Joseph Gray

Joseph Gray
& Unity Campbell

Joseph Gray was born October 13, 1813 in Preble County, Ohio. He was the son of Nathanial Gray, mother unknown. He seems to have became orphaned at an early age at Eaton, Preble County, Ohio. In fact, some records, in error, state his first name as Eaton. How and why he became orphaned is unbknown. Most likely either because both his parents had died, or his father died and his mother couldn't maintain the family.

Joseph remained in Preble County until after his marriage to unity Campbell. Unity was born January 1, 1817 in Sussex County, Delaware, the daughter of William Campbell and Lavina McCabe. They were married by Unity's uncle, Ebbenezer Campbell, who was Justice of the Peace, on October 12, 1837.

Joseph and Unity seem to have moved back and forth between Iowa and Ohio over the next few years, since their children were born in both states: Sarah Lavina was July 19, 1838 in Ohio; William Thomas was born March 30, 1840 in Iowa; Lydia Caroline was born February 5, 1843 in Ohio; John L. was born March 5, 1845 in Ohio; Mary Elizabeth was born August 3, 1848 in Ohio; Martha Emma was born January 18, 1851in Ohio; Joseph P. was born February 11, 1853 in Ohio; Laura Etta was born October 3, 1856 in Ohio; and Alice M. was born July 26, 1860 in Iowa.

The family moved to Henry County, Missouri sometime during the 1860's and settled near Leesville.

Joseph remained in Henry County until his death on March 23, 1874. Unity died January 8, 1889 in Kansas City, Missouri.

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