Willard F. Swan----WWI in France
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Willard F. Swan, Born May 2nd 1887 in Milford MA to Albert F. Swan & Anna M. Aldrich.
He served in France in WWI in Company H, 301 st Infantry.
He had been living in Springfield MA since 1911. He was a graduate of Milford MA High School in 1904.
He died September 12th, 1966 ( Note Month is in disagreement with SSDI). He was 79 Yrs old.
His wife was Grace ( Knight) Swan who died in 1964.
No surviving direct relatives.
He is listed in 1920 Springfield MA census.

Willard's unit,  the 301st Infantry, was part of the 76th National Army [ie
mainly draftees] division which was made up of men from the Northeast.  The
division trained at Camp Devens and arrived in the latter part of the war.
It was used to train men and furnish manpower to other divisions.  Willard
may have seen some action in the last days of the war with a unit other than
the 301st or he may have been part of the cadre that ran the regiment's camp
or training programs.


Willard F. Swan in his WWI Uniform

Willard in Uniform

  Willard F. Swan Obit from Springfieled MA Papers in 1966

  Top Photo say its a Army Prison Camp, I think for US ?
                                                            Bottom Photo--

From his WWI Scrap Book & Likely his group

Papers related to his WWI Service

  I think this might be related to him possible desertion !