Drum Cemetery  

Drum Cemetery

Transcribed May 2006

In Loving Memory of Noel DUNNE Cloondaune died 28th Aug 1973 aged 21 years also his grandparents Margaret and Thomas HUGHES Madge HUGHES died 4th March 1994 Andrew DUNNE died 11th April 1997 aged 88 years RIP

In Loving Memory of Margaret FAHY Carrowbawn who died May 23 1945 aged 65 years also her husband Anthony died June 2nd 1955 aged 81 years daughter Mary died 17th Oct 1964 their son Michael died 11th May 1991 aged 78 years

In Loving Memory of Bridget DOHERTY Carrajames  died 19th March 1919 aged 54 years her husband Patrick died 2nd Nov 1944 aged 86 years their son Martin died 2nd Nov 1939 their daughter Mrs. Celia CANNON died 26th Jan 1966 aged 52 years

In Loving Memory of Malacky LOFTUS died 12th April 1981 aged 85 years his wife Ellen died 25th May 1985 aged 89 years their son John died 23rd Oct 2002 aged 76 years erected by his wife and family

John KELLY Ireland World War II MM2 USNR Sept 1900 August 5 1963 his wife Mary died April 6 1987

In Loving Memory of Patrick HENEGHAN Knockboy died 1923 his wife Nora died 1912 his daughter Bridget 1922 his sister Mary 1947 RIP erected by his son Pat

Pray for the Soul of John ROACHE Cloondaune died 13th March 1949 his wife Bridget died 12th March 1912 their son Edward died 27th Aug 1987 and his wife Katie died 15th June 1980 RIP

In Loving Memory of Patrick MURRY who died Aug 4 1922 aged 76 years his wife Nora died Jan 20 1894 aged 46 years their son Thomas died Sept 19 1963 aged 75 years his wife Maria died May 6 1931aged 45 RIP  years erected by their family at the bottom Patrick MURRY died 24th Feb 1975 aged 75 years his sister Nora died 4th March 2001 aged 89 years May they Rest in Peace

Sacred Heart of Jesus Have Mercy on the Souls of Mary CONCANNON who died June 2nd 1913 aged 57 years and her daughter Delia who died May 14 1908 aged 14 years RIP erected by her loving husband John CONCANNON Carramore

In Loving Memory of Patrick STAUNTON died 5th Jan 1923 aged 71 years Mary STAUNTON died 5th Dec 1931 Edward STAUNTON died 12th April 1916 aged 18 years John STAUNTON died 11th Aug 1980 aged 85 years Bridget STAUNTON died 23rd Aug 1959/99 aged 54 years

Pray for the Soul of John MADDEN Donamoona died 15th Dec 1930 his wife Kate died Dec 31 1958 their daughter Winifred who died 11th Dec 1976 John MADDEN died 20th Sept 1894 and his wife Winifred who died 21st Jan 1903

In Loving Memory of John STAUNTON Ballydavock died 1903 his wife Catherine died 1909 their son John died 27th July 1941 his wife Nora died 13th Dec 1948  their son Joe N. T. died 4th Aug 1944 age 29 years

In Loving Memory of Bridget O'MALLEY Carrajames died 27th April 1903 aged 65 years her husband Anthony her son Owen died 20th Nov 1904 age 19 Bridget O'MALLEY died 7th July 1918 her husband Patrick 11th May 1935 their son John Joe died 3 Feb 1969 his wife Bridget died 3 Nov 1994 RIP

Pray for the Soul of Martin LARKIN who died Feb 2nd 1913 age 77 years his wife Catherine July 7 1959 age 70 years and their family Michael died March 1908 aged 3 Kate died March 1923 aged 16 Delia died Nov 1923 aged 19 Mary died April 1963  aged 62 Margaret died July 1981 aged 73 erected by their family

In Loving Memory of Kate BOURKE Newtown died March 1924 aged 27 years her sons John died Oct 1921 James died Oct 1923 her husband Patrick died 18th Feb 1977 aged 84 years erected by her family and family

In Loving Memory of Thomas FAHY Newtown died 13th July 1920 his wife Bridget died 27th July 1963 their son Michael died 23rd March 1962 his wife Annie died 16th Oct 1994

In Loving Memory of Martin GILL who died April 22nd 1900 age 53 years and his wife Catherine died 22nd July 1933 age 75 years their sons Thomas died Aug 23rd 1944 age 50 years James died Jan 6th 1948 age 65 years erected by Martin GILL

Pray for the Soul of Jerome BOURKE Newtown died 22nd May 1970 his wife Mary Kate died 19th Dec 1973 also his children Bridget aged 1 1/2 years Thomas aged 4 years  under this a separate stone Mary CUNNINGHAM Cleveland born 1925 died 1990 John Richard BOURKE Toronto born 1923 died 1994 Kathleen BOURKE Newtown born 1927 died 1996 RIP 

a cross with In Loving Memory of Michael and Martin GLYNN Gradogue Ballyglass

In Loving Memory of Martin BOUKRE died 9th Jan 1945 his wife Catherine died 4th May 1936 their sons John died 4th Ma 1956 their sons Walter died 20th April 1974 RIP erected by the HENEGHAN family Newtown

In Loving Memory of Thomas PRENDERGRAST Newtown died 23rd June 1956 his wife Mary died 3rd Feb 1951 and their son John died 27th Dec 1976 RIP

In Loving Memory of Patrick MYLOTT late of Islandeady died 28th Feb 1971 his sister Catherine died 10th March 1972 RIP erected by their niece Anne BOURKE Newtown

In Loving Memory of dear wife & mother Eileen IRWIN Belcarra died April 1st 1995 aged 62 years Padre PIO pray for us RIP always remembered by her loving husband and family

In Loving Memory of James CONNOR Carrajames Belcarra died 13th Aug 1998 aged 74 years Rest in Peace

In Loving Memory of Kate MAHON Newtown died 6th March 1993 aged 78 years her husband John died 13th April 1996 aged 83 years Rest in Peace

In Loving Memory of William SCAHILL Kildeen died 20th Nov 1961 his son Michael died 11th May 1959 aged 7 years Teresa SCAHILL died 16th May 1997 aged 77 years RIP erected by Mary COLLINS

In Loving Memory of Patrick COLEMAN Newtown died 28th Aug 1953 aged 84 years and his wife Winifred died 9th July 1955

Sacred Heart of Jesus Have Mercy on the Souls of Helena Mary FITZGERALD- KENNY nee CREAN LYNCH Clogher House she died 26th May 1903 and her children Henry June 16th 1894 Lionel August 19th 1954 James K.C.           October 21st 1956 Helene October 12th 1957 Marcella, December 17th 1965 May They Rest In Peace

In Memory of Charles MULROONY died 2nd December 1894 aged 74 years also his wife Margaret died 11th Sept 1906 aged 70 years erected by ----------------New York America

In Loving Memory of Edward WALSH who died Nov 26th aged 81 years and his son Michael died Dec 29th 1899 aged 16 years and his wife Mary WALSH who died on October 16th 1946 aged 86 years erected by his wife and family at the bottom Sarah WALSH who died May 1977 Peter WALSH died 25th March ---------- aged 92 years

In Loving Memory of Catherine STAUNTON who died 5th of March 1875 aged 28 RIP erected by her husband Michael STAUNTON

John SKIFFINGTON Died July 1886 aged 80 and his wife Eleanor Dec 2nd --- age 55 erected by their children Patrick and Mary SKIFFINGTON

Sweet Jesus Have Mercy on the Soul of our Darling Mother Mary BURKE Castlebar died 29th July 1898 aged 31 years her beloved parents Pat GARVEY Newtown died 12th June 1867 aged 51 years and Mary GARVEY died 9th Sept 1913 aged 85 years also her dear sister Catherine died 4th July 1877 aged 24 years RIP on the side her brother Patrick Dec 1931 her son Michael Sept 1954

Have Mercy O Lord On the Soul of Patrick SKIFFINGTON Died 5th June 1909 aged 72 years his son Michael SKIFFINGTON Died 5th July 1909 aged 23 years RIP erected by his loving wife Mary SKIFFINGTON who Died 18th Nov 1919 aged 72 years Annie CUFFE died 1st June 1973 aged 88 years Thomas CUFFE died 1st Jan 1980 aged 92 years

Kathleen MATTHEWS Donamona died 16th Oct 1921 aged 9 years

In Loving Memory of Thomas PRENDERGRAST

Treasured Memories of Margaret Teresa GUILFOYLE 24th December 1991 aged 76 years



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