Adirondacks Rev. George Crockett Adirondack Photos (1913-1933 period)
George R. Crockett was a Baptist Minister in several towns of the Adirondacks. A few photos were from some of his other church assignments in US.

Some of these photos were made by a Charles Wyman who ran the Corinthian Printing Plant (a weekly Newspaper) in earlier 1900s. His photos & camera equipment was sold to Rev. Crockett to take more photos.
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Note: A few of the copied images have a small hot spot (black in positive) at 6 O'clock & abt 20% from bottom. It was from a sun reflection outside house & will be recopied later and posted properly.

Historic Photos of the Adirondacks by Rev. George R. Crockett

Rev. G. R. Crockett ( 1880-1933) was born in Maine and lived in Chisterville ME.

In 1880 George was only 1 yr old & living with his mom Rose & dad Henry in
Chesterville (Franklin County) Maine. There were 4 other siblings of George in
household. Henry was a farmer age 45. Rose was also 45.

In 1900 George was 21 & a farmer laborer & living with his parents Henry
Crockett (65) and mother Rose (His dad was 65 then & could have had other
siblings than George.

His 1910 family was in Temple ME & consisted of: George was (31) & listed as a
general farmer ; wife Grace P. (25) b. ME ; Son Prescott (7) b. ME; Lillian L. (5)
b. Daughter Mabel L. (3) b. ME; Son Leslie G. (?) b.ME.

In 1920 he was living in Dixon South Dakota with his family and was a minister.
In 1930 he was living with his family in Indian Lake (Adirondacks) NY & was a
Baptist minister.
His 1920 family consisted of: wife Grace P. (35); son Prescott H. (12) b. ME;
Lillian E. (?) b. ME; daughter Maybelle E. (13) b. ME; Son Leslie G. (11) b. ME;
Mary A. (8) b. NY; Perley G. (6) b. NE; Ruth E. (3 ) b. NY; Elsworth R. (10) b. SD

In 1930 he was living in Indian Lake Village in NY:
Son Leslie G. (21) b. ME; Perley G. (16) b. Cornith ?; Ruth E. (13 ) b. NY;
Elsworth R. ( 10) b. SD; Howard E. (7) b. NY; Horas (1) b. NY

George’s Obit ???????? Elsworth has but can not lay hands on easily!
Name Family Born Died Other Info
Henry Crockett George's Father 1835
Rose Crockett George's Mother
George R. Crockett Self / Photographer 1880 ME Lived in
Grace P. Crockett George's Wife 1885 ME  Grace was
9 Oct 1900
Prescott H. Crockett Georges son  20 Sept
                                    1902 ME
 Nov 1974 in
                                                   Cleveland NC
  SS issued in
Lillian E. Dau 1905 ME
Maybelle E. Dau 1907 ME
Leslie G.  Son 1909 ME
Mary G. Dau 1912 NY
Perley G. Son 25 June1913
 Cornith NY (SSDI)
20 Feb 1991
  (SSDI) in Fultonville,
Ruth E. Dau 1917 NY
Elsworth R. Son 1919 SD    Alive in VT 2007
Howard E. Son 1923 NY Alive in 2007
Horas ? Son 1929 NY Alive in 2007

History of the Rev. Crockett Adirondack Photo collection:
Rev. Crockett was living and a preacher in Indian Lake Village from 1928-1933.
He died at age 53. One of the sons must have received the cameras & old photos
when he died or his wife Grace died (unk date>). This son having the collection in
1960s who lived in upper NY in abt 1967 traded me a station wagon full of old
photo stuff including the approx. 175 (8X10) glass plate negatives. I had traded
several Zane Grey books for the load. I think I had advertised free in the “Yankee
“ newsletter. I have held these plates since (last 40 yrs)! The transport of the
items was done by a work friend who had friends or relatives in area where this
son lived & picked the load up with his station wagon.
There is some evidence of a few of the photos negatives being used for post cards.
Some of his kids are still alive. There is still a mystery as to which son traded them
to me. As Perley was the son still in NY, it was likely him. I have the letters of
correspondence some where in my basement & they will surface to tell exactly.
Many of the images were scanned in & put on a free Internet web site. They were
trashed from lack of visits at least 6 yrs ago! Based on Internet searching & my
past posting on Internet, it is highly unlikely any copies of these images exist in
more than one or two in families of houses owned many yrs ago.