From The Saint John River, Edited by Dr

From "The Saint John River", Edited by Dr.J.C.Webster. Pub. Tribune Press,Sackville,NB 1943

Maryland Loyalists in the parish of St. Mary's

New Jersey Volunteers in the parish of Kingsclear

New York Volunteers on the Keswick Stream

Royal Guides and Pioneers, Bright and Queensbury

King's American Dragoons, Parish of Prince William

Queen's Rangers, in the parish of Queensbury

King's American Regiment, Parish of Canterbury

Pennsylvania Loyalists, parish of Southhampton

DeLancey's 1st. Battalion. parish of Woodstock

DeLAncey's 2nd. Battalion, parish of Northhampton

Still farther up the river were the blocks drawn by Arnold's American Legion, The Prince of Wales American Regiment, the 3rd.New Jersey Volunteers, The Loyal American Regiment and the 1st New Jersey Volunteers. These corps considered their land too remote to make any attempts to settle them. The northern limit seems to be near the Tobique and Aroostock rivers.

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