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Hello! My name is Denis Graham. Welcome to Senzo!

Senzo is a Japanese word for Ancestor or Ancestry. Although I'm not Japanese, my wife was born there. We were married in 1967 while I was stationed at Camp Hakata with the US Army. Therefore, I chose to use this word as the title for this site.

Unlike Family History Home Base, my primary family site, Senzo is dedicated more to Chie's and my direct ancestors, as well as a place to display family and ancestral pictures. I thank Rootsweb for providing the free space for this project.

While my wife's family tree is exceptionally interesting, most of you who find yourselves here will be primarily interested in my American and European ancestry, which is the ancestry of my father and mother. Under my father's ancestry, you'll find the surnames of Brentz, Briggs, Brown, Burckhardt, Campbell, Carleton, Collins, Demler, Graham, Gray, Harding, Hudson, Hunn, Larrimore, Maerklin, Megenhardt, Monical, Prince, Printz, Renz, Short, White, and Wolfhardt, to name a few. Under my mother's ancestry, you'll find, among others, the surnames of Broughton, Coker, Gates, Gearheart, Hurley, Jenkins, Kiddy, Kirby, Owen, Tarrant, Turner, Webb, Woodard, and Worley.

Below you'll find links that will help you begin to navigate through this site. However, if you're looking for other information or side lines of these families, visit Family History Home Base.

This site was created March 31, 2000, so please be patient as it is very much still Under Construction.

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