Casualty List

1. Garret Cotter (one of the first to die)
2. Peter McGovern (one of the first to die) of Strait Shore
3. Mrs. Reed (mother of ex Mayor Thomas Reid)
4. Miss Clark (Mr. Reid's aunt)
5. Miss Clark (Mr. Reid's Aunt)
6. Captain William Firth
7. Samuel Corbett
8. Joseph Bell
9. James Kemp
10. Thomas Holmes of Harding St.
11. Timothy O'Leary
12.Mrs. Coholan, wife of William of Smyth St.
13. Mrs. Bradley of Princess St.
14. Richard Thomas
15. Robert Fox of Marsh Rd.
16. John Anderson of Germain St.
17. George Gallagher of Sewell St.
18 John Ross.

Also among the dead on Pg. 157:
1. Benjamin Williams
2. Harold Gilbert
3. William McNeill
4. Hught McGovern of Strait Shore.

Those in hospital:
1. Daniel Dooley
2. John Ross (later died)
3. Bayard Thompson

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