McCann Surname in Ireland
Map of distribution of McCann Surname in Ireland in the mid-1800s

McCann Family Crest The Griffith Valuation was a survey done in the years from 1848-1864 of everyone who owned and/or rented land in Ireland. Since no census records of Ireland exist for this time period, the Griffith Valuation is the only way of learning who lived where in Ireland at that time.

The map above shows the distribution of the surname McCann in Ireland in the mid-1800s as listed in the Griffith Valuation of Ireland. The color of a county indicates the how many McCanns were listed as residing there in the mid-1800s. Bright green indicates the counties that had the largest number of McCanns. Lighter shades of green indicate counties containing fewer McCanns, while dark gray and light gray indicate counties with even fewer McCanns. Counties that contained less than 50 McCanns are not colored - so the map only shows where 85% of the McCanns were living.

According to the historical account, the McCanns lived on the southern shore of Lough Neagh in County Armagh after having displaced the O'Garveys from that area sometime before the mid-1100's. The map shows that many of the McCanns were still in County Armagh in the mid-1800's. There were also significant numbers of McCanns in counties Tyrone, Antrim, and Down.

There were about 1900 McCanns listed in the Valuation. About a fifth of these of these were in County Armagh, and half of all McCanns were found within the four counties of Armagh, Antrim, Tyrone, and Down. About one out of every 500 Irishmen was a McCann.

McCann Coat of Arms: Blue with a gold trellis design and a silver stripe through the middle on which there is a red boar.
Motto: "Crescit Sub Pondere Virtus"

The maps below show the distribution of McCanns in various counties down to the civil parish level:


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