Photos of Salvador Saskastoon Saskatewan  Canada in 1921 & 1922
Also photos of Unity & Metota
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The photo files below are VERY large. They are 300-500 K ! Each contains 4-8 photos. They were scanned in at 300dpi which made them slow to open, but good for printing.

Hopefully the details contained on the photo backs will be completely entered here soon !

Other good sites of this area history: Salvador History


These photos were taken by my great aunt Mildred ( Buxton) Cheever that ran the
Methodist church school & her husband was the preacher.

Salvador SK photos

Below is a list of photos I have in my collection left to me by my great
aunt. I am not trying to make money on them but would like this small
collection to get used not stay in a box for ever.
Origionals may go to relatives for SASE if you convince me of relationship.
Many photos of country people and places of Salvador, Saskatchewan,
Canada area in early 1900s.
One photo (not of early period) is of
Salvador farm called Rosebra Farm, aerial shot or high hill view of 1954.

PhotoCollection of Mrs. Mildred (Mil) Cheever (deceased) Salvador,
Saskatchewan, Canada period 1921 and 1922. She and husband lived and
worked there.
Salvador is on CPR RR line approx 150 miles West of
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He was the Methodist Minister and she taught
school. He was Rev. Frank Chester Cheever (now deceased). He had a
"buggy whip" parish centered in Salvador and also nearby towns. She was
in Pittsfield Me / Portland by June 26th 1923 and alone, separated from
Frank Chester Cheever died 13 Sep 1959. See letter from his
brother to Mil. She went to West Side Community House 3000 Bridge Ave.
Cleveland Ohio in Apr. 28 1926 where she taught English to new
immigrants. She was in Seat pleasant Church Md in 1930?

These are photos ( 80%) mostly taken by Mrs. Cheever.

* Mable Danbrook--Several photos of her were reunited with family of her sister several yrs ago via Internet!
* Clark family of Adanac (near by town) in 1922
* Thompson Farm in  1922
* Chestnut Street church
* Town shot of Metota Sask. in 1922
* Severe Ice Storm showing all the wires down from pole
* Mrs. Ruth Coffyn Dr.s wife Salvador
* Choir at Scotstown 18 miles North
* Salvador School Building two story with bell tower on side
* Scene Union Cafe and Union Bank of Canada Building
* Slade residence next to Salvador parsonage
* Mrs. Coffyn and Mrs. Sirett and Mrs. Halton and Mrs. Homes in picture
* Hamilton and Sirett Hardeware Store
* Reisss family Red Bungsalow
* Mr. Challis Donegals school teacher
* Deacon Duncan and view of Federal Grain elevator.
* Miss Melrose Doreen at 7 lbs baby in arms shows billiard parlor in
   background as well as well as row of stores.
* Salvador fire of July 20th 1922 shows Roper store still standing on
edge of destruction.
* Main Street in Unity. At least 3 different scenes.
* Fred Challis & Mabel Dunbrook in 1922
* Unity winter snow scene. Shows many  horse drawn slays adjacent to
   Palage Livery Co. large barn. Must have been from grain tower top
    looking down.
* Adanac at the cosmos ?? in 1922
* Charles H. Clark RFD #2 Adanac
* New Catholic Church basement in Salvador at 4K$ to build. Looks like
   complete bld.
* Salvador Trading Co. building
* Brattle & Rollo store Adams wagons has air pump in front
* Eillen & daddy 13 months
* Mr. Robert Martin his home at Imperial?
* John T. Roper store in Salvador
* Town hall room at back is school where F. Kirk taught
* Muench home likely in Salvador area
* Scene in front of school approx 32 children all seem under 12 years.
   Salvador likely
* Krunesel residence likely in Salvador area
* Oxen & mule hauling wagon scene likely in Salvador area
* Scene of approx 36 women & approx 10 children likely church related
* Scene of Prince Arthor Hotel & row of stores
* Early biplane likely landed in field in Salvador area
* Home in Meota, Sask   Same collection / other areas / photos & other
* Many Saskatoon Star news clippings of period.

Reiss Family in Salvador
"Red Bungalow where Reiss' live"and Group photo" Some of the Reiss family-the girl above marked X was one of my music -pupils."
 Paul Reiss  was my husbands great grandfather, and had a shop and home in Salvador. The girl with the cross above her head (the music pupil), is my mother in-laws mother, Mercades Reiss.  Mercades died reasonably young.  The other girls are her sisters there were 7 of them, and the man is a half brother.

Thank you Karen Dessoulavy (new Zealand)
Eric Dessoulavy <>


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