McLeod Family Reunion Photographs


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See Who Attended!

The Whole Family
Supper Time
Examining the
Photo Display
The "Younger" First Cousins
The "Senior"
First Cousins
Fred McLeod
Viewing the Family Tree
George McLeod giving his
presentation about his parents,
Ira and Josie
Lawrence McLeod
Herb McLeod's Descendants
Ira McLeod's Descendants
Cousins John, George and Don
The "Add-Ons"
John McLeod giving
his presentation
about his parents,
Fred and Mabel
Robert and Diane
Savona Hall
Fred's Children
Glenn and
Jack LaBrier, Diane McLeod
and Jackie McLeod
Becky (LaBrier) Pasmore
and Grandsons
Andy McLeod
Elaine Jensen and
Lena Logan
The "Girl Cousins"
More Girl Cousins!
Jeanne Egert, Jackie McLeod,
Mary McLeod and Thelma Fox
Judith McLeod and
the Johnson Family
Judith McLeod and
Norma Robinson
More Cousins
Lawrence McLeod and
Norma Robinson
Lena Logan and Rob McLeod
Margaret Thomas,
Jeanne Egert and
Rob Derrick
Rob McLeod, his sister, Judith
and his kids, Jordan and Ashleigh
More Cousins!
Sheila, Judith, Janise
Thelma Fox, Jack McLeod
and Jeanne Egert
Violet Fic,
Thelma Hansen and
Lawrence McLeod
On the Beach
Three Sisters
Cousins Freddy and Violet
Lawrence and Jean McLeod
and Family
Fred and Mabel's Children
Carol and Haley McLeod
Dorothy McLeod
Doug McLeod and
Jack LaBrier
Hazel Jourdin and
Betty McLeod
Hazel Jourdin, Thelma Fox
and Mildred Derrick
Rebecca Bernier and
Haley McLeod
Taking It Easy!
Noreen LaBrier
Noreen LaBrier and
Tim and Deirdre LaBrier
Becky, Peter and Doug
Gathering on the Beach
On the Beach
Rob McLeod and Kids
"braving" it
Soaking Up the Sun
More Beach Bums!
2nd Cousins Mary McLeod
and Diane McLeod
Di McLeod
Glenn and Di
Hazel, Betty and Rebecca
Cousins Judith McLeod
and Janise Johnson
Rebecca and Haley
Sisters Mildred and Hazel
Betty McLeod
Betty McLeod and
Noreen LaBrier
Don McLeod, Diane McLeod
and Jo McLeod
Gail McLeod, Betty McLeod
and Hazel Jourdin
George and Betty
Hazel Jourdin, Don McLeod
and Rob Derrick
Hazel, Mildred, George
and Family
Frank, Naomi and Jaxon Hobbs
Ira and Josie McLeod's
Ira's Family on the Beach
Jack and Noreen
Jared McLeod
John McLeod and
Don McLeod
John McLeod, Don McLeod
and Jack LaBrier
Kayla Peach
Margaret Thomas, Monroe
Thomas and Jaxon Hobbs
Monroe, Jolie,
Lachlan and Don
Naomi, Mildred,
Megan and Betty
Pennie Evans
Reunion Photo Display
Family Tree
Ariana and Lachlan

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