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Wilbraham MA Old Photos  
Old  Wilbraham MA Photos 
Contains News Clippings & Photos 1950s-1970s Period Also
  1. We lived at 159 Main Street, Decory Drive & Merrill Rd !
Old Photos
Last up dated 12-30-2001

 Local Shots in 60s taken by me ( Dick Bolt). I was working part time as Professional Photographer
for Springfield Newspapers supporting Wilbraham News Correspondant 


.Dodge Dealer
Early Photo of Wilbraham Main Street Town Center.

Old News Photos From 1950s & 60s
Old Post Card Scenes School & Alumni Photos & News Clippings
+ Links To Other Alumni Sites
Pesky Serpant Song & History
New Town Scenes Family Names With Linked Information Or Photos Allan Ramsay MRHS 61& Grary Lewis & Playboys Wilbraham Academy
Ham Radio Operators & Town CD Churches Businesses Old Maps Of Wilbraham
Local Event Photos Wilbraham Census of 1790( Was In Hampshire County in 1790! WWI Aircraft Memobilia
Bill Dion of Wilbraham Colection of 1970 period from Spfld paper.

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Police Patrol Cars 1916
Janice Voss
MRHS72 Grad Becomes 
NASA Astronaut

Holley Putnam (2)

Jay Avon (1)Wedding
1964? Group has Hobby 

Speck Pond Beauty Contest
photo for Spfld news 1961 ?
Speck PondBeauty Contest 1962 ?

Judy (Cross) Claudy
Teacher in 62-? at 
MRHS (3)
She was in my class of 1957 at Tech HS in Spfld. She lived in 16 Acres.Judy passed away in 1990.

Cub Scout Award 
L-R: Mrs. Walter Wilkinson, Wayne ?, Mr. Walter Wilkinson & Mr. Robert Blicker

Jennifer Beach (4)
I took this photo of Super large Chicken Egg ( 9 oz) that got on Front page of Springfield morning newspaper.Dau. Asst Fire Chief Raymond Beach. News Dec 7th, 1961.
Beach Farm at 561 Main Street.

Hank Baier Ham Radio Operator W1NY & Town CD

William Payne Family
They lived on Monson Rd. Hill
Chris is on right & was W1HDM. Lived in Annapolis MD. W3IRC & now in Cape Town S.A.

Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.
Visit to Wilbraham

As Sold on E-bay!

Wilbraham Civil Defense
Roger Heintz ( selectman) & Fred Boyce

Newsphoto of Wilbraham United Church-Unk Subject.
Paster's wife Mrs. Walter James in photo & Jeff Finley-left (?)

Cub Scouts
Pinewood Durby
Car Race

Alan Ramsay
Gary Lewis & Playboys Newsclipping
Photo, Allan is on right.

Allan Ramsay (5) on front of bicycle built
for two he & neighbor built Dick Bolt on back.
Member of origional Gary Lewis & Playboys Band

Alan Ramsay (5) on left
of Album Cover

Sarah Moody
Taken in early 1960s
Was MRHS student

Cub Scouts 
Pinewood Durby

North Wilbraham
Motel/Auto Inn

North Wilbraham
Motel/Auto Inn

Old Photo
RR Station

Shiela Ballou
Taken Early 1960s
Lived on Springfield St.

Gloria Balboni

Balboni Kids(7)

 Right is Doneta Balboni

Doneta Balboni

Doneta Balboni

Judy Balboni

MRHS School Players
News  March 16th, 62 . See other photo for names!

MRHS Players-Same group:
L-R : Fred Majka, Linda Steadman, Kerry Huppchen, Philip Wiggenhauser

 Boating Class at MRHS
Oct. 8th, 1964. L-R: Richard Trenholm ( asst Princ.). Patric O'Conner Mas. Div Motor Boats, Peter Goulding & Peter Conlon. Two of 44 students in course.

MRHS CoinClub
Pres Donald Bamforth, vp Charles MacMullen, sec Mrs. Anna Tupper    & tres William Nessell
News June 8th, 1962

32 Day West Trip:  front L-R: :Raymond Durocher, John Campbell, John Anderson, John Kober. Rear L-R: Gordon Willcut,Allen Campbell, William Kober  MRHS Phys Ed ,Jeff Buddington  & Russel Newsome. June 26th ,1962 paper article.

The Ballard Of The Pesky Sarpent---Article was in 1962 Yankee Magazine & shows Charlie Merrick who is related to subject in Song Abt Wilbraham from 1761. Grave stone still likely  in town. Anyone got better photo ?Note, big file & will open slow !! 
Pages 1 & 2
Page  3
Page 4

Wilbraham Center Store

Wilbraham Academy

    Wilbraham Academy

Wilbraham Academy

Sharon Ballou, younger sister of Shiela 
Ballou. Last known to be 
living in Dalton MA with husband in 1970s!

Memorial Jr HS Class of 1955 From Town Report--To Be Class of 1958 @ Springfield HS.

Inside the House of Shakers & Old Salts--Old Collectible Salt & Pepper Shakers
Was on Rt 20 in North Wilbraham in 1950s

House of Shakers
Was on Route 20 in North Wilbraham in 50s

(1) Jay Avon went on to start a RatSkellar in Springfield called "Pesky Serpent". The name came from a song about Wilbraham! He also was involved in toppling a fire tower in Greefield MA area where he lived. He became a folk hero of the time as I remember think he ran a bar in Greenfield.

(2) Holly Putnam is now -Spfld College Art Dept

(3) Judy (Cross ) Claudy & husband ( airline pilot) were living in Conn. but have moved to parts unknown in last few yrs.Judy was 1957 Grad of Spfld Tech HS.She taugt at MRHS for 1962-?

(4) The Beach family lived on Road to Hampden & was just past the center on right. They also ran a Xmas shop I think. Jennifer had a leg removed from cancer later on as a teen ager as I remember!

(5) Garry Lewis & The Playboys  Band members in early days from Newspaper photo includes Allan Ramsay an old child
     hood friend of mine!  Allan Ramsay & myself on bicycle built for two! Allan is on front of bicycle.Period was 1957 . Note Allan ( K1CZY) died several years ago in NJ of unknown causes! Hopefully someday a family member will report in. More info. available if interested on Allan. From: Richard Bolt <[email protected]> I just got information on Allan from an old ( 1958) Ham Radio call book: His name was Allan L. Ramsay ( note correct / different spelling). However, going to the SS Death listings again with new name info: I got the  results below that I am afraid to say fit!!! I was told he had died by a fellow ham, but could not confirm it. The ARRL also confirmed death! 
     ALLAN RAMSAY born: 27 Jul 1943 died: Nov 1985 (No Location Given) 08889 (Whitehouse Station, NJ)--Think this is where he  was living at time of death! SS# 018-34-9150 SS opened: Massachusetts (Between 1961 and 1962) . I knew Allan when he was in school in Wilbraham MA. in 1950s & 60s.
Link to a Special Allan Ramsay Memorial web page


(7) The Balboni family lived on corner of Stoney Hill Rd & Springfield Street on Ludlow side in 60s.Most of family lives in Florida now with two sons still in Wilbraham area.

More photos contain MRHS events photoed for Spfld papers, Womens & church group photos for paper & special events.
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