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  The Old Playboys & Allan Lawson  Ramsay Memorial Page
Original members of : Gary Lewis & The Playboys
Allan Ramsay b.1943--Alan died in plane crash in 1985
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Original Member of "Gary Lewis & The Playboys" band


Allan, Son of Margery & James Ramsay. He had a younger sister Lucinda.

Allan was band member likely 1963-1965.  In early 1967 Gary went into service & broke up the band!  Allan also went into Airforce sometime in the 65-67 period & never returned to band!.

Photo #1:Playboys group photo from early 
Allan Ramsay is top Right.
John West  on top Left.
 bottom left - Dave Walker, R - Dave Costell.

Image #2:Newspaper article showing Allan on far right. It was in the Springfield MA Newspaper, but band was in California !
Photo#3:  The Group was on the Ed Sullivan Show 5 times - Al was on the first two shows. The picture above is from the very first show.  Allan on Bass is on far Right. John West is 2nd from Left on Cordovox. Gary on Drums.
L - Dave Costell and Dave Walker next to Al.

Photo#4: This was a performance in 1963-64 at Disneyland. 
 L - to R, Al, Gary, John, Dave Costell and Dave walker.See Note #1 below.
Image #5: "This Diamond Ring" ALBUM AWARD.

Photo #6: Gary Lewis On Drums
Allan Ramsay on far Right
L - Dave Costell, Dave Walker, --etc.
Note: Photos #1,3,4 & 6 were gratefully received from John West one of the origional band members & a friend on Allan.
Photo#7: Cow Palace gig in San Francisco was in 1965.Phil Spector (or Specter) Orchestra on stage with us did not play during our performance. 

Photo #8:Allan Ramsay (K1CZY) on front & Dick Bolt (W1DGA) on back.
This bike- for- two was built by Allan & his neighbor in Wilbraham, Jeff Finn in abt 1957.

Old Photo: Dave Costell & Gary Lewis

Costell & Lewis in 2005

Allan Ramsay signing autographs

Playboys at Disneyland

Ed Sullivan Show 

Ed Sullivan Show 
Notes for Photo#4 : Please note, the band was called "Gary and the Playboys". When we cut This Diamond Ring - all of the "Playboys had to sign a contract with Gary & his mother Patty, and became "Employees" of ESTA MUSIC. No longer a 'group' with equal participation of financing the ventures.  That's when we became known as "Gary Lewis & the Playboys"   J.R.W.

The estate of Allan Ramsay is on file with this court.  Allan died on November 27, 1985.  He had a surviving spouse and two children they are as
follows: O. Jane Ramsay a/k/a Olivia Jane Ramsay, Stephanie Allison Ramsay ( 29 years old ), Price Tipton Ramsay ( 26 years old ).  At the time of Mr. Ramsay's death he and his family resided at 4 Cole Road, Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889.

Social Security Death Index Info:
ALLAN RAMSAY born: 27 Jul 1943 died: Nov 1985 (No Location Given) 08889 (Whitehouse Station, NJ)--Think this is where he  was living at time of death!
 SS opened: Massachusetts (Between 1961 and 1962) .  Allan when he was in school in Wilbraham MA. in 1950s & 60s. He was in Minnachaugh High School class of 1961, which was the first class to graduate from the new HS. Previously Wilbraham kids including myself were bussed to Springfield High Schools.

Lived in:
Wilbraham MA 1950s & 1960s. Allan attended Memorial Jr HS in Wilbraham & Minnachaug HS class of 61.
Allan's father worked in Management of Diamond Match in Springfield , 1950s & 1960s
When & why did he get to California ? Parents moved? When?
Air Force Service where?
White House Station, NJ-Lived with family & worked as Airline pilot.

Amateur ( HAM) RADIO
Allan was Ham Radio Operator K1CZY . In later live he was doing some VHF hill topping with contest groups on mountain tops.
 The ARRL also confirmed death, or "silent keys" as it is called in there QST magazine ! They sent me confirmation e-mail several yrs ago.
I just got information ( correct spelling) on Allan from an old ( 1958) Ham Radio call book: His name was Allan L. Ramsay
Once we had a Hare & Hound chase using Wilbraham Civil Defense Gonset Communicator ( Yellow Gooney Boxes) they were called. This is to get experience with finding signal locations using directional antennas. The Hound was usually in a car with antenna held out the window by the passenger.  One of the hidden units ( Hare)  was Allan, we got to the house by his signal and a directional antenna, but could not find the transmitter. Well, Allan was hiding & broadcasting up in a tree at his house in Wilbraham.!
Allan called me on phone about 1 yr before he died. We talked mostly abt. ham radio & mountain top VHF work he was doing with another HAM VHF contest group. He must have found me in MD by my ham call address. I had the impression he lived near the Throgs neck bridge in NJ from what he said on phone!

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Professional Pilot
Allan died in a plane crash in November 27th 1985.  Allen flew for Northeast Airways in Morristown, NJ. Plane in accident was a Beechcraft C90 twin turbo prop out of Morristown NJ airport & crashed in RI. Plane was owned by Jen Rob Aviation Inc. in Paramus NJ. but no Internet info on Jen Rob Aviatio now.
Also killed in accident was Susan D. Eason (Susan Eason or Susan Esson) age 24 of Bedminster,NJ who was the copilet. It was a training flight for her I think.
NTSB Medium Sized Report of Accident

Accident NY Times News Clipping

Accident NTSB News Report

RI Accident Report

Accident Suit

Air Force Stint ?????? Where & What? One bit of information says he worked on Stars & Stripes paper and another says was a pilot.

This is from John West in Jan 04
My name is John R. West - original keyboard player for Gary Lewis & the Playboys - good friend of Al.
I came across your site while looking through the hundreds of Gay Lewis pages. I didn't know what happened to Al until about 2 months ago when I read your page. What a shock that was! Al was responsible for me joining the group in the early 60's. He was one likable dude! I was working at Berry & Grasmueck Music store in Pasadena CA selling musical instruments when he came in and heard me playing my new instrument called the "Cordovox" - an accordion wired to an organ generator - made by Lowery Organ and sold through Gibson. He invited me up to a practice session and that's where I met Gary Lewis. We got the Disneyland gig during the summer of '63 and again in '64. Al was the bass player on This Diamond Ring and some of the first albums but then he was drafted..or enlisted in the Air Force..I can't remember which, it's been so long ago. All I remember is seeing him in an Air Force uniform one time.
After he left we got Carl Radle from Tulsa (Worked with Eric Clapton in 'Derick & the Dominos" - later).

Note, John also said Allan had a pilot license & had flown with him.


Gary didn't sing much at this point in time (before "This Diamond Ring" was cut). Dave Walker was really the one who secured the Disneyland gig. Before our audition at Disney, he rehearsed us in all the great old songs he used to play in his group back east. Stuff like Johnny B. Goode and Green Onions..etc. The girls at the Space Bar gig were nuts about his good looks, personality, stage presents and strong voice. How could Disney turn us down with someone like that up front!!!

Al was in a couple of movies with Playboys:  "A Swingin' Summer" staring Raquel Welch, The Righteous Bros., The Rip Cords, Donnie Brooks, Jim Stacy, Wlm, Wellman, etc.

Jerry Lewis had a movie called "The Family Jewels" - We were in the 'Eddy's Airlines' bit. Very funny!!

Don't remember if Al was in the movie "Out Of Sight" - filmed in Malibu Beach CA. It was a low budget film that didn't go too far.

A movie Allan was in with rest of Playboys----"A Swingin' Summer" Movie

A movie Allan was in with rest of Playboys---"Out of Sight" Movie
Reference on anothers web page:
Karen Jensen
  Unlike Beach Party star Annette Funicello, Karen Jensen actually looked like she grew up
  on the shores of Malibu. With her short-cropped flaxen hair, blue eyes and shapely
  figure, Jensen was exquisite as a surfing sweetie in "Out of Sight" (1966).
Note, looks like this title was reused a few yrs back & not same movie!
NOTE; Al was not in the movie "Out Of Sight" - because Tommy Tripplehorn was in the shot - which means we had Al's replacement - Carl Radle -  BEFORE Tommy entered the band.

A movie Allan was in with rest of Playboys ----See skit in movie on "Eddy's Airlines"
"The Family Jewels" Movie

       Listing Of Playboy Relased Songs During Period Of Allan
 "Listing of Playboys released songs during Allan:  Al was definitely on This Diamond Ring SINGLE and ALBUM of the same name.
     Allan was on the first two hits listed here - ONLY.
             *SONG                       DATE    Billboard Hit #
     This Diamond Ring             1/16/'65                #1
     Count Me In                       4/03/65                 #2
These songs of the group are here only to document that Allan was not on & may be droped later!
     Save Your Heart For Me      7/03/65                 #5
     Everybody Loves A Clown   9/25/65                 #4
     She's Just My Style           12/11/65                #3
     Sure Gonna Miss Her         3/05/66                  #9
     Green Grass                      5/14/66                 #8
     Sealed With A kiss            6/22/66                 #10
     My Hearts' Symphony        7/30/66                 #13
     (--)Paint Me A picture         10/08/66               #15
     Where will the Words Come >From 12/17/66     #21

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Allan Memories by an ex HS classmate:
Message: 2
>    Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004
> Subject: RE: Re: Wilbraham
> I Graduated from MRHS in 1961, and Allen Ramsey was in my graduating class.
> In Sept of 61, he and I were room mates at Parks College of St. Louis
> University.  We were on a three semester a year program, so we could
> graduate in three years.  As I said we roomed together for the first
> trimester.  I remember he had a trombone he would play in the dorm
> occasionally, and I remember he was a big short wave radio guy.  Had lots of
> equipment.  As I recall he met a girl in St. Louis around Christmas time in
> 61.  The second trimester in 1962 we didn't room together and I think he
> left school around the end of the second trimester.  I remember he was crazy
> in love with the girl in St. Louis, but I don't know if he got married to
> her or not.  I heard several years later that he was playing with Gary Lewis
> and the playboys, but I never had any more contact with him..
> Paul Bartolucci
> Minnachaug HS in Wilbraham MA--Class of 61