"Generations" from DF Johnson's Guide

"Generations" from DF Johnson's Guide

Early School Days In Carleton County - Fall 1999 p.45

Owen Kelly's Notes on Early History of Woodstock - Fall 1999 p.43

Fred Burnett, "History of Wakefield Parish" G-10 V.1 p.4

Members of Highland Church, Glassville v.27 p.40

1803 York Co. Census (Woodstock, Northampton) G-10 v.1 p.9; Spring 1998 p.2

1809 Grant to William Turner & 87 Others, Wakefield Parish - Winter 2000 p.25

1818-1819 Commissariat at Presque Isle - Summer 1997 p.39

1826, Settlers On Becaguimec River - Spring 1996 p.64

1831 Petition to Erect Carleton Co. (Inhabitants) 1831 v.11 p.30

1879-1905 A.H. Hayward Ministry Book Marriages v.11 p.19

Marriages (see A.H. Hayward Ministry Book 1879-1905) v.11 p.19

History of Bath v.65 p.16

United Baptist Church Records, Jacksontown v.66 p.22

Wallace Hale Collection Dr. Walter Chestnut Library, Hartland v.59 p.8

Rev. Frederick Dibblee's Register Baptisms 1791-1816 - Spring 1996 p.12

Rev. Frederick Dibblee's Register Marriages Northampton 1794-1815 - Fall 1996 p.13

Old Revolutionary Soldiers v.59 p.51

Sheriffs list 1833-1993 v.58 p.9

Tribute To Hubert Bryant - Summer 2000 p.65


Lower Brighton Cemetery v.53 p.15; v.54 p.60; Fall 1999 p.55; Winter 1999 p.55
Old Johnville Cemetery v.50 p.39
Highlands Cemetery, Glassville v.27 p.38
Burials In Forest Hill Cemetery v.27 p.39
Cemetery at Victoria, Wakefield Parish G-10 v.2 p.17
Upper Kent Cemetery G-10 v.5 p.57
Cemetery Lower Knoxford - Spring 1998 p.56
Cemetery Upper Knoxford - Spring 1998 p.59Charlotte County

History of Quakers who Came to N.B. G-10 v.9 p.129

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