Walter Graham

Walter B. Graham

Walter, third son of Alan and Eliza Graham, was born in August of 1861 in the township of Marion, Crittenden County, Kentucky. Abraham Lincoln was president and Civil War had come to the nation.

Before that terrible war ended, Walter moved to Indiana with his family. They settled in Van Buren Township, Clay County, Indiana. By the time of our centennial in 1876, Walter, like his father, was working in the coal mines, alongside his brothers George and Thomas.

The work in the mines was drudgery and the hours long. Commonly people worked 12 to 14 hours in the mines, six to seven days a week. Nonetheless, Walter found time to court. The object of his courtship was Anna Louise Harding.

Anna Harding had been born in England around 1870. she was the daughter of James and Leah Harding, both of England. Anna was their oldest child.

Walter and Anna married circa 1887/1888. They moved to Missouri where Walter continued working in the coal fields. While still in Missouri, five children were born: Walter Earl (1889-1922), Mamie (1891-?), Richard (1894-1916), and twins who both died by age one.

Before the turn of the century, Walter moved his family to Sebastian County, Arkansas. On October 27, 1903, Anna gave birth to their last child, a son, Louis Orville. It is unknown if Walter remained working in the mines at this time or was otherwise employed. However, there were coal mines in the area.

Anna died in 1912 or 1913. Her youngest son, Louis was nine years old and was sent to be raised by his sister, Mamie, who had married Luther Spessard. anna was buried near Hartford in Sebastian County, Arkansas.

It's unknown what Walter did after this time, whether he remained in the area or moved on. He is known to have been seen in the late 1920's in Kansas, but all trace of him after that time has been lost.

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