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Marston Manor's Hampton Room

Hampton Room - Its Founders and Their Descendants, 1638 - 2008

Welcome to a web site for Hampton, N.H., genealogy. Here is Hampton's index to PERSONS who either have lived in Hampton, New Hampshire, from the year of its founding, 1638, down to and including 1892, or are related to such residents.

You will be able to view images and/or click on hyperlinks when these are provided with the notes for several individuals. This database is viewable with pedigree, descendancy, ahnentafel and register viewing options, together with images and HTML hyperlinks.

Of the individuals found in this Hampton database, many are direct descendants of founder, Rev. Stephen BACHILER, Sr. The source for the first phase of this project was Joseph Dow's "History of Hampton, N. H., 1638-1892". If the source isn't cited, then it came from his book. Also included are interesting notes for some of the persons as and when Dow furnished us with such information, or when we were able to get information from some later source. This stage was completed in June, 1997, after 6 months of work. It includes an all-name index for Volume 2 of the work. These names are now linked by the many marriages which tied families together over three and a half centuries.

Dow's Hampton surnames have been updated, and continue to be updated, with the material found in Noyes, Libby and Davis' "Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire," 1939. Not only does this correct misinformation contained in Dow's book, but it also adds new persons and surnames, identifies many "unknown" persons, and, just as importantly, it adds more, or changes, links between existing persons and families. The newer book, "The Great Migration Begins," [NEHGS, 1995] has been consulted and been of great help, also. In October 2005 the library has made available on-line the newer, corrected version of some of the descendants of the BATCHELDER family by Charles Hull Batchelder, published in 1985.

Lane Memorial Library is now conducting the on-going phase of the project. This phase will incorporate other family genealogies to fill in data missing from the first 2 published works. Several genealogies have been finished already. Hampton families to the end of the year 1900 have been updated using the two volumes of "Vital Records of Hampton, New Hampshire," compiled in 1992 and 1998 by George Freeman Sanborn, Jr., FASG, and Melinde Lutz Sanborn, FASG. Hampton families from 1900 to 1988 have been further updated using James K. Hunt, Jr.'s "History of Hampton, New Hampshire, 1638-1988," volume 4. Much of this new data was checked against the 2 volume works by the Sanborns, particularly where conflicts appeared among them. Updates of Hampton's genealogy pages is a work in progress. Much will continue to be added or corrected, from the N.H.G.R., the N.E.H.&G.R. and other published sources.

REMEMBER, if your ancestors did NOT live in Hampton, check for them anyway. Many of those listed may have never set foot in Hampton, but, for one reason or another, were included anyway. Click here for a map of the borders of Hampton, New Hampshire, from the year of its founding, 1638, down to the present. Out of the original borders of Hampton came all or parts of the towns of Danville [originally, Hawke], East Kingston, Hampton Falls, Kensington, Kingston, North Hampton, Rye, Sandown, and Seabrook.

If you are researching the MARSTON surname, you will find many in the Hampton pages. However, for the most complete treatment of this family [now over 10 times more than appear in the Hampton list], you should visit the Marston Room of this Manor.

PLEASE do NOT send queries to Lane Library or me about genealogy. We are not a professional genealogists, and we have not ventured into the genealogy research business. We have neither the skill nor the energy to do research for you. If you have a Rockingham County query, please go to RootsWeb's Message Board for the county, and follow the easy instructions there for posting queries. Thanks for your cooperation.

Here are links to other Hampton web pages of interest to those of you with connections to this town. Enjoy!

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Founders' Park Hampton's founders memorialized in stones.
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Created: February 22, 1997
Updated: December 10, 2008

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