(in no particular order)

Lawrence and Jean McLeod

Fred and Mary McLeod

Mallory McLeod

Scott McLeod

John and Dorothy McLeod

John (Jackie) McLeod

Mary McLeod

Judith McLeod and David Goldie

Eugene and Jeanne (McLeod) Egert

Julie Egert

Duane and Thelma (McLeod) Fox

Jim and Elaine (Hamill) Jensen

George and Betty McLeod

Robert McLeod

Jordan McLeod

Ashleigh McLeod

Shirley (Florence) Donaldson

Andy McLeod and Pennie Evans

Stan and Irene (McLeod) Embury

Jolie (McLeod) Peach

Kayla Peach

Donald and Josephine McLeod

Donald McLeod

Norm and Thelma (McLeod) Hansen

Lachlan and Gail McLeod

Ariana McLeod

Jared McLeod

Lena (Sutherland) Logan

Jessica Logan

Ryan Logan

Abbie (McLeod) Sutherland

Doug McLeod

Hazel (McLeod) Jourdin

Margaret (Derrick) Thomas

Norma (Hansen) Robinson

Travis Zehner

Lisa Zehner

Doug and Kelli (LaBrier) Hale

Sarah Hale

Mildred (McLeod) Derrick

Diane McLeod

Violet (Hansen) Fic

Jennifer Ross

Robert Derrick

Darrel and Janise (McLeod) Johnson

Trent Johnson

Kyle Johnson

Jalyn Johnson

John (Jack) and Noreen LaBrier

Lawrence and Carol McLeod

Shane McLeod

Haley McLeod

Peter and Becky (LaBrier) Pasmore

Rebecca Pasmore

Kara D'Costa

Quinton D'Costa

Kaleb D'Costa

Tim and Deirdre LaBrier

Keegan LaBrier

Mike and Sheila (Embury) McLoughlin

Irene (Florence) Keith

Marion (Florence) McDiarmid

Jennifer McDiarmid

Monroe and Beth Ann Thomas

Amelia Thomas

Cecily Thomas

Naomi and Frank Hobbs

Jaxon Hobbs

Ryan and Megan Bailey


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