Dee's Kindred Korner - Acknowledgements

Dee's Kindred Korner

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A special THANK YOU goes to these wonderful individuals for their generous sharing of information. If not for them, I would be completely loss. Hugs to you all and many many thanks!!

Bama Lou Barton

Dillard Barton Jr.

James Ronald Barton

Sherry Barton

Denny & Marla Brubaker (CCPP)

Rollie Campbell

Judy Davis

Vetty (Blanton) Decker

Paris Dean "Doc" Evans

Melissa Finley

Mark Freeman

Marilyn Hansen

Viola Hess

Cheryl Honeycutt

Grant Honeycutt

Leon & Sue Honeycutt

Ricky Honeycutt

Yvonne Honeycutt

Sharon Jenkins

Eula Gray Jones

Gene Kirk

Criss Ann (Barton) Maness

Bill Mason

Leon Meyers

Lorraine Miracle

Linda Morris

Dusty Pilgram

LouAnn Sharp

Margaret Small

Earlene Sowell

Gwen Stesiak

Kay Thomas

Myrtle Evans-Vasko

Ruby Russell-Vezelich

Joyce Watson

Connie Williams

Last Updated: December 29, 2002