Ships to Saint John

Sources of Passenger Lists

Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 18:38:17 -0400
Subject: Ship Passenger Lists 1783-1857

The following are the known sources of passengers lists entering the port of Saint John, N.B. from 1783 to 1900 of which I am aware.

1. 1783 Some of refugee and soldiers disbanded before disembarkation from New York after the American Revolution. See D.G. Bell "Early Loyalist Saint John"

2. 1783 Walter Bates, Passenger List of the Union of the Spring Fleet.

3. 1783 The "Cyrus" - NBGS "Generations" Summer 2000

1784-1815 - No passenger lists

1816 - Passenger list of ship "Favorite" - NBGS "Generations Vol. 65

1817-1831 - No passenger lists

1832 - Passenger list of ship "Danie O'Connell" NBGS Generations Vol. 31

1833-1838 Custom House Records - originals at P.A.N.B. published by Saint John Branch NBGS under title "Passengers To New Brunswick 1833,34,37 and 38. Contains about 174 passenger lists, some vessels making as many as four voyages. These records are not complete for the time range. ie. No passenger lists for 1836

1839 - 1847 There are no passenger lists for this time period extant from the Custom House Records. However, The Alms House registers contain the names of the ships upon which their admittees arrived. originals P.A.N.B. See P.A.N.B. website and Daniel F. Johnson's "Irish Migration to New England Through the Port of Saint John, N.B. Canada 1841-1849 (out-of-print)

From 1841 to 185? see Brian Mitchell, "Irish Passenger Lists" of the J.& J. Cook Line for passenger lists of vessels coming to Saint John.

1860-1900 - no passenger lists


Daniel F. Johnson

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