Islandeady Parish Marriages

Islandeady Parish Marriages   August 19, 2005

517 marriages

Spellings of many of the towns spellings are probably incorrect will try and update the names when I have time to figure it out. Handwriting very hard in places




Philip LOHNN to Margaret O'BOYLE  November 20

John MULLONE to Ann O'DONELL December

John GAVAN to Mary WALSH December 16




Pat HORTON to Bridget FLANIGAN February 14

Edmund WALSH to Mary CUSACK February 17

John CORKLE to Ann BROWN  February 17

John CONWAY to Mary McHALE  February 17




Pat CORCORAN and Catherine THOMAS

Anthony KELLY to Mary CARROLL February 2

Pat GAVIN to Mary O'DONNELL February 4

James KINGS to Ann MULOY February 4

Pat ODONNELL to Mary JOYCE February 4

Pat GERAGHTY to Catherine McTIGUE February 7

Anthony MALLY to Margaret JENNINGS February 7


Edward GANNON to Mary O'DONNELL February 11

Mark QUINN to Bridget KEANN February 14

Pat QUIN to Ann QUIN February 16

Mick KEAM to Margaret JOYCE February 21

James NEEDHAM to Judith MALLY February 22

John BRADY to Mary RYDER February 22

Bryan FLYNN to Judith TEENEY February 23

Martin McTIGUE to Sara MURPHY February 23

Bernard MULLGAN to Mary MAHON March 4

Pat McELLIN to Margaret McELLIN March 7

Owen FLANNERY to Honor McDERMOTT March 7

Thomas MALLORN to Biddy STANTON March 7

Pat KELLY to Bridget WALSH March 7

John FOSTER to Mary HOHAN March 7

Anthony FOY to Honor McNULTY March 24

Pat LANGAN to Mary REILLY April 4

Daniel GRADY to Margaret KINE April 12

Pat FERGUS to Honor MURRY May 2

Thomas HIGGINS to Eleanor GARVEY May 21

John CONNOR to Mary HESTIN May 27

Pat KELLY to Mary PHILBAN June 17

Pat McNEELY to Cecily KING June 18

Austin LYNSKY to Ann LaVALLE June 21

Pat CUNNANE to Cicly MALONE June 21

John MUGAN to Catherine GRADY June 21

James FERRIES to Catherine O'DONNELL September 2

Charles ODONNELL and Mary GILDIA September 27

Pat JENNINGS to Mary WALSH October 3

Charles OCONNOR to Jan BURKE December 14

James MALLY to Catherine WALSH December 27

Desmond OMALLY to Judith DUFFY December 31



William McNULTY to Bridget GAUGHIN January 2

Daniel McTIGUE to Mary HEALEY January 15

Peter FITZMAURICE to Mary CONNOR January 24

Pat CANNON to Mary CANNON January 25

Pat WALSH to Eleanor KEAN January 27

Pat McHUGH to Bridget McDONNELL January 30

Anthony WALSH to Bridget McDONNELL February 5

Peter LaVALLE to Mary POWER February 5

John LUDDEN to Mary JOYCE February 6

Pat MURRY to Honor MORIN February 7

William JOYCE to Eleanor KELLY February 7

John WALSH to Bridget CUSACK February 8

John MALLEY to Bridget WALSH February  13

Pat KENNEDY to Bridget BARRET February 14

Pat GIBBONS to Mary STANTON February 18

John DUFFY to Mary BANES February 21

Thomas KELLY to Eleanor HUGHES February26

Ned OBOYLE to Catherine WALSH February 28

William BOURKE to Margaret OBOYLE February 29

Martin CORCORAN to Mary JOYCE March 18

Pat MURRY to Catherine MURRY March 4

Pat McTIGUE and Eleanor MALLEY March 5

James DOHN to Judith LOFTUS March 7

John JOYCE to Catherine KELLY March 14

Austin KEAN to Mary FLYNN March 15

Pat GAVIN to Judith CAREY March 27

James CONNELLY to Margaret CHAMBERS May 4

William BRENNAN to Margaret MALLEY May 5

Henry JOYCE to Honor JOYCE May 9

Martin STANTON to Margaret KILROY May 13

Pat BURKE to Honor MULLONE May 17

Martin MORIN to Bridget CAWLEY May 26

Pat MUGAN to Mary COLEMAN June 4

John McTIGUE to Bridget KELLY June 24

Pat PHILBIN to Bridget MADDEN July 30

Pat BUTLER to Ann QUIN October 6

John KELLY to Biddy McHUGH October 12

Walter NEEDHAM to Maria GAVAN October 22

John McGLOUGHAM to Mary WALSH November 3



Pat Collins to Margaret LOFTUS January 7

Pat WALSH to Honor LALLY February 9

Anthony MUGAN to Margaret CARNEY February 14

John GIBBONS to Margaret ODONNELL February 14

Mary BURKE to Margaret FAHEY February 14

James MALLY to Bridget WALSH February 20

Pat HALLANNA to Mary WALSH February 23

Owen LOFTUS to Mary COLLINS February 23

Thomas MALLY to Mary ODONNELL April 30

John OHARA to Bridget MORAN October 6

Pat STANTON to Mary CASEY November 28




James MURRY to Mary MURRY January 14

Michael MALLY to Margaret McNULTY January 15

Edmond CARNEY to Mary GAVAN January 16

Anthony HORA to Margaret JENNINGS January 14

John CORKEL to Biddy MURRY February 17

John JOYCE to Mary OBOYLE February 17

John McTIGUE to Honor HUGHES February 18

Pat GALLAGHER to Margaret KELLY February 19

Ned MULLOY to Honor BURKE February 19

Pat NEEDHAM to Mary MEALLY February 19

Pat McDONNELL to Biddy MUGAN February 19

John GALAGHER to Biddy FEENY April 10

James McDERMOT to Ann ANSBORO October 23




Michael McGREEVY to Bridget BRENNAN February 2

Hugh QUINN to Ann McENTIRE February 3

James DOHY to Judith CONNOR February 3

Pat McHALE to Bridget MORIN February 3

Owen ANSBRO to Honor THOMAS February 3

Pat WALSH to Bridget RYDER February 4

Pat MURRY to Mary COLLINS February 12

James MALLY to Catherine BRENNAN February 12

Martin MURRY to Catherine MALLY March 3

James HESTIN to Bridget GERAGHTY October 25

Michael TUHY to Ann CONNOR October 26

Pat WALSH to Margaret MURRY October 29




James MALLY to Catherine MALLY January 12

John SPELLMAN to Ann LaVALLE January 19

Thomas ODONNELL and Mary ODONNELL January 21

James CAWLEY to Eleanor NEEDHAM January 25

Edward GIBBONS to Bridget DUFFY February 6

Michael MURRY to Mary ODONNELL February 8

Bryan McHUGH to Bridget McTIGUE February 9

Pat HYLAND to Mary McTIGUE February 14

Pat HUGHS to Ann PHILBAN February 15



James WALSH to Mary RYDER Feb 3

John KILCOYNE to Sarah STANTON February 4



Martin CANNON to Bridget MALLY February 16



Michael CANNON to Mary SWEENY February 12

 Michael HORAN to Mary WALSH February 14

Peter WALSH to Catherine CANNON February14

John STANTON to Bridget MURPHY Oct 19

Michael GAVEN to Honor CAWLEY Nov 21

Pat CORCORAN to Bridget WALSH Nov 30



Thomas JOYCE to Mary DEVER Jan 19

James DUFFY to Margaret KILCOYNE Feb 10

Patt BERRY to Mary PHILEBINE February 12 1859

James McHUGH to Catherine McGOWAN Jan 27 1860

Charles CAWLEY to Mary FLANNERY February 2 1860

Patt CANNON and Cecily McCAWLEY February 7 1860

Anthony CLARK to Bridget STANTON February 3 1860

James LENNON and Mary STANTON February 2 1863

Thomas HOBAN and Mary HYLAND January 28 1864

Patt CORCORAN to Bridget CAWLEY February 26 1866

John WALSH and Bridget CHAMBERS January 5 1868

Martin NANCE and Sarah GANNON February 1 1868

James SHERIDAN and Catherine JENNINGS February 19 1868

John QUINN to Honor HOBAN June 20 1870

Martin WALSH to Ellen O'NEILL 12 1870




John OBRIEN to Catherine WALSH February 14

Michael WALSH to Ellen JENNINGS February 21

John WALSH to Catherine RUANE February 23

Owen MALLY to Sabina CAWLEY March 3

Thomas GIBBONS to Mary BOURKE March 4

Martin MORAN to Catherine KENNY March 14

Anthony CAWLEY to Mary LaVALLE March 19

Martin MORAN to Catherine KENNY April 14

James HOPKINS to Mary SALMON April 21  dispensation

James DOYLE to Sarah MALLEY July 1

Pat BERRY to Margaret O'BRIEN December 22




John GAVIN to Mary McNULTY January 14

Richard MUGAN to Ellen JENNINGS February 7

Martin COLYE to Bridget MULCHRONE February 17

Thomas WALLACE to Anne REILLY February 20

Pat McNEELY to Mary GIBBONS February 21

John WALSH to Catherine SALMON February 23

Anthony CAWLEY to Mary LaVALLE March 19

Pat HENRY to Margaret FAHEY March 23

Thomas MITCHEL and Eliza RYDER March 25




Michael BASQUALE to Ellen O'BRIEN January 21

Bernard MURRY to Mary NEEDHAM February 5

James McGREEVY to Ellen McLAUGHLIN February 12

Pat SALMON to Mary JOYCE February 22

John KILCOYNE to Bridget McTIGUE March 5

Peter MURRY to Bridget MURRY March 10

Michael MULCHRONE to Margaret JENNINGS March 14



Martin KILGALLIN to Bridget WALSH January 8

Pat McDONNEL and Sarah GRAVEN January 9

Michael FAHY to Mary KILCOYNE January 20

Bernard LUDDEN to Catherine SALMON February 11

Pat FITZGERALD and  Bridget McGOWAN February 18

Andrew KENNY to Mary FARIS February 20

Pat GAVIN to Honor GAVIN February 22

Anthony MURPHY to Honor MURRY February 28

John LUDDEN to Honor BOURKE March 3

Thomas QUIGLEY to Ann GINNELLY March 14

John LUDDEN to Ann BURKE March 27

Andrew GRIMES to Catherine MYLOTTE March 20

Walter HENAGHAN to Mary BOYLE October 14






Edward WALSH to Mary JENNINGS January 8

Michael GINNLY to Bridget QUINN January 10

Matthew MORAN to Catherine BURKE January 27

Owen MALLY to Bridget GADDEN February 6

John CAIN to Mary McLAUGHLIN February 14

Pat KING to Bridget GIBBONS February 17

Thomas HESTIN to Mary GARRY February 20

Pat BROWNE to Maria McGOUGH February 23

Michael COYNE to Mary McMANNON February 23

Edward LALLY to Catherine McTIGUE February 24

John MULGREW to Judith SHERIDAN February 26

Patrick CANNON to Anne BARRETT March 5   dispensation 3 + 3

Manus SWEENY to Mary HOBAN March 18

Andrew GRIMES to Catherine MYLOTT March 20

Edward JOYCE to Margaret SLEVIN April 15

Pat JENNINGS to Mary GIBBONS April 24

Michael JENNINGS to Mary CLAY April 29

John QUINN to Margaret GINNELLY June 28

Pat GRAVEN to Mary FAHY October 18

Thomas MacHALE to Catherine JOYCE November 19

John CONWAY to Julia CARNEY December 7 Dispensation 4th




Thomas TUOHY to Bridget QUINN January 3

Pat LaVALLE to Mary FANY January 22

Pat DONNELLY to Bridget HYLAND January 24

Pat JOYCE to Widow JOYCE February 2

Pat RYDER to Catherine GARRY February 4

Michael MULHURON to Sarah McGOUGH February 7

Pat FAHY to Mary LOFTUS February 10

Pat HENRY to Bridget NEEDHAM February 10

Pat OGRADY to Margaret FAHY February 12

Martin MALLEY to Bridget CONNOR February 24

Dominick GARVEY to Maria MITCHELL March 3

Michael WALSH to Ellen MYLOTT March 17

Edward CAWLY to Catherine LaVALLE March 18

Pat GIBBONS to Honor MYLOTT March 31

Michael STANTON to Honor JOYCE April 15

Pat MUGAN to Ann LOFTUS June 10

Thomas McHUGH to Anne WALSH October 25

Pat STONE to Bridget HYNES December

Morris DUNN to Bridget LIVINGSTON December 26




Patt RYAN to Mary MORAN January 8

John STANTON to Bridget LEVINGSTON  February 14

Pat MALLY to Mary MALLY February 14

Michael MURPHY to Margaret MULCHERN February 23

Pat WALSH to Ann OBOYLE February 23 dispensation 3-3

Thomas HOBAN to Mary WALSH February 24

Pat McLAUGHLIN to Bridget LIVINGSTON February 24

Owen McMANNON to Helen McDONNEL February 27

Edward WALSH to Mary JENNINGS February 27

Peter CURRINGTON and Catherine QUIGLEY March 4

James FERGUS to Margaret REILLY March 4

John WALSH to Mary LUDDEN March 23

Pat WALSH to Mary MOORE March 24

Michael GIBBONS to Mary HESTER April 15

Henry WEST to Mary MULCHERON June 3

Peter HASTINGS to Bridget RIDER September 2

John BROWNE to Catherine MALLY September 18

John GRADY to Mary NOLAN November 11

Pat DOHERTY to Honor DOHERTY December 15   Dispensation granted




Edward WALSH to Anne LUDDEN January 25

Michael CONNNELLY to Mary KILCOYNE February 16

Pat CONNOR to Mary MULGREW February 24

Pat McLAUGHLIN to Mary GINNELLY March 22  dispensation 3-3

Dominick MURRY to Mary McDONNELL March 23

John FOSTER to Julia BOURKE March 23




John STANTON to Bridget WALSH

Henry FERGUS to Mary McHUGH September




Michael MCGOUGH to Mary FAHEY January 15

Dominick MULLEN to Bridget FLYNN February 13

James CAWLEY to Bridget LaVALLE February 16

Michael GIBBONS to Catherine BOURKE February 21

 Pat FLANAGAN to Bridget SALMON February 21

Pat WALSH to Ann MURRY February 21

Dominic NARRY to Ann GAVIN February 21

John FAHY to Bridget ODONNEL April 24

Pat CARNEY to Mary MURRY October 16

Anthony FLYNN to Ann OBOYLE November 25

Thomas MALLY to Widow O'BRIEN December 12




Pat CANNON to Catherine WALSH February 4

John WALSH to Bridget McNALLY February 4

Richard WALSH to Mary WALSH February 9

Michael JOYCE to Mary REILLY February 15

Garrett MULLOY to Honor JOYCE

John QUINN to Bridget WALSH  February 16 Dispensation 4-4

Edward SALMON to Ann SALMON February 19  Dispensation 3-3

Michael MYLOTT to Bridget WALSH Feb 25

Michael NEARY to Bridget RICE March 17

Thomas MALLY to Bridget MALLY March 18

Pat MALLEY to Mary LAWLESS March 18

Michael GRIMES to Mary Ann LEVINGSTON March 27

John GERARTY to Bridget DONNEL April 9

John McNAMARA to Mary GAVIN June 18

Thomas PHILIPS to Honor JOYCE June 25

Thomas MALLY to Widow O'BRIEN December 12




John GIBBONS to Mary MAHON January 6

John McHUGH to Margaret MULGREW January 14

Ulick WALSH to Ann MORAN January 24

Andrew CARR to Bridget MURRY  February 5

William HOBAN to Bridget DIVINE February 11

Patt GINNELLY to Margaret GINELLY February 11  dispensation granted

Thomas CAIN to Bridget BURKE March 4

James McGINN to Mary MALLY March 9

Thomas CAIN to Bridget BURKE March 4

Peter CAIN to Catherine  KELLY March 5

Thomas MYLOTT to Ann WALSH March 20 Dispensation 3-3

Edward GINNELL to Bridget FEENY April 2

Thomas HENRY to Ann RYAN April 15 dispensation 3-4

Brine GINNELY to Bridget McLAUGHLIN April 15

Thomas CONWAY to Ann KILCOYNE April 15

Pat MOOR to Catherine HORAN April 15

Thomas NOLAN to Bridget MALLY August 26




Pat WALSH to Mary CADY January 10

Pat MALLY to Sarah O'DONNEL January 30

Thomas NOLAN to Bridget MALLEY March 26

Thomas MALLY to Bridget CONWAY

Pat GIBBONS to Bridget REYNOLDS February 24

John MAYOCK to Bridget DOHERTY February 19

John JENNINGS to Bridget COLLINS February 17

Martin McTIGUE to Ellen GAVIN March 3

John BURKE to Ann MURRY April 3

Thomas DUNNE to Widow McDOMNICK November




John WALSH to Bridget McLAUGHLIN January 10

John LaVALLE to Catherine FLANNERY January 24

John MORAN to Celia MALLY January 29

Pat SWEENY to Ann LEVINGSTON February 5

Pat DOYLE to Bridget LEVINGSTON February 7

John BURKE to Bridget WALSH February 12

John MAYOCK to Bridget DOGHAY February 19

John JENNINGS to Bridget COLLINS March 17

Michael McDONNELL to Ellen CUSACK March 20

John BURDASH to Ann MURRY April 2

Pat GAVIN to Mary MALLEY June

Pat GERAGHTY to Cathy GIBBONS October 11




Thomas TONRA to Bridget MORAN January 30

Michael GERAGHTY to Mary WALSH February 17

Michael QUINN to Catherine LaVALLE February 17

John THORTON to Bridget OBOYLE February 25

Martin JOYCE to Ellen GARVY March 4

Pat OBRIEN to Barbara CAWLEY March 4

Anthony VAHY to Ellen DUGGAN March 14

Pat DUGGAN to Ann FLANNERY March 14

Anthony GRAVEN to Mary WALSH March 21

Stephen KIRBY to Margaret JOYCE April 22

John LARKIN to Margaret MYLOTT May 23

John OBOYLE to Mary MALLEY May 26

John HENAGHAN to Bridget LaVALLE March 24

Walter COLEMAN to Sarah KILCOYNE May 5



Anthony ROGERS  to Ann PHILBAN January 11

James MCNULTY to Bridget GAVIN Jan 20

Patt MORAN to Margaret JENNINGS February 3

Michael MALLY to Anne RIELLY February 11

Thomas CAWLEY to Margaret McDONEL March 8

John BUTLER to Margaret HENEGHAN March 10

Michael BRENNAN to Bridget QUINN March 10

John MALONE to Margaret JENNINGS March 14

Michael QUIGLEY to Ann GINNELLY March 17 Dispensation

Peter WALSH to Dora HANNON April 4

John McLAUGHLIN to Ann FEENY December 7

Michael MALLEY to Bridget GIBBONS



Pat McLAUGHLIN to Catherine McNALLY January 16 dispensation 3-3

Michael McMANNON to Ann HENRY February 20

John McDONNEL to Mary MORAN February 24

Pat CORCORAN to Bridget CAWLEY February 26

John HENAGHAN to Bridget LaVALLE March 24

Edward REILLY to Margaret GINNELLY April 8

John GERAGHTY to Mary KIRBY May 5

Michael McLAUGHLIN to Ellen ODONNELL November 12




John BREA to Ellen NOLAN February 15

Martin MURRY to Ann QUIGLEY February 17

Pat McHUGH to Mary MURRY February 20

Pat O'DONNEL to Bridget MURRY February 23

Thomas CARNEY to Mary MULLOWNEY February 24

Hugh FEIGHAN to Ann CHAMBERS February 27

Mark RYDER to Mary SCOTT February 28

Francis MORAN to Mary GIBBONS March 10

Michael McNALLY to Bridget McTIGUE March 24

Pat CLARK to Mary MORAN March 25

Pat WALSH to Mary LOFTUS March 30

Thomas McGOUGH to Ann FEENY April 7  

John COYN to Mary FLANNGAN December 2

John BROWN to Emma FITZGERALD December 30


Nathaniel RUANE to Honor MORAN February 6

John BROWN to Ellen NOLAN February 15

John MURRY to Mary BARNETT February 15

Pat MULCHERN to Ann LUDDEN March 6

Francis MORAN to Mary GIBBONS March 10

John WALSH to Anne MCDONNEL March 11

Thomas CARNEY to Mary MULLOWNY March 24

Michael MALLY to Bridget McTIGUE March 24

Pat CLARKE to Mary MORAN March 24

Pat WALSH to Mary LOFTUS March 30

Pat KELLY to Ellen LEVINGSTON March 30

John GRADY to Mary GALAGHER April 4

Thomas McGOUGH to Ann FEENY April 7

Thomas LAVALLE to Mary LAVALLE May 22

Austin WALSH to Ellen CAWLEY July 26

 Michael LAVALLE to Mary BRENNAN Oct 29

Michael WALLIS to Mary Jane WARREN

Pat LYNSKY to Catherine LEVINGSTON Dec  1

Michael COYNE to Mary FLANAGAN December 2

John BROWNE to Emma FITZGERALD December 30




Tomas WALSH to Catherine GAVIN January 7

Martin MURRY to Bridget GILLIN January 7

Thomas QUIGLEY to Mary McTIGUE January 7

Michael MORAN to Margaret WALSH April 11

Thomas KILCOYNE to Mary QUINN April 11

Stephen IRWIN to Ann KILCOYNE April 11



Pat MYLOTT to Bridget NARRY January 1

Tom BOURKE to Mary COUSACK January 25

Pat COLLINS to Catherine BOURKE January 27

John KILCOYNE to Mary IRWIN January 31

Thomas CARNEY to Mary FLYNN February 19

Martin MALLEY to Ellen FLANGAN February 19

Thomas WALSH to Honor BRADY March 6

Pat BOURKE to Bridget HORAN March 12

John CARROLAN to Mary McDONNELL September

Pat IRWIN to Julia BERRY October 31 Sponsors John FILBIN and Sister

Pat MULLOY to Bridget REILLY February 9 1893 Creev

John CAIN to Maria KELLEY February 14 1893



Terence LYNSKY to Catherine McDONNEL February 2

John LOFTUS to Mary LOFTUS February 20 Dispensation 2-3

Michael COLLINS to Catherine McDONNEL March 1 Dispensation 3 4

John MULCHERN to Mary GRAVEN May 6

Thomas KELLY to Hellen HEALLY May 14




John McGOWN to Mary McHUGH January 6

John RUANE to Catherine WALSH  January 10 dispensation 2-3

James HOPKINS to Margaret CAWLEY  January 18

Mark DUNNE to Sarah McDONNELL September 28



Michael McDONNEL to Maria QUINN January 12

William FEENY to Mary McLAUGHLIN February 1

William DUFFY to Mary MURRY February 3

James MALLY to Bridget GIBBONS February 3

James HESTIN to Bridget LaVALLE February  5

Peter FADDEN to Bridget O'MALLEY  February 10

James WALSH to Bridget COUSACK February 10

Martin WALSH to Mary LaVELLE February 13 dispensation 3-4

James MURRY to Catherine MURRY February 16

William FLANGIN to Margaret SALMON February 20

John FEENY to Bridget GIBBONS October 25

Michael NAUGHTON to Mary RYDER December 17

John WALSH to Mary RYAN December 18




Pat DURKAN to Mary Ellen McGOWAN March 28

Pat OFLAHERTY RIC Glenisland to Margaret ODONEL Glenisland August 17



John COLLINS Carha to Catherine FLANIGAN Carha January 30  2nd cousins dispensation

Thomas McGOWAN Tawngeena to Bridget HENRY February 1

Mark RYDER Drumneen to Sarah O'MALLEY Carrowclea February 2

John PHILBIN Kilhale to Ann CORCORAN February 18 Derrymartin

Michael GRADY Carnollbar to Bridget GERAGHTY Carnaclea February 20

Pat CORCORAN Derrymartin to Ann JENNINGS March 10 Letter

Pat LAFFY Ballyhean to Ann KILCOYNE Letter March 23

Pat MEA Killawalla to Ellen Mary HYNES June 1

Hugh KIGHAW Aughmore to Margaret CORCORAN June 3

Pat O'FLAHERTY Glenisland to Margaret O'DONEL Glenisland August 17

Dominick KELLY to Ann GRAVEN October 2 Letter



Michael KING Newport to Maria McMANNON January 10 Beltra

Michael SALMON Westport to Maria GIBBONS January 16 Derrycooraun

Certificate to Pat STANTON Derrycreeve to marry Mary KEANE  Castlebar January 31

John MUGAN Ballyheane to Margaret DURKAN Letter February 8

Certificate to James CONNOR Croy to marry Mary MORAN Kelneeard February 8

Certificate to Michael CAWLEY Glenisland to marry Bridget HUGHES Turlough February 8

Thomas OBOLYE Kilnane to Bridget MORAN February 10 Derrenthowa

Michael CONWAY Croy to Bridget McHUGH February 26 Muckanagh

Thomas FLYNN Ballyheane to  Mary CARNEY February 26 Clurracoil

Pat CAWLEY to Ann GIBBONS February 26 Lenanasillagh

Certificate to Pat CAWLEY Letter to marry Bridget CORRIGAN Westport February

Pat NARRY Turlough to Ann MURRAY Glenisland March 9

Eugene GINNELY Castlebar to Maria McDONELL March 16 Graffa More

Pat HUGHES to Lizzie EGAN March 17

John McANDREW to Maria McGARRY March 17

James LALLY to Catherine MALLY April 16

Henry FAUL Castlebar to Margaret STANTON May 13

Pat O'DONNEL to Margaret HYLAND June 3

John CORCORAN to Honor JOYCE July 8

Pat FAUL Castlebar to Maggie McDONNELL Graffa More September 20



Thomas MULDOON to Bridget GRADY January 2

John WALSH Derrycoosh to Bridget JOYCE Graffa More February 7

Anthony LOFTUS Belmullet to Catherine HORAN Beltra February 15

Certificate to Michael QUINN Ballynamarroge to marry Margaret JOYCE Kilndscusk

James MORAN to Mary GIBBONS February 27

John WALSHE Castlebar to Bridget McLAUGHLIN March 29

John WALSHE to Mary OBRIEN April 7 Derrycoosh

Owen O'MALLEY to Kate COLLINS April 8

James MURRY Doogha to Kate McGOWAN Barnastang May 13

John MURRY to Helen REILLY May 15 Claggan

James DOYLE to Ellen DUFFY June 14

Thomas GIBBONS Westport to Mary GRAVEN Letter August 5

Pat HOBAN to Bridget HAREGTY November 24




Michael McLAUGHLIN to Rose JOYCE February 4

Joseph GOLDAN to Ellie REILY February 7

Thomas CANNON to Mary JENNINGS February 13

James CONWAY to Ann MORAN February  14

John GINNELLY to Bridget LUDDEN February 14

Michael McMANNON to Eliza CUMMINS February 14

John GEGHARTY to Mary MORAN Feb 16   Liscarney

Richard BURKE to Bridget RYDER February 19

Edward WALSH to Mary WALSH February 22

John McGLOAN to Bridget HOBAN February 22

Thomas JOYCE to Ann GERRAGHTY March 3

Thomas McHUGH to Mary QUINN March 7

Michael GRADY to Mary CAWLEY March 9

John TUNNY to Ann McTIGUE March 30

Thomas DUFFY to Bridget MONOHEN April 7

Michael JOYCE to Honor McANDREW April 7

James CUNNINGHAM to Bridget McMANNON April 24

Pat WALSH to  Mary NEEDHAM November 6



John DONNELY to Rose O'DONNEL February 8

Pat MURPHY to Bridget CASEY February 16 Sheean

Pat RUANE to Bridget MURRY February 20

Bryan NARRY to Mary MORAN February 23

William CASEY to Ann WALSH February 23

John MALLY Turlough to Maria TIMLIN March 3

William LOFTUS to Mary McDONNEL March 16 Doogha

Thomas ODONNELL Sheean to Honoria WALSH Derrycoosh April 9

Michael MALLEY to Ann O'BRIEN April 11

John FLANNERY to Mary McHUGH April 13

Michael COLLINS to Mary MADDEN

Martin KILCOYNE to Mary LOFTUS July 24

John McHALE to Catherine O'DONEL October 6 Glenisland




William GINNELY to Ellen GINNELY Tawnyeeny

Michael MADDEN to Catherine QUINN February 3

Pat McHALE to Ellen McGARRY February 15

James HALLINAN to Bridget O'DONNELL March 1

Michael McDONAGH to Mary MURRAY March 5

Thomas FAHY to Bridget McTIGUE March 5

Denis RUANE to Mary LUDDEN March 14 Kellabawn

Edward MYLOTT to Mary NARRY March 15   Derrycooraun

David LaVALLE to Margaret GIBBONS March 19

Martin CANNON Cornagashlaun to Anna TONRA March 26 R C Church of Keelouges

Pat DURKAN to Catherine JENNINGS March 29

Thomas O'BRIEN to Anne WALSH April 11

John McMANNON to Bridget McMANNON June 29  Beltra

Thomas CAREY to Winifred MURPHY July 26    Sheean

Martin O'BOYLE to Ellen O'BRIEN August 15 Derrinthowa




Pat BOYLAN to Anne BUTLER August 8 Cathedral of Church of St Peter Sacramento



Pat F BUTLER to Mary LALLY September 25 Immaculate Conception Church Chicago

Michael IRWIN to Margaret GAVEN April 10 R C Aughagower




Peter McCAWLEY Julia WALSH Glasgow July 14



Thomas McHUGH Islandeady to Bridget MULLOY Turlough April 20




Timothy RYAN Islandeady to Winny ROBINSON January 9 Glen Island

Michael MORAN Kilmeena to Bridget SLEVIN January 9

Michael J FLANNERY to Maria LUDDEN Towena married Chicago January 13

John J CONNOR to Catherine FLANAHAN April 27 Church of Columbus NYC




Philip QUIGLEY Islandeady to Ellen HUGHES March 1 Snugborough





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