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A new additon to the family is a wonderful thing and whole DeMerchant clan would love to share the joyful event with you. If you have a photo you would like linked with your baby's name, send it to us.




Kyle James Lee Demerchant, b. 04 November 2003, son of Shawn DeMerchant & Annie Drinkwater

Cristal Ann DeMerchant, b. 07 October 2003 in Perth-Andover NB, daughter of Howard DeMerchant & Martha Mean

Kailey Joe Lawrence b. 9 September 2003 daughter of Erica (Evans) & Joe Lawrence

Alexis Christine Young b. 20 July 2003 daughter of Nicole & Shane (Evans) Young

Anson Baird Green b. 12 June, 2003 in Perth-Andover, NB son of Jason & Julie (Baird) Green

Samuel Joseph DeMerchant, b. 09 March 2003 son of Roy & Hollie (Burnett) DeMerchant

Emily Biacsi, b. 24 April 2003 in Wodonga, Victoria, Australia, daughter of Ivy (DeMerchant) & Michael Biacsi

Michael Lawrence Walsh, b.10 February 2003 son of Elizabeth (Passey) and Matthew Walsh

Camille Rosalie Mowbray, b. 24 April 2003 in Perth-Andover, NB, daughter of Christopher & Sarah (Baker) Mowbray

Marilyn Eden Demerchant, b. 10 April 2003 in TN, daughter of Andrew & Tiffany (Albritton) DeMerchant

Samuel Alexander Thomas Foster, B. Jan. 30, 2003, son of Rodney and Shelley Foster.

Tre' Vaughn Cullen, b. 13 March 2002, son of Sara Rae Cullen

Corinne Nicole Greene b. 03 June 2002, daughter of Todd & Jessica (Lyall) Greene

Anna Olivia Titus, b. 7 November 2002, daughter of Mark & Beth (Dingee) Titus

Madison Crystal-Ann DeMerchant, b. 15 September 2002 Daughter of Tracy DeMerchant & Brian Hicks

Avery Rae DeMerchant b. Sept 23, 2002, daughter of Jeffery & April (Cullins)DeMerchant

Isabelle Kathleen Schriver b. 16 June 2002, daughter of Adrian & Amanda (Lyons) Schriver

Amanda Hope DeMerchant b 13 July 2002, daughter of Gary & Dana (Pumyea) DeMerchant in Springfield Vermont

Ryan Martin McQuillan, b. Dec. 13, 2002 in Fredericton, NB, son of Helen DeMerchant & Martin McQuillan

Jacob Donald Bowmaster, b. 01 December 2002 in Perth-Andover, NB, son of Allison & Jennifer (Pickett) Bowmaster

Madison Dawn Young b 18 August 2002, Perth-Andover, NB son of Nicole Evans & Shane Young

Lauryn James Pearson, b.17 July 2002 Woodstock, NB daughter of Julie Pearson and Jesse Bulmer. Proud grandparents are Judith (DeMerchant) & Darryel Pearson.

Sarah Hope DeMerchant b. 25 Feb. 2002, daughter of Lee & Cheryl (Rioux) DeMerchant

Samuel River Everett, b. 08 February 2002, son of Marsha (Gregory) & Sean Everett

Randall Scot Demerchant b. 2002, son of Robert & Allison ( Seaborne)DeMerchant

Dylan Todd DeMerchant b. 12 July 2002 in Lewiston, ME son of Herbert & Jeanna DeMerchant.

Sophie Catherine Marriott b. March 20, 2002 in Greenwood, NS, daughter of Danny & Tara (DeMerchant) Marriott

Brooke Katherine Delwisch b. April 15, 2002 in Smithers, BC, Daughter of Kenton & Kimberly Dawn (Baird) Delwisch

Raya Elizabeth DeMerchant b. Feb. 22, 2002 in Perth-Andover NB, daughter of Joel & Michelle (Reid) DeMechant

Andrew Ronald Russell Fisher b 01 February 2002 Woodstock, NB son of Dana & Berdie (Wheaton) Fisher

Jordan Jeffrey Moore, b. 29 April 2001 son of Meladine (DeMerchant) & Jeffrey Moore

Abigail Elizabeth Gagnon, b. 10 May 2001, daughter of Jodi & Andrea (Dingee) Gagnon

Ethan Paul DeMerchant b. 11 July 2001 in Lewiston, ME, son of Christopher & Kayt DeMerchant

Michael Salvatore DeMerchant b. Dec. 19, 2001 in Hamilton, ON son of Rick & Silvana
(Di Liberto) DeMerchant.

Dylan Dustin DeMerchant b. September 19, 2001, son of Shawn DeMerchant & Amie Drinkwater

Caden William Crain b. in Perth-Andover, NB May 3, 2001, son of William & Crina (Pirie) Crain

Adam John DeMerchant, b. Sept. 6, 2001 in Perth-Andover,NB son of Matthew & Kimberely (Snowdon) DeMerchant

Aidan Michael Biacsi b. Sept. 6, 2001 in Australia, son of Ivy (DeMerchant)& Michael Biacsi

Olivia Jo-Anne DeMerchant b. 24 September 2001 in Fredericton, NB to Norm & Amy (Sullivan) DeMerchant

Alexander Todd Barclay b. 10 April 2001 son of Todd Alexander Graydon & Laura (Shattler) Barclay

Logan Jarrett Elliott, b. 20 October 2001 son of Annette (Bonsall) and Timothy J. Elliott

James Morgan DeMerchant b. 14 June 2001 son of Brian Jason DeMerchant & Mary O'Donnel

Matthew Dhane Walter Goodine,b. 17 July 2001, son of Jeremy & Shelley (Daye) Goodine

Liam Michael Billard, b. 09 January 2001 son of Wendy (DeMerchant) and Jason Billard

Jenna Lynn Lastrina b. 11 May, 2001 daughter of Arlene and Michael Lastrina. Proud g'parents are David and Phyllis DeMerchant Middletown, CT

Olivia JoAnne Harper b. 23 January 2001 daughter of Andrew & Mary Harper White,GA

Adam Matthew DeMerchant b. April 16, 2001 son of Tiffany Grace Albritton and Andrew DeMerchant Clarksville, TN.

Bailey Samantha DeMerchant b. 6 February 2001 daughter of Peter & Sandra DeMerchant Fredericton, NB

Katelyn Lee Fisher b. 10 January, 2001 daughter of Ritchie Fisher & Wendy Nicholson

Dylon Frederick DeMerchant b 1 April 2001, son of Corey Frederick DeMerchant & Hope Sappier Perth-Andover, NB

Cayla Rose Stafford b. 14 February 2001 daughter of Tanya Rosalie (DeMerchant) & Frank "Buck" Stafford


Abigail Elizabeth Bonsall, b. 14 June 2000, daughter of Cheryl (Grinnell) & Joseph C. Bonsall,lV
Connor William Clayton DeMerchant, b. 27 January 2000, son of Dale & Gerri (Caines) DeMerchant

Ethen Currie Hunt Tiberend b. Nov. 17 2000 in Carvendale, IL, son of Twila (Tompkins) & Robert Tiberend.

Kayleigh Elizabeth DeMerchant b. Nov. 15, 2000 in Atlanta, GA, daughter of David & Julie (Henderson) DeMerchant

Rankin Stephen Dennis Oakes, b. June 24, 2000, son of Corey & Sally (Scott) Oakes

Matthew Michael DeMerchant,b. November 12, 2000, son of Richard Vincent DeMerchant & Darlene Marcella (Tanchak) DeMerchant.

Travis Troy DeMerchant, b. 09 July 2000 son of Troy & Amanda (Jenkins)DeMerchant

Mason Leslie Evans-Crawford b. 6 Jan. 2000 son of Erika Evans & Kenneth Crawford Perth-Andover, NB

Alexander James Nicholson b. 31 August 2000, son of Chris & Vicki Nicholson

Liam Edward DeMerchant b. 10 December 2000 son of William Edward & Sandra DeMerchant Fredericton, NB

Tori Kendal DeMerchant b. 05 December 2000 daughter of Vaughan H. Tim & Kenda DeMerchant Perth-Andover, NB

Chandler Gabriel Jeremy Dube b. 02 November 2000 daughter of Alicia & Jeremy Dube Perth-Andover, NB

Matthew Gendon Anthony Craig St. Thomas b.15 October 2000 son of Jason & Karen St. Thomas Perth-Andover, NB

Benjamin James Pearson b. 31 August 2000 son of James & Elizabeth Pearson

Travis Troy DeMerchant b. 09 July 2000 son of Troy & Amanda DeMerchant

Anthony Dwayne Ernest Gary Yeo b.20 March 2000 son of Joleen & Dwayne Yeo

Houston Dawn Sullivan b. 15 March 2000 daughter of April Dawn (DeMerchant) & Jason Charles Sullivan


Liam Douglas Everett, b 31 October 1999, son of Marsha (Gregory) & Sean Everett

Ty Alexander Mackenzie Stone December 15, 1999. Son of Carla (DeMerchant) & Gregory Stone

Margaret Suzanne Florence Schriver b. 02 November 1999, daughter of Adrian & Amanda (Lyons) Schriver

Riley Stephen DeMerchant b. 07 December 1999, son of Roy & Hollie DeMerchant

Taylor Renee' Greene, b. 05 September 1998, son of Todd & Jessica (Lyall) Greene

Cameron John Wayne Moore, b. 05 November, 1998, son of Meladine (DeMerchant) & Jeffrey Moore

Autumn Augusta DeMerchant Dec 7, 1998 Daughter of Jeffery & April (Cullins) DeMerchant

Brianna McQuillan, February 26, 1998 daugter of Helen M. (DeMerchant) & Martin McQuillan Brampton, ON

Emily Jean Barclay b. 12 April 1998 daughter Mitchell Murray & Helen (Ledwidth) Barclay

Tabitha Jillian DeMerchant b. 3 Dec. 1998 daughter of David & Robin DeMerchant East Hampton,CT


Sarah Rae Cullen, b. 07 August 1984, daughter of James & Carmen Lee (Verne) Cullen

Chrystal Ann b. 25 September 1982 & Michael Anthony b. 03 January 1985 children of Brian & Laiad Doody


We regret the loss of the following DeMerchant descendants. Our sympathy goes out to each family.

Maurice Edward DeMerchant, age 91; b. 10 August 1912, d. 22 January 2004 in Presque Isle, ME. Husband of Lillian E. (Daigle) DeMerchant. His wife received the prize for the longest marriage (67 yrs) at the DeMerrchant Reunion this past summer.

Susan D. (Wortman) DeMerchant, age 47, b. 1956 d. January 2004 in Wicklow, NB; wife of Brian T. DeMerchant


Georgina DeMerchant (Boyd) b. 23 March, 1954 died by accident near fielding, NB Dec.31, 2003 daughter of Wash & Dot (Parson) DeMerchant.

Leonard J.M. Dionne, b. 1916  d. 26 November 2003 in Westwood, MA. Husband of Ruth (Sweet) Dionne, married 56 years. He was the ggg grandson of our John Cuffman/DeMerchant. He was instrumental in the development of the Poloraid SX 70 camera in the '60's. His son Mark was able to solve the connection to the DeMerchants after months of deligently searching old church & census records.

Alice Helena (Ballard) DeMerchant, b. 1909, d. 26 November 2003 in North Lake, NB husband of the late Eldon  DeMerchant

Murray A. Barclay b. 23 August 1945  d. 07 November, 2003 at Skiff Lake, NB. Resided in Aroostook, NB. Husband of Edna (Giggie) Barclay

Daniel Burgoyne b. 12 August 1964, d. 18 October, 2003 in Plaster Rock, NB by accident; wife of Heather (Briggs) Burgoyne

Ralph DeMerchant  b. 27 April 1912   d. 11 October 2003 in Orono, ME. husband of Lillian (Gagnon) DeMerchant

Evelyn Ella (DeMerchant) Dow, b. 11 November 1930 d. 05 September 2003 in Lindsay, NB, wife of Lloyd Dow

John Joseph "Jack" Crain b. 1924 d. 26 September 2003, son of Beecher & Edna (DeMerchant) Crain

Sharon Ann (Watson) Gallant b. 03 November 1949 d. 17 August 2003 in Plaster Rock, NB wife of Fred Gallant.

Gary Ames John, P.Eng b. 1951 d. 30 July 2003 in Katumba, Australia, Wife of Carolyn A.(DeMerchant) Ames.

Borden Frank DeMerchant b. 05 April 1919 d. 11 July 203 in Perth-Andover, NB, husband of Phyllis (Taylor) DeMerchant.

Philip Allen Estabrooks, b. 24 April 1921 d. 17 June 2003, wife of Freda (DeMerchant) Estabrooks, in the Chalmers Hospital in Fredericton, NB

Malcolm Oscar DeMerchant b. 1940 d. 31 May 2003 in Woodstock, NB husband of Linda DeMerchant

Katrina (Kilcollins) Watson, b. 1925, d. 28 May 2003 wife of Ralph Watson of Perth-Andover, NB

Peter D. Barter, b. 1943 d. 07 May 2003 in Saint John, NB, husband of Margaret (DeMerchant)Barter.

Ethel P.(Walker) Briggs, b. 1919, d. 27 March 2003 in Perth-Andover, daughter of Edward Walker & Mildred C. DeMerchant.

Anne (Irving) DeMerchant, b. 1905 d. 07 February 2003 at McMaster University Hospital in Hamilton, ON, husband of the late Milledge DeMerchant. She was the oldest living DeMerchant to this date.

Geraldine C. (Caldwell) Dingee b. 1921 d. 12 February 2003 in Halifax, wife of Arthur Dingee of Bath, NB.

John Austin "Jack" Davison b. 1933 d. 23 January 2003 in Ontario, wife of Joy "Ann" (Simmons) DeMerchant. Son of Charles Donald "Slim" Davison and Hazel Gay DeMerchant


Lawrence Roy Walker, b. 1922 d.25 December 2002 in Perth-Andover (formerly Aroostook) NB. Husband of Maria Walker, son of Edward & Mildred (DeMerchant) Walker.

Audrey A. (DeMerchant) Young, b.20 April 1930, d. October 2002 in Ohio; Wife of Donald Young; daughter of Llewellyn & Velma (Ginson) DeMerchant

Rev. Dwight A. 20 April 1930DeMerchant b. 1957, d. 8 Nov. 2002 in Kelowna, BC from leukemia; Husband of Susan (Campbell) DeMerchant; son of Wavel & Shirley (Scott) DeMechant

Grace Kathleen (Lee) DeMerchant b. 1912, d. 02 November 2002 in Woodstock, NB, wife of Richard E. DeMerchant

Ruth M. (Larlee) Cannon b. 15 June 1928, d. 01 Nov. 2002 daughter of Truman & Pearl (DeMerchant) Larlee.

George M. DeMerchant b. 08 December 1919, d. Nov. 1 2002 in Perth-Andover, NB, son of Perry DeMerchant & Priscilla Downing, husband of Emily (Tatlock) DeMerchant.

Marita E. (DeMerchant) Martin b. 08 May 1937 d. 30 Oct. 2002 in Perth-Andover, NB wife of Henry Martin, daughter of Ernest Elwin DeMerchant & Olive Mae Pimlotte.

Joyce A. (Kinney) Ruff b. 17 June 1939 d. 06 Oct. 2002 in Perth-Andover, NB

Bernadette Marie (Gagnon)DeMerchant b. 23 January 1915 d. 18 September 2002 wife of Loren K. DeMerchant, Sr.(d. 1985)

Isabel Marie (St. Peter) Tompkins b. 23 October 1934 d. 07 September 2002 in Perth-Andover, NB wife of Norman W. Tompkins

Olga Louise (Barr) Phillips RN b. 14 August 1926, d. 10 August 2002 in Wilmington, MA; wife of Edward Henry Phillips

Gerald Thomas Ferguson, b. 17 December 1930, d. 03 August 2002 in Perth-Andover, NB; Husband of Viola (Johnston) Ferguson

Mary Alice Cynethia (DeMerchant) Lyles b. May 16 1929 d. May 11 2002 in Hamilton, ON. Daughter of William Herman DeMerchant & Maria Elizabeth Wallace. Wife of Robert Howard Lyles

Eugenie (LaViolette) DeMerchant b. 12 June 1913- 28 March 2002 in Moncton, NB. Wife of the late Samuel DeMerchant

Graydon Barclay b. September 12 1919 d. Mr. 02 2002 in Perth-Andover, son of James "Henry" Barclay & Gertrude Mae Demerchant

Ivan Hector DeMerchant b. 16 April 1938 d. 17 Feb. 2002 in Toronto, ON, son of Samuel and Kathleen (Gillespie) DeMerchant

Ruth (Curless)DeMerchant b. 13 January 1916 d. 29 January 2002 wife of Elray Alton DeMerchant, in Caribou, ME

Arvella P. (DeMerchant) Holbrook b. 13 Dec. 1925, d. 20 Nov. 2001 in Portland, ME wife of Donald W. Holbrook

Marion Arlene Barclay(Adams) b. 16 August 1915 d. 26 December 2001 in Perth-Andover. Daughter of James "Henry" & Gertrude Mae (DeMerchant) Barclay

Eileen Audray Gee b. 03 August 1917 d.28 January 2001, daughter of Frances (Sparks) DeMerchant & Hanford Gee

Jean Ann (Marcantonio) DeMerchant b. 25 June 1936, d. August 2001 in Laurens, SC

Laura B. (DeMerchant) Wright, b.25 Feb 1907 d. 19 June 2001, wife of the late Allen Wright, at a Dover-Foxcroft ME. She was 94.

George Levensailor, b. 2 May 1933 d. 7 August 2001. Husband of Linda (DeMerchant) Levensailor

Eska (Goodine) Tompkins b. 03 July, 1908 d.29 July 2001 in Perth-Andover. Wife of Harold Tompkins. Before Harold passed away in 1998 they celebrated 73 years of marriage.

Harold (Wease) Parish, b. 9 July 1935, d. 11 July 2001 at Edmundston, NB. Son of Harold & Pauline (DeMerchant)Parish

Stephen Cahill b. 10 December 1904, d.10 July 2001 in Perth-Andover, NB, husband of Janet May DeMerchant

Madeline A. Hartley b. 6 July 1915 d. 15 June 2001, Perth-Andover, NB daughter of Aubray DeMerchant & Martha Hathaway

Henry F.Beaulier b.04 December 1914, d. May 17 2001 husband of Cecilia DeMerchant Presque Isle, ME

Larry Oscar Lockhart b. 30 April 1934 d. 10 May 2001 husband of Betty (Smith) Lockhart, Perth-Andover, NB

Richard Allan DeMerchant b.19 September 1938 d. 03 May 2001 in Sutton West,ON Page 186

Brooke Connie DeMerchant b. 23 April 2001 d.23 April 2001 Stillborn, infant daughter of Joe Edward DeMerchant & Marilyn Beverage Aroostook, NB

Hugh Nelson DeMerchant b.7 May, 1919 d. March 18, 2001 Fredericton, NB

Lavina Verna (Lloyd)DeMerchant b. 16 Sept. 1904 d. March 19, 2001 Hamilton, ON

Judith Rae Wheeler b. 4 December, 1938 d. March 25,2001 Perth-Andover, NB

Jerome Arnold DeMerchant, CET,b. 8 Feb. 1935 d. 31March,2001 Perth-Andover, NB

Roy Everett DeMerchant b.April 1916 d. February 23, 2001 Elkhart, IN

Craig Wayne Dingee b. 15 April 1977 d. February 23, 2001 pg 300 Perth-Andover, NB

Elva Ethel (DeMerchant) Hill b. 15 October 1904 d. 08 January 2001, Ithaca, NY

Beulah Adla (DeMerchant)Mackie b. 14 March 1921 d. January 8, 2001 Dover-Foxcroft, ME

Ronald Kay DeMerchant b. 5 Nov. 1927 d. Jan 12, 2001 Halifax, NS


Norman Bruce Burgoyne b. 14 April 1940 d. December 14, 2000 Comox, BC

Otis Charlie Leo DeMerchant, b. 24 August 1917 d. 11 November 2000 in Madison, ME

Kenneth LeRoy DeMerchant b. 23 Jan. 1928 d. October 2000 Hamilton, ON

Hazel Pearl (Budrow) Webb September 13, 2000 Easton, ME

Ronald Keith Avery b. 1 April 1905 d.19 Sept. 1915 d. 15 August , 2000 Fredericton, NB

Gerald Archibald Douglas DeMerchant b. 22 Aug. 1921 d. July 19, 2000 Perth-Andover, NB

Thelma (Roberts) DeMerchant b. 2 Oct. 1917 d. April 30,2000 Hartford, WI

Cora May (DeMerchant) Smith b. 16 March 1932 d. March 23, 2000 Perth-Andover, NB

Donald DeMerchant February b. 1949 d. Feb. 2000 Toronto, ON

Nimrod Sutton DeMerchant b. 4 Oct. 1929 d. Jan 9, 2000 Perth-Andover, NB

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