Newport Co Mayo Ireland 1866 1867 Births
Newport Births includes villages in the area.  Occupations listed after  residence   46

Occupations Abbreviations   L=Laborer  LH=Landholder  F=Farmer  




Catherine of Peter ODOWD and Ellen GERAGHTY 11-26 Gortawatla LH

Bridget of Pat COONEY and Bridger CURREGAN 12-1 Rosgolive Cottier

Paul of Paul OBOYLE and Anne SHERIDAN 12-22 Ballytigue LH

John of James CAFFERTY and Catherine CONWAY 12-26 Doona F

Catherine of John MORAN and Mary McLOUGHLIN 12-29 Roskeen Blacksmith



Patrick of John MASTERSON and Mary CAROLINE 1-1 Murrevagh LH

James of Patrick McNAMARA and Anne MAUGOE 1-4 Doagh L 

Pat of Pat McNELLA and Honor STANTON 1-5 Letterlough L 

James of John FADIAN and Bridget GALLIERHER 1-5 Achill Bay L 

Pat of John MULOY and Mary McNAMARA Dooega 1-7 L 

John of James McNALLY and Catherine CALARY 1-8 Newsbridge St Newport Shoemaker 

Winifred of John CAIN and William McNAMARA 1-8 Dereheel LH

Bridget of John MANGAN and Mary GINEELY 1-8 Dergeen L 

John of Michael DUFFY and Bridget SWEENEY 1-9 Doontruck LH 

Pat of Pat CONWAY and Bridget OMALLEY 1-10 Oagholy LH 

Pat of Pat GORMAN and Catherine MULLOY 1-12 Murrevagh Cottier 

Patt of Ned KILBANE and Bridget KILBANE 1-13 Dooega F 

Pat of Bryan MASTERSON  and Catherine FARRY 1-16 Mulranny LH 

Pat of Timothy KILCOYNE and Mary CHAMBERS 1-20 Mulranny Cottier 

John of James MASTERSON and Bridget McNULTY 1-31 Srahene F 

John of Charles ROBINS and Jane JAGO 2-1 Doogh Court Guard 

Farrell of Anthony MORAN and Kitty GALLAGHER 2-1 L 

Pat of Michael ENGLISH and Mary GREALIS 2-3 Carhill L 

John of Pat NEEDHAM and Mary WALSH 2-8 Knockbreger L 

Margaret of  James MULLEEN and Mary PHILBAN 2-9 Furnace Fiddler 

Pat of Richard GIBBONS and Sarah GERAGHTY 2-9 Roselarm 2-9 LH 

Anne of Thomas BARRETT and Mary CAREY 2-15 Murrevagh LH 

John of John COUGHLIN and Ellen CORRIGAN 2-17 Knockmoyleen Police Constable 

Pat of James CONWAY and Ann KING 2-18 Letternoerra LH 

George of James WATTERS and Mary BRYANT 2-11 Achill Bay Coastguard 

Anne of Pat McNULTY and Anne McGINTY 2-21 Shaheens L 

Pat of Thomas FADIAN and Libby CLAREY 2-26 Doonkenella L 

Pat of John OBOYLE and Margaret MASTERSON 3-1 Cloughmore F 

Margaret of Thomas MULLEN and Mary LAVELLA 3-1 Mulranny LH 

Pat of John ODONEL and Anne McNALLY 3-2 Main St Newport Dealer 

James of James MORAN and Mary McNAMARA 3-2 Carrowkeel Publican 

Pat of Peter GREALIS and Judy McNAMARA 3-4 Valley L

Mary of Pat MORAN and Bridget SAMMON 3-6 Weaver Row Newport Bake

Pat of Hugh MASTERSON and Bridget CURRIGAN 3-8 Sraheens F 

Bridget of Ned LAVALLE and Catherine ENGLISH 3-9 Dooagh L 

Bridget of Owen KILBANE and Mary PATTEN 3-9 Dooagh L 

Anthony of Michael MADDEN and Mary COONEY 3-10 Curranon L 

Pat of James GALLAGHER and Sally FADIAN 3-10 Curranon L 

George of Daniel SWEENEY and Libby CAFFERTY 3-16 Tonnegea L 

Peggy of Joseph HEALY and Bridget SWEENEY 3-20 Belgarsed Boatsman 

Mary of Michael DUFFY and Bridget GERAGHTY  3-21 Cuilmore LH 

Pat of James CAMPBELL and Mary GALLAGHER 3-22 Currawn L 

Mary of John CLEARY and Mary KILROY 3-26 Letterherra LH


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