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Turlough Church Cemetery Co Mayo



In Loving Memory of a Devoted Wife and Mother Elizabeth BENNETT who entered into rest March 5th 1976 aged 75 years her beloved husband Thomas Wesley BENNETT died 19th May 1988 aged 90 years 

In Loving Memory of Sarah Ann Beloved wife of William WILCOX died 18th May 1958 aged 75 years also her husband William died 26th  Feb 1965 aged 82  

In Loving Memory of Jack WILCOX Turlough died 24th June 1970 and his wife Elizabeth died 6th May 1989 and baby 

In Loving Memory of Moses BENNETT 2 VA Inf Sp Am War who died in Castlebar 8th Oct 1928 aged 59 years  

To the Memory of James William BECKETT who died 2nd day of Feb 1872 aged 12 years Issac BECKET Father of the above named J. W. Who died 11th day of June 1876 aged 52 years also Jane BECKETT wife of Jack and mother of J W who died 1st March 1890 aged 62 years 

In Loving Memory of Mrs Ethel G BECKETT who died 19th Jan 1914 aged 45 years Eric Albert BECKETT died 15th March 1901 aged 2 years Jacob BECKETT died 31st May 1920 aged 59 years also their son Jacob Francis died 29 Aug 1947 aged 42 years 

In Loving Memory of David BECKETT POTTER who died 11th Nov 1961 aged 62 years 

Mairia BECKETT died 29th Aug 1918 aged 49 years Issac BECKETT died 5th July 1933 aged 75 years 

Sacred to the Memory Issac BECKETT died 2nd July 1956 

In Loving Memory James McGREAL Turlough Born 3rd Oct 1905 died 28th Oct 1986 

Dr.  E. R. Lester Burma Bermuda & Beltra   1925-2004 

In Loving Memory Pieter BRAAKSMA Boradaum Castlebar and Holland 1-7-1927      4-10-1974 

In Loving Memory Alfred CARSON  who died 2nd Feb 2004 

In Loving Memory Thomas CARSON late of Cloonty Lodge died 2nd Feb 1961 aged 790 years and his wife Margaret Evelyn died 25th Oct 1973 

In Loving Memory Arthur CARSON late of Hawthorne Lodge who died Christmas day 25th Dec 1956 aged 68 years his wife Grace CARSON who died 6th June 2002 

In Memory of Louise COOKE Milebush Castlebar died 1 March 1972 also Richard TOMBE Milebush Castlebar died 22 June 1980 

In Memory of Margaret Jane FLANAGAN late of Windsor died Jan 1939 also Emily GARDINER-CARNEY late of Turlough died March 1952 

In Loving Memory Robert CARSON of Hawthorne died Aug 2nd 1928 aged 80 years also his wife Diana CARSON died Feb 15 1939 aged 85 years 

In Loving Memory Robert CARSON son of Robert and Diana CARSON born 26th July 1850 died 20th May 1856  

In Loving Memory of Tom beloved husband and father died 25th May 1981 aged 71 years his wife Doris died 15th March 1984 aged 63 years their son Cecil died 15th June 2003 aged 58 years 

Erected in Memory of James BECKETT Rockfield Turlough born 13th May 1894 died 18th Jan 1979 and his wife Emily nee POTTER born 12th Sept 1850 died 25th Dec 1979


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