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Updated on 10 August, 2006

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For all those of you interested in genealogy matters related to New Brunswick, this page is for you!

We've all surfed the 'Net combing through thousands of websites, finding clues that have helped in our own personal searches and many of us have tried to pass some of that information on through the mailing lists we belong to or on our own websites. My experience, however, says that there has to be a better way... so, here's the start of our repository.

If you come across a site, a single page on a site (or a single paragraph for that matter) that has been helpful in your search for New Brunswick family, please e-mail me with the site/page address (URL) together with a brief synopsis of what the site or page relates to and I will be happy to post the information here (please reference "NB Clues Repository" in your e-mail). I will NOT vet the information because if you found it helpful in your research, someone else might as well. I will, however, DISCLAIM all responsibility for the contents of the information listed here - you know the drill... never assume and don't take anything as gospel unless you see the primary source. I will also NOT link to commercial/pay-for-info sites no matter how invaluable they may seem unless they have free historical/genealogical information available as well.

I should also point out that these links are freely accessible on the Internet and I have absolutely no interest in them except for the information which they may impart. This is simply a way of gathering, into a small database, the information about our New Brunswick families that's sitting on computer hard-drives all over the world, to assist each other in disseminating that information. This can't be done without input from all of you seasoned researchers out there so please take a moment to send me your invaluable clues.

For those of you who have information that you've paid for but are willing to share, please send me the text and I will gladly convert it to HTML and post the information. If you have information that is copyrighted but that you wish to share through lookups, please advise me of your shareable resource(s) and your e-mail address and I will post that as well.

And to all of you whose pages we cite or whose expertise we obtain through your generosity, thank you so much. GOOD HUNTING!







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BOOKS ONLINE (Abbreviated Transcriptions and Otherwise)

  • Dixon, Charles - One of the Early English Settlers of Sackville, N.B. - Dixon
  • Chignecto Isthmus; First Settlers - Trueman
  • McAlpine's Maritime Provinces Directory for 1870 - 71 - McAlpine
  • Massachusetts, A Gazateer of the State - Nason and Varney (1890)
  • New York in the Revolution (1904) - The List of Estates Confiscated
  • New York State, The History of - 1927 (searchable)
  • Revolutionary Incidents of Queens County, New York (References Underhill, Lyons, Fowler, Merritt)
  • Sackville, History of - 1934 (Milner) - For those of you researching Westmorland County, especially the     Sackville area - this text is filled with family names starting with the families who had petitioned for land in the     1760s... marriages, cemetery lists, ships built + owners, and much, much, more.
  • Saint John, History of the Great Fire of 1877 - Conwell (see casualty list )
  • Tabusintac Families - Murray (2003) (.pdf document)


  • Carleton County, NB - Parish of Wakefield - 1891
  • Chatham, NB - 1861 - Portion referencing Kirby, Coughlin, Carmichael, Carroll, Combie, Grayson, Whillison,     Steel, Colford, Mathews, Gray, Irving and Riordan(?)
  • Cumberland County, NS - 1861 (Excel Spreadsheet)
  • Victoria County, NB - 1851 (indexed)
  • New Brunswick census legislation - 1824-1861


  • Belyea Family Genealogy
  • Brannen/Culver Family Genealogy
  • Budd, Joseph and Underhill, Sarah
  • Dixon, Charles and Coates, Susannah - Descendants of
  • Flewelling, Thomas of Oak Point, Greenwich Parish, Kings County, New Brunswick
  • Fowler, Charles Allen - a personal history
  • Fowler/Drake Connections
  • Fowler/Drake/Buchanan/Stackhouse Connections
  • Fowler/Dusenbury/Travis Connections
  • Fowler/Godwin Connections
  • Fowler/Hoyt/Ferris Connections
  • Fowler/Hunt Connections
  • Fowler/Hoyt/Lyon/Budd Connections
  • Fowler/Newell/Hoyt/Haight/Budd Connections
  • Fowler/Newell/Burton Connections
  • Fowler/Newell/Thorne Connections
  • Fowler and North Castle Peers/Piers Connections
  • Fowler/Purdy/Merritt/Strang Connections
  • Fowler/Seaman Connections
  • Fowler/Spragg (Sprague) Connections
  • Fower/St. Croix/Gallaudet Connections
  • Fowler/Snedden Connections
  • Fowler/Thorn(e) Connections
  • Fowler/Tritt Connections
  • Fowler Family - 1218 - 1998
  • Fowler, Weston Alexander (from "The Nova Scotia Eatons")
  • Fowler/Whitney/Wetmore/Gedney Connections
  • Fritch, John and Catherine - Loyalists arriving with the Spring Fleet
  • Hartt/Hart Family
  • McCullys of Maritime Canada, The
  • McCully - 142 References
  • Morton/McCully/Freeze/Crane Connections
  • Pearce, Henry and Martha (Dickie) of Norton, Kings Co. - Descendants of (.pdf document)
  • Reid/Allaby - also Campbell, Somerville, Baxter, Herrett, Spragg and many others
  • Spragg, Caleb - Descendants of - also some very old photos on this page
  • Spragg (Sprague)/Harding/Drake of Kings County, New Brunswick and many others
  • Sprague (Spragg) Project - Search the database
  • Tatum, Samuel - Descendants of
  • Thorne Ancestry
  • Woolsey/Wolsey Ancestry
  • Woolsey, Elijah and Thomas, Reverends


  • 1851 Census - Kings County and Saint John County - contact Margaret
  • History of the French Village (by S. Beyea) - contact Margaret


  • Intercolonial Railway Map - through much of Southern NB - shows all the "old" town names, etc.
  • Kings County, New Brunswick Gazeteer - old maps, elusive Kings Co. community names, etc.
  • Maine, Map of - 1895
  • New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island Map - 1896 - counties and towns legend and scale in     miles and kilometres
  • Nova Scotia Maps
  • Saint John City and County Atlas - 1875
  • Scotland Maps -1560-1928 - Search the database
  • Tabusintac - a plan of the lagoon and river by Lieutenant Dugald Campbell - 1804 (contains names of early     Loyalist grantees)


  • Province of New York Marriage Licenses to 1754
  • Maine State Archives - Marriage Searches from 1892


  • Fowler/Drake
  • Fowler/Flewwelling
  • Fowler/Flewwelling
  • Fowler/Flewelling/Spragg/Wetmore/Worden/White/Foshay/Belding et al
  • Miramichi Settlers
  • Ships Into Saint John


  • Black Watch, The (42nd Highland Regiment - Nashwaak) - Pugh
  • Black Watch - List of veterans in New Brunswick
  • King's New Brunswick Regiment, The - 1793-1802 - Hale
  • New Brunswick Military Heritage Project, The - history of New Brunswick's military, indexed by county
  • "The Saint John River" - References to Loyalist Brigades in NewBrunswick


  • Amherst and Cumberland County, Nova Scotia Death Records Index - 1909 - 1963
  • California Births, 1905-1995 - search the database
  • California Deaths, 1940-1997 - search the database
  • Cornell University Digital Library - Making of America (use the Boolean Search function to access "Early Wills     of Westchester County, New York, from 1664 to 1784 by Pelletreau, William S. et al)
  • Dorchester Cemetery, Westmoreland County, New Brunswick - gravestone transcriptions
  • Houlton, Maine - A complete index to the residents of the town - 1895
  • Houlton, Maine - Business Directory - 1895
  • Houlton, Maine - Cary Library Genealogy Database (searchable)
  • Kingston Parish, New Brunswick - Loyalist Grantees, Notes On - From the Raymond Paddock Gorham     Collection
  • Long Island Genealogy - List of Surnames
  • McLeod Family Genealogy - many documents (birth, obituary, death, marriage, etc.) for McLeod/Fowler/Daye/     Campbell/Sharp/McCully Connections
  • New Brunswick (Charlotte County) - List of early settlers (Ward Chipman Papers, Muster Master General's     Office - Loyalists Musters, 1776-1785)
  • New Brunswick Genealogical Society members' surname interests with contact information
  • New Brunswick Genealogical Society References from "Generations"
  • New Brunswick Museum Archives Database - searchable (this link will take you to the museum's main page...     click on "Collections", then "Archives and Research Library", then "Search the Archives")
  • New Brunswick Railways History
  • New Paltz, New York, Articles of Association - 1775 - Partial List of Signers
  • Perpetual Calendar - very handy!
  • Ships Passengers Lists to Canada - 1400 - 1800 (The Olive Tree Genealogy)
  • St. John City Directory - 1923 - scanned images are fully indexed and printable
  • Texas Deaths 1964-1968 - Search the database
  • Wasson, Amos, Gibbons, Fowler, White
  • Westchester County Historical Society Library (List of online resources) - as a library, you would require a     membership, however, I do not consider libraries to be "commercial/pay-for-info" sites)
  • Woolsey Name Index
  • Yorktown, Westchester Co., New York - Church Members in 1786 (Woolsey, Fowler, Drake, etc.)


  • Probate Records Index - Kings County, New Brunswick
  • Beatty, Noble - Hampton Parish, Kings County, New Brunswick
  • Beatty, Thomas - Hampton Parish, Kings County, New Brunswick
  • Budd, Joseph of Rye, Westchester Co., New York
  • Budd, Underhill of Mamaroneck, Westchester Co., New York
  • Campbell, Duncan of Campbell Settlement, New Brunswick
  • Fowler, Capt. Daniel of Kings County, New Brunswick
  • Fowler, Gilbert of Mamaroneck, New York
  • Fowler, John of Newburgh, Ulster County, New York
  • Fowler, Moses of North Castle, Westchester County, New York
  • Fowler, William of Flushing, Queens County, New York
  • Fowler, William of Fox Meadows, County of Westchester, New York
  • Jones (McLeod), Lydia of Westmoreland County, New Brunswick
  • Lyon, Joseph of White Plains, Westchester County, New York
  • McCully, Asa Alfred - born in Sussex Vale, NB, in 1818 - died in Dayton, Oregon, in 1886 - see source website
  • New York City Wills - 1665 - 1707 and 1766 - 1771
  • Purdy, Daniel of Rye, Westchester County, New York
  • Spragg, Caleb of Springfield Parish, Kings County, New Brunswick
  • Woolsey, John of Marlborough, Ulster County, New York
  • Woolsey, Richard of Bedford, Westminster County, New York

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