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DeMerchant's in the News, a Historical Look Back.

The following articles are courtesy of Sharon Webb and her fabulous Carleton County Gen Web site. Sharon transcribed these articles from the original newspapers and I for one would like to thank her immensely for her hard work and dedication to a selfless cause.

November 11th, 2002

Hartland's Observer Newspaper Dec 7, 1911

Men Badly Hurt Near Perth
Two men were seriously injured and sixteen others had a narrow escapes from an explosion of a charge of dynamite on the Tobique Valley branch line near Pokick Bluffs, Saturday afternoon.
A crew of men under William Estey were engaged in removing a large amount of rock which had slid into the right of way. Three holes had been drilled in a large boulder and three sticks of dynamite had been inserted in each hole. Two of the charges exploded but the third hung fire and the men thought that it would not explode so they started towards the boulder.
When the foreman, William Estey, and Benjamin DeMerchant, who were in advance of the others had almost come up to the boulder the dynamite exploded. DeMerchant was hurled across the track and was within six inches of the edge of the bluff, over-hanging the river, which is about 100 feet high at this place. Estey did not get the full power of the explosion. When picked up both men were unconscious and were frightfully cut about the head. They were both placed on a hand car and taken to the home of Miss Emma DeMerchant, an aunt of young DeMerchant. Dr. Earle of Perth was called. He found that DeMerchant, who is a son of Benjamin DeMerchant of Tilley, Victoria county, has severe cuts and the face and head and one eye injured so that the sight will likely be lost.
William Estey's injuries were not so serious, but he was badly injured about the head.
DeMerchant did not regain consciousness until 10 o'clock the next day and is still in a very serious condition.
An Uncle of young DeMerchant, William DeMerchant, was brought from Vancouver about two weeks ago, where he was the victim of a similar accident by which he lost the sight of both eyes. He was residing in the house to which the injured men were taken on Saturday. Courtesy Sharon Webb.

Carleton Sentinel Newspaper Sept 27, 1890

At Kent, Carleton County, August 16th., Sarah Demerchant, widow of the late Robert Demerchant, aged 84 years, leaving eight sons and one daughter to mourn the loss of a kind mother. She professed religion in early life and was one of the most faithful christians; she was highly esteemed by all who knew her. She is gone, but her influence will still live. Funeral service conducted by Rev. S. E. Sprague, assisted by Elders D. Brooks, A. Giberson, E. Sipperell, and C. W. Rideout. Courtesy Sharon Webb.

Press Newspaper March 3, 1886

At the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. S. E. Sprague, F. C. Baptist minister,
Mr. Wallace Hardy, of Monticello, Me., to Miss Sarah Demerchant, of Upper Wicklow, Carleton county, N.B. Courtesy Sharon Webb.

Carleton Sentinel Newspaper Sept 5, 1874

In Kent, on the 29th August, by the Rev. Ezekiel Sipprell, Mr. James DeMerchant and Miss Mary Crain of the same place. ( Intelligencer please copy.)
Courtesy Sharon Webb.

Press Newspaper March 26, 1900

George Demerchant of Bath was before the police magistrate Friday on the information of Superintendent Newcombe of the C. P. R. ; the charge was drunkenness, blaspheming and disorderly conduct on the train, and at Bath station he was fined .00 or two months in goal. The travelling public will be glad to know that Mr. Newcombe intends to prosecute any similar cases should they arise in future. Courtesy Sharon Webb.

Hartland's "Observer" Newspaper April 11, 1912

The marriage of Herman Demerchant and Effie Kinney of Kent parish was recently solemnized by Customs Collector Giberson. Courtesy Sharon Webb.

"The grave of RHLI Private J R Demerchant,21, one of 3000 graves at the Canadian War Cemetery in Cintheux, the largest Canadian war Cemetery in the world." Source: "Hamilton Spectator" August 19, 2002.