PHSNE History
Photographic History Society of New England
Last modified page---12-28-2001

This is not an official site of PHSNE, it is only one of the 4 founders posting early history information of the organization 27 yrs later. 5-5-2000

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Photo of PHSNE 100 Charter Members in 197?
1st Row:  l-R: Henry Wisenberger; Mrs. Grube, Herb Grube, Valery Craig, John Craig, Patric from VT ?, Dick Sanford.(FL now)
2nd Row: ?, ?, ?, ? ,? Matt Isenburg, Mrs. Sharon Isenberg ( 2nd Mrs Isenberg) , Larry Rochette, Mrs. Rochette.
3rd Row:: #8--Dick Bolt #9(MD Now)-? #10-Mike Kessler( California Professional  Skater )
Row 4: ???????
Missing from Photo was Jackie Bolt-Mrs. Bolt #1
Group photo taken by Charles DeBois Hodges of Agawaum MA


April 2000 Photo of Dick Sanford & Dick Bolt at Dick S's home in Palm Bay FL. Another photo of 1/2 of founders!
Dick Sanford & Wife  in FL

P&WAC  Newsletter of Dec 12, 1969 "Power Plant"  Dick Bolt & Camera Collection

When was first Charter Group Photo taken ?
I will post photo when found & scanned

Same for listing of first 100 or Charted Members.
Dick Bolt