Deseronto Cemetery

St. Vincent de Paul, Roman Catholic Church Cemetery, Deseronto, Ontario CANADA

I started this little project mainly because I was constantly visiting the cemetery to confirm dates of people on my own family tree. So decided it would be an easier and more permanent solution to take photos of the stones. I also began realizing that there are many people out there who are unable to visit the cemetery but may have family buried there. This is, therefore, an attempt to assist all those family genealogists in their quest for their roots. I am not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination so the shots of the graves may not be perfect. I had to deal with sun and shade, old and poor quality stones, light stones versus dark stones, trees, and overgrown grass. I did my best to clean and clear away debris but still the photos are not perfect. My apologies for that.

This is still a work in progress. Not all the names are available here as there are many people buried that do not have stones, my great great grandparents included. The Catholic side of the cemetery has not been transcribed and I have been told that the files listing who is buried in the cemetery were lost many years ago. We may never have a complete listing of all those who rest here. If you have a question about a name or information please contact me and I might be of some assistance.

Also check out the Protestant side of the Cemetery! A work in progress

Anne Houle

Updated March 31, 2005

Please click on the last name for which you are searching, there are 160 total. All maiden names have been included, so if your name appears anywhere on the stone you will be taken to the appropriate photo page.

Alkenbrack Barnwell Barrach Barry Beauchesne Beyette Bois Bolin Bonner Boucher Bouchie Bovin Brady Brannigan Brant Breaugh Brennan Bruschke Bruyea Burns Butler Caffry Callaghan Caron Cassidy Coutu Covert Cusick Dare DeArcey DeArcy DeForge Denham Derby DeVleeschouwer Dionne Donoghue Dorey Dowdle Dowling DoyleDriscoll Dubey Dunlop Dunn Edmund Edwards Ellwood Farrell Flaro Flood Flynn Foley Fox French Gamache Gartland Gaulin Gendron Genereux Gerard Gibson Gordon Gorman Grandmaison Haig Hart Hatch Hearns Heffernan Hicks Hinchey Hines Hogan Houle Howard Howorth Hunt Johndrew Jones Joyce Kenny Kitchen LaPointe Lavertue Laverture Law Leonard L'Esperance L'Esprance Leveque Linaugh Lord Luffman Lynch MacDonald MacKay MacNeill Madden Maloney Mamzer Marigold Markey Marlow Marrigan Marshall Martin McCabe McFaul McGee McKenny McNamara McNeill McPhail McVey McVicker Meagher Meandro Miller Morris Morton Mulville Murphy Nafin Nealon Noble Norris Oakley O'Connor O'Neill Orange O'Rilley O'Shaunessy Page Palmer Parks Pelkey Perrault Pitt Ratchford Ready Renix Roach Robinson Rowe Seip Shibley Smith Stewart St.Louis Sweanor Sweet Tatton Therrien Tyrrell Uens Valiquette Vosburg Vrooman Watters Young

Also check out the Protestant side of the Cemetery! A work in progress...