Townlands in County Louth
"Digital Dindsenchas"

County Louth may be the smallest of Ireland's 32 counties ("the Wee County"), but its historical record has been disproportionately blessed by more than a century of contributors to the Journal of the County Louth Archaeological and Historical Society (JCLAHS). For that reason, Louth's 676 townlands may be the best documented of those in any county. Unfortunately, the JCLAHS is available in a limited number of libraries worldwide, and therefore very little of that information has made it onto the Internet. These maps, and the accompanying townland descriptions, are an effort to make some of those gems of local lore more accessible. Descriptions of townlands and meaning of names (seen by clicking on a townland in a map) are based on Stubbs ( 1908, 1909, 1910, 1911). Links are also provided to other information in the JCLAHS or available online.

Google Maps gives us a new way to share geographic information about our ancestors. The maps linked below are displayed in Google Maps, which means that they are not "just for looking". These maps allow to you to download a KML file which can then be opened in Google Earth and edited to match your own needs. For example, you could make a map using color coding to show when your ancestors lived in various townlands. Note that Google Maps has the limitation of showing only a dozen townlands at a time, then you must click on "Next Page" to see the next dozen townlands. Therefore, for the few civil parishes that have more than a dozen townlands, viewing the KML file in Google Earth is the only way to see all the townlands at once.

Civil Parishes in County Louth:

Ardee Ballybarrack Ballyboys (Bellurgan) Ballymakenny Ballymascanlan Barronstown Beaulieu
Cappoge Carlingford Carrickbaggot Castletown Charlestown Clogher Clonkeehan
Clonkeen Clonmore Collon Creggan Darver Dromin Dromiskin
Drumcar Drumshallon Dunany Dunbin Dundalk Dunleer Dysart
Faughart Gernonstown Haggardstown Haynestown Inishkeen Kane Kildemock
Killanny Killincoole Kilsaran Louth Mansfieldstown Mapastown Marlestown
Mayne Monasterboice Mosstown Mullary Parsonstown Philipstown Philipstown District
Philipstown-Nugent Port Rathdrumin Roche Salterstown Shanlis Smarmore
St Marys (Drogheda) St. Peter's (Drogheda) Stabannan Stickillin Tallanstown Termonfeckin Tullyallen

Special Topics in County Louth:

Holy Wells

Dennis W Garvey

Townlands in County Louth:

Acarreagh, Aclint, Adamstown, Aghaboys, Aghameen, Aghnaskeagh, Allardstown (Dunbin Par), Allardstown (Killincoole Par), Almondstown, Anaglog, Annagh (Boltons), Annagh (McCann's), Annagh (Philipstown), Annaghanmoney, Annaghminnan, Annaghvacky, Annaloughan, Annies, Ardagh, Ardaghy, Ardballan, Ardbolies, Ardee, Ardlaraghan, Ardpatrick, Ardtully Beg, Ardtully More, Arthurstown, Arthurstown Little, Artnalevery, Artoney, Ash Big, Ash Little, Athclare, Babeswood, Baggotstown, Bailyland, Bailypark, Balfeddock, Balgatheran, Ballabony, Ballagan, Ballaverty, Ballinclare, Ballinfuil, Ballinlough, Ballinloughan, Ballinreask, Ballinteskin, Ballinurd, Ballsgrove, Ballug, Ballybailie, Ballybarrack, Ballybinaby, Ballydonnell, Ballygoly, Ballygowan, Ballymageragh, Ballymaglane, Ballymakellett, Ballymakenny, Ballymascanlan, Ballynagassan, Ballynagrena, Ballynahattin, Ballynamaghery, Ballynamony (Bradshaw), Ballynamony (Murphy), Ballyonan, Ballyoran, Ballyregan, Ballytrasna (Carlingford Par), Ballytrasna (Killany Par), Balregan, Balriggan, Balrobin, Baltrasna, Baltray, Baltray\Town of Baltray, Bankerstown, Banktown, Barabona, Barmeath, Barnaveddoge, Barronstown, Battsland, Bavan, Bawn, Bawntaaffe, Beaulieu, Begrath, Bellcotton, Bellurgan (Ballyboys Par), Bellurgan (Castletown Par), Belpatrick, Beltichburne, Benagh, Betaghstown, Bigsland, Blackhall, Blackstick, Blakestown, Bogtown, Boharnamoe, Bolies, Boycetown, Braganstown, Braghan, Briarhill, Brittas, Broadlough, Broughattin, Brownstown, Burren, Calga, Callystown, Cambrickville, Cangy, Canonstown, Cappocksgreen, Cappoge, Cardistown, Carn Beg, Carn More, Carnalughoge, Carnanbregagh, Carnroe, Carntown (Ballymakenny Par), Carntown (Drogheda), Carracloghan, Carrickacreagh, Carrickadooan, Carrickallan, Carrickalust, Carrickastuck, Carrickavallan, Carrickbaggot, Carrickcarnan, Carrickedmond, Carrickleagh, Carrickmullan, Carricknashanagh, Carrickrobin, Carstown, Carstown, Cartanstown, Castlebellingham, Castlecarragh, Castlelumny, Castlering, Castletate, Castletown (Castletown Par), Castletown (Mullary Par), Castletowncooley, Cavan (Dunbin Par), Cavan (Haynestown Par), Cavananore, Cavanrobert, Chanonrock, Charlestown, Charleville, Christianstown, Churchtown, Claretrock, Cliven, Cloghanmoyle, Clogher, Cloghlea, Clonaleenaghan, Clonkeehan, Clonmore, Cluide (Dunleer Par), Cluide (Smarmore Par), Collon, Commons (Carlingford Par), Commons (Drogheda), Commons (Dromiskin Par), Commons (Louth Par), Coneyburrow, Cookspark, Cookstown, Coolcreedan, Coole, Coolfore, Coolrath, Corbollis, Corcreeghagh, Corderry, Cordoogan, Corlisbane, Cornamucklagh, Corradoran, Corrakit, Corstown (Drumcar Par), Corstown (Dunany Par), Corstown (Dunleer Par), Cortial, Cotlerstown, Courtbane, Crossabeagh, Crowmartin, Cruisetown, Crumlin, Cuillenstown, Culfore, Cunnicar, Curraghbeg, Curstown, Dales, Dardisrath, Darver, Dawson's Demesne, Deerpark, Dellin, Demesne, Derrycammagh, Derryfalone, Dillonstown, Donaghmore, Donnellystown, Doolargy, Dowdallshill, Dowdstown, Draghanstown, Drakestown, Dromin, Dromiskin, Drumad, Drumard, Drumbilla, Drumcah, Drumcamill, Drumcar, Drumcashel, Drumgonnelly, Drumgoolan, Drumgoolestown, Drumgooter, Drumgowna, Drumgur, Drumin (Dunleer Par), Drumin (Dysart Par), Drumleck (Dromisdkin Par), Drumleck (Gernonstown), Drummeenagh, Drummullagh, Drumnacarra, Drumnasillagh, Drumshallon, Drumsinnot, Ducavan, Duffsfarm, Dunany, Dunbin Big, Dunbin Little, Dungooly, Dunleer, Dunmahon, Duryhole, Dysart, Earls Quarter, Edenagrena, Edenakill, Edenaquin, Edentober, Edmondstown, Emlagh, Essexford, Fairhill, Falmore, Farrandreg, Faughart, Lower, Faughart, Upper, Feede, Feraghs, Fieldstown, Finvoy, Funshog, Gainstown Upper, Gallagh, Gallstown, Galroostown, Galtrimsland, Ganderstown, Garrolagh (Mayne Par), Garrolagh (Rathdrumin Par), Gibstown, Gilberstown, Gilbertstown, Glack, Glaspistol, Glebe (Ardee Par), Glebe (Barronstown Par), Glebe (Dundalk Par), Glebe (Rathdrumin Par), Glebe (Tullyallen Par), Glebe Bog, Glebe East, Glebe South, Glebe West, Glenmore, Glydefarm, Gorteen, Grange, Grange Irish, Grange Old, Grangebellew, Grattanstown, Greatwood, Greenbatter, Greenlane, Greenmount, Greenore, Groom, Gudderstown, Gunstown, Hacklim, Haggardstown, Halftate, Hamlinstown, Hammondstown (Cappoge Par), Hammondstown (Mosstown Par), Harristown, Harristown (south), Hasley, Heynestown, Hill of Rath, Hitchestown, Hoarstone, Hoathstown, Hunterstown, Hurlstone, Irishtown, Jenkinstown, Johnstown, Kane, Kearneystown, Keerhan, Keeverstown, Kellystown, Kilbride, Kilcroney, Kilcurly (Dunbin Par), Kilcurry (Ballymascanlan Par), Killaconner, Killally (Ballybarrack Par), Killally (Clonmore Par), Killanny, Killartery, Killeen, Killin (Ballymascanlan Par), Killin (Kane Par), Killincoole, Killineer, Killyclessy, Killycroney, Kilpatrick, Kilsaran, Kiltallaght, Kircock, Knockaboys, Knockagh, Knockaleva, Knockatavy, Knockatober, Knockattin, Knockcor, Knockcurlan, Knockdinnin, Knocklore, Knockmore, Knocknagoran, Labanstown, Lacknagreagh, Lagan, Lambtown, Lannat, Lawlesstown, Legavooren, Liberties of Carlingford, Linns, Liscorry, Lisdoo, Lislea, Lismanus, Lisnawully, Lisrenny (Charlestown Par), Lisrenny (Tallanstown Par), Listoke, Listulk, Littlegrange, Littlemill, Longstones, Loughanmore, Loughanmore, Loughantarve, Loughtate, Louth Hall, Lowrath North, Lowrath South, Lugbriscan, Lurganboy, Lurgankeel, Maddoxgarden, Maddoxland, Maghereagh, Maine, Manistown, Mansfieldstown, Mapastown, Marlay, Marsh North, Marsh South, Marshallrath, Marshes, Lower, Marshes, Upper, Martinstown, Mayne, Meaghsland, Mell, Mellifont, Mellifont Park or Louth Hill, Milestown, Millgrange, Millockstown, Millpark, Milltown (Barronstown Par), Milltown (Dromiskin Par), Milltown (Dysart Par), Milltown (Termonfeckin Par), Milltown Bog, Milltown Grange, Milltown Old, Mitchelstown, Monascreebe, Monasterboice, Monavallet, Moneycrockroe, Moneymore, Monksland, Mooremount (Cappoge Par), Mooremount (Dromin Par), Mooretown, Moorland, Morganstown, Mosstown North, Mosstown South, Mountain-town, Mountbagnall, Mountdoyle, Mounthamilton, Mountrush, Muchgrange, Mucklagh, Muff, Mullabane (Carlingford Par), Mullabane (Clonkeen Par), Mullabohy, Mullacapple, Mullacloe, Mullacrew, Mullacurry, Mulladrillen, Mullagharlin, Mullaghattin (Ballymascanlan Par), Mullaghattin (Carlingford Par), Mullameelan, Mullamore, Mullanstown, Mullatee, Mullavally, Mullincross, Navan, Newhall, Newhouse, Newragh, Newrath (Dromiskin Par), Newrath (Louth Par), Newtown (Louth Par), Newtown (Termonfeckin Par), Newtown Knockaleva, Newtown Monasterboice, Newtownbabe, Newtownbalregan, Newtowndarver, Newtownfane, Newtownstalaban (Beaulieu Par), Newtownstalaban (St Peters [Drogheda]Parish Par), Nicholastown (Philipstown Par), Nicholastown (Port Par), Oaktate, Oberstown, Paddock, Painestown (Clonmore Par), Painestown (Dromin Par), Palmersland, Parsonstown, Paughanstown, Paughanstown, Pepperstown, Petestown, Philibenstown, Philipstown (Mosstown Par), Philipstown (Philipstown District Par), Philipstown (Philipstown Par), Philipstown (Philipstown-Nugent Par), Piedmont, Piperstown, Plaster (Ballymascanlan Par), Plaster (Barronstown Par), Plunketsland (Drumcar Par), Plunketsland (Louth Par), Point, Pollbrock, Port, Priest-town, Primatepark, Priorland, Priorstate, Priorstown (Drumshallon Par), Priorstown (Termonfeckin Par), Proleek, Proleek Acres, Puckstown, Purcellstown, Rahanna, Rampark, Raskeagh, Rassan, Rath, Rath, Rath Lower, Rathbody, Rathbrist, Rathcassan, Rathcoole, Rathcor, Rathdaniel, Rathdrumin, Rathduff, Rathescar Middle, Rathescar North, Rathescar South, Rathgeenan, Rathgory (Ardee Par), Rathgory (Mullary Par), Rathiddy, Rathlust, Rathmore, Rathneestin, Rathneety (Killincoole Par), Rathneety (Louth Par), Rathory, Rathroal, Ravanny, Ravel, Ravensdale Park or Anaverna, Reaghstown, Redbog, Redcow, Reynoldstown, Richard Taaffe's Holding, Richardstown (Dromin Par), Rinkinstown, Riverstown, Roche (Kane Par), Roche (Roche Par), Rock, Rockmarshall, Roestown, Rogerstown, Rokeby, Roodstown, Rootate, Rosslough, Rossmakay, Roxborough, Salterstown, Sandfield, Scogganstown, Seecrin, Shamrockhill, Shanlis, Shanmullagh, Sheelagh, Sheepgrange, Sheepwalk, Shortstone, East, Shortstone, West, Silloge, Simonstown, Skeaghmore, Skibbolmore, Slieve, Slieveboy, Slievenaglogh, Smarmore, Spellickanee, Sportsman's Hall, Stabannan, Stephenstown, Stickillin, Stifyans, Stirue, Stirue, Stonehouse, Stonetown Lower, Stonetown Upper, Stonylane, Stormanstown, Stranacarry, Streamstown, Stumpa, Summerhill, Swinestown, Tankardsrock, Tatebane, Tateetra, Tates' & Carrans' Park, Tatnadarra, Tattyboys, Tattynaskeagh or Thornfield, Tawnamore, Templetown, Termonfeckin, Thomastown (Dunbin Par), Thomastown (Philipstown Par), Thomastown (Tallanstown Par), Timullen, Tinure, Toberdoney, Togher, Toomes, Toprass, Townleyhall, Townparks (Ardee Par), Townparks (Dundalk Par), Townrath, Treagh, Trean, Tullagee, Tullaghomeath, Tullakeel, Tully (Clonkeen Par), Tully (Louth Par), Tullyallen, Tullyard, Tullycahan, Tullydonnell, Tullydrum, Tullyeskar, Tullygowan, Tullyraine, Twenties, Verdonstown, Walshestown, Walterstown, Whitecross, Whitemill, Whiterath, Whiteriver, Whitestown, Williamstown, Willistown, Willville, Windmill (Dunleer Par), Windmill (Dysart Par), Woodhouse, Woodland, Woodtown, Wottonstown, Wyanstown, Yellowbatter