Marriages Ballintober Parish 1839-1849

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Ballintober Parish Marriages 360




Michael DUDDY to Kitty STANTON September 17 

Francis DEA to Margaret BAYNES October 2 Ballintober

James HENEGHAN to Bridget JOYCE October 5 Carrowkeel witness James STANTON and Sally HEVORN

Thomas JENNINGS to Bridget BASKWELL October 5 Knockaraha witness Peter FLYNN and Julia BASKWELL

Michael LANDERS to Eleanor SHEA October 23  witness Pat and Mary HIGGINS

Certificate to William LAWLEY October 24 Ballure

Thomas HORAN to Anne GRADY October 24 Bohaun witness Anthony DOLAN and Mary GRADY

Pat FOX to Ann McGREAL Nov Newtown witness John COLMAN and Bridget FOX

Richard HENRY to Mary BYRNE Nov Carnacon witness Joseph and Catherine BURKE

Michael KERBY to Catherine CASEY November 22 Gorthbawn witness Michael WALSH and Catherine KERBY

William STANTON to Ann GIBBONS Cappaharnaun November 24 witness John and Mary GIBBONS

Pat WALSH to Mary PHILBAN November 29 Carrongle witness Walter HOPKINS and Catherine RIELLY

Frances DEA to Margaret BAYNES December 2 Ballintober witness Michael NICHOLSON and Judy HORAN

William JOYCE to Kitty CARTY December 15  Drumneen witness Richard JOYCE and Judy LACY

Edward WALSH to Anne MORAN December 20 witness Michael MORAN and Catherine WALSH



Marty LORKIL (Aughagower) to Peggy COSTELLO January 2 Gorthbawn witness Owen O'NEIL and Peggy FLYNN 

Martin HENGHAN to GARRY January 14 witness Pat MALLY and Mary TOLSTER

Pat DOLAN to Mary HIGGINS January 19 Quilavolan witness Charles McEVILY and Catherine HIGGINS

John LAVIN to Bridget HUGHES January 22 witness Edward DEA and Bridget DEA

John GANNON to Judy O'DONNELL January 22 Devlish witness MORAN and Catherine O'DONNELL

Michael JOYCE to Sally FITZMAURICE January 25 Baunoges witness Thomas FITZMAURICE and Bridget FEENY

Martin HERAGHTY to Bridget HYNES February 1 Ballyglass witness James MULLEN and Catherine HUGHES

John JOYCE Drumneen to Eleanor HALY February 1 Quelavala witness Jno MURPHY and Judy CONWAY

John CONNOR to Mary KEANS February 1 Ballincloigh witness Bartley CONNOR and Bridget MALLEY

Martin WALSH to Peggy NAUGHTON February 13 Drumneen witness Peter ? and Mary COLLINS

Pat DUFFY to Mary MALY February 16 Reniuri witness Pat and Catherine HENAGHEN

James TRACY to Eleanor TRACY February 16 Dereenascobe 3-3 dispensation

Stephen MADDEN to Honor TUOGHY February 16 witness Michael HOBA and Ellen TOUGHTY

Thomas DONNILY to Catherine O'BRIEN February 17 Baunoges witness Lacky KELLY and Bridget KELLY

John GILMOR to Libby CLYNE February 17 Currmgugen witness John GREHAN and Annie BOYLE

John HUGHES to Mary HENEGHAN February 20 Rustique

Anthony HERAGHTY to Catherine KEVIL February 20 Gorteen witness James WALSH and Mary MORAN

Anthony FLYNN to Catherine MALLY February 22 Renewi  

James CURTANE to Bridget CONWAY February 22 Bohaun witness James MURPHY and Biddy CONWAY

Michael LYNSKEY to Brid RUANE Rinaneel February 22 witness Peter COLMAN and Mary DEACY

Hubert GIBBONS to Margaret DEA February 22 Ballintober witness Richard QUINN and Mary KEARNS

Anthony FLYNN to Catherine MALY February 22 Renure Killawalla witness Pat GREAVY and Catherine FLYNN

John LUDDEN Westport to Honor WALSH February 23 Kiltharsechane  witness James BERI and Catherine WALSH

Michael McLOUGHLIN Aughagower to Anne MYLOTT February 23 New Derrew witness Terrence McGLOUGHLIN and Catherine MYLOTT

Thady DERRIG to Bridget FEENEY February 26 Carnacon witness John DERRIG and Margaret FEENY

Pat ROACHE to Kitty BOYLE February 27 Carnacon witness John GREGHENAN

Stephen McTIGUE to Kitty MULLOY February 27 Derrew  witness James FINCH and Mary GRIMES

John McDERMOTT to Margaret TIERNEY February 27 Ballintober witness Pat McDERMOT and Honor COLEMAN

Owen BYRNE to Margaret CONWAY February 28 Meneen 

Certificate to Jno CAFE March 1 Drimneen

Certificate to Redmond WALSH Devlish

Certificate to Pat WALSH March 2 Bohaun

Thomas TUFFY Islandeady to Mary RHONAN March 2 Devlish witness Pat JOYCE and Eleanor TUFFY

Anthony MORGAN to Mary CORCORAN March 3 Bohaun 

Certificate to Pat HERAGHTY March 3 Tonecrock 

Pat KNIGHT to Margaret McGUIRE March 3 Kiltharsechaune

William HENEGHAN to Ellen McHUGH March 4 Cartronbower witness Pat WALSH and Catherine McHUGH

John SHERIDAN Newport to Peggy ASPEL March 8 Cloonboorhy witness Michael HENEHAN and Bridget GREEVY

Certificate to Richard FADEN March 8 Killadeer

Certificate to Pat COSTELLO March 8 Killadeer

William PENNER (Aglish) to Biddy BYRNE March 10 Kiltharsechaune witness James and Mary BYRNE

John SHEA to Mary GREHAN March 11 (or 8th) witness Matthias STANTON and Peggy GIBBONS

John MORAN (Aughagower) to Catherine FLYNN Gorthbawn March 14 witness Pat and Bridget KERBY

Pat FEENY to Catherine THORTON March 15 witness Pat NALLY and Mary ELLIGOTT

Thomas MOHANE to Eleanor SHERIDAN March 19 Kiltharsechaune witness Martin SHERIDAN and Mary MOHANE

John McNULTY to Catherine GIBBONS March 19 Drimneen witness Pat and Catherine GIBBONS

Michael McDONNEL to Catherine SWIFT March 20 Ballinacloigh witness Peter MURPHY and Mary SWIFT

James GORMAN to Catherine QUINN March 21 Towerhill witness James NALTY and Catherine KILDUFF

John GRADY to Anne TUOGHY April 10

John MORRISON (Castlebar) to Mary CARTER April 29 Bohaun East

John MORAN (Aughagower) to Catherine FLYNN Gorthbawn

Pat BURKE to Mary DOGERTY April 30 Cloonkeen

James WALSH to Mary MITCHELE May 6 Ballinacloigh

James  CARTER to Eleanor McAVILE Quelavadune witness Dan and Mary CARTER

Michael JOYCE to Mary TUOHY July 9 Killawalla  

Michael IGO to Mary JOYCE July 22 Cloonboorhywitness William IGO and Mary STANTON

Pat STANTON to Bridget HENEHAN July 24 Dereendafderg witness Pat and Ellen STANTON

Thomas NESTOR to Mary HENAGHAN August 1 Ballintubber 

Michael WALSH to Mary McAVILE August 14 Quelavedan witness Dan CARTER and Mary CARTER

Pat MANGAN to Mary SCRIME August 24 Moore Hall

Thomas DUFFY to Winifred RIELY August 28 Dereendafderg witness Jno CUSACK and Catherine HOUGH

William KEANY to Mary HYNES September 1 Skehahagh

Francis RYDER (Mayo Parish) to Mary BOYLE Killawalla September 7

Certificate to Michael MORAN Cartronbower September 7

Certificate to Pat FITZPATRICK September 7 Drimneen

Pat KEAN to Libby BRENNAN September 7 Ballintober

Michael DUDDY to Kitty STANTON September 17  

Moses H GRAY to Ann LYNCH September 28 Burriscarra witness William GRAY and Hariet LYNCH

Patt BASQUIL to Anne WALSH October 7 Kricksawna witness James BASQUIL and Honor WALSH

John SWEENEY to Ann McGREEVY October 5 Cartronbower

Michael CAVENAGH to Biddi WALSH November 14 New Derrew 

Dominick FLYNN to Margaret LIVINGSTON December 3 Carnacon witness John and Mary LUDDEN

John DERRIG to Winifred MaGRATH December 3 Stonepark




James HENNELY to Catherine MALLY Moore Hall January 

Pat GIBBONS to Mary ARTHURS January 5 Killawalla Parish witness James CONNELY and Anne MITCHELE

James MAHAN to Celia WALSH February 1 Ballinacloigh 

Pat NOONE to Mary ROACHE February 7 Ruchane witness John NOONE and Mary HENAGHAN

John GERAGHTY to Margaret FARAGUR February 8 Rinaneel

Edward JOYCE (Westport) to Catherine LALLY February 10 Bohaun 

Stephen PHILBIN to Ellen PHILBIN February 12 Kilskeagh Witness James BRADLY

Edward ACTON Westport to Eleanor TOOLE February 13 Toneaknock

John QUINN to Mary NALTY February 13 Towerhill witness Edward BLAKE and Mary TULLY

Pat KIRBY of Gorthbawn Certificate February 13 

Thomas BROWNE to Mary HIGGINS February 14 Cloonboorhy Witness John BROWNE and Margaret WHITE

James NAUGHTON to Mary HEVON February 17 witness James VARRILY and Margaret HEVON

Thomas TRACEY to Honor KEAN February 18 Bohaun

Thomas WALSH to Sara DUFFY February 18 Ballyburke 

Pat SHERIDAN (of Robin) to Kitty O'NEIL February 18 Pollacappul witness William BIRMINGHAM and Sally WALSH

Thomas GIBBONS to Mary FAHEY February 18 Mellon Hill witness Michael GIBBONS and Bridget McDONAGH

Thomas JOYCE to Winifred BURKE February 19 Drumneen

Thomas WALSH to Sally DUFFY February 19 Ballyburke witness David and Bridget GIBBONS

Michael CAVANAGH to Jane FITZPATRICK February 19 Ballure

Edward DIVELLY to Biddi GAVIN February 21 Ballyglass 

John GLYNN to Biddi JOYCE February 21 Cloonboorhy

Martin MADDEN to Sally JOYCE February 24 Ballintober 

Pat JOYCE to Ann JOYCE February 30 both of Moate

Cormick DEVER Kilmeena to Mary CANTERCY February 21 Moate

John COLLINS Glen Mask to Mary KELLY February 21 Killawalla Witness Pat COLLINS and Biddy EGAN

Thomas HENNELY to Mary VARRILY February 21 Ballinacloigh

Edward NAUGHTON to Libby McDONNILE February 22 Ballinacloigh witness Thomas COSTELLO and Judith MaGRATH

Pat MALLY to Bridget LINNEN February 25 Cloonboorhy

Peter RYDER to Mary MALLY March Cappaharnaun

William MacHALE to Honor WALSH March Gorthbawn witness Pat MacHALE and Honor GIBBONS

Pat MITCHELE to Margaret NAUGHTON March 9 Killawullaun

Thomas BROWNE to Mary HIGGINS March 13 Cloonboorhy

Patt WALSH to Honor WALSH March 21 Gorthbawn Dispensation 3-3 witness Michael WALSH and Brid GREHEEN 

Peter KING to Catherine RIELLY March 21 Carrownaltore

John HENAGHAN to Catherine HYNES March 25 Ballyglass

John GERAGHTY to Mary MALLY March 27

Jno MURRY to Mary MYLOT Bohaun March 27

Pat FEENY to Peggy JOYCE April 9 Kinuary witness Anthony MALY and Winifred JOYCE

Peter CONWAY to Biddy GREHEEN April 11 Toneckrock

Hugh SCANLON to Bridget REGAN April 21 Carrownaltore

Thomas DERRICK to Winny McGRATH April 22 

Thomas GIBBONS to Mary HENAHAN April 25 Dereendafderg witness James and Ann HENAHAN

Mary HIGGINS to Anthony WALSH April 29 Rustique

James COYNE to Elleanor ASHPOLE April 29 Derrew 

Pat BERRY to Catherine JOYCE May 3 Kilavolan witness John BERRY Mary REILLY

Michael TUFFY to Biddy BURKE May 10 Ballyburke

Edward JORDAN to Judy McDONNELLE May 10 Ballyglass

John LUDDEN to Mary WALSH May 29 Killawalla witness James WALSH and Brid GREHEEN

James NALLY Tower Hill to Ellen MURRAY Carnacon July witness William MALLY and Mary MURRAY

Anthony TONRY to Mary BRENNAN August 31 Killawalla witness Anthony DOLAN and Bridget SCAHIL

Certificate to John MURRY September 10 Croaghrim

Edward DEA to Bridget FLYNN September 15 Rustique witness Michael McNALLY and Bridget DEA

Thomas MORAN Kilmeena to Mary WALSH September 18 Ballure

Patt GIBBONS Party to Honor SCOTT October 20 Killawalla

Pat O'BRIEN to Ellen QUINN October 27 Carrownagreggaum 

Anthony PHILBIN to Ellen TUOHY October 29 Ballintober

John VARRILLY to Mary CONNELLY November 1 Ballinacloigh Beg

Thomas CONWAY to Mary GANNON November 5 Bohaun

James DERRICK to Ann BASKWELL December 3 Attavally Witness William BASKWELL and Bridget LAWLESS

Michael WALSH to Bridget KELLY December 8 Witness Pat WALSH and Mary DONNELLY

Thomas BURKE to Kitty CONNEELLY December 21 Rinaneel

Anthony PHILBIN to Ellen TUOGHY December 29 Ballintober





Edward MaGUIRE to Mary CAVANAGH January 1 Attavally

James MANNING to Honor LINNEN January 1 Rinaneel Witness Pat CONNOR and Mary LINNEN

Thomas McGREEVY to Sabina McDONAGH January 24 Ballintober

Pat BURKE to Bridget SCVINEY January 27 Rinaneel

Bryan DURKAN to Mary MEA January 28 Rinaneel

Pat LAFFEY to Bridget BURKE January 30 Drumirid

Pat TRACY to Biddy MALY February 4 Gorthbawn

Pat GIBBONS to Mary LUDDEN February 5 Newtown

Frank DEAN to Ann GARVEY February 5 Toberrooaun

Thomas O'FLAHERTY to Sally MALLY February 5 Ballinacloigh Witness Peter O'BRIEN and Catherine RONAYNA

Pat STANTON to Catherine NEARY February 5 Knockcahillaun Witness Michael McGOUGH

John BRENNAN to Mary MALLY February 6 Glasgort Witness Denis CONWAY and Mary MALLY

Thomas COSTELLO to Catherine MaGRATH February 6 Stonepark Witness Ulick STANTON and Bridget MaGRATH

Walter WALSH to Honor WALSH February 6 Knocksawna witness James CARTY and Peggy WALSH

Certificate to Anthony HIGGINS February 7 New Derrew

Thomas BURKE to Ann DERIG February 7 Bohaun

John STANTON to Honor GERAGHTY February 10 Ruchane Witness Pat and Mary GERAGHTY

Walter KELLY to Mary PHILBIN March 2 Tebrines

Pat CLARKE to Ann KEARY March 3 Killawalla Witness Michael CLARKE and Mary KEARY

James LAWLESS to Anne McCORMICK March Ballintober

Killawalla Marriages next 3


Hugh LALLY Partry to Biddy STATON April 3 Witness Michael and Bridget LALLY

Certificate to William GRADY of Bohaun April 3

Martin CONNOR to Mary Ann DWYER April 3 Mt Pleasant Witness Anthony CONNOR and Mary TOLSTER

James GERAGHTY to Anne FLYNN April 6 Kinuary

Anthony LUDDEN to Judy DUFFY April 6 Dereendafderg

James HAVREN to Mary WALSH April 12 Glasgort

John JENNINGS to Margaret BURKE April 17  Glasgort

Thomas HYNES to Bridget GIBBONS Alias WALSH April 17 Ballintober

Roger MULLINS to Honor BURKE May 3 Killadeer Witness Pat WALSH and Winny WINTERS

John DUFFY to Honor MALEY May 29 Kiltharsechaune  

Certificate to William O'MALLY May 29 Drimneen

James CUSACK of Islandeady to Mary GRADY July 6

Pat GARVEY to Mary McLOUGHLIN July 11 Newtown dispensation 3-3 witness John JOYCE and Eleanor McLOUGHLIN 

Pat PINDIBLE  County Kerry to Mary GIBBONS July 14 Ballyburke

Michael McEVILY to Catherine CONNOR August 21 Derryoran

Thomas NOONE of Kilcommon Parish to Mary BOYLE September 2 Carnacon

Hugh McAVILE to Bridget MITCHEL September 27 Kilivolan

Peter TUOHY to Biddy BRENNAN October 5 witness Pat FLYNN and Rose CUSACK

Daniel COGGLE to Bridget CONNOR October 6 Killadeer

Pat NAUGHTON to Mary COMMINS October 27

Dan COGGIL to Bridget GANNON October 29 Killadeer witness William GIBBONS and Mary GANNON

Michael JENNINGS to Kitty WALSH November 4 Moore Hall Witness Michael and Margaret WALSH

Thomas BRENNAN Kinuary to Peggy GIBBONS November 11 Cranmore witness John and Bridget GIBBONS

Denis PHILBIN to Mary DEA November 15 Cranmore witness Michael DEA and Mary MaGUIRE

John MaGUIRE to Bridget MANNION November 22 Polbockagh

Walter BURKE to Mary WALSH November 26 Curlisduane

Michael FLYNN to Betty BURKE November 27 Drummin witness Myles and Bridget BURKE

Pat WALSH to Judith HERAGHTY December 3 Kelovolan dispensation 3/3

Thomas CLYNE to Bridget LYNCH Dec Ballinacloigh




John MACHALE to Mary GRADY Jan Ballinacloigh

John GIBBONS to Bridget ROYCROFT January 5 Ballinacloigh

James KIARNEY to Winfred JOYCE January 8 Moate

John LALLY to Margaret KEANY January 15 Towerhill

John NOLAN Kilmeena to Mary GRADY January 22 Bohaun

John RHONAN to Peggy KELLY January 24 Devlish

Thomas MOHAN of Islandeady to Mary REILY January 24 Kilovolan

John LALLY to Margaret KEARNY January 25 Towerhill 

Hugh KEANY to Catherine KIRBY February 9 Ballintober witness Catherine KIRBY Thomas HYNES Margaret HYNES

Certificate to Anthony MURPHY February 11 Ballyburke

Certificate to John MALEY February 11 Drimneen

Luke HEVRON to Ellen McDONGH February 11 Carrownagreggaum

Michael GING to Catherine GREEVY February 16 Kinuary witness Anthony WALSH and Celia O'MALLY

Bryan McGREEVY to Bridget CARNEY February 17 Killadeer witness Bryan MULROY and Bridget McGREEVY

Dominick FOY to Ann WALSH February 21 Kiltharsechaune witness Thomas WALSH and Mary FOY

Pat McDONNELL to Ann MALLY February 26 Skehahagh

John GIBBONS to Bridget McDERMOT February 26 Ballintober

Michael PHILBIN to Bridget HALLIGAN February 26 Rinaneel

John HENAGHAN to Honor FLYNN February 27 Carnacon

John CHAMBERS Westport to Mary MORAN February 27 Killawalla

Michael McDONAGH to Margaret CANNON February 28 Killadeer witness William GIBBONS and Eleanor McDONAGH

John CHAMBERS Westport to Mary MORAN February 28 Killawalla

John WALSH to Catherine KILCOYNE March 6 Ruchane

Michael MALLY to Bridget BOYLE March 12 Killawalla

Ulick JOYCE to Ann BRENNAN March 13 Moate witness Michael BRENNAN and Margaret GIBBONS

Michael WALSH to Biddy MURPHY March 15 Bohaun witness Peter WALSH Mary MURPHY

Daniel O'BRYAN to Margaret GERAGHTY March 17 Rinaneel

Thomas HORAN to Biddy GIBBONS April Kinuary

Michael GANNON to Bridget HENEGHAN April 17 witness Michael DURKAN and Peggy KELLY

Ulick STANTON to Ann SHANESSY May 6 Tower Hill

Pat McDONAGH to Ann DONNIL May 14 Ballintober

William HEVRON to Kitty WALTERS May 29 Ballinacloigh witness Martin REDDINGTON and Bridget WALTERS

James PHILBIN to Margaret KELLY June 11 Moore Hall

John WALSH to Mary TRACEY (late McDONNELE) June 11 Maumeen

Dominick KILROY to Ann BAYNES June 11 Killawalla

Pat HENAGAN to Bridget WALSH July 9 Creevagh

John GIBBONS to Bridget McDERMOT July 26 Ballintober

Pat McDONEL to Catherine DUFFY August 1 Kinuary

Pat STANTON to Honor HIGGINS September 9 Dereendafderg

Michael McNULTY to Eleanor MURPHY September 25 Drumneen

William HENNELLY to Kate MALLY October 11 Ballintober

Laurence WALSH to Margaret FITZMAURICE November 2 Castle Burke witness Pat MORAN and Mary FADEN

Bryan MITCHELL to Margaret BERRY November 16 Killawullaun witness Richard STANTON to Mary McGREEVY

William MALLY to Kitty GANNON November 22 Skehahagh

Richard JORDAN to Mary KERRAGAN November 29 Creevagh witness James HENGHAN and Celia McDONOGH

James KEANY to Ellen KILCOYNE December 1 Ruchane witness John THORTON and Bridget KILCOYNE

Michael MURPHY to Sally WALSH December 15 Cullintra





Myles BURKE to Mary KING January 7

John ANDERSON to Mary MORAN January 14 Derryoran

Thomas FITZMAURICE to Mary BURKE January 21Mount Browne

Pat BRENNAN to Honor COLMAN January 25 Newtown

Michael GING to Mary KILCOYNE witness John GING and Mary MORAN

John GRADY Drumminroe to Honor Shaw February 2 Ballyburke witness John and Mary Shaw

William BURKE to Mary Walsh February 4  Ballyburke 

James WALSH to Mary CONNOR February 7 Gorthbawn witness Thomas WALSH and Bridget CONNOR

Pat KNIGHT to Margaret FARMER February 7 Ballyglass

Thomas GIBBONS to Mary MORAN February 8 Derrynacanna

Pat CAVANAGH to Mary TOULSTR February 10 Lisrobert

James KEAN to Catherine KIRBY February 11 Gorthbawn witness Thomas and Winny KEAN

Frank BURKE to Anne McEVADDY February 11 Ballintober

Pat RIDER to Margaret ARMSTRONG February 11 Drumminroe witness Thomas KEAVNEY and Mary RIDER

Stephen McDERMOT to Bridget DEA February 12 Castlemena witness Pat MITCHELE and Anne WALSH

Thomas BURKE to Ann MITCHELL February 16 Kiltharsechaune

Thomas KEEFE to Mary MURPHY February 19

Peter DEA to Mary OBRIEN February 20 Skehahagh

Thomas McGREAL to Honor BYRNE February 20 Knockaraha

Certificate to John MUGAN Bohaun March

Certificate Pat KILCOYNE Ruchane March

Certificate Pat MALLY Kielskeage March

Certificate Austin GRADY Bohaun March

Certificate William GIBBONS Gorthbawn March

Certificate to John COLEMAN March 9

Michael McHUGH to Honor HENEHAN March 9

Martin MALONE to Mary DUFFY March 10 Dereenascobe

Pat NEILAND to Mary CARROLL March 10 Killawalla

John LEHIN to Catherine MALLY March 11

Pat RIDER to Bridget CONNOR March 19 Derryoran

Pat BURKE to Mary SHEA March 19 Gorthbawn Austin SHEA and Bridget KING 

John McGUIRE to Bridget GIBBONS April 11 Killadeer

Anthony DOLAN to Mary HIGGINS April 15 Bohaun

Pat MORAN to Catherine MOYANAGHAN April 18 Cartronbower

Philip LYNSEY to Mary TUOHY April 20 Tonecrick

John GAVIN to Judy CARTY May 15 Bohaun

Redmond NALLY to Anne HENEGHAN June 6 Lisrobert

Owen O'NEIL to Bridget WALSH June 9

Pat BOYLE to Mary BOURKE July 1 Kinuary

Martin O'DONNELL to Bridget McDONNELL July 12 Curlisduane

John MORRIN to Anne DOLAN July 15 Bohaun

Austin CUSAK to Honoria HENEGHEN July 31 Tawnanagreh

Thomas HIGGINGS to Catherine CONNOLY August 23 Ballintober

Martin McEVADDY to Bridget GAVAN September 25 Attavally

Biddi MALLY to Michael BYRNE September 26 Kigalla

Daniel WHITE to Mary BURKE September 30 Drimrud

Certificate to James MURPHY Bohaun October

Thomas McHUGH to Maria HENEGHAN November 3 Ruchane

John MORAN to Ann DOLAN November 5 Bohaun

James HYNES  to Mary KNIGHT November 11 Ruchane

John SHEA certificate November 17 

Richard JENNINGS to Margaret WALSH Moore Hall November 25

Certificate to James McEVILLY December 2

Certificate Morgan KING December 9

Michael WALSH to Ann KEANEY December 22 Toberrooaun

Pat DEA to Ann TOUGHY December 23 Gorteen




James BURKE to Mary KILCOYNE January 8 Creevagh 

Myles McEVILY to Mary MADDEN January 13 Gorthbawn witness James and Anne MADDEN

John THORTON to Mary SHAUGHSSEY January 21

Patt JOYCE to Nancy TOUGHY January 25 Dromore

Edward DEA to Bridget MaGRATH January 25 Stonepark

Richard WALSH to Honor  WALSH January 27 Kinuary

Owen BOYLE to Catherine Anne CONNELY January 30 Ballyglass

Pat CARTY to Mary KEANE February 2 Bohaun

Peter BURKE to Judy DOLAN February 2 Bohaun

Pat POWER to Catherine MITCHEL February 2 Knockaraha witness Anthony POWER and Bridget MITCHEL

Michael LUDDEN to Bridget KIRBY February 2 Gorthbawn witness Richard BURKE and Mary KIRBY

Martin GLYNN to Margaret MALLY February 2 Ballinacloigh

Thomas OBRIEN to Mary KELLY February 2 Ballintober witness Anthony GILMOR and Mary FADDEN

Pat KELLY to Catherine TOOLE of Aughagower 

Pat STANTON to Margaret CORCORAN February 3 Dromore

Michael DOLAN to Mary GRADY February 3 Bohaun witness Pat DOLAN and Sabina WALSH

Michael CONRY to Ellen QUINN February 3 Ballyglass

Philip LALLY to Mary McHUGH February 3 Ballyglass witness Anthony and Mary LALLY

Pat WHITE to Bridget RYDER February 3 Killadeer witness Edmund and Margaret RYDER

William IGO to Catherine BURKE February 4

Edward O'BRIEN to Bridget CULKEEN February 4 Ballyglass witness Thomas O'BRIEN and Kitty TUOGHY

Pat WALSH to Ellen CUSACK February 4 Dereendafderg witness Pat McKEON and Bridget KYNE

John HUGHES to Honor KYNE February 6 Ballintober

Owen ONEAL to Nancy CAVANAGH February 15 Cartonbower

Pat SALMON to Catherine LAWLESS February 16 Bohaun witness John SALMON and Kitty LAWLESS

John KNIGHT to Margaret CRAWFORD February 17 Killawalla

Martin GANNON to Kitty LALLY February 19 Gorthbawn

Daniel CREIGHTON to Mary GRIMES February 20 Derrew

John MULROY to Margaret BURKE February 25 Moore Hall witness John and Bridget WALSH

John JORDAN to Catherine O'BRIEN Ballyglass

Michael LINNEN to Mary IGO March 10 Cloonboorhy

Martin FLYYN to Biddi McDONNEL March 18 Ballyburke

Thomas McDONOUGH to Margaret BASQUIL March 25 Creevagh

Pat McHUGH to Mary WALSH April 3 Ballyburke

Henry KELLY to Bridget MORAN April 6 Cloonboorhy witness Ed NALTY and Mary MURRAY

John BROWNE to Bridget TOUGHY April 13 Ballintober

John KEASY to Mary CLARKE April 13 Creevagh witness Thady O'LACKY

Michael MULHARE to Bridget MONGAN April 15 Moore Hall witness Pat CAROBINE

Walter KELLY to Mary McEVILY May 16 Stonepark

Pat SCOTT to Winifred WALSH May 24

Thomas CASEY to Mary GLYNN August 15 Creevagh

Edmond DEVANEY to Mary FINERTY August 25

Pat GANNON to Bridget DOHERTY October

Thomas MULHARE to Bridget O'MALLEY November 1 Moore Hall

Michael ROCHE to Libby KELLY November 2 Ruchane

Edmond KEANE to Margaret MULROY November 25 Newtown

Martin WALSH to Margaret FLYNN December 14 Creevagh

Richard DEA to Mary MURPHY December 22 Pollacheck

Pat HYNE to Mary KEANY December 27 Ballintober





Pat FLYNN to Catherine ANDREWS January 10 

Anthony O'DONNEL to Bridget TUOGHY January 22 Ballintober

Pat FLYNN to Honor MITCHELE January 26 Killawullaun

John CARROLL to Mary BYRNE January 28 Knockaraha

Pat JOYCE to Nancy TUOGHY January 28 Drumminroe

William KEANY to Honor WALSH February 9  Rinaneel

Martin LALLY to May IGO February 9

James DURKAN to Mary ELLIGOT February 12 Rinaneel

Pat HIGGINS to Bridget McDONOUGH February 15

Owen ONEIL to Nancy CAVANAGH February 15 Cartronbower

Martin McDONNEL to Eliza BLAKE February 17 Carrownaltore

John KNIGHT to Margaret CRAWFORD February 17 Killawalla dispensation 3-4

Michael WALSH to Cecily GLYNN February 19 Ballinacloigh Beg

Pat WALSH to Mary MORROW February 19 Ballinacloigh Beg

James KEAVNEY to Bridget FLAHERTY February 19 Attavally witness Pat KEAVNEY and Kitty QUINN

Martin GANNON to Kitty LALLY  February 19  Cartronbower

Martin CONNOR to Mary COONY February 20 Feenune

John GIBBONS to Sarah ONEIL February 21 Drummins Lough

John KEVIL to Ann KEANY February 21 Ballimacliagem

Michael WALSH to Mary SWIFT February 22 Ballinacloighmore witness John WALSH and Bridget SWIFT

James DURKAN to Mary ELLIGOT February 22 Rinaneel 

Thomas SHERIDAN to Mary LaVALLE February 24 Banogues

John McDONAGH to Bridget BURKE February 25 Mellon Hill

David GAVIN to Mary McEVILLY February 25 witness Thomas GAVIN and Bridget McEVILLY

Thomas SCOTT to Catherine CAMPBELL February 25 Thomas SCOTT and Bridget KILCOYNE

David CREIGHLEEN to Mary GRIMES March 14 Derrew

Michael ANGEL to Margaret WALSH March 15

Martin FLYNN to Bridget McDONNELE March 18 Ballyburke Witness Bryan SHEA and Mary BUTLER

Walter STANTON to Ellen ASPOLE (alias McKEON) March 25 Derrew

Thomas WALSH to Mary DUFFY March 25

Thomas WALSH to Mary CUSACK April 1 Dereendafderg

John GANNON to Winny WALSH May 14 Ballinacloighmore

Walter KELLY to Mary McEVILLY May 16 Stonepark

Pat SCULLY to Honor PHILBIN May 18 Carrownaltore

James MALLY to Mary DURKAN May 20 Moore Hall

Pat JOYCE to Winny GIBBONS (alias WALSH) May 28 Ballintober

John OBRIEN to Sally LYNCH June 27 Carrownagreggaum witness Timothy QUINN and Mary MALLY

John DEA to Mary BURKE June 28 Creevagh witness James BURKE and Margaret KILCOYNE paupers

James BURKE to Catherine LYNCH June 28 Mellon Hill

Pat JOYCE to Margaret MULROY July 25 Drumminroe 

Pat JOYCE to Nancy TOUGHY July 25 Cartronbower

Thomas CASEY to Mary GLYNN August 15 Creevagh witness Martin CASEY and Catherine KELLY

Laurence CAROL to Ellen HORAN September 14 Ballintober

William REARDON to Mary DEACY October 3 Rinaneel

Peter McGUINESS to Mary STANTON November 12 Drumminroe

Pat SHERIDAN to Mary WALSH November 17 dispensation 3-3

William GIBBONS to Ellen GARVEY December 14 Ballinalecka




Pat CORCORAN to Mary SCAHILL January 13 Ruchane

Edward BRENNAN to Kitty HENNELLY February 1 Ruchane

Martin GRIMES to Honor BYRNE February 14 Derrew

Denis FILBIN to Bridget BURKE February 14 Drumminroe

Anthony BERRY to Ellen HANRON February 15 Cranmore

James FOSTER to Kitty NALTY April 4 

Peter  HANSLROW to Mary McEVILY May 30 Derryoran witness James HANSLROW and Catherine MALLY

John SULLIVAN to Mary QUINN June 19 Ballyglass

Michael HIGGINS to Honor CONWAY September 12 Kinuary

Thomas CASEY to Bridget WALSH October 14 Kinuary

Martin FEENEY to Bridget MALLY October 21 Derrew

William GIBBONS to Mary WALSH October 22 Gorthbawn witness Michael Costello and Julia WALSH

Pat JOYCE to Bridget KILEEN November 5 Carrownaltore

John MURRAY to Honoria TUOGHY November 17 Carrownaltore

Michael MURPHY (alias JOYCE) to Mary LALLY November 26 Cranmore

Charles McEVILLY to Bridget LAWLEYS November 28 Ballintober Road

William MALLY to Ellie GIBBONS December 5 Cappaharnaun

Martin WALSH to Margaret FLYNN December 14 Creevagh

Thomas CASEY to Bridget WALSH December 14 Kinuary

Thomas HYNE to Bridget LAVIN (alias GERAGHTY) December 17 Rinaneel




Michael NAUGHTON to Mary FARMER (alias McDONNELL) January 14 Drumneen

John DERRIG to Catherine MaGINN January 28 Croaghrim

John BURKE to Mary JOYCE January 28 Newtown

William McGRAGH to Anne NALLY January 30 Killawullaun

James DUFFY to Bridget HENEGHAN February 13 Dereendafderg witness Jno and Bridget DUFFY

Michael CONNOR to Mary COLLINS February 21 Ballyburke

Pat BUTLER to Judy DERIG February 28 Bohaun witness Michael BUTLER

Thomas BOURKE to Mary FAIDEN February 28 Tonagh witness Pat GREEVY and Mary HENGHEN

John McNULTY to Mary FLANNAN March 6 Drumneen dispensation 2nd to 3rd Cousins

Michael KNIGHT to Bridget CARROLE March 6 Killawalla witness Thomas KNIGHT and Mary BAYNES

Cormack HIGGINS to Ellen KEASEY March 10 Bohaun

Michael WALSH to Bridget DUFFY March 28 Dereendafderg witness Pat KEASY and Bridget DUFFY

Martin GERAGHTY to Margaret HENEGHAN May 11 Gorteen

Mary Ann GIBBONS to Pat GILLIAN June 2 Cappaharnaun

Ann LYNCH to John BURKE July 29 Carrowkeel

Timothy QUINN to Bridget NALTY August 24 Carnacon

Thomas SWIFT to Mary LAMBERT August 28 Ballinacloigh witness Michael and Bridget SWIFT

Richard WALSH to Margaret RYDER October 6 Killadeer

James BRENNAN to Ellen MALLY October 7 Glasgort

Bryan KILLEEN to Mary WHITE October 7 Mount Pleasant

William FADDEN to Mary GANNON October 22 Killadeer witness Pat GANNON and Mary CURRY

William GIBBONS to Mary WALSH October 22 Gorthbawn witness Michael COSTELLO and Celia WALSH

Martin FEENY to Bridget MALLY October 21 Derrew

James JOYCE to Ann FLYNN November 9 New Derrew 

Walter GIBBONS to Bridget GOUGH December 2

Thomas CASEY to Bridget WALSH December 14 Kinuary





Peter GORMAN to Mary MURPHY January 28 Ballyglass 

Thomas GANNON to Bridget JOYCE February 15 Cullintra

Dominick NOLAN to Celia KIRBY February 20 Gorthbawn witness Martin NOLAN and Bridget GIBBONS

Jno MITCHELL to Biddi MAHON February 28 Kiltharsechane 

James CORCORAN to Bridget WALSH February 28 Ballyburke

John McDONAGH to Margaret BOYLE March 14 Luffertaun

John CARRABINE to Mary BURKE March 13 Lisrobert

Edward PENDERGRAST to Mary RYDER September 3 Carrowkeel

Pat HIGGANS to Bridget HIGGANS September 7 Kinuary

James KEANEY to Margaret CONNOR October 4 Tower Hill

Thomas FITZGERALD to Cecelia HOPKINS November 4 Drumminroe

Roger MORRIN to Peggy BOYLE November 12 Ballinacloigh

Edward HYNES to Ellen McCORMICK November 11 Ballintober

Michael FAHY to Kitty BRENNAN  November 28 Pollacappul