May 7

Thomas KILCOURSE to Mary LaVELLE May 17

Pat McCAWLEY to Elizabeth SHERIDAN May 23 witness Captain MASON and Catherine MALLY

James CALLAHAN to Mary HOWLEY May 30

Thomas MURPHY to Mary KELLY June 16

Charles DAILY to Ellen MURDOCK June 30 witness Anthony EARLY and Mary McHALE

Henry HORAN to Mary CARLIN June 24

Anthony BARRETT to Maria FARRILL June 27 



Thomas WALSH to Anne CUSACK January 18

John WALSH to Anne JOYCE January 18

John RABBIT to Sarah MORAN March 1

James MALLEY to Mary MADEN March 1

Michael KEENE to Bridget FADEN March 1

James MALLEY to Mary MADEN March 1

Pat DEVINE to Mary LOFTUS June 11

Matt CAFFRY to Mary IRWIN June 26

James WALSH to Esebella JORDAN July 6

Pat WALSH to Mary SCAHILL June 8

Thomas O'BRIEN to Anne KELLY October 2

Pat MURPHY to Mary JONES November 16




Simon ARMSTRONG to Mary Murphy January 1

Michael PATEN to Sarah LOFTUS January 5

Pat RAINEY to Mary RIELEY January 18

James NAREY to Honor McGLOON January 31

Charles O'DOWNEY to Sarah GOLDEN February 5

Michael DUFFY to Margaret KIRBY February 12

Pat HIGGINS to Honor RIELEY February 14

Pat WALSH to Mary BYRNES March 7

Richard JOYCE to Mary FLYNN July 4

John WALSH to Honor LOFTUS July 11

John McHALE to Mary PHILIBIN September 3

John SULLIVAN to Mary ROONEY September 6

William GIBBONS to Cathy GERAGHTY November 9

John McCORMACK to Anne JENNINGS November 15




William HYNES to Mary WARD January 8 

James PRENDERGAST to Maria McHALE January 20

John EGAN to Kate MALONEY January 24

William HOWLEY to Bridget JORDAN January 25

Edward JOYCE to Anne KING January 28

Pat McCORMACK to Margaret HOWLEY January 31

Thomas MADDEN to Bridget CALLAHAN February 3 witness Luke MADDEN and Bridget McHALE

Darby MALLY to Anne HOPKINS February 4

Thomas NALLY to Anne BOURKE February 4

John HENEGHAN to Mary DAVINS February 5

Anthony HIGGINS to Bridget QUINN February 6

Pat WALSH to Bridget HOBAN February 8

Thomas CONNOR to Bridget RIELEY February 8

William HYNES to Mary WARD February 8

Pat HILAND to Maria MURRY February 8

Peter GARVEY to Bridget McDONNELL February 8

Tom GRAVIN to Cathy COSTELLO February 8 witness Pat McDONNELL and Honor CNSTER

Martin GAVIN to Bridget RIELEY February 13

Michael McGREEVY to Anne ASHBOLE February 13

Stephen McDONNELL to Mary FLEMING February 13

Thomas GALLAGHER to Bridget GALLAGHER February 13

Pat GORDEN to Bridget McHALE February 23

Thomas BOURKE to Bridget NODIN March 7

Pat KILROY to Judy BOURKE March 14

James CAMPBELL to Mary MURPHY March 26 witness Thomas LOFTIS and Anne LONDRA

Pat McGREEVY to Honor CHRISTOPHER March 27

Pat McKEON to Bridget BYRNE March 28

Stephen REILLY to Mary WALSH March 30

John TWIGGS to Ellen KILLEEN April 16

Pat MURPHY to Catherine HOBAN May 20

Pat ANSBORO to Ellinor McMAHON May 21

Albert ANSILL (9th Regiment) to Honor KEANE June 10

John BRENNAN to Catherine CALLAHAN June 15

James MURPHY to Bridget DEA June 17

Luke PRENDERGAST to Betty GILLEN June 22

Pat WALSH to Mary DURKIN June 25

Thomas BATTLE to Mary MURPHY June 26

William DAVIS to Mary McNAMAN June 26

William CORCORAN to Ellen McHALE June 28

Thomas CURRY to Sebina LaVELLE June 29

Martin SWEENY to Anne RYAN August witness John CLESHAM and Mary SWEENY

Pat CUFFE to Ellen CUFFE September 7

Pat BUTLER to Anne RABITT October  3

Pat MALLEY to Mary WARD October 4

Michael FLEMMING to Judy JERLAN October 9

Pat GIBBONS to Ellen MALONEY October 31

Michael MURPHY to Bridget MULLIGAN November 24

John FITZGERALD to Mary CONE December 7

Thomas KING to Mary STANTON December 10

John STEWARD to Anne LANDERS December 11

Michael HOGAN to Margaret HUGHES December 25




James SWEENY to Mary CUFFE January 8

Edward KELLY to Mary McHALE January 13

John MORAN to Mary WHITE January 14

Charles STEWARD to Maria McDONNELL January 16 witness Anthony MORAN and Levesa McDONNELL

John FORDE to Mary STAUNTON January 20

Thomas CONWAY to Mary NOCTIN January 22 witness Peter JOYCE and Mary HORAN

James McTIGUE to Catherine McTIGUE January 26 witness Martin  McTIGUE and Honor McTIGUE

Thomas KILCOURSE to Anne WALSH January 29

Anthony LaVELLE to Elizabeth LYNCH January 23

Hugh QUINN to Mary McGOUGH February 5

John KIRBY to Mary BOURKE February 11

George CHAMBERS to Honor FLANNERY February 13

Pat SKIFFINGTON to Mary HEVERAN February 16

Michael WALSH to Rose Anne GARVEY February 19

Martin CUNNANE to Honor WALSH February 22

Ulick McDONNELL to Maryann GAVIN February 23

Pat ARCHBOLE to Mary SKIFFINGTON  February 27

James McTIGUE to Anne McGOWN February 25

John JEFFERS to Mary McDONNELL February 28

James McMANAMA to Honor KILCOURSE March 21

Thomas WALSH to Mary THORNTON March 23

Mike HOBAN to Bridget FLYNN April 1

John BARTLEY to Cathy FLYNN April 8

Michael LaVELLE to Honor LaVelle May 1


David ARMSTRONG to Ellen SWEENY May 6 witness Pat McENELLA and Bridget CULICAN

Fara MORAN to Bridget HEART May 6

John MALLEY to Anne HOPKINS May 11

Michael BOURKE to Mary MANGAN May 13

Maurice DIVINE to Mary WALSH May 15 witness Edward WALSH and Anne CUSEY

Thomas FLANIGAN to Catherine MADDEN May 17

Michael MADKAN to Mary MOROUGHAN May 28


William PATTEN to Anne WALSH June 9

James HENRY to Maria McGURN July 1 No. Mayo

Thomas McGURN to Mary McANDREW July 1

John CONNOR to Honor LUDDEN July 1

Michael FEENY to Catherine HERAHTY July 2

Philip REGAN to Maryanne McDERMOTT July 2

Stephen JENNINGS to Anne KELLY July 17 witness Michael TIERNAN and Bridget MORAN

Pat O'HARA to Margaret KNIGHT July 30

Thomas PHILBAN to Catherine FADEN July 30

Michael KILCOURSE to Mary FEENY July 30

Patrick SWEENY to Anne KENNY August 2

Samuel ARMSTRONG to Margaret BOURKE September 2

Thomas DEVERIX to Bridget MALONEY September 2

John FLEMING to Anne CONNOR September 24

John FLYNN to Catherine FLAHERTY October 9

 Thomas WALSH to Mary SCAHIL October 17 witness Pat WALSH and Maryann GARVEY

Peter CULLEN to Maryann KEARNEY October 22

James DEVANNY to Judy MURPHY October 28

John KERIGAN to Anne CLEARY November 11

William EGAN to Ellen FLANNERY November 25


William McLOUGHLIN to Honor KILLEN December 14

John MAHONEY (Constable) to Sarah BOURKE December 16




John REILY to Catherine CASEY February 3

Michael CASSEDY to Catherine COUGHLIN February 5

Pat THUMAS to Mary WALSH February 5

John LAWLIS to Bridget LANDERS February 5

William STAUNTON to Bridget HAMMON February 8

William MALLY to Bridget FORDE February 8

Michael WALSH to Judy MUGAN February 11 witness Edward HAWKSHAW and Maria MUGAN

Pat MADDEN to Catherine MADDEN February 13

Edward HEALTY to Ellen MURPHY February 13

John BERRY to Anne McGREEVY February 24 witness Peter McGREEVY and Bridget McGREEVY

John FOX to Anne SKIFFINGTON February 25

John GRAVIN to Anne GRAVIN March 12

Richard NALLY to
Catherine BOURKE March 18

James HESTIN to Mary BOURKE March 18

Owen CANNON to Mary MORAN March 30

Michael MORAN to Anne GAVIN April 10

Thomas MULROONY to Bridget McGOUGH April 15

Michael LAWLIS to Maria KING March 22

James MOONEY 5th Tusoliers to Penny McNALLEY April 13

Larry GILDEA to Bridget WALSH June 10

William STANTON to Catherine KILROY June 14

Thomas CANNON to Bridget KENNY July 8

George NORRIS  (hospital Sergeant) to Letelia GALVIN July 11

Robert William GAMBLE to Margaret CLESHAM July 21

John CLARKE to Bridget CUSACK August 15

Peter KIELEY to Ellen McALPINE September 5

Denis CLOHESTY (59th Regiment) to Mary McDONELE September 7

Pat WALSH to Sophia KNIGHT September 13 Witness Martin BRODRICK and Maryanne DAVIN

James MATTISON  (57th Regiment) to Julia KELLY September 15

John VAHEY to Mary HORAN October 27

Thomas WARD to Honor MULONEY November 22

Michael FITZGERALD to Maria CULICAN December 23

Pat COSTELLO to Mary MORAN December 27




John HANLON (Sgt Mayo) to Deborah KNIGHT January 2

John GERAGHTY to Bridget MULDOON January 7

Thomas WALSH to Mary HOPKINS January 17

Charles WALSH to Eliza CULKEEN January 20

Thomas KING to Bridget WALSH January 25

John NELIS to Mary LONG January 25

Edward BERRY to Julia WALSH February 6

James TUHEY to Catherine LaVALLE February 14

Pat HEVERAN to William DEA February 16

Valentine BAYNES to Anne GIBBONS February 17

Thomas BUTLER to Mary NAUGHTON February 21

Pat WARD to Bridget KNIGHT February 24

Francis WALTERS to Bridget McDONOUGH February 26

James BOURKE to Mary CUNNANE March 1

Martin CLEARY to Mary WALSH March 3

Michael CUSACK to Mary MORONGHAM March 10

William JERDAN to Mary GERAHTY March 15

Michael DEVANNY to Mary FALLON April 6

Pat McLOUGHLIN and Bridget McGRAIL

Pat FLYNN to Mary HARIN May 10

Michael LOFTUS to Bridget HUGHES May 26

John BROWNE to Anne McEVADY June 9

Joseph McDERMOTT to Kate BYRNE June 15

John CARROLL Corporal 28th to Mary NARY June 24

John WARD to Honoria MULROY June 28

Anthony DUNNE to Mary HESTON July 5

William STEWARD to Bridget LOFTUS July 10

Thomas BUTLER to Mary NAUGHTON July 21

Michael WALSH to Bridget McGOUGH August 2

James GRIFFAN to Bridget DURKIN September 8

James MORAN Laborer (Matthew MORAN) Moneen to Mary MARTIN (Michael MARTIN) Cloonthee October 14

John MULREADY to Alice WALSH November 17

Daniel CAMPBELL 40 Farmer Kinaff (Daniel CAMPBELL) to Mary BRENNAN 25 Owen BRENNAN Kinaff November 24 Lowpark Swinford

Michael SCOTT widower laborer Tucker St to Cecily PARKER servant Tucker St November 26 

John MULREADY widower Shanvally of Pat MULREADY to Alice WALSH Kilkenny of John WALSH




Martin McHUGH to Anne MULLOY January 5

Thomas McHALE to Honor MULROONY January 18

Pat McDONNELL to Mary GAVIN February 5

John McDONNELL to Mary BLAIN February 8 witness Pat COYNE and Bridget MORAN

John KELLY 19th Regiment to Sarah CAHAN February 9

Pat WALTER to Bridget MUGAN February 9

Thadius FLYNN to Ellen FLYNN February 13

James QUIGLEY to Maria MURRY February 17

John HYLAND to Anne BURDISH February 19 witness John HENRY to Maryanne DEVLIN

Peter GAVIN to Mary MORAN February 20

John WALSH to Catherine WALSH February 21

Thomas BURNS (2nd Regiment) to Anne SWEENY February 23

Michael BRENNAN to Bridget SCREENY March 3

Pat McEVILY to Bridget HENNAHAN March 16

Thomas McTIGUE to Ellen WALSH April 19

Pat McNEELA to Bridget COOLAHAN April 19

Thomas JOYCE to Bridget HALINAN May 11



John FLEMING to Debra GILDEA January 9

Pat McCULLAGH to Mary KERIGAN January 10

James ROBINSON to Mary BRESTIN January 22

George NOLAN to Honor SHERIDAN January 23

Martin HOPKINS to Mary MURRY January 31

Hugh John DEVER to Julia Teresa CLARKE February 2

Michael HOBAN to Bridget McGLOON February 2

Murty Joseph GRIFFEY of GRIFFEX Corp 89th Regiment to Catherine IVEY February 6

Pat McANDREW to Mary PHILBAN February 7



Edward CHAMBERS to Honor RICE January 7

Stephen RIELY to Honor McHUGH January 16

William McCANN to Mary STANTON January 20

Pat CULKEEN to Mary MALLY January 22

John to Charles WALSH and Eliza KULKEEN January 22 Lucan St

John THORNTON to Mary COSTELLO January 30 

John McGOWN to Rose McINTYRE February 23

James FLYNN to Honor McINTYRE February 26

Martin QUINN to Honor GAVIN March 6

Joseph STANTON to Bridget FORDE March 6

Owen KING to Margaret BOURKE March 12

Pat COYNE to Sarah FERGUSON March 17

Michael RYDER to Ann WALSH March 21

William CONEY to Margaret COSTELLO April 28

Malacky THORTON Sgt 19th Constabulary to Bridget A. Walsh May 13

James FITZMAURICE to Judy JOYCE May 26

Edward BERRY to Bridget MORAN July 13

John CAMPBELL to Ellin TOOLE October 2

James RYDER to Honor O'DONNELL  October 3

Myles QUINN to Catherine FEENY December 28

John DUFFY to Ellen WARD December 28 



Michael HANLY to Kate BRENNAN January 6

Pat FEENICK to Anne RIELEY January 9

James MAYLANE Constabulary to Anne FADDEN January 25

Michael FORDE to Mary BURDISH February 5

Anthony McGLOON to Anne CORCORAN February 5

Thomas CONWAY to Bridget FLYNN February 9

Pat CUNNINGHAM to Kate HUMPHREY February 9

John GIBBONS to Ellen HOBAN February 15

Thomas DORCEY to Ellen BROLEY February 19

Walter BASQUILL to Mary McHUGH February 20

John SKIFFINGTON to Catherine GAVIN February 25

Thomas GIBBONS to Honor LEONARD February 27

Pat JOYCE to Bridget BOLAN March 4

Pat TRACY to Bridget CREANE March 5

Thomas DALEY 54th Regiment to Mary HEVRON March 5

Thomas GIBBONS to Anne CLEARY March 15

Thomas McGREEVY to Catherine MORAN April 19

Richard SWORDS to Catherine LYONS May 11

Martin PHILBAN to Anne KILCOYNE May 18

Michael DEVANNY to Bridget MALLY May 19

John CONNOR to Catherine KILCOURSE June 2

Martin RIELLY to Mary CARTY August 5

Pat FEENICK to Mary Anne CULICAN September 29

William MURRY Royal Marin to Bridget DAISEY November 5

John CONNELL 51st Regiment to Hanna DOLAN December 5

Pat DUPRE to Mary McNANAMA December 14




John JOYCE to Bridget THORTON January 6

Matthew JENNINGS to Anne FLANGAN January 25

James HOPKINS to Catherine MANGIN January 28

Pat WALSH to Catherine McHALE February 5

Michael GRADY to Catherine CONNOR February 11

William McLOUGHLIN to Mary HESTOR February 12

William  WALLACE to Mary JENNINGS February 18

Pat MORAN to Mary McDERMOTT February 22

John NARY to Bridget HOPKINS February 29

Martin RIELY to Mary COGGILL March 9

Thomas RIELY to Honor NAUGHTON March 9

Michael WALSH to Ellen McHALE March 13

George William PAUL 17th Lancers to Kate McKEON April 2

Pat LaVELLE to Judy COYNE April 4

John GIBBONS to Hanna STAUNTON April 7

James McBRIDE to Mary FADEN April 21

James WALSH to Catherine DAISEY May 13

John JOYCE to Bridget DOLAN May 15

Michael DOLAN to Kate MORROWSON May 30

Edward NAUGHTON to Mary KELLY July 16

James VAHEY to Ellin MACKEN July 14

Thomas HOBAN to Bridget WALSH September 8

John FALLON to Mary MOLONEY October 3

James SWEENY to Bridget BOURKE November 3

Michael THOMPSON to Celia CANTON November 24

Michael METCALF 8th Irish to Maria BOURKE December 2



Loughlin GILOYLY to Marianne COADY January 12

John GARVEY to Mary WALSH January 6

John WALSH to Catherine McGOUGH February 9

John HEALEY to Alice GIRNELLY February 15

Thomas McGOWN to Mary GALLAGHER February 16

Anthony CORCORAN to Cecily JENNINGS February 16

Thomas O'BRIEN to Mary WALSH February 23

Thomas QUINN to Ellen JOYCE March 6

Francis LEONARD to Sarah FERGUS March 16

Pat WALSH to Bridget O'BRIEN March 23

Thomas LUDDEN to Bridget FARRILL April 2

Martin McGOUGH to Anne WARD June 1

John KELLY Royal Irish Constabulary to Mary TIERNEY September 1

William MACKEN to Margaret SCAHILL September 29




Pat MURPHY to Catherine HOPKINS January 4

John MULLIGAN to Kate M. CANNON January 8

Denis McLOUGHLIN to Bridget McHUGH January 18

John RABITT to Mary MORAN February 4

Edward HARVEY (8th Hessions) to Mary LaVELLE February 8

Michael BOURKE to Bridget McEVELY March 5

James ALLIN to Mary KELLY March 23

Pat WALTERS to Anne CASEY August 30

John IGOE to Delia WALSH September 26

Owen MORAN to Ellen LOFTUS October 4




Alfred H SHERIDAN to Mary CHANCE January 12

Pat WALSH to Selia McEVELEY January 16

Pat GAVIN to Selia WALSH January 18

James JENNINGS to Mary BERRY February 6

Edward Andrew JENNINGS to Ellen McHUGH February 8

James WALSH to Mary FALLON February 9

Anthony HENRY to Bridget CONWAY February 14

Myles JENNINGS to Clare Anne McEVELEY March 4

John CORKELL to Bridget QUINN March 10

Martin COONEY to Mary HOPKINS March 17

Charles NOLAN to Rose GALLAGHER March 28

Michael DAISEY to Bridget RYAN April 25

Robert WALLACE to Catherine MUNNILLY May 7

Walter Patrick Joseph WOODWARD (corporal 17th Regiment) to Maria LYNCH May 28

John McELLIN to Ellen McELLIN June 24

Michael CORLEY to Mary RABITT July

Thomas HYNES to Anne Maria CAROBINE August 7

John BINGHAM to Mary MORAN August 27

James STEWART to Mary MADDEN September 12

Robert GILL to Margaret DEVELIN September 22

Edward BAYNES to Catherine HIGGINS October 27

Richard PERRY (4th Regiment) to Catherine GIBBONS November 4

Pat CAREY to Lavinia M HYNES November 3

William Joseph DOE (4th Regiment) to Bridget KERBY December 18

John LANE (3rd Dragons) to Bridget ROBINSON December 20



Michael MADDEN to Ann MALLY January 12

Michael MALLY to Ann KING January 20

Michael SCOTT to Ellen BOURKE January 24

Richard ROBINSON to Anne CLEARY February 8

John STEWART to Catherine CANNON February 15

Pat JENNINGS to Maria IGOE February 18

Peter STANTON to Kate DEVANNY February 23

Michael SKIFFERTON to Anne MORAN February 24

John WALSH to Sarah BOURKE March 4

William WALSH to Bridget GUVIN April

William EVITT 4th Regiment to Maria McSHEE May 27

George SCIDLY 4th Regiment to Bridget  KING June 5

Austin GRIFFEN to Mary GRIFFEN dispensation 2-3 October 21

William CLARKE to Mary GIBBONS November 18

James COMBER to Mary DURKIN December 3

William OLLINGTON to Maggie HAWTHORN December 3

James WALSH of 88th Regiment to Ellen McNULTY November 31



Joseph ACTON to Mary DURKIN January 14

Martin CORLEY to Bridget LYONS February 4

Pat GALBERT to Bridget BUTLER February 6

Thomas JENNINGS to Sarah FAHEY February 11

William MARTIN to Bridget KILEEN February 17

Thomas DILLON of 88th Regiment to Mary JOYCE February 20

Pat TOUCHER to Julia McHALE February 24

John NEILL (88th Regiment) to Bridget DUFFY March 7

Anthony O'LEARY (88th Regiment) to Ellen McNULTY March 7  

Anthony O'LEARY of 88th Regiment to Mary CUNNINGHAM March 19

Pat CUNNINGHAM to Bridget DURKIN March 31

Thomas O'SHEA to Mary McGOUGH April 15

James WILSON of 88th Regiment to Catherine NOLAN April 29

John MURPHY (Corporal 88th) to Margaret SPILLANE May 5

John BECKETT (88th Regiment) to Maria HALLIGAN May 7

Charles Joseph O'SULLIVAN (88th Regiment) to Bridget GLAVEY May 7

John McGRAIL to Bridget CUNNINGHAM May 28

Robert McGOLDRICK (Sgt. RIC) to Jane O'CONNOR July

Francis BEIENE to Bridget MEAGHEN August

Andrew BOYLE to Bedelia O'MALLEY August 9

Dominick BYRNE to Eliza DUNNE August 25

Francis McGRATH to Sara DEVELIN August 26

James GAVIN to Maggie MALLY December 30




William ROWANE to Catherine CONNOR January 5

Morris DUNNE to Bridget KELLY January 7

James WALSH to Catherine TUNNEY January 17

Robert MURRY (Sgt. Major 7th Dragoon Guards) to Elizabeth GIBBONS January 17

John O'BRIEN to Mary SCREEN January 19

John SWEENY to Julia FOX January 23

Michael CAULFIELD to Mary NOONE January 27

Thomas HARROWSON (4th Regiment) to Catherine WOLAN February 6

Francis CUNNINGHAM to Ellen SWEENY February 28

James HYLAND to Mary MORAN March 2

John McGUINNESS to Bridget RYAN March 7

James KELLY to Susan JENNINGS March 16

Joseph Bernard WALSH to Anne Marie WALSH March 21

Richard QUINN to Delia FORDE September 1

Anthony BOYLE to Julia JORDAN October 8




John HEALY to Bridget O'HORA February 5

Certificate to _________RYAN Cloonsunna February 5

Michael GARVEY to Nancy SMYTH February 15

Certificate to Owen FLYNN son Rahins February 16

Certificate to Peter THORTON February 19

Ulick BURKE to Mary GIBBONS February 22

Certificate to TUNNY February 24 Cloonkeen

John McHALE to Delia McGUINESS February 24

Certificate to RYAN March 21Cloonsunna

Certificate to Thomas JOYCE March 23

Certificate to Dominick MURRY March 27

Peter LAWLOR to Maria FORDE May 5

Certificate to Pat CALLAHEN May 5

Certificate to John THOMAS May 5

Michael DORGAN to Mary MALLY May 6

Martin NALLY to Mary Bella NELSON July 6

Pat McGRAIL to Sara McKERNON July 15

Thomas COSTELLO to Bridget MULROONY August 6

John JENNINGS to Mary TUNNY August 14

Certificate to John DAISEY October Cloonsunna

Certificate to Anthony FAULKNER November 8




Pat MALONEY to Anne DUNNE October 5

Thomas DAVIS to Anne CANTON October 24

Pat FENNIGAN (76th regiment) to Kate HUGHES November 25

John OATS to Mary MORAN December 9



Thomas MADDEN to Rose LAWLIS October 15

William WALSH to Mary Jane JORDAN October 19




Pat CORCORAN to Mary McGLOIN February 6

Pat KELLY to Mary DAISEY February 7

Oliver MOULD to Maria BARNS March 6

Alfred SMITH to Anne REDINGTON March 17 witness Oliver MOULD and Agnes REDINGTON

John QUERKE to Julia WARD August 7




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