Westport Co Mayo Births 1866 and 1867  
Westport Births includes villages in the area.  Occupations listed after  residence

Occupations Abbreviations   L=Laborer  LH=Landholder  F=Farmer 47 births
Westport Births  1866 and 1867


Anthony KILCOYNE and Catherine KITTERICK Creggerbawn 11-? born at NOON F
Peter of Peter KING (deceased) and Honor GAVIN 12-3  Player of Bagpipes
Honor of Thomas TOOLE and Anne McHALE 12-3 Aillemore L
Pat of Austin MALLEY and Mary BURNS 12-20 Kilsallagh F
Mary of Bridget HESTION and James KERRIGAN 12-22 Glemonicara Herdsman
John of Michael McGREAL and Margaret MURRY 12-30 Rushbrook LH
Anne of John FADIAN and Mary LOCRAN 12-23 Shraheen LH
Thomas of William FLANAGAN and Honor MULLIS 12-29 Ballymarrougue
William of Anthony JOYCE Mary McDONAGH 12-29 Louisburgh Summons Server 


Rose of Pat GIBBONS and Honor OBOYLE 1-2 Duriribeen LH
John of Michael McDONNELL and Mary McHALE 1-4 Aillemore  Tailor
Pat of Michael KITTERICK and Mary KITTERICK 1-7 Ballakip F
Margaret of John WALSH and Mary HERAGHTY 1-4 Rockfield LH
Mary of Martin FLYNN and Bridget TUOHY 1-6 Knockandian
Mary of Pat MORAN and Bridget SWEENEY 1-6 Kiffea LH
Mary of Pat ODONEL and Mary McDONELL 1-10 Shrean LH
John of John MANNING and Bridget KITTERICK 1-12 Killadoon F
Michael of Charles HAYES and Ellen FLYNN 1-12 Lousiburgh Sub Constable
Ellen of Thomas MORAN and Mary WATERS 1-13 Doon LH
Henry James of Henry Perry HILDERGRANDE and Frances Jane SHEA 1-14 Stationmaster
Michael of Pat MALLEY and Bridget GRADY 1-15 Cuileen F
John of Austin GERAGHTY and Bridget CONWAY 1-16 Lecanvery F
John of Pat JOYCE and Mary GRAHAM 1-18 Cortoon 
Sarah of William and Winny WALSH 1-19 Balluthara LH
Honor of James ROWAN and Honor BROWN 1-20 Mooneen F
Anne of John MURRAY and Bridget KELLY 1-21 Ballyglass LH
Michael of Pat FADDEN and Ellen MULLRANY 1-22 Cuggalu LH
Anthony of Owen CORCORAN and Mary CORCORAN 1-22 Durrentin L
Sarah of John MALLEREY and Honor JENNINGS 1-22 Letterass L
Mary of John McNAMARA and bridget MALLEY 1-23 Louisburgh Weaver
Pat of John WALSH and Julia BURKE 1-24 Derracoosh 1-24 LH
Catherine of William FERGUS and Catherine DUFFY 1-24 Oughty F
Pat of Pat GAVIN and Mary CORCORAN 2-16 Cortoon LH
Pat of Michael DUFFY and Honor FERGUS 2-20 Kisallagh F
Hugh of Pat McGIRR and Maria WALDRON 2-20 Louisburgh F
Mary of Pat OMALLEY and Anne WATERS 2-20 Dooncastle LH
Anthony of Thomas HYNES and Ellen GERAGHTY 2-25 Doohayne F
Anne of Patrick MULLAY and Margaret MALONE 2-25 Ardarra LH
Mary of Francis EGAN and Bridget MALLEY 2-25 Derrygare F
Mary of John MORAN and Mary HOWARD 2-26 Falduff F
Pat of Philip MALONE and Judy 2-27 Ardarra LH
Bridget of Michael KEANE and Catherine GALLAGHER 3-1 Aillinoe F
Pat of Pat NEEDHAM and Catherine KILCOYNE 3-3 Cross F
Pat and James of Owen HUGHES amd Bridget HUGHES 3-5 Lankill
Pat of Austin GANNION and Mary CANNON 3-12 Kilsallgh L
Pat of Pat WALSH and Bridget CUSIAK 3-19 Kilmeena L
Hugh of Phil GAVIN and Bridget DUFFY 3-21 Drummin F


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