Lapin maa; images from Lapland; CLAMOUR meeting September 2001, Inari


CLAMOUR meeting
September 10 and 11, 2001
Saami Museum, Inari, Lapland, Finland
Meeting organized by Statistics Finland

Thousands of thanks to Riitta POUKKA who organized this meeting so perfectly
 and gave us this opportunity of discovering a wonderful place



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Olet palava ruska
     leimuava maa
          riekonmarjan purppura

Tunturikoivun sitkeys
     tulenkeltainen lehti
          vaivaiskoivun vehreys

Loputon tunturimeri
     kuukkelin pakopaikka
          lumeenhaudattu sydän

Maalaat värisi
hiljaisuuden siveltimellä

Raimo Suikkari


You are the burning autumn colours
     a land aglow
          the purple of the bearberry

The gritty endurance of the highland birch
     a fiery yellow leaf
          the greenness of the dwarf birch

A never-ending sea of fells
     retreat of the Siberian jay
          a heart buried in snow

Painting your colours
with the brush of silence

Raimo Suikkari