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Marston Manor, Ormesby to Hampton, Genealogy, History, Families

Ormesby, England, to Hampton, N.H., to Simi Valley, CA
Genealogy and History
Our Family Tree And The Links In Our Chain Of Life

Hello! Thanks for stopping by Marston Manor! Please step into our parlor, and share our family genealogy. Winthrop S. MARSTON, Dad (1904-1978), was born and raised in North Hampton, NH, and it seems that "99.44%" of his ancestors all came from the Hampton, NH, area since its founding in 1638. The foundation of the farm house where Dad and his three brothers were born now serves as the foundation of the Sagamore Hampton Golf Club. While that might have been bad news for many, I think he would have found solace from the fact that his birth place is now marked on road maps by a golf course flag. He was a golfer.

Captain William MARSTON, Sr. [1590-1672], a Quaker, was one of the original founders of Hampton. His birth place was Ormesby in County Norfolk, England, where many of the other early Hampton settlers were born.

Marston House, Hampton, ca 1895?

Was this the house that the Captain built as a one-room home in 1654?

My grandmother MARSTON was Carrie Adora DRAKE [1866-1954] who was born, raised and married in Hampton. Her paternal ancestor, Robert DRAKE [1581-1667], came to Hampton by way of Exeter in about 1651. He was born in Halstead of County Essex, England.

Genealogy for me, as somebody once said, began as an interest, became a hobby, continued as an avocation, took over as an obsession, and now, in its last stages, is an incurable disease. My wife and children tolerate my involvement with a mild disinterest.

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