Castlebar Marriages 1883 to 1932

  January 31 2007  365


Marriages in the Castlebar/Aglish Parish records.

Some villages listed also some fathers names listed   

Arranged as follows:
Groom's forename  Fathers full name in ( ) Town, if there was a different
town listed for father I have listed it in along side fathers Name in ( )
Brides name and rest as above.





Thomas WALSH to Honor McHALE February 5

Michael WALSH to Bridget NAUGHTON February 8

Edward THERN  Military Barracks 1st Derby Shine Regiment of Alfred and Hariet THERN to Ellen MACKEN Green to John and Mary GARVEY Belclare September 17

William BOTTLING Military Barracks of Henry and June BOTTLING Military Barracks to Eliza LALLY of John and Catherine LALLY Lower Chapel St September 22

John McTIGUE (John McTIGUE Thomas Street) to Bridget McTIGUE (Thomas McTIGUE) Poor House Hill November 11

Thomas BARRETT Shamble St to Honor FALLON of James FALLON Shamble St November 15  

Pat O'DONNELL (Dominick O'DONNELL) Clare Island to Mary QUIRK (James QUIRK) Cunnamara December 3




John MORAN (Pat MORAN) Barrowduma to Mary TIERNEY (Pat and Catherine TIERNEY) Knockcahillaun February

John McCARTY (Owen McCARTY) New Antrim St to Bridget RUAN (Thomas and Eliza RUAN) New Antrim St February 10 witness Michael LaVALLE and Bridget KILCOURSE

Michael QUINN (Pat and Mary QUINN) Mt Daisy to Mary McGOUGH (John McGOUGH) Killadeer February 11

Michael LOFTUS (Pat and Catherine LOFTUS) Belcarra to Catherine McGREEVY (Michael McGREEVY and Catherine LOFTUS) Westland February 17 witness Pat HENRY and Selia LOFTUS

Pat LaVELLE (Edward LaVELLE) Killadeer to Bridget McGOUGH (John McGOUGH) Knocklough February 17 witness Francis GAVIN Glen Island and Ellen LaVELLE Killadeer

Michael McDERMOTT (John McDERMOT and Bridget MURPHY) Knockcahillaun to Catherine GREHAN (Michael GREAHAN and Ann BROWNE) Knockcahillaun March 2

Anthony FLYNN Ballyhean (Anthony FLYNN Coolodge) to Mary CUMMINS (Michael CUMMINS and Judy KELLY) Ballyhean March 4

Robert KEEFE Tucker St (Sandy KEEFE and McKANE Newtown) to Mary CLARKE (Pat and Mary CLARKE) Newtown March 4

Joseph ORMSLEY (John ORMSLEY) Cloonfert to Ann LALLY (James LALLY and ? SANDERS) New Antrim March 13

Thomas O'MALLEY (Owen O'MALLEY) Killawalla to Ellen MORAN(Dan MORAN) Mount Daisy April 13 witness James O'MALLEY and Honor STAUNTON Linen Hall

James MURPHY (Jeremiah MURPHY) Military Barracks to Elizabeth EINSWORTH (William EINSWORTH) Milebush April 17

James CALLAHAN (John CALLAHAN Lion Hill) Margaret COMBER (John COMBER and Rose McNAMARA April 26

Thomas McDONNELL Linen Hall (Thomas McDONNELL Glenisland) to Mary CONWAY Derrynadivva (Michael CONWAY) May 2

Charles NEAL Castlebar Barracks (Charles NEAL England) to Maria O'BOYLE Castlebar (William O'BOYLE Turlough August 4

Michael FINIGAN Castlebar Barracks of John FINIGAN to Mary HALLERNAN Narrowlane of John HALLERNAN August 8

James BROOKS Castlebar Barracks of James BROOKS Scotland to Honor SPELMAN Derrywash of Peter SPELMAN August 25

William Stephen ROBERT of Frank ROBERT Castlebar Barracks to Sarah WALSH Castlebar of John WALSH Glen Island August 23

Thomas JENNINGS (Michael JENNINGS and Sarah CUNNINGHAM) New Antrim to Bridget LOFTUS (Martin LOFTUS) Logahista September 7 witness Pat RAINEY and Mary MULLOY

James SWIFT Castlebar Barracks (John SWIFT England) to Honor McGOUGH Drimneen (Michael McGOUGH) September 16

Pat TIMLIN Bridge St (Michael TIMLIN Addergoole) Mary FLANNERY Rush St September 21 witness William FLANERY and Catherine MATTHEWS

Arthur CONWAY (John CONWAY) Mt Gordon to Eliza JOYCE (John JOYCE) Castle St September 21  

Malacky THORTON Castle St (Thomas THORTON Claremorris) to Ellen HUGHES Rain St (Michael HUGHES Kilonnin) November 20

Thomas McDONNEL Ellison St (Hugh McDONNEL Duke St) to Kate KITTERICK Ellison St. (Pat KITTERICK Half Parish) December 6

Pat McMANNON (John McMANNON) Glenisland to Jane CLEMON Shamble St (George McNALLY Rahins) December 29

Thomas KEAVNEY Castle St (Thomas KEAVNEY) to Maryanne CRESHNAN Castle St December 29




John MURRY Barra Runna (Denis MURRY) to Maria WALSH Barra Runna (Luke WALSH) January 7

Thomas MULLOY (George MULLOY) Half Parish to Maria KEANE (Philip KEANE) Castlebar           February 5

John HENAHAN Ballintober Parish (James HENAHAN Derrew) to Mary MUGAN (Anthony MUGAN) Cloonaghmore February 7

Pat STANTON Currathowalla (Martin STANTON) to Annie WALSH (Pat WALSH) Cloonkeen            February 8

James FORDE (Edward FORDE) Burrin Bridge to Catherine CORCORAN (Martin CORCORAN) Burrin More February 8 dispensation

Michael WALSH (Thomas WALSH Thrownaneen to Cecily MURRY (Martin MURRY) Killadeer February16

Thomas BLANE Crimlin (James BLANE) to Catherine WALSH Ardvarney (James WALSH) March 14 dispensation 2-2

John MURRY (Martin MURRY) Killadeer to Catherine QUINN (Peter QUINN) Killadeer March 25

Thomas CORCORAN Burren More (Martin CORCORAN Killadeer) to Margaret FORDE Burren Bridge (Edward FORDE) April 18 

Michael STAUNTON in the Asylum (James STAUNTON Drummin Castle) to Mary LYONS in the Asylum (Edward LYONS Keelcuil July 9

Daniel FLANNERY (Pat FLANNERY) Tucker St to Mary LOHAN (John LOHAN) Mt Gordon August 8

James McGOVERN Castlebar St to Ellen HUGHES Bridget St August 15

Thomas ROACH Knockrover (James ROACH) to Ellen CANNON Moneen (Cornelius CANNON) September 16

Andrew CLOONEY Castlebar Barracks (Pat CLOONY) to Margaret LYONS Castlebar (Edward LYONS Keelcuil) October 4

Henry REAFORD Castlebar Barracks (John REAFORD) to Kate SPELMAN (Pat SPELMAN) Derrywash

George CAVE Castlebar Barracks (father England) to Mary MULROONY Castlebar (Anthony MULROONY Kilkenny)

Michael BASQUIL (James BASQUIL) Killawalla to Ann DEA (James DEA) Ballyhean November 27 witness Michael WALSH and Catherine WALSH

John SMITH Castlebar Barracks (father England) to Mary MULLINS Castlebar (father Turlough)





William FOY (Peter FOY) Kilkenny to Ellen McHALE (John McHALE) Kilkenny January 9

William JOYCE (Edward JOYCE England) Castlebar Barracks to Ellie O'BRIEN (Michael O'BRIEN) Spencer St January 18

Michael McDONNELL (Michael McDONNELL) Cloonkeen to Mary REILLY (Martin REILLY) Cloonfert February 17

James CANNON (Laurence CANNON) to Bollinsole to Mary CONWAY (Daniel CONWAY) Dernadiva February 18

Thomas QUINN Shamble St (Thomas QUINN Ellison St) to Celia MULLIGAN Ellison St February 18

Pat FEENY (Hugh FEENY) Main St to Sarah CUNNINGHAM (Thomas CUNNINGHAM) Linenhall St March 1 dispensation

John MULLIN (James MULLIN) Balla Parish to Mary Ellen KILROY (Michael KILROY) Ballykiell March 2

Michael ROACHE (James ROACHE) Ballure to Julia FEENICKE (Pat FEENICKE) Knockriver March 6

Pat HALLINAN (Pat HALLINAN) Pheasant Hill to Sarah CONWAY (Pat CONWAY) Derrynadivva April 4

Davide SURDIVAL (Davide SURDIVAL) Ballinlason to Ellen TIERNAN (John TIERNAN) Knockcahillaun April 15

Jeremiah CROWLEY (Cornelius CROWLEY) Castle St to Margaret TIERNEY (Thomas TIERNEY) Castle St April 25

John KING (Pat KING) Cloonfert to Mary KING (John KING) Curnevegh April 26

John MORAN Main St (Bryan MORAN Ross) to Annie FLANNERY (Matthew FLANNERY) Rush St May 16

Walter McEVILLY (John McEVILLY) Ballyhean to Winifred GOLDIN (James GOLDIN) Currathanwella July 4

Martin (Thomas NARY) Sheeane to Catherine (Thomas CORCORAN) Burrin July 7

Michael MALLEY (William MALLEY) Sheeane to Bridget MALLY (Pat MALLY) Burrin July 21

Thomas DUNN Military Barracks to Margaret GIBBENY Castlebar August 2

Richard FITZPATRICK (Pat FITZPATRICK) Triangle to Margaret PENDERGRAST (Anthony PENDERGRAST) Lightforde August 21

William (John EGAN) Ballintober to Catherine (Darby KING) Cloonfert September 2

William HALLYON Tucker ST to Eliza KILROY Tucker St October 7

Walter BASQUILL (Michael BASQUILL) Hollyhill Aughagower to Bridget BURKE (John BURKE) Coolodge October 20

Thomas GAVIN (Pat GAVIN) Charles St to Bridget BOURKE (John BOURKE) Coolodge November 15

Martin MURTAGH (Thomas St) (Martin MURTAGH Castlebar) to Catherine RIELEY (Thomas St) (John RIELEY Keeloges) November 21

Michael RUAN Newtown to Nancy SMITH Newtown November 21 paupers

John Patrick MULLINS (Main St) (Pat MULLINS England) to Bridget COSTELLO (Pat COSTELLO) (Main St) November 22 witness Michael and Maria COSTELLO (Main St.)

Daniel CALLAHAN Chapel St (Pat CALLAHAN Westport) to Sel WORDE (Thomas WORDE) Chapel St November 29

George SMITH Asylum (John SMITH Dublin) to Julia LOFTUS Asylum

Paderich RONAYNE of Michael RONAYNE Ballinabole to Annie HYNES Main St of father Islandeady




Michael HINCHEY New Antrim to Mary MURRY (James MURRY) January 4 New Antrim

Thomas CONNOR (Pat CONNOR) Belcarra to Mary FOX (John FOX) Corheens January 21

Pat WALSH Barracks (Davide WALSH Belcarra) to Mary McGREEVY (Richard McGREEVY) Barrack St January 21

Pat DEVANNY (Owen DEVANNY) Thownaneen to Honor HOPKINS (John HOPKINS) Burrin      January 30

John William NELSON Castlebar Barracks (Robert NELSON England) to Anne MURPHY Ballynew (Thomas MURPHY) February 13

John MOLLOY (Pat MOLLOY) Keelouges to Mary WARDE (Martin WARDE) Kilkenny February 16

Pat ROACH (John ROACH) Sheean to Bridget FLANNERY (Martin FLANNERY) Burrin More February 21

Martin KILCOYNE (Thomas KILCOYNE) Glenisland to Honoria MUGAN (Daniel MUGAN) Cloonkeen February 26

Pat LOFTUS (Luke LOFTUS) Spencer St to Ann GOLDING Main St (Anthony GOLDING) Keelouges March 13

Thomas WINTERSCALE (James WINTERSCALE) Ballyhean to Anne HENAGHAN (John HENAGHAN) Ballyhean March 17

Robert HALLIGAN New Antrim St (William HALLIGAN Tucker St) to Ellen BROWNE (Thomas BROWNE) Bridge St May 28

James KELLY (Minola) (James KELLY Balla) to Mary Josephine MALLY Work House Teacher (Martin MALLY) Belcarra May 29

Pat TWIGGS (John TWIGGS) Thomas St to Ellen WATERS (Pat WATERS) Lucan St May 30 

Thomas RYAN (Martin RYAN) Breaffy to Ann GARVEY (Anthony GARVEY) Breaffy June 8

Michael QUINN (Pat QUINN) Olde Pound on the Green to Margaret COLEMAN Sarnaght (Anthony COLEMAN Conloon) June 11

Thomas GLYNN (Pat GLYNN) Castle St to Margaret SHEENE (John SHEENE) Kiltmagh Castlebar

Michael LANGEN New Town  (Pat LANGEN Castlebar) to Bridget NOCTIN (Pat NOCTIN) New Antrim St July 2

Pat O'BRIEN (Martin O'BRIEN) Clogernauth to Ann STAUNTON (Pat Ulick STAUNTON) July 6 Derrews

James NOON Lucan St (Michael NOON Westport) to Rose Ann DEAVENY Lucan St (Pat DEAVENY Ballina July 6

James GREAR to Hona HOBAN Main St August  

Thomas McLYNSKEY Keeloges (Pat McLYNSKEY) to Bridget KING Cloonsunna (Thomas KING) November 12




Pat FLANNERY Main St (Matthew FLANNERY Rush St) to Bridget McFILPIN (Pat McFILPIN) Linenhall January 11

John O'GARA Mayo (John O'GARA) to Honor MADDEN (Pat MADDEN) Cloonsunna January 12

James GLEMON Windsor (Denis GLEMON) to Margaret HORA (John HORA) January 29

Michael CRADOCK (Bartholomew CRADOCK) Barrohuma to Anne HOPKINS (John HOPKINS) February 12

William FEENEY (John FEENEY) Craghamore to Mary McGOUGH (John McGOUGH) Knucklough February 5  

Thomas MURPHY (Thomas MURPHY) Springfield to Margaret ROACHE (James ROACHE) Ballure February 15

John STANTON Knockcahillaun (James STANTON Snugborough) to Anne TIERNEY (John TIERNEY) Burren February 16

Pat HOPKINS (John HOPKINS) Burrin to Mary CONWAY (James CONWAY) Derrynadivva February 19

Pat LUDDEN (Pat LUDDEN) Islandeady to Sabrina MURRY (Pat MURRY) Barradrunen February 26

Pat ONEILL (John ONEILL) Castlebar to Kate KELLY Castlebar (Pat KELLY Turlough) April 2

Davide ROBERTS Castlebar Barracks (Conner ROBERTS England) to Kate GAVIN Castlebar (James GAVIN) April 23

James RYAN (Dennis RYAN) Cloonsunna to Honor O'DONNEL Holly Hill April 30

Charles Joseph WRIGHT Castlebar Barracks (John WRIGHT England) to Annie LOFTUS Ballyhean (Thomas LOFTUS Curnevagh) Curnevagh July 22

Pat FLEMMING Workhouse (Pat FLEMMING Tyrauley to Mary HENAHAN Workhouse (Pat HENAHAN Ballyhean) July 28

Anthony FAULKNER workhouse (Pat FAULKNER Tyrauley) to Celia CONNOR (John CONNOR) Rush St July 31

John LALLY (James LALLY) New Antrim to Mary CHAMBERS (George CHAMBERS) Throwochowel August 6

Farrell SHANNON (Robert SHANNON) to Honoria PENDERGRAST Knockcahillaun (James PENDERGRAST in the US) August 23

Pat FADDEN (John FADDEN) Ballyheane to Margaret McHUGH (Michael McHUGH) New Antrim October 5

John COONEY (Martin COONEY) New Antrim to Honor FLYNN (Thomas FLYNN) Knucalough November 3

Thomas (Daniel FALLON) Richard St to Kate Tucker St (Pat LaVALLE Linen Hall St) December 30

Henry FALLON (Rahins) (John FAUL Shamble St) to Bridget McHUGH (Pat McHUGH) Knockcahillaun December 30


Pat DAISEY Castlebar (James DAISEY England) to Bridget McDONOUGH Kilkenny (Pat McDONOUGH Ballynew) January 2

Peter IGOE (James IGOE) Spencer St to Bridget LALLY (John LALLY) Ballintober January 17

Thomas (John HORAN) Ballintober to Catherine (Martin STANTON) Ballyshane February 21 witness John HORAN

Edward McGOWAN Crimlin (John McGOWAN Burren) to Bridget TRACY (Pat TRACY Crean) February17

James FITZMAURICE Loughrusheen (James FITZMAURICE Loughrusheen) to Ellen Corheens MULCHRONE (Bryan MULCHRONE Corheens) February 27

James LANDE Castlebar Barracks (Francis LANDE England) to Anne COLEMAN Main St Anthony COLEMAN March 1

John FLYNN Cloontubbrid (Thomas FLYNN) to Anne DAISEY Cloonsunna (Pat DAISEY) March 2

Edwarde PURCELL Spencer St (Davide PURCELL) to Sarah Agnes O'MALLY Spencer St

Thomas O'BOYLE (Francis O'BOYLE) Islandeady to Bridget WALSH (Michael WALSH) Curnamara March14

Michael McHALE (Michael McHALE) Derrywash to Bridget NOCTIN Duffort April15

Thomas MURRY (Pat MURRY) Drimnacareta to Bridget MUGAN (Anthony MUGAN) Cloonaghrone May 1

Michael CASEY Spencer St (Michael CASEY Sligo) to Margaret GILMARTIN (Michael GILMARTIN Spencer St May 1

James McKEANE Richard St (James McKEANE Spencer St) to Bridget FITZMAURICE Mayo Infirmary (James FITZMAURICE Loughrusheen) May

Thomas NOON Lowers Chapel St (Martin NOON Belmullet) to Mary HERAHTY (John HERAHTY) Westport July 8

Oliver WILSON Military Barracks (Robert WILSON England) to Anne ROACH Knockrawer (James ROACH) July 15

James CHESHAM (John CHESHAM) Lucan St to Mary BLAKE New Antrim St (Richard BLAKE Hollyhill) July 31

Michael CUNNINGHAM (Martin CUNNINGHAM) Ballynew to Delia BOURKE (Michael BOURKE) Richmond August 9

Pat MULLINS (Thomas MULLINS) Spencer St to Bridget RIELEY (Pat RIELEY) Spencer St August 23

William CARR New Antrim (William CARR) to Mary WARDE New Antrim (Michael WARDE Breaffy) August 23

John Edward SHACKLE Military Barracks (John SHACKLE England) to Eliza FORDE Chapel St (James FORDE) August 23

Pat MULROONY (warden in Asylum) (James MULROONY Rahins) to Bridget HENNIELLY (warden in Asylum) (Michael HENNIELLY Ballynew) October 9

George KEVILLE Military Barracks to Mary Jane GIBBONS the Green (James GIBBONS) October 13

Owen THORTON Military Barracks to Mary Anne LOFTUS (William LOFTUS) Linen Hall                December 10

Thomas DALTON Military Barracks to (Thomas DALTON UK) to Bridget DONNELLY (Pat DONNELLY) House of the Church December 10




Thomas GRIMES (Pat GRIMES) Ringarraun to Mary GIBBONS (Walter GIBBONS) Errew January 1

Michael HORAN (Pat HORAN) Parish of Newport to Bridget DEULY Main St (John DEULY Parish of Addergoole) January 6

Bernard MULCHRONE Corheens (Bryan MULCHRONE) to Honor FLYNN Killadeer (Ned FLYNN) January 8

Edward HUGHES (Thomas HUGHES) Tucker St to Annie GALLAGHER Gallowhill (Laurence GALLAGHER) January12

Thomas GREAHAM (Martin GREAHAM) Knockcahillaun to Margaret HOPKINS (Martin HOPKINS) Knock January 25

James COEN (William COEN) Athlone to Mary McCORMACK (Thomas McCORMACK) Main St February 11

James WALSH (Michael WALSH) Cloonkeen to Julia O'DONNELL (Michael O'DONNELL) Cloonkeen February 12

Myles ROACH (Michael ROACH) Locke Parish of Turlough to Margaret WALSH (John WALSH) Burrin March 4  

William Joseph John SAUNDERS Castlebar Barracks to Catherine BARRETT Castle St (John BARRETT Duffort) March

Pat SHERIDAN Ballyhean (Michael SHERIDAN) to Bridget CONARIL (Michael CONARIL) Ballyhean March 6

Michael FLANNERY (Michael FLANNERY) Ballure to Nora MICHAEL (Edward MICHAEL) Milebush April 6

Alfred Aloyious BALLATTI Military Barracks to Elizabeth McDERMOTT (Pat McDERMOTT) Castle St June 15

Martin STAUNTON (Patrick STAUNTON) Derrew, Ballyhean to Bridget CANNON (Walter CANNON) Holly Hill July 6

Thomas WOODS (John WOODS) Westport to Mary CORCORAN (Pat CORCORAN) Chapel St November 1

Robert McNULTY (Pat McNULTY) Ballina to Ann DALY Main St. (Charles DALY Coachfields) December 27




Thomas GREAHAM (Martin GREAHAM) Knockcahillaun to Margaret HOPKINS (Martin HOPKINS) Knockcahillaun January 25

John HYNES (Michael HYNES) Coolodge to Margaret GANNON (Pat GANNON) Cloonaghmore

Daniel McGRAIL (Richard McGRAIL) Linen Hall St to Margaret RUAN (Thomas RUAN) New Antrim St February 10

Pat HORAN (Thady HORAN) Cloonkeen to Ellen LALLY (James LALLY) New Antrim St March15

Matthew MALONEY (Thomas MALONEY) Horsepark to Mary GRIFFIN (Martin GRIFFIN) Breaffy March 21

John CONNOR Knockrawer (Pat CONNOR Drimneen) to Bridget COGGIL (John COGGIL) Cloonaghmore March 29

Thomas MALONEY (Laurence MALONEY) Addergoole to Catherine MALLY (Michael MALLY) April 11

Michael SWEENY Castlebar (Michael SWEENY Swinford) to Winny SHERIDAN (Mick SHERIDAN) Castlebar July 25

Thomas HICKERY Tucker St to Catherine GARVEY (John GARVEY) Lucan St August 27

Louis BRENNAN London (Thomas BRENNAN England) to Anne Maria QUINN (Michael QUINN) Ellison St September 10

Michael Christopher DOWLING (Michael DOWLING) Castle St to Kate McLAUGHLIN (Pat McLAUGHLIN) New Antrim October 16

Pat WALSH came over from England (Pat WALSH Turlough) to Bridget FAULKNEY (James FAULKNEY) Ross November 6




Pat MADDEN (Richard MADDEN) Coolodge to Anne PHILBIN (John PHILBIN) Ballyhean January 30

Frank GIBBONS Thomas St (Frank GIBBONS Westport) to Catherine GREEVER Warden Asylum (Hugh GREEVER) Poor House Hill January 30

John JENNINGS (Pat JENNINGS) Turlough to Winny MORRIN (Thomas MORRIN) Maughafadda February 20

John NARY (John NARY) Thowra Turlough to Mary GARVEY (Peter GARVEY) Burrin More February 29

Pat SHERIDAN (Michael SHERIDAN) Ballintober Parish to Catherine NALLY (Thomas NALLY) Cloonsunna March 24

Joseph Colin WHITSON Military Barracks London to Mary Anne HARVEY (age 14 1/2 when married) Ellison St (Edward HARVEY) America

Edward AUSTIN Chapel St (Edward AUSTIN) Chapel St (Edward AUSTIN England) to Margaret O'DONNELL (Edward O'DONNELL Chapel St December 8

Peter CARNEY (John CARNEY) Ballynew to Ellen COONEY (Martin COONEY) Richmond September




Pat FOX (John FOX) Corhens to Catherine O'DONNEL (Pat O'DONNEL) Burrin Bridge January 26

Charles ATKINSON (George ATKINSON) to Bridget KELLY (Thomas FITZGERALD) Currathanvalla February 4

Alfred W. LOWDRY Military Barracks England to Annie MORROWSON (Michael MORROWSON) Gallowhill

Michael DURKAN (Pat DURKAN) Derrylahan to Ellen FLANNERY (Martin FLANNERY) Burren More February 14)

George ROYNER Military Barracks (Richard ROYNER England) to Mary FLANNERY (Pat FLANNERY) Lucan St March 6

Charles BARTON Military Barracks (John BARTON England) to Ellen CLESHAM (John CLESHAM) Lucan St March 20

Anthony COGHER Keelouges (Pat COGHER) to Anne SMITH Spencer Park to (Pat SMITH Turlough) April 4

John KING Spencer St (John KING Ballyhean) to Bridget McGREAVY (? McGREAVY) Ballyhean April 11

John CHAMBERS Turlough (John CHAMBERS) to Mary Anne BROGAN (James BROGAN) New Antrim April 24

Pat BOLAND Asylum (Michael BOLAND Foxford) to Margaret DOGGINS Breaffy (Owen DOGGINS) Dispensation June 14

William CROKE Castlebar Barracks (Thomas CROKE) to Kate KILCOYNE (Thomas CROKE) Blackforth July 9

Michael DAISEY Castlebar Barracks (James DAISEY England) to Sarah MURPHY Spencer St (Michael MURPHY Balla) July 21

Thomas STANTON (Martin STANTON) Partry to Bridget BOURKE (Pat BOURKE) Cloonsunna August 27

John O'CONNOR (John O'CONNOR) Green to Kate McMANUS (James McMANUS) came by train Castlebar November 7

George CHACKE Military Barracks (Charles CHACKE England) to Anne HALLYAN (William HALLYAN) New Antrim November 23




Luke MADDEN (Thomas MADDEN) Cloonfert to Mary KILCOYNE (Patrick KILCOYNE) Cloonkeen January 14

Cecil BAKER Military Barracks (Cecil BAKER England) to Anne BINGHAM Lucan St (John BINGHAM) January 21

John MADICAN Mount Daisy (John MADICAN) to Margaret McGREEVY (Peter McGREEVY)

Francis MORAN (Patrick MORAN) Glen Island to Anne CONWAY (Michael CONWAY) Dernafira February 17

Francis MORAN (Pat MORAN) Glenisland to Ann CONWAY (Michael CONWAY) Derrynadivva February 14 Dispensation 3-3

Thomas MULLINS (Thomas MULLINS) Welshpool to Mary J COGGINS Breaffy (Owen COGGINS) March 25

Thomas BOURKE (John BOURKE) Coolodge to Annie JOYCE (Pat JOYCE) Coolodge Dispensation 3/3 April 2

John CAHILL (Michael CAHILL) Thomas St to Mary KELLY (John KELLY) New Antrim/Lepauly April 16

Michael MORAN Pontoon (Michael MORAN) to Mary FAHEY (John FAHEY) Sarnaght May 22

Ralph ALLEN (George ALLEN) Castlebar to Lucy BARTHGATE (Archey BARTHGATE) Farmyard Convert May 29

Pat MORAN of Pat MORAN  Olde Curry Belcarra to Ellen LOFTUS  of Thomas LOFTUS servant in Infirmary June 9

John FITZPATRICK Lower Chapel St of John FITZPATRICK Ballina  to Mary FEENY of Michael FEENY Lower Chapel St July 9

Pat HOGORTY (Michael HOGORTY) RIC Barracks to Margaret FARMER (Peter FARMER) Spencer St August 22

Pat  (Pat WALSH) Breaffy to Ann (John NOON) Breaffy September17

Pat SWEENEY New Antrim Street (SWEENEY Tucker St) to Bridget HENNESEY (Jeremiah HENNESEY) Ellison St September19

Austin O'MALLY (Austin O'MALLY) Main St. to Annie McGREEVY  (Geff McGREEVY) Corveagh September19




Pat KING (John KING) Cloonsunna to Honor JENNINGS (Richard JENNINGS) Cloonsunna January 5

Martin GIBBONS (Anthony GIBBONS) Breaffy to Ellen DALEY (Mary McINTRYE) Breaffy January 6

Bernard MORAN (John MORAN) Kilmeena to Mary CORLEY (Pat CORLEY Corheens) Main St January 16

William MAXWELL (William MAXWELL England) Military to Barbara DALY (Thomas DALY) Spencer St January 22

Thomas MANGAN (James MANGAN) Ringarraun to Catherine WALSH (John WALSH) February 6

Pat MUGAN (Pat MUGAN) Cloonkeen to Honoria GARVEY (James GARVEY Belcarra) Main St February 7

John MULROONY of John MULROONY Mount Daisy to Mary GIBBONS of Michael GIBBONS Mount Daisy            February 13

George BARLEY (Pat BARTLEY) Derrywash to Anne GIBBONS (Michael GIBBONS) Mount Daisy February 20

Michael (Thomas CONNOR) Drimneen to Maria (Pat DURKIN) Keelcuil February 24

James McMANUS (Pat McMANUS) Barley Hill to Mary McGOWAN (James McGOWAN) Rahins February 26 Dispensation 3-3

Martin McTIGUE (Edward McTIGUE) Burrin More to Catherine GALLAGHER (Thomas GALLAGHER) Burrin More March 2 Dispensation 3-3

James MORAN (Pat MORAN) Turlough to Celia JORDAN (Michael JORDAN) Keelcuil March 16

Michael QUINN (John QUINN) Ringarraun to Mary MULROY Ringarraun March 16

James DOHERTY (Martin DOHERTY) Belcarra to Mary McNULTY (Walter McNULTY) French Hill March 21

Michael HENEAHAN (Michael HENEAHAN) Carnacon to Bridget McGREEVY Castle St (Michael McGREEVY Westland) April 18

Davide NOLAN of David NOLAN Balla to Margaret McHALE Castlebar of Thomas McHALE Milebush Castlebar May 5

William RANCE (George RANCE) Asylum to Mary MULROONY (Matthew MULROONY) Asylum June 1

John FEENY (James FEENY) Coolodge to Margaret JENNINGS (Pat JENNINGS) Coolodge June 8 Dispensation

Michael WHITE (William WHITE) Knockloughra to Kate FLYNN (James FLYNN) Knockloughra June 20

John CUNNINGHAM (Thomas CUNNINGHAM) Linenhall to Margaret QUINN (George QUINN) England August 21

Bernard QUIGLY Castlebar to Mary GILDEA (Laurence GILDEA) Rush St August 30

Pat EINSWORTH (William EINSWORTH Milebush) Spencer St to Honor MORAN (Bartley MORAN Ballynew) September 7

Myles GILHOOLEY (Bart GILHOOLEY Co Letrim) Castlebar to Honoria COGHLEAN (Pat COGHLEAN Cork) Mayo Prison Warden October 26

Anthony KELLY (Michael KELLY) Tucker St to Ellen McGREEVY (Geoff McGREEVY) Ballyhean witness Celia McGREEVY Ballyhean October 27

Thomas MAY (John May) Westport to Ellen DALY (Charles DALY Main St December 26

Thomas LENAHAN (Thomas LENAHAN) Ballina to Annie Mary DARCY (Thomas DARCY) Shamble St




Charles McDONNELL Newtown of Hugh McDONNELL to Annie BARRET Shamble St of Thomas BARRET Newtown January 3

Thomas CLARKE of John CLARKE Clogernagh to Rose MOROUGHAN of Michael MOROUGHAN January 6 Mount Daisy

Michael FITZMAURICE of Michael FITZMAURICE Castle St to Mary K. THOMPSON of Michael THOMPSON January 16 Castlebar

Certificate to Stephen GRIFFIN Breaffy January 20

Certificate to John MURRY Barradruma January 21

Peter FADDEN of Michael FADDEN Ballintober to Margaret HYNES Coolodge of Pat CANNON Cloonamore Coolodge February 8

Edward McCORMACK Gort Turlough of Pat to Catherine McGLOIN Burrin Bridget of Pat McGLOIN February 11

Martin MADDEN Derrywash of Martin MADDEN to Mary PINNNER Mill Hill February 12

Michael JENNINGS of Richard JENNINGS Cloonsunna to Sarah JOYCE of Michael JOYCE Cloonferth February 13

Thomas KILCOYNE Islandeady of John KILCOYNE to Mary MADDEN of Pat MADDEN Cloonferth February 17

James KILLEN Lucan St of John KILLEN Thomas St to Mary BINGCAN Charles St of Michael WALSH Lucan St March 2

William WALSH of Pat WALSH Lisiniska to Honoria McTIGUE Thrownechane April 4

William SHERIDAN  Ellison St of Joseph SHERIDAN Spencer Park to Catherine Mary GIBBONS of William GIBBONS Main St April 27

John TOOLE Military Barracks of John TOOLE America to Sarah
KILCOYNE Ellison St of Thomas KILCOYNE Moneen June 13

Joseph  O'DONNEL Military Barracks of Stephen O'DONNEL  to Wilhelmina BELL Military Barracks of William BELL August 6

Martin McDONNELL Glen Island of John McDONNELL to Sara CONWAY Dernadiva of Michael CONWAY         August 9

Michael  RUDY New Antrim of Michael  RUDY to Bridget WHITE Poor House Hill of John WHITE Knucklough October 5

John McGOUGH Drimneen of Michael McGOUGH  to Mary FALLON Ringuane of Michael FALLON November 12


Pat POWERS Castlebar of Bernard POWERS  to Lizzie KILKENNY of Robert KILKENNY Main St January 14

James CASEY of Sandy Hill to Honor WALSH of Derrycoosh January 15 

Peter WALSH of Michael WALSH Belcarra to Bridget DUFFY Ballyshawn of Pat DUFFY January 25

Anthony KIRBY of John KIRBY Killawalla to Mary Ann MICHELL of Edward MICHELL Milebush January 28

John FADDEN of Robert FADDEN Glen Island to Margaret FAHEY of John FAHEY Sarnaght February 7

Michael RICE of Michael RICE Milebush to Margaret KILCOURSE of Michael KILCOURSE Military Barracks February 15

Pat COSGROVE of John COSGROVE Parish of Drum to Bridget THUMAS of John THUMAS Cloonsunna  March 18

Charles Frederick HUTCHINSON Military Barracks of Squire HUTCHINSON England to Mary GIBBONS Castlebar of Pat GIBBONS March 25

Pat HENSNAN of Thomas HENSNAN Spencer St to Julia O'DONNELL Spencer St of Anthony O'DONNELL Cloonferth June 27

Martin WALSH of Martin WALSH Lucan St to Mary CORLEY of Michael CORLEY Keelcuil October 27

Pat MURPHY Limerick Sgt of RIC of Timothy MURPHY to Maria STAUNTON Main St of Joseph STAUNTON Castlebar November 4

Joseph ACTON of Peter ACTON Ballure to Bridget MAY of Pat MAY Ballure December 24



Thomas McGREEVY of Geoff McGREEVY Ballyhean to Mary COSTELLO of Michael COSTELLO Killadeer January 1 witness Michael COSTELLO Killadeer and Catherine McGREEVY Ballyhean

Thomas KILCOURSE of Michael KILCOURSE Milebush to Mary Agnes CANNON Ballyshawn of Joseph CANNON  January 22

Thomas THORTON of Malacky THORTON Ballinavella House to Ellen GIBBONS New Town of of Michael GIBBONS Linen Hall February 2

Thomas CONCUMMIN Balla of John CONCUMMIN to Bridget HEART of Martin HEART Kilkenny February 21

Pat PLUCK Military Barracks of Laurence PLUCK England to Kate MORAN of William MORAN Spencer St March 6

Thomas A. WYNNE of Thomas WYNNE Main St to Norah HYNES Main St of Thomas HYNES Islandeady November 11

Cornelius BARRY Military Barracks of Cornelius BARRY England to Ellen McHALE Main St of Thomas McHALE Milebush December 26



Pat B. STANTON America of Henry STANTON Islandeady to Maria KEANE Main St of February 1

Pat SCAHILL Mount Daisy to Sarah MOROUGHTAN Mount Daisy March 4

Michael KILCOYNE of John KILCOYNE Islandeady to Honoria FLYNN of James FLYNN Knuckalough March 15

Pat SAUNDERS of James SAUNDERS Ardvarney to Margaret LOFTUS of Martin LOFTUS Loghista July 23

Luke JORDAN Down at the Grove Castlebar of William JORDAN Tucker St to Ceily MORAN Rathbaun of Michael MORAN England September 17

Pat HERATY England of Pat HERATY Westport Belcarra to Anne DUNNE Castlebar St November 23



Matthew George McMANUS Military Barracks of Michael McMANUS to Katie McTIGUE of James McTIGUE Glenisland Assist in Asylum January 24

Martin CLEARY Balla of Thomas CLEARY to Mary Matilda HOBAN Errew of Pat HOBAN February 1

John McGOUGH Tucker St --- McGOUGH Castlebar to Kate KILCOURSE New Antrim of Michael KILCOURSE February 1

Maurice REEDY Rahins of Maurice REEDY to Georgeanna McNALLY of George McNALLY Rahins February 3

Thomas LONDRA Belcarra of Luke LONDRA to Bridget THUMAS of Pat THUMAS Cloonsunna February 8

Thomas JENNINGS of John JENNINGS Derrylahan to Bridget McDONNEL Ardvarney of Pat McDONNEL February 11

Joseph WALSH of Anthony WALSH Belcarra to Mary WARD of Richard WARD French Hill February 14

Michael McGOUGH Killadeer of Myles McGOUGH to Bridget WALSH of John WALSH Barradruma February 21

Pat KIRBY of Peter KIRBY Currybeg to Anne BURKE of James BURKE Mill Hill February 28

Michael BOURKE of Thomas BOURKE Cloonsunna to Maria McNULTY of John McNULTY Barradruma March 15

Bryan DEVANNY of Owen DEVANNY Loughreshkeen to Mary McDERMOTT Burraknowles of John McDERMOTT Keelouges March

Pat NARY  of Thomas NARY Shanwalla to Mary McHALE of James McHALE Loughreshkeen March 4

John RYDER of Michael RYDER Newtown to Bessy FARMER of Peter FARMER Spencer St March 11

Pat MORAN of James MORAN Killadeer to Winifred McGOUGH of Michael McGOUGH March 13

Michael BURKE of Thomas BURKE Cloonsunna to Maria McNULTY of John McNULTY Barradruma March 15

Michael GOLDIN of John GOLDIN Balla to Delia GOLDIN of James GOLDIN Breaffy March 17

James JENNINGS Castlebar of Walter JENNINGS to Mary DONALDSON Castlebar of William RIELY Sligo March 27

Henry McCORT Castlebar of Henry McCORT Roscommon to Rose Anne GARVEY Main St of Charles GARVEY Castlebar

James LAWLIS Ardvarney of Owen LAWLIS to Margaret NARY of Andrew NARY March 18

John HOPKINS Crimlin of Thomas HOPKINS to Honoria O'MALLY of Pat O'MALLY Burren More March 31

Christopher WALSH Lower Chapel St of Walter WALSH Castlebar to Mary McHALE Assistant at Asylum of James McHALE Ballina June 24

Pat LYNCH of Martin LYNCH  Tucker St to Maria GAMMON Thomas St of James  GAMMON Ballinew July 9

George of CHURLOCK New Antrim of Peter CHURLOCK  to Celia TUSHEY New Antrim of John MORAN Ballina August 11

Pat CUNCANNON Thomas St of Pat CUNCANNON Ballinew to Margaret McLOUGHLIN Lower Chapel St of Pat McLOUGHLIN December

Thady KING Cloonsunna (Thomas KING Hollyhill) to Margaret MUGAN Cloonamore (Anthony MUGAN)           December 18




Pat KENNY of Thomas KENNY  Derrywash to Alice STONE of William STONE January 5

Richard BURKE of Thomas BURKE Belcarra to Bridget BARRET Shamble St  of John BARRET Newtown January 19

Henry BROWNE of Henry BROWNE Rahins of Bridget McDONAGH of Michael McDONAGH Cloonmakin February 1

Michael HART of John HART Cremlin to Margaret FLANNERY of Martin FLANNERY Burren February 26

John BURKE of Thomas BURKE Glenisland to Bridget HOBAN of James HOBAN Rahins April 6

James CAHILL Ellison St of Dr CAHILL to Elizabeth RYAN widow Ellison St April 9

John McDONNELL to Ellen LaVELLE of Edward LaVELLE Killadeer April 22

Michael QUINN Warden in Aslyumn of Michael QUINN to Nora MULDOON Castlebar of Arthur MULDOON May 16

Pat CROFTON of Pat CROFTON Glenhest to Bridget GARRY Tucker St of Michael GARRY June 5

Peter KILLEEN of James KILLEEN Lucan St to Mary GINTY of John GINTY

Pat ROONEY of John ROONEY Balavarry to Bridget FAHEY of John FAHEY Sarnaght August 1

James FORDE Tucker St of Pat FORDE Nefin to Kate McHUGH Tucker St of Michael McHUGH Linen Hall August 11

Thomas MURPHY of Daniel MURPHY Ellison St to Annie HOBAN of Thomas  HOBAN Ellison St  September 15 

Pat WALSH of John WALSH Castlebar to Mary BROWNE of James BROWNE  Drummin           September 27

John MALLY Newtown of John MALLY Castlebar to Mary BARRET Newtown of John BARRET Castlebar October 13

Michael CUSICK Linen Hall of Pat CUSICK Castlebar to Kate ROCHE Linen Hall of Edward ROCHE Castlebar October 13



James MURPHY of Michael MURPHY Keeloges to Anne CORLEY of Michael CORLEY January 16

John BRODERICK of Pat BRODERICK Mount Daisy to Bridget BUTLER of Pat BUTLER Mount Daisy January 17

James SHERLOCK of George SHERLOCK Castlebar to Maggie BLAKE of Richard BLAKE Castlebar January 29

Michael HASTINGS of Michael HASTINGS Ballymagrath to Bridget GAVIN of Pat GAVIN Pheasant Hill February 9

John O'HARA of Pat O'HARA Ballynew to Anne CUNNINGHAM of Martin CUNNINGHAM Ballynew February 26

Pat MORAN of James MORAN Killadeer to Winny McGOUGH of Michael McGOUGH Snugborough March 3

Michael HOBAN of John HOBAN Mount Gordon to Bridget GRIFFIN of Martin GRIFFIN Castlebar March 13

Stephen CALLAGHAN of Pat CALLAGHAN Corheens to Cecila GOLDING of John GOLDING Breaffy March 17

Pat GIBBONS of John GIBBONS Mount Daisy to Kate O'HARA of Pat O'HARA Richmond March 31

James DEIGNAN of James DEIGNAN Turlough to Kate TANSEY of Pat TANSEY Castlebar April 5

James GIBBONS of John GIBBONS Mount Daisy to Mary BARRET of John RABBETT Mount Daisy April 20

Michael O'DONNELL of John O'DONNELL Ballyhean to Anne WALSH of Michael WALSH Ballyhean April 26

Michael McALPHINE of James McALPHINE to Maria McHALE of Michael McHALE Moneen April 29

Edward JOYCE of Thomas JOYCE Carnacon to Maria JOYCE of Michael JOYCE Ballyhean April 29

Edward McGRATH of Michael McGRATH Rahins to Mary McKALE of James McKALE May 8 Rahins

Michael O'REILLY of Pat O'REILLY Castlebar to Annie MULDON of Arthur MULDON Main St May 10


John SHEA Ballynamarroge to Bridget MADDEN of Cloonfert February 22




Edward MURPHY (Anthony MURPHY) Killadeer to Margaret MUGAN (Anthony MUGAN) Holly Hill March 29    

Patrick SHEA of John SHEA Sandy Hill to Margaret KENNY Derrycoosh February 20 1915

James O'SHEA Patrick O'SHEA Castlebar to Annie KEAM of Patrick KEAM November 23 1917

Anthony MURPHY of Edward MURPHY Holly Hill to Delia CLARKE of Thomas CLARKE Mount Daisy April 7 1918

William BASQUILL Holly Hill of Walter BASQUILL to Mary Ellen DONOGHUE of Pat DONOGHUE May 18 1919

Pat MURPHY Ballintober of Michael MURPHY to Mary Catherine DUNCAN of Thomas DUNCAN Castlebar May 18 1919

Mary COSTELLO Ballyhean of Martin COSTELLO to John P O'MALLEY Ballyburke May 10 1929



George Edward SMITH (George SMITH) to Maria Maud FLYNN (Pat FLYNN) witness George FLYNN and Eleanor FLYNN Castlebar September 22

Pat Joseph O'BRIEN (Daniel O'BRIEN Surry) to Margaret LaVELLE Castlebar (Henry LaVELLE Fisherhill)     September 23

James LYONS Castlebar (James LYONS Ballyhaunis) to Delia LaVELLE Castlebar (Henry LaVELLE Fisherhill) September 23  

Pat FORDEE (James FORDEE) to Bridget LAMBERT (James LAMBERT) Castlebar November 28

Pat THORTON Castlebar (Francis THORTON Westport) to Alicia KELLY Castlebar (Pat KELLY) November 29




Francis RUANE Castlebar of John RUANE to Mary NASH Castlebar of George NASH Belmullet January 6

John GANNON (Martin GANNON) Ballinrobe to Nora JENNINGS Castlebar (John Jennings) January 20

Michael QUIN Derryharus (Thomas QUINN) to Bridget McGOUGH Snugborough (Thomas McGOUGH) January 20

Edward RABBETT of John RABBETT Mt DAISY to Anne HIGGINS Liscunnell of John HIGGINS January 31

John FLYNN of John FLYNN Rahins to Maria CANNON Rahins of Laurence CANNON February 3

John KING Cloonfert of John KING to Julia MADDEN of Luke MADDEN Cloonkeen March 13


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