Old RR Photos in my Collection 4/6/99

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Several Salt Prints of Builder Proofs of Engines from Baldwin RR Yard in Philadelphia. Thank you Roy for ID. Roy Keeley <rkeeley@dibbs.net>

Photos of Old Engines & RR accidents ( most are likely copies and may have been seen before). There were a collection of a Springfield,MA prof. photographer that died in 1960s. As there are more to be scanned, abt. 10 RR & 25 Trolley, it may be linked to another site soon!

Note, my ggGrandfather BARKWILL worked & was killed between cars in the Cleveland yard of PRR in 1864! My good fortune was for him to have a child already in his wifes belly! I have records of the news clipping and court hearing. I am looking for photos of freigh cars or engines of theirs in that period. His brother ran an oil business that came from the oil cars, so I am also looking f