Lahardane Parish Births

  April 20 2004

Lahardane Parish Births 1840 to 1849



Mary to John BRENNAN and Bridget KERRIGAN January 10 Banajdane

Pat to Pat BOURKE and Catherine NEARY January 26

Bridget to James MULLONEY and Mary TOLAN January 26

Pat to John BARRET and Mary MURAY January 26 Tawnagh

Mary to Anthony TIMMONS and Mary McGOWAN February 16 Cartron

Bridget to Pat TOLAND and Mary BARRETT April 11 Ballyduffy

Pat to Toby BOURKE and Mary BROWN April 17 Ballyshane

Mary to Richard McHUGH and Mary CORCORAN May 13 Ballynamarroge

Bridget to John DONNELLY and Rose CUSACK May 13 Mapbrook

Pat to Luke CURIGAN and Sicily McHALE May 18 Levally

Nelly to John SHARKEY and Mary McDONNEL May 31 Lahanduff

John to Michael BROWN and Ellin McNAMARA June 1 Knockmore

Margaret to Ned KERRIGAN and Sara McHALE June 7

Mary to Darby and Mary SHERIDAN June 12 Tawnagh

Mary to John COLEMAN and Mary LAVIN July 26 Cloghbrack

Mary to James COSGROVE and Cate MORGAN August 8 Dervin

Anthony to Anthony MARTIN and Mary KYNN August 13 Glenavenew

George to George McHALE and Bridget JORDAN August 21 Toberrooaun

Mary to Pat GILAN and Bridget NAGHTON August 23 Deaninvagh 

Bridget to Thomas McHALE and Jude GIBBONS August 25 Pollawarla

William to Anthony ROWLAND and Mary McHALE August 26 Cloghbrack

John to James JUDGE and Mary FORD September 8 Upper Canada

Ellin to Pat GIBSON and Bab PADDIN September 10 Toberrooaun

Mary to Anthony WALSH and Mary CORCORAN September 18 Knockmaria

Mary to Owen and Mary McDONNEL September 27 Toberrooaun

James to Owen McNEA and Mary FLYNN October 30 Bakaneedine

James to Pat McNEA and Cate TOLAN October 30 Bakaneedine

 Martin to Anthony BARRET and Ann RUANE November 8 Lahardane

Pat to Matthew WALSH and Cate McHALE December 19 Toberrooaun

Thady to Pat MURRAY and Honor TIMLIN December 29 Knockfarnaght

Mary to Owen DOGHERTY and Cate LYNN December 31 Boleyglass



Pat to Larry WALSH and Bridget BROWN January 2 Knockfarnaght

Bridget to Pat WALSH and Mary MERICK January 18 Ballanger

Honor to Mary RUANE and Mary BARRET January 27 Clooneen

Cate to William FERGUS and Mary McNAMARA April 18 Rathkeel

Cate to John McHALE and Bridget HUGHES April 21 Toberrooaun

Thomas to Martin CORCORAN and Mary MORAN April 26 Canada

Ellen to Darby and Mary SHERIDAN May 4 Cum

Honor to Thomas BROWN and Bridget FLEMMING May 28 Aghaloonteen

Ned to James KIRBY and Mary ROWLAND May 30 Caragha

Ann to Pat DOGHERTY and Mary GALAGHER May 30 Lahardane

Thady to John CLARK and Bridget HEAGHTRY June 23 Carackchen

Mary to Ned THORTON and Honor TIMLIN July 2 Tonacrock

Sara to Walter MULOWNEY and Cate CORCORAN July 4 Boleanock

Margaret to Thomas ROWLAND and Mary NEARY July 4 Bakanock

Eliza to Charles ANDERSON and Nelly BARRETT July 6 Mapbrook

Mary to Martin MURRAY and Sally Corcoran October 8 Caherduff

Mary to Andrew NEARY and Bridget DOGHERTY October 15 Boleyglass

Terry to Pat McHUGH and Bridget GALAGHER October 19 Ballyknock

Ann to John MYLOTT and Margaret DOGHTY October 20 Castlehill

Julia to Pat BOURKE and Honor COLEMAN October 28 Mapbrook

Bridget to Mary WALSH and Cate FINEGAN October 30 Knockfarnaght

Mary to Andrew and Bridget McHUGH November 1 Rathkeel

Mary to Thomas GIBBONS and Mary HOBAN November 9 Lecarrow

Pat to Anthony and Mary CORCORAN November 19 Ballyduffy

Bridget to Michael CLARKE and Ann WALSH November 27 Ballyduffy

John to Thomas LOFTUS and Bridget MAYOCK November 30 Derrymartin

Mary to Pat TIMLIN and Mary CHAMBERS December 11 Gortnaloura

Ned to Pat FORD and Mary MAYOOK December 20 Aghaloonteen

Winifred to Pat MAYOCK and Bridget HERBERT December 26 Barnagonlane

Mary to Thomas MALLY and Mary FLEMMING December 30 Aghaloonteen

James to John SHERIDAN and Cate McDERMOTT December 31 Cuilkillew


Anthony to Pat CAWLEY and Bridget ROWLAND January 2 Cloghbrack

Pat to Luke RUANE and Mary MALLY January 8 Conaghmore

Bridget to Michael and Cate MORAN January 10 Polomorean

Bridget to John COYNE and Nelly McDERMOTT January 20 Mapbrook

Mary to Peter RUANE and Mary BOURKE February 7 Cloghbrack

Mary to Ned BROGAN and Mary WALSH February 18 Ballyknock

Bridget to Pat WALSH and Cate NEARY February 19 Carrowskehaun

Elizabeth to Andrew LONG and Ann CORCORAN February 28 Terry

Ned to James FLANAGAN and Rose BARRETT March 4 Ballyduffy

Mary to Anthony NARY and Sarah HUGHES March 18 Lavalson

Pat to Matthew MacHALE and Ann HOPKINS March 21 Toberrooaun

Anthony to Mark LONG and Mary DONNELLY March 27 Terry

Mary to Pat CAWLY and Cate McHUGH March 31 Rathkeel

Bridget to James FORD and Mary FLEMMING April 28 Caherduff

Cate to John and Bridget TOLAN April 29 Carrowskehaun

Cate to William FERGUS and Mary McNAMARA April 30 Rathkeel

John to John and Cate LEONARD May 8 Curry

John to Michael KERRIGAN and Jane TIMONY May 13 Lecarrow

Bridget to Thomas BURKE and Bridget KELLY May 22

Bridget to John BROWN and Honor GERAGHTY May 30 Terry

Bridget to Michael DONNELLY and Cate MORAN June 2 Terry

Sarah to Pat CAWLEY and Bridget CONROY June 6 Cloghbrack

John to Anthony McDERMOTT and Ann GERAGHTY July 3 Canada

Denis to James SHERIDAN and Mary MYLOTT July 7 Garrow

Richard to Larry McHUGH and Bridget FLYNN July 10 Rathkeel

Michael to Michael MEELONG and Sarah HUGH July 26 Polamarto

Michael to Martin NEARY and Mary McNICHOLAS August 8 Balenock

Bridget to Pat DOGERTY and Winny CORCORAN August 8 Balygold

Pat to James REILLY and Margaret ODONNELL August 12 Mapbrook

Mary to Michael BROWNE and Mary McNAMARA August 14 Knockbane

Mary to Pat HOGAN and Mary McANDREW August 17 Ballybrook

Pat to Pat CAWLEY and Bridget FLEMMING August 19 Tubberaine

Anthony of Myles McDONNELL and Bridget HUGH August 21 Lahardane




Kitty to Richard KELLY and Mary CAWLEY March 3 Levally

Margaret to John McNULTY and Ellen MULLOWNY March 3

Mary to Michael MADDEN and Kitty BARRET March 3 Cloonkeel

Edward to James HEALY and Ann GALLAGHER March 3 Derryfadda

Edward to John COMMONS and Nelly McEVELY March 11 Ballyknock

Pat to Martin McNULTY and Margaret CURRIGAN March 17 Cortoon

Nancy to Denis McNAMARA and Kitty McLOUGHS March 24

Kitty to John WALSH and Mary PHILBIN March 24 Ballyteige

Mary to Martin FLYNN and Bridget BOURKE March 25

Mary to Pat QUINN and Bridget McANDREW June 10

John to Pat DOUGHERTY and Sally McHALE June 13 Arderry

John to John MAYOCK and Mary BOURKE June 16 Ballyclogher

Mary to James HUGHES and Ann PODDEN June 23 Tonacrock

Sisly to Hugh SYON and Ann LOFTUS July 7 Derrymartin




Mary to Thomas NOLAN and Bridget McNULTY April Massbrook

John to James DAVITT and Peggy FORESTAL May 25 Ballyteige

Kitty to Owen BAYLEE and Peggy WALSH May 25 Ballyteige

Peter to Mary JOYCE and Ann McDONNELL May 29 Doonbredia

Bridget to Thomas CAWLEY and Kitty MONNELLY September 15 Tobermore

Thomas to James HUGHES and Ann PADDEN Tonacrock

Thomas Joseph to Pat GILBOY and Ellen BOURKE September 18 Mayock

Thomas to Martin McHALE and Ann HEAGARTY October 9 Cloghbrack

Thomas to Pat GALLAGHER and Kitty GERAGHTY October 9 Lahardane

Bridget to Anthony McGOWAN and Bridget MAYOCK October 17 Terry

Ann to Pat CAWLEY and Mary BARRET October 21 Cloghbrack

James to Pat GIBBONS and Mary TOLAN October 23 Ballyduffy

James to John BARRET and Margaret MANAGAN November 13 Castlehill

Pat to Pat CAWLEY November 21 Cloghbrack




Mary to John CORCORAN and Mary JUDGE March 2

Mary to William GILLAND and Kitty GILMORE March 2 Balla

Pat to Peter McNAULTY and Mary ROWAN March 26 Tonacrock

Mary to Thomas GIPSON and Kitty MORAN March 31 Caher

Pat to Thomas CALLAGHER and Mary NALLON April 6 Lecarrow

Mary to Toby GIBBONS and Mary GAUGHAN April 30 Lecarrow

Bessy to Robert McHALE and Mary MURRY May 5 Terry

William to Bryan McGREAVY and Kitty WALSH May 7 Cloondaff

Ellen to Anthony HOPE and Margaret LEONARD May 11 Dervin

Henry to Henry FARMER and Mary Ann NAUGHAM June 1 Massbrook

Martin to Peter GILLASPIE and Catherine FORESTAL June 2 Ballyteige

Ann to Michael CORMACK and Biddy McMANNON June 3 Cloondaff

Thomas to Michael MANGAN and Judy HOOKS June 4 Knockmore

Maria to Martin McLAUGHLIN and Biddy LYNCHA June 7 Castlehill

Pat to Richard COLMAN and Mary CAUFIELD June 14 Terry

Charles to Richard COLMAN and Mary CAUFIELD June 14 Terry

Mary to Anthony McDERMOTT and Winny PADDEN June 27 Ballymoyock

James to Thomas NAUGHTON and Maria MULHERAN June 30 Massbrook



Bridget to Pat McANDREW and Catherine MOY January 13 Rathkeel

Peter to John NAUGHTON and Margaret KELLY January 26 Bracklough

Maria to Peter CURIGAN and Catherine QUIGLEY January 27 Cartron

Catherine to Edward BOURKE and Catherine HART February 6 Cloughbreck

Maria to Pat WALSH and Bridget CAWLEY February 16 Derryfadda

Pat to Pat McANDREW and Catherine HAGTLY April 29 Lahardane

Celia to Thomas HART and Eleanor JUDGE May 15 Tubber

John to Peter CAWLEY and Eleanor ROWLAND May 15 Tubber

Margaret to Michael CORCORAN and Margaret MULHERINE June 3 Ballyteige

Thomas to Jacob TIMONEY and Maria KELLY June 7 Cortoon

John to Michael FLYNN and Sarah MANNION June 8 Bofeenaun

Maria to Pat CONLON and Bridget KELLY June 12 Knockmaria

Bridget to Martin DAWS and Mary CULL Aurtnahelta June 13

Bridget to Michael McDONNELL and Mary TIMLIN June 13 Massbrook

Mary to John McGOWAN and Eleanor BROWN June 16 Terry

Catherine to James OHARA and Bridget McFADDEN Gurlynnappe June 17

John to Dominick MADDEN and Ellen KELLY June 20 Massbrook

Ellen to Dominick MADDEN and Catherine McKEON June 24 Cuilkillew

Bridget to Anthony KILCOYNE and Ann HART July 8 Boleyglass

Pat to John CONROY and Catherine CAULFIELD July 9 Terry

Mary to Pat HOBAN and Ann CANAVAN July 13 Ballyduffy

Bridget to Martin CALLAGHAN July 22 Rathkeel

Honoria to Marene CONROY and Bridget McGOWAN October 3 Terry

Catherine to Jacobus MacDONNELL and Maria TIMONY December 12 Doonaroya

Bridget to Michael COYNE and Maria CAWLEY December 28 Cloghbrack

Bridget to Jacob FALLON and Bridget MORAN December 30 Massbrook

Jacob to Dan CORMACK and Catherine TIMONY December 31 Cloondaff



Thomas to Thomas McHALE and Rose RUANE January 3 Toberrooaun

Margaret Eleanor to Peter JOYCE and Marie CODEN January 8 Glenane

Michael to John CAUFIELD and Ann McHALE January 9 Terry

Bridget to Thomas NAUGHTON and Bridget CORCORAN January 13 Doonaroya

Bridget to Pat McANDREW and Catherine MAY January 13 Rathkeel

Catherine to Edward BOURKE and Catherine HART February 6 Cloghbrack

Maria to Pat WALSH and Bridget CAWLEY February 14 Derryfadda

Pat to John MULLHEIRN and Honor HEVERAN February 16 Gurlanbiete

Margaret to Edward NARY and Ellen PRICE April 19 Ballyknock

Pat to Pat McHALE And Ann FLANAGAN April 21 Cum

Maria to Michael MURRAY and Maria COYNE April 21 Caher

Bridget to John MULHEIRN and Bridget MULHEIRN April 29 Ballyteige

John to Pat CAWLEY and Ellen ROWLAND May 15 Toberrooaun

Margaret to Michael CORCORAN and Margaret MULHEIRN June 3 Ballyteige

Catherine Maria to Michael GERAGHTY and Maria OHARE July 6 Cloondaff

Ulick to Thomas HERAGHTY and Ann BOURKE July 7 Massbrook

Robert to Robert CAIN and Maria MULERONE July 10 Gortnaloura

Pat to John NOON and Honoria WALSH July 13 Derrymartin

Sarah to Thomas RYDEN and Marie KELLY July 15 Claggarnagh

Dominick to Bernard REGAN and Maria MAHON July 26 Claggarnagh

Thomas to Thomas BOURKE and Maria THORTON August 1 Tonacrook

Ann to Michael BOGGAN and Ann MARLY August 12 Claggarnagh

Michael to Dominick McNALLY and Bridget MORAN August 15 Boleyglass

Barb to Michael McDONNEL and Marie TIMLIN August 19 Massbrook

Thomas to Thomas McNAMARA and Honor HOLMES August 23 Massbrook

Elizabeth to Thomas JORDAN and Maria ROWLAND August 27 Doonbredia

Andrew to John MORAN and Beth McHALE September 6 Ballintubber

Margaret to Anthony and Maria McNULTY September 13

Maria to Thomas COLEMAN and Margaret CUNNINGHAM September 22 Terry

Pat to Pat MURRAY and Eleanor MULHERIN September 26 Caherduff

Michael to Thomas BROWN and Eleanor HOPE October 7 Cum

Maria to Thomas PADDEN and Maria HOOK October 8 Tonacrock

Ann to Dominick QUINN and Bridget GILBRIDE October 10 Ballymoyock

Martin to Michael NARRY and Margaret MURRAY October 11 Massbrook

Michael to Jacob CORCORAN and Maria McDONNEL October 14 Doonaroya

Ann to Peter McNULTY and Maria ROUANE October 16 Tonacrock

Maria to John GALLAGHER and Maria OBOYLE October 17 Cloondaff

Michael to Pat PHILBAN and Ann GARVERY October 20 Derryadda

Bridget to John LOFTUS and Eleanor ROLAND October 24 Cloghbrack

Catherine to Pat McHUGH and Maria MADDEN October 28 Tawnagh

Thomas to Jacob SHERIDAN and Bridget EARLY November 7 Tawnagh

Catherine to John ROLAND and Ann CORMACK November 9 Cloghbrack


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